Gameiro: ‘I do not consider leaving in any way’

The French man’s Instagram post states his position given the rumors of his departure.

Gameiro does not plan on departing.

Gameiro does not plan on departing.

Due to the recent rumors about leaving the team, Kevin Gameiro made his statement coming out on an Instagram post: ‘I will defend these colours’.

As the last match at the Calderón approaches and signing season is around the corner, naturally various false statements about different Rojiblancos leaving are running already. These certainly are not true for Gameiro.

The French man’s hearsay have developed for some time, as have other important players’.

His Instagram caption read: ‘In spite of the rumors that circulate, I do not consider leaving in any way. My greatest desire is to continue defending Atleti’s colours for many years. Forza Atleti!!’

  • Zinni DUDU

    Well It is his right to stay, because he has a contract. It is not his fault it did not work how it supposed to be. Maybe people were to harsh on him (including myself calling him in different occasions A midget). It is the fault of the Club, which was eager to buy a new number 9, allthough we had Torres and Baston, because Simeone was crying around after the game in Milan. I mean is that so diffcult to see, that if you bring in a small fast striker you cannot play with long balls? We were not able to develop our game, but we still buying players like Gaitan and Gameiro and than we are surprised it is not working. Lacazette will be the same story. Bringing a black Gameiro will not change anything.

    Gameiro has been always comitted; a hard working gut who is ready to sacrifice hiself for the team. But if a new golden strikers comes in like Lacazette somebody has to go. Him or Nando…

    I swear by god, if we could be able to create more chances Gameiro and Torres would score more goals. As always said it is not for 100 % the fault of our strikers; the team is not creating enough.

    Jackson, Vietto, Gameiro, Mandzukic all failed…

  • ToHaJu

    welcome back writers

  • Vagabond Messi

    This, i think it’s not Gameiro’s fault that a team playing long ball bought him. This season showed us how set pieces and crosses are important, yet we sold a tall and gifted striker like Borja.

  • Los Indianos fans ??

    But that through ball Koke gave Gameiro at the Berbabeu, which he Gameiro failed to score , a beter striker could just chip the ball. So i think maybe Lacazette is not a black Gameiro. Hopefully not

  • Zinni DUDU

    If you put all of your chances on one chance, if your progress or not, than you simply don`t deserve to progress, thats it. We only had two chances (!) in the bernabeu, you cannot rely on two chances, if you want to reache the CL Final. Simeone had no attacking plan neither a defending plan. It is more the misstake of a coach than of the players if you do not have a gameplan. Every striker in this world is missing chances also in important games, that human being. Ronaldo does, Messi does, Lewandowski does, Suarez does even Costa did when was flying in our team.

    If somebody has to go it its Simeone (everybody is loving him for the work he did including myelf), but there is always a point, when something is simply not developing. Last year was not progressiv it was regressiv. We were not able to attack very neither to defend. We were not even in the titele race for one fucking weak. The club will now pay alot of money for players, where the risk is big that they just simply fit in into the system only to keep Simeone happy, because he is crying for 2 years around that he wants a new striker. He got Vietto, he got Jackson, he got Mandzukic, he got Gameiro, he got Torres and was never able to integrate them to the team, just because they have to run like crazy horses in their own half even against teams like Ossasuna and then it is obvious that they do not score goals.

    Lets buy players for alot of money and look how they fit in. Lacazette will be around 60 Mio € and Vitolo around 40 Mio €. At the end they will not extend Torres contract and the club will lose leadership and personality only to keep Simeone happy and deny him leaving to inter.

  • Roberto

    Very nice player against the mediocre Teams. He creates goal opportunities and he makes goals. Let s say 1 out of 4. that is ok againat the smaller teams. But in the big games Atletico s Strategy was to make 1 goal out of 1,5 chances. That is the reason why atleti was 2 times in a CL Final, and was in each final so extremely close to win it. I do not even remember a further clean chance then the 2 goals of Godin and Carasco in the 2 Finals, except the missed penalty of Griezman. does anybody? In Milan ramos prevented with a clear foul carasco from braking through in the 92 nd minute this would ve been a very big chance, unfortunately Ramos got only a yellow and not a deserved red card. The typical Real madrid bonus at the referees. And Gameiro had 3 clear chances in crucial moments against real madrid and he didn t execute even one. This is not the way atleti can survive against the big 3 (Barca, Real, Bayern) in Europe! Sorry

  • Impossible to leave