La Liga: Alavés 0 – 0 Atlético

Rojiblancos drop points yet again in frustrating stalemate against Alavés

Gaitán missed a golden chance to win the match

Gaitán missed a golden chance to win the match

Like on the opening day of the season, Atlético Madrid were held to a draw by newly promoted Alavés on Saturday afternoon, neither side managing to make the breakthrough in Vitoria.

It was a forgettable match for rojiblanco fans, and despite their team being second best will feel they should’ve taken the three points after Nico Gaitán missed a golden chance to win the match.

Fatigue clearly played a part for the visitors given their cup run, although the home side – also in the Copa del Rey semi-finals – had no such troubles and were the better side from the off.

Atleti didn’t have a notable chance to speak of until the last 15 minutes of the match, and looked vulnerable again in defence against Mauricio Pellegrino’s side.

Ibai Gómez and particularly Víctor Camarasa were causing problems, the two combining early on to call Moyá into action, and then forcing a last ditch block from José Giménez.

Atleti only managed one shot on target in the half and two all match, Griezmann shooting straight at Fernando Pacheco after finding some space.

The best chance of the opening period came from a free-kick, Laguardia hitting the crossbar with a clever improvised attempt before Deyverson somehow failed to convert the rebound.

More of the same followed in the second half, and Atleti were dealt a blow when Giménez was forced off with what looked to be a reoccurrence of a thigh injury that ruled him out for over a month earlier in the season.

The Uruguayan was in tears as he made his way off the pitch, and with Godín possibly facing disciplinary action after a spitting incident with Deyverson late in the match, Simeone may be left short of centre-backs for a while.

Camarasa continued to make life difficult for the visitors, and twice had good chances to shoot at goal but was let down by poor touches and an unfortunate loss of footing just as he was about to pull the trigger.

However, with just over ten minutes on the clock Atleti had the chance to take all three points back to the capital when Gaitán ran clean through on goal with goalkeeper Fernando Pacheco.

The Argentine looked set to give his team an undeserved lead, but he took too long to make up his mind and was eventually thwarted by the Alavés stopper as he looked to go round him.

It was an inexcusable miss, and one that was almost punished by the home side in the final stages who probably would’ve gone on to win if not for Moyá.

Atleti loanee Theo almost scored the winner after a great run forward, but his low effort was turned behind for a corner by Moyá, who then made another good intervention to prevent Santos from close range.

Then in the last minute of injury time, Deyverson came an inch away from converting from a free-kick after the aforementioned melee with Godín which could land both players in hot water.

The Brazilian was caught spitting at Godín, who then got his revenge by doing the exact same thing. The referee didn’t see it, but the cameras did and the Spanish FA will surely do so as well.

It was an ugly end to an ugly match, one which saw Alavés dominate in terms of possession, shots on and off target, corners and every aspect other than the scoreline.

Both teams will be frustrated with the result, and will need to pick themselves up for the Copa del Rey semi-finals in midweek. Atleti host Barcelona in their first leg on Wednesday night.

Player ratings: Moyá 7 (MOTM), Vrsaljko 5, Godín 5, Giménez 6, Filipe 5, Koke 6, Saúl 5, Gaitán 5, Carrasco 4, Griezmann 5, Gameiro 4. Subs: Savic 5, Correa 5, Torres 5.


    i still have hope for the 2017 summer transfer window because atletico right now is like an amateur team that try really hard to look like real madrid or something i really don’t know what in the fucking hell was Simeone thinking back in the summer

  • Kris

    You think that changing players is gonna change anything? Look at the players that started the game, they’re no joke. There’s gotta be a change in philosophy and game plan.


    Simeone is a fraud.

  • Karlp

    Yes we’ve received some bad results lately. Yes this is probably our worst game since a long long time. But sometimes the opponent just comes out strong, and our players has a bad game, and the tactic is wrong, and shit happens.

    I hope everybody not overreact. Our players are mostly very good players, that has played a lot of great games. Simeone (though I disagree with his decision a lot) is still someone that always bring stability to our team. Keep criticising the team, but please don’t be moaner like Barca’s/Real’s fans.


    Europa League next season. 😉

  • Karlp

    are you a real person or a robot?


    I’m flesh and blood just like you.

  • Karlp

    hmmm, still not buying it. I need some authentication.

    Can you post your picture with an “L” sign in your forehead and your right hand in your chest?

    The “L” sign is for “Love”, to show that you’re pro-love, and the hand is to show that you really mean it.


    This club is dead since the CL final last season. Face reality.

  • Karlp

    now you’re just like any other trolls. I’m losing interest in you.


    Barca will thrash Atleti 6-0 on wednesday. 🙂

  • Georgi Marinov

    Worst game in Simeone era ! So bad that am starting to think that we will lift trophey at the end of this disasterous campaign. 🙂


    Europa League is coming. XD

  • Koke

    Normally I would agree, but now things are different. This isn’t ‘sometimes’ having a bad game, this is having more bad games than good games. And Simeone hasn’t imparted any stability to our team all season – the only stable thing is that we can expect to concede goals, fail to create good chances, and fail to keep possession. I don’t want to moan either, I’ll still love this team, but it hurts to see us play so badly when we could do so much better. The people who pretend like nothing is wrong are equally as bad as those who complain too much. Anyway, I hope we do better, but we’re in danger of having a “Klopp’s Last Season at Dortmund” type season (obviously nowhere near as extreme, but we could easily end up in the Europa league next year.) Kudos to you though for remaining positive, it’s not always an easy thing to do.

  • Koke

    But what signings could we really make that would change anything? I don’t think personnel is the problem. For a moment, wipe away everything you know about our players from this season, and imagine I gave you this lineup:


    That’s a world class lineup!! Only a couple teams have better players all around the pitch. There is very little we could do to improve the team because 1) there aren’t that many better players out there and 2) the players that are really better usually are too expensive for us or play for our rivals.

    And we’ve demonstrated to the world that we’ll always play the same no matter who we sign. We take players like Jackson, Vietto, Cerci, and Gameiro who were superstars and top scorers at their old clubs and leagues, wanted all around the world, and turn them into laughingstocks. Gaitan was a freaking beast at Benifica. When we have players that could really help us, we bench them forever or let them go (Thomas, Oliver, Baston, etc.) I really can’t think of any signings that could be capable of bringing in the amount of change we need. We need a change of tactics and mentality more than anything else.

  • Karlp

    Yap, the last 3 months has been very bad (for our current standard). And things might still go worst from this.

    But all of them are working their asses off (we can see from the reaction of Gameiro & Carrasco when substituted). And they have achieved so much in the past years (totally overachieved in 13/14, kinda overachieved in 15/16). For that reason, I think the team deserve some decent fans.

    And don’t worry, I think you’re not a moaner. You always gave good analysis/critic.


    Antoine missed 2 penalties this season. He is a joke. XD

  • Chewie

    Come on, guys, look at Sevilla’s or Roma’s line-up, it’s not about the players, it’s about the system and the coach.

  • Ahmad Musa

    Please do Simeone have first 11 I mean starting ELEVEN??? Am fucking tired of Simeone tactics he is a disgrace to this club, am convinced he can take his leave.
    I love carrasco reaction today Why always him? he is always the scape goat when Simeone decided to introduce he useless substitute.

  • Luka Modric

    You know I could do a 1 season loan to clean up the mess. 😉

  • Mrtn

    That’s totally true, I always try to point out that the way our players are combining, passing to each other is showing that they are not used to do that. For me it’s clear that there is a big problem in our attack-coaching system (or method).
    Just like Koke said, most of our recent attacking signings have already proved that they are technically gifted and skillful, yet they can not pass the ball in the way of the running teammate so that the other doesn’t have to slow down, they can not do quick one-twos just like any avarage player could or play through balls.
    And the saddest thing is that we had the correct system, coach and players but the pressure to evolve or change that successful but “ugly” way of playing was too big even for Cholo to stand. He let go of the perfect players for his proven system and tries to sign totally different type of players for a different system he can not get working.
    For me it’s OK to play that ugly way we did a few years ago and win, it’s also good to sign high profile players and play a nice offensive game and win, but it’s [email protected] not OK to sign expensive players year after year only to see them fail, playing like full retards and not winning anything.
    Finally, if we miss out on CL money next year than we’re [email protected] Our financial state is already worrying enough, the stadium project is getting even more frustrating, but failing to qualify for CL is too much for this Club in financial aspect.
    Vamos Atleti!!!!

  • Ahmad Musa

    I can’t continue with this heartbreak

  • Modric

    Carrasco and Antoine should play as inverted wingers.

  • Roberto

    Diego Simeone, its time to say good bye. Torres, its time to say good bye

  • Zinni DUDU

    Gameiro is for me something like a white Jackson Martinez

  • Roberto

    Simeono lost the team, he lost the respect, I do not think anybodz would follow him amymore to inter. That is the best moment for a change! Valverde? Sanpaoli would be the best!

  • Los Indianos fans ??

    Slow down mate.
    It is Simeone you’re talking about

  • Zinni DUDU

    And who should play as our striker? Gameiro? Hahaha. Did you realised that the whole fucking team is out of form (except of moya and gimenez) today?

  • KC

    Service, Service, Service!!! We cannot score unless the strikers get service. All year it has been pathetic to watch and then have to listen to most of you complain about Gamiero, Torres, Correa etc.. Our midfield is the issue. Do they know how to cross the ball? NO! Can they read a run made by a striker and get the pass to them on time!! NO!

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Not only the midfield, mainly it’s Cholo – and his stubbornness not to try and change.

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Even Luis Suarez and Lewandowski would flop playing in our “system” (with quotation marks for a reason).


    Why hasn’t he been sacked yet? He killed the club.

  • AnonX

    No change is needed. What you need is just keep to one system or philosophy and either gradually or drastically improve.
    Knowing Cholo you have to accept the fact that we will not be trained to play possession passing football.
    The best he could do is to play a 4-3-3 with 2 Def. Mids.
    He should get a replacement equal to Gabi because there’s nobodyelse better doing the job.

  • Ahmad Musa

    Yesterday i was a little bit upset but Betis are dominating Barça now. Barça are just lucky they should have been 2-0 down Betis hit the post twice. Sorry it was already 1-0 to Betis

  • Frente

    ‪El que no crea que no venga.‬

  • Hannu

    Yeah he should keep his philosophy but mistakes was made buying players that dont fit to the system and this season its Gameiro. He just dont fit at all and that is just shame. Gabi is maybe most important player and thats true that he should get replacement.

  • AndersAT

    I have to agree. Either buy players fit for the style we play or change the style, which will probably mean replacing Simeone.

  • Look, Simeone isn’t perfect. But to say he killed the club, that’s a bit too much.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Let hope this is the lowest of the low and now we will start playing better. Godin getting multiple game bans will hurt. Will that only affect La Liga?