What did Griezmann mean by ‘Esta es mi casa’ remark?

Atlético's prized asset drops a hint towards his future in the Spanish capital

Grizi has a long list of potential suitors

Grizi has a long list of potential suitors

When Antoine Griezmann equalized for Atlético in the 80th minute at San Mamés on Sunday, he alleviated the worry of not coming away with any points against Athletic Bilbao.

The Frenchman put the cherry on top of his return to form and, although we didn’t realize it at the time, he may have given us a clue regarding his heart’s intentions.

For all things considered, he may just be staying at Atlético Madrid. Or is he?

Everyone’s initial reaction after the French superstar’s outside the box screamer was that of amazement. Athletic Bilbao’s Gorka Iraizoz was pardoned for conceding (the shot was that good) and everyone marveled at Griezmann’s ability to squeeze the ball off the left post and into the back of the net:

After all, this was Griezmann’s eighth league goal of the season and his fifth goal in six games across all competitions. Things are looking good after a brief slump on the scoresheet earlier in the season.

However, it was the alleged words that he said to the nearest camera during his goal celebration that left rojiblanco fans with much to think about and even more to be hopeful for.

“C’est ma maison, ici!” he shouted, which translated from French to English means, “This is my home, here!, or “¡Esta es mi casa, aquí!” in Spanish.

If this is actually what he said, then the meaning is naturally going to be thrown in with the speculation and rumors that Griezmann is going to take his talents to Old Trafford this summer.

Yes, Manchester United and manager Jose Mourinho have been straight forward with their desire to obtain the France international. It’s pretty obvious that he is high on their transfer priority list.

Furthermore, The Independent reported that negotiations for the former Real Sociedad forward are at “an advanced stage,” with the Manchester club willing to pay his 100 million buyout clause, according to ESPN FC.

But does he actually want to leave? If so, Diego Simeone recently told reporters that he wouldn’t get in the way of his star striker if, in fact, he did want to leave for Manchester.

“I don’t tie anybody down. I simply work in order to continue getting better for the good of the club,” said Cholo.

If this was actually the case and Griezmann is willing to trade his Madrid lifestyle for grey skies and Manchester rain, then why would he say those words in his celebration? Why would he even bring it up?

There’s only one way for this to be taken and interpreted – Griezmann does want to stay. It is no secret that the 25-year-old loves the culture in Spain.

He moved to the country when he was 13 and has even admitted in an interview that he curses in Spanish and not in his native tongue of French. He probably loves the Spanish dish of Paella, too.

While the lure of Premier League pastures and of Manchester United prestige and money will tempt any player, it should also be taken into consideration all the pros and positives that he currently has in the red and white side of Madrid.

Firstly, Griezmann is a player that has tremendous respect for his Argentine coach and mentor. Prior to the start of the season, it was revealed that Griezmann wanted a word of confidence that Simeone would still be in charge for the 16/17 campaign.

It’s easy to forget that Simeone’s remarks following Atlético’s Champions League final defeat allowed for speculation and question marks to be made of the manager’s future. But Griezmann was reassured that El Cholo would stay and that’s telling of his admiration for his coach.

The relationship with his manager aside, Griezmann is at a club that has had more recent success, domestically and on the continent, compared to Manchester United, who have undergone a rebuilding period following Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure.

Sure, the Special One has the Red Devils playing better than their last two managers did, but Griezmann still has the opportunity to achieve more with Atleti in the near future.

Not to take anything away from Manchester United’s ability to win or Mourinho’s ability to churn out title winning campaigns, but Atlético under Simeone usually results in contending for titles, even if this La Liga season looks lost. Griezmann knows this and is certainly weighing his options.

If you asked this writer if I think Griezmann is thinking about his future, I’d respond with a hard “yes,” it’s more than likely. If you asked me if I think he will leave for Manchester United, I’d respond with another, “yes.”

But if you asked me if he were to leave this summer, I’d give a hard “no,” especially as Atleti will most likely be facing a transfer ban.

I think it’s safe to say that, at the very least, he’ll stay for the first season at the Wanda Metropolitano (I still hate that name).

What are your thoughts, was Grizi talking about his future or are we clutching at straws?

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  • Kris

    I hope he doesn’t leave but if we don’t start feeding him more goals soon, he might consider going to a club where scoring goals will be easier for him. Really really hope he stays though, he has been fantastic for us.

  • Gol

    Antoine will stay at this club until his contract expires. After that he will go to MLS.

  • Koke

    Griezmann is so important for us that I can’t begin to describe it. I am 100% sure that he is a better player than Ronaldo, at least for the past 2 years. I can’t even imagine how many goals he would score if he was getting assistance from the likes of Messi/Neymar/Iniesta or Modric/Kroos/Marcelo/Isco instead of our players. I don’t know if he would leave us anytime soon, and my guess changes very often.

    Why he’d stay:
    1) Where the hell would he go? Despite our form, there are only like 3 clubs that are a clear step up from Atleti right now: Barca, Bayern, Madrid. I don’t think he would ever dare leave us for Barca or Madrid, he’s loyal and a good person, and I don’t think Bayern would need him, or that he would want to go to Germany. Some might argue PSG is an option, and they’re good too but the French league is far more boring. Obviously the option we all hear about is Manchester United but seriously? I don’t care how good they were 6 years ago or how many fans they have, they are an embarrassingly average team for a while now. They won’t win the EPL this season or next, they keep signing shit players for ridiculous prices, and Mourinho is overrated. Unlike Atleti, they have no chance of winning the Champion’s League anytime soon. They can’t even ensure they’ll make it to the Champion’s League. They can’t even win the Europa League.
    2) He really really loves Simeone and Atleti. That much is clear. Look at his reactions after scoring goals. He loves our team so much it warms the heart, and that’s especially rare nowadays for a player who isn’t homegrown, who deserves more money than we can pay him, and who could walk into any starting 11 in the world. He’s too loyal to leave, at least right now, and if he ever left I think he’d only do so if we would be able to do well without him.

    Why he’d leave:
    1) Again, he’s a Balon D’or candidate and will be for the next few years. He could play in any team he wants. He could easily demand a salary that is way out of Atleti’s budget, and if he ever wants more money there are a few teams that would pay him anything he wants.
    2) He isn’t satisfied with how we play. You can tell he’s the type of player that is capable of playing in the greatest attacking systems in the world, Barca, Madrid, BVB, you name it. Our attack is so much worse than he deserves. He wants to play pretty. You can see his frustration about the way we play sometimes, even though he’s a good sport by never stopping and always tracking all the way back. His comments after the second draw this season were revealing. This reason is another response to the people that say nobody should complain/worry about our style of play. Eventually our most creative players will get frustrated and want to leave, and we would just get even less creative and spiral. Carrasco, Correa, Griezmann, Koke, etc were born to play a different style than we do, even if they may thrive in our team.

  • Style of football isn’t the issue. If he hated Atleti’s he would have left this summer.

    His love for Simeone wouldn’t be the same if he hated our style of play.

  • AnonX

    I think his original intention is to stay as long as Simeone does.
    But this current financial with the new stadium which I personally hope wouldn’t could force an unfavourable outcome.
    I believe he’s committed to us until end of 2018 and he looks like a person who keeps his word.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I honestly don’t enjoy writing my long comments, they are actually exhausting, especially when they are angry ones, so I really appreciate it when someone relieves me and says exactly what I wanted to say.
    Agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD.
    Thank you.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I believe style of play is a very big issue, Grizi himself alluded to that like @Koke mentioned, while others like Arda spelled it out.
    Staying last summer despite disliking our style tells you how much he loves this club and how much he loves Simeone. It’s a big love, but I don’t think it’s an absolute one, I think it has a limit.

  • Koke

    Haha and thank you. I never actually intend to write long comments, I always wanna say a couple words and then get carried away.

  • Koke

    That’s where we disagree. I don’t think it’s black and white like that. I am SURE he would much rather be playing fluid, beautiful possession/counter-attacking football than spend every game playing like a defensive mid, or having to drop deep because nobody else is as creative, or being completely isolated up front, having nothing to work with but the occasional long ball. I’m sure he’d much rather have a team that plays well, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still love Simeone or Atleti. On the other side, him loving Simeone or Atleti doesn’t mean he won’t leave.

    As I said, I’m positive that if he played in a more attack-minded team he could achieve Cristiano numbers in terms of goals scored. I think he knows it too. Everybody wants to play pretty football, especially talented attackers.

  • For the France national team it never looks as if he’s CR7 level, and that team is more expansive than Atleti.

    Also, Atleti play counter-attacking football. Furthermore, Atleti experimented with plenty of attack minded approaches in our nine game unbeaten run earlier this season especially.

  • Vagabond Messi

    And on what level CR7 looks in national side? All he does is sit in box and wait for crosses and pass all day long, shoot many. Griezmann actually play deeper, takes part in play making. This statwise media narrative has blinded fans . If it was trend 10yesrs back,Zidane ,Figo, etc would’ve bever won Ballon d’or .

  • Tres Gatos

    I am not certain if this is a lost in translation thing… a not playing sports thing… a hopeful fan thing… or some combination? lol

    I am a fan of Griezmann & Atleti, and obviously want him to stay. But his comments were “this is my house”, as in San Mames after that wonder strike. It is no different than a dude talking smack after an awesome dunk in the NBA. It literally has nothing to do with Atleti or staying in Madrid. I was surprised to see this diatribe, with no hint at or realization of this. ?

  • Kris

    I am sure many of us realized this but just don’t want to interpret it that way.

  • Tres Gatos

    Haha, for sure. ✌

  • James Divertido

    I agree with this. I think he also could’ve been talking about the Basque Country in general, since he moved there when he was 13 and basically grew up there. Or San Mamés, since he’s always played awesome there.

  • Vagabond Messi

    He’s used to scoring at San Mames , there’s no other logical possible interpretation of his statement.

  • lukas

    I really hope that he’s gonna stay in the club for that long but I wouldn’t be so certain. If Simeone will leave within the next few years then Griezmann will aswell I think, let’s just hope that won’t happen soon.

  • Gol

    They need to switch to 3-4-3 like Conte did.

  • Gol

    100% flawless


  • Gabi

    Just because you love the manager doesn’t mean you’ll stay even though you hate the style of play. Many players leave because they think their manager isn’t tactically complete and wanna develop further.

    Grizzi stayed because he knows someone can teach him a lot amd help him improve and that he’s tactically complete. You just can’t see it through your “hater” shades. It’s time to let your personal feelings aside and see what simeone brings.

  • iamfaried

    Griezmann is some way short of being on par with Messi or Ronaldo. He’s still young and has a lot to learn, yet if we compare him to a young Ronaldo he seems to be on the right track. Comparing him to Messi is unfair though; comparing even Pele to Messi for that matter. You can compare him to Ronaldo, he trained hard under the guidance of football’s arguably best coach in recent history. And I think the Frenchman can live up to the same standards.

    I believe Simeone has a lot to offer Griezmann, and I know for a fact Griezmann knows that too. Hence why he stayed.

    I see a lot are comparing his situation with Arda’s. but it couldn’t have been completely different. First Arda was fully developed as a player physically and mentally, and was at his peak. Second of all, Barca is everybody Turk’s dream just ask anybody. Third, Arda idolized Iniesta. So Arda didn’t leave because he hated cholos tactics, but rather because he wanted to fulfill his dream while he still could.

    It says a lot that a number of our players didn’t renew until they were assured that Simeone stayed too.

    That being said, it doesn’t mean Griezmann or co won’t ever leave. They will eventually, that’s football. Just not anytime soon.

  • iamfaried

    That’s pretty much what I said in a looong post. I should’ve read that before typing out mine. ?

  • iamfaried

    This is actually not as bad as it sounds. I personally think that Conte, Sampaoli or Klopp are the best candidates to succeed El Grande Simeone.

  • Kris

    It’s unfair to compare anybody with Messi for their overall playing style. There is nothing the man cannot do in attack. Stats wise, maybe Ronaldo comes close but if you actually watch the two play you can see who is clearly the better individual player and who has more of an effect in their team’s performances.

    Sorry, I just could not hide my admiration for Messi. He’s such a fucking joy to watch and I am gonna miss him when he stops playing. The rest of Barca dickheads(especially Alba, Busquets, and Pique) can go fuck themselves though, except for Iniesta. Ok I am done.

  • Kris

    Exactly this and the fact that he is an Erreala.

    But we all would like it to mean that he is staying for another 10 years so we’ll go with that interpretation.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Love watching Messi also… My favourite player actually but Atleti is my heart

  • Vagabond Messi

    Maradona was skillwise better than Messi.