Player of the Month: September

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The past month started off very well for Atlético. Coming off the Super Cup win in Monaco and our first league victory against Sporting, we travelled to Bilbao and beat Athletic 1-2.

However, our tough schedule and an injury to Sergio Agüero took its toll. We lost to Aris and Barcelona consecutively, before drawing away to Valencia.

We then recovered by taking three points against Zaragoza, but closed off the month with a disappointing draw at home against Leverkusen, which leaves us with just one point from two matches in the Europa League, and bottom of the group.

We take a look at our best performers of this past month and would love to hear your opinions!

Paulo Assunção
The Brazilian might not have scored or assisted any goals and won’t often be rewarded with the Man of the Match award, but his consistent performances make him an invaluable part of our team.

Assunção’s dirty work is often overlooked by many, but his workrate, determination and mentality is what makes this team tick. The midfielder hardly ever puts a foot wrong and has easily maintained his spot in the starting eleven despite the many options Sánchez Flores has on this position.

David de Gea
If he hadn’t already, then David de Gea has truly announced himself to the world in September. Spectacular performances against Barcelona and Valencia put him in the spotlight and linked him with Manchester United and the Selección.

De Gea has not yet been selected by Vicente del Bosque, but a call-up can’t be far away if the young goalkeeper keeps up his performances.

Diego Godín
With Diego Costa, Mario Suárez and Fran Mérida mostly coming off the bench, and Filipe slowly being integrated, it has been very clear that Diego Godín has been our best signing of the summer so far.

And not just the number of appearances earn him that title, because the Uruguayan’s general level of play has been nothing short of amazing. He was at fault for Piqué’s goal in our clash against Barcelona, but has proven to be a very commanding centre-back, who has done very well to keep our backline together.

Luis Perea
At times the Colombian is the laughing stock of la Liga, but people tend to forget that Perea is one of the best defenders out there. When his sole task is to keep his direct opponent out of the match, this man is the go-to guy.

He has been shifted from centre-back to rightback and vice versa, but it hasn’t caused him any problems. He is getting on in age, but Turbo Perea is still incredibly fast and deserves some recognition for the good month he’s had.

The Portuguese is often the midst of criticism, but has been our most efficient forward in September. He scored two goals and assisted another two, numbers that our other forwards can only admire.

This past summer Simão was rumoured to leave, but Quique obviously still has a lot of faith in the versatile winger and Simão has paid back his confidence. If he continues this way I think we can all agree he should be offered a contract extension as soon as possible, because his current deal runs out in 2011.

Despite conceding six goals in six matches, our defence has arguably been our strongest line, so it comes as no surprise that three of our nominees come from the backline. Who would you say was our Player of the Month in September?

  • Martin Rosenow

    Can’t the post be called “Players” of the month? It’s such a tough call as the ones you’ve selected all merit this type of recognition.

    If I had to zero in on just one, I would have to go with De Gea. He single-handedly secured points for us all month. The defense has improved considerably, but our angel between the sticks was the one who saved us from an embarrassing loss against Barcelona when the back line failed to respond.

  • k14

    De Gea for sure,
    Hes the one who have always kept us in the game.

    In every single game he gives me a sense of security I never felt watching any other goalkeeper.

  • Flo

    David de Gea definitely! Godin being runner-up.

  • Hmm, I counted 6 goals in 8 matches – if we include the match with Inter.

    It’s hard to choose between De Gea and Godin, but yes, has to be De Gea.

  • Independencia atletica

    In this order: De Gea, Assunçao, Godín.

  • usef


  • Ringo Schut

    Godín was the one who made the defense look good, but that one chance that comes through, is stopped by De Gea. Since Barcelona and Valencia were opponents this season, De Gea has shown most of the two, for me. You could call him “lucky”. Still, he’s the deserved september winner! He is and looks 19, but in his goal he’s like filled with 20 years of experience on the highest level.

    Simão was good, but I’d wait with the contract, you can’t judge a player on one good month, sorry.

  • javi

    I agree with you guys, De Gea is the man of the month.

  • starvs

    I don’t know how so many people are mentioning simao and Reyes hasn’t been mentioned once. I think Reyes has been our best offensive player. Simao has been absent in a few games. Still gotta go with De Gea though. And he needs to keep playing well so they improve him in FIFA, he’s underrated.

  • Wesse

    I’ve got Assunção as one of my favourite players in todays Atlético, but the player of the month must be De Gea, as “k14” stated, he gives us a security in the defence, despite his young age.

  • Godin and De Gea ex aequo

  • atleti from kuwait

    gea , godin , assuncao , reyes , aguero was very good & forlan was very awful but he is lucky to score and he get better otherwise sell him soon cuz he dont give any effort in feild and aguero always doing the hard job and he the easy job !!

  • I am “Assunçaista”, but if I have to choose one I’d say Godín.

    Paulo will deserve to be one of the higher stakes as “Man of the Season”, when you remember the whole competition, in perspective. It’s then when you see his contribution.