Copa del Rey: Atlético 3 – 0 Eibar

Commanding win puts red and whites in control of Copa del Rey quarter-final

Griezmann and Gameiro celebrate the third goal

Griezmann and Gameiro celebrate the third goal

Atlético Madrid made a big step towards the Copa del Rey semi-finals on Thursday night, beating Eibar 3-0 at home thanks to goals from Antoine Griezmann, Ángel Correa and Kevin Gameiro.

The rojiblancos made a positive statement with one of their best attacking performances of the season, and will travel to Ipurúa next week with just the formalities to complete after a solid win and clean sheet.

Despite winning their third league match in a row against Betis on Saturday, there were some critics of Cholo’s men and their safety first approach to getting the three points.

This was a much different display though, with the front four of Griezmann, Correa, Gaitán and Carrasco linking up well and looking dangerous from from the start.

Atlético started brightly, Simeone releasing the shackles on the team which made for a good spectacle against an expansive Eibar side. Gaitán was particularly involved both in defence and attack, picking up from where he left off at the weekend.

The hosts thought they had taken the lead through an unlikely source, but Stefan Savic was denied by a late flag when he tapped home a flick on at the back post.

Replays showed that the decision was correct, but Atleti weren’t to be denied and went in front in similar fashion shortly after, Griezmann heading into an empty net after Eibar ‘keeper Yoel’s mistake.

It was the Frenchman’s 13th goal of the season and third in successive Copa del Rey matches, and was met by jubilant celebrations from Simeone that demonstrated just how clearly he is taking the competition.

At the other end, Eibar threatened a couple of times on the break and almost levelled when Capa’s cross fizzed across the box, but Giménez and Savic stood strong at the back.

With the second leg to come at Ipurúa next week, Atleti went for the second goal and got their reward, Ángel Correa tapping home on the hour mark after good work from Yannick Carrasco.

The Belgian, starting his first match of 2017 after an Achilles injury, sprung the offside trap and went to look for goal himself, but inadvertently laid the ball on for his teammate after being crowded out by defenders.

Correa’s goal was not enough to keep him on the pitch for much longer, but replacement Kevin Gameiro was soon amongst the action to score for the first time in just under two months.

It was another set piece that brought about the goal, Giménez rising highest to meet Koke’s corner and Gameiro eventually heading home from close range after Griezmann nodded it across.

With twenty minutes to play the win was in the bag, but Cholo wanted to make sure of the clean sheet and opted to throw on the experience of Gabi and Godín to sure up the defence.

Eibar continued to come forward and very nearly got their valuable away goal through substitute Imanol Sarriegi, but after a deflection fell into his path he couldn’t quite steer the ball home.

3-0 it ended, a result and performance that will have sent the home fans happy, despite Frente Atlético’s continue protests against the club’s new badge.

Whilst qualification isn’t sure just yet, Atleti should be able to rest players for the second leg at Ipurúa next week. They are in the Basque Country before then though, with a trip to Athletic on Sunday afternoon.

Player ratings: Moyà 6, Juanfran 6, Giménez 7, Savic 7, Filipe 7, Koke 7, Saúl 6, Gaitán 7 (MOTM), Carrasco 7, Griezmann 7, Correa 7. Subs: Gameiro 7, Gabi 6, Godín 6.

  • Kris

    Gaitan 2 MOTM in a row? Is Billy a fangirl? 😉 I love it. The man has been performing very well and is making it clearer every game that he deserves a starting spot on the team.

  • thericeking

    i was just thinking that. though i dont know who billy is

  • thericeking

    i researched (clicked billy edwards at the top). he seems to be the only person who writes articles.. thank you billy


    Gaitan and Gimenez both of them played well

  • Donald “El cholo” Trump

    We must build a wall to filter out these minorities that are poisoning our patriotic people’s minds with this communist filth.

    Let’s make Atleti great again!

  • Gol

    Next match starting XI:


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Atleti 4-2 Malaga, un golazo from Sandro Ramírez and a header from a corner four minutes after Savic was sent off.

    Atleti 5-0 Sporting Gijon

    Atleti 7-1 Granada, un golazo from Cuenca

    Atleti 3-0 Eibar

    Sevilla 1-0 Atleti
    An opponent that won the last 3 editions of Europa Leugue and who are currently second on La Liga table, at a stadium where Real Madrid lost this season and Barca suffered a lot and got a very lucky win, and four days after a tough trip to Russia.

    Atleti 1-0 Deportivo

    On the other hand :

    Gabi-Tiago/Koke-Saul/Carrasco-Gameiro: Atleti 1-1 Alaves
    Gabi-Augusto/Koke-Saul/Grizi-Gameiro: Leganes 0-0 Atleti
    Gabi-Tiago/Koke-Carrasco/Grizi-Gameiro: Atleti 0-0 Espanyol
    Gabi-Koke/Saul-Carraco/Grizi-Gameiro: R.Sociedad 2-0 Atleti
    Gabi-Koke/Saul-Carraco/Grizi-Gameiro : Atleti 1-0 Las Palmas
    Gabi-Koke/Saul-Carraco/Grizi-Torres : Atleti 0-3 Real Madrid
    Gabi-Tiago/Koke-Correa/Grizi-Gameiro: Villarreal 3-0 Atleti
    Gabi-Koke/Saul-Gaitan/Grizi-Torres: Atleti 1-0 Betis

    I know I missed up the formations, obviously we didn’t play all those games with 4-4-2, but I can’t remember all the formations or when did Koke played in the middle and Saul on the band and vice versa.
    But as I said, it’s not about the formation as it’s about the type of players, a 4-4-2 with Gabi-Tiago-Arda-Raul-Villa-Costa isn’t the same as Gabi-Augusto-Koke-Saul-Grizi-Gameiro.

    And from the results of those “two ways”, I really can’t believe that Simeone is still in doubt and still searching for the best system.
    With the first system we can score many goals, and we are NOT vulnerable defensively. And with time, with patience, when the players get more used to it, it will get even better.
    With the second system, with 4 or even with 3 CMs -either all in the middle or with one of them on the band- we suffer like hell to score or we don’t score at all, and sometimes we still concede, sometimes 3 goals in one game.
    In fact, take a look again at the results above, our defense when we play with 3 CMs is MUCH worse. Numbers do not lie.

    Please tell me I’m missing something, or tell me that Simeone is very wrong, because I’m going crazy here.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Well put… That was basically my issue with the selections and results in those matches with the lack of goals

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Glad my prediction came through. Also glad you pointed out our criticisms in the article Billy. I think the result and performance with the starting line up proved the point I was trying to make but I’m just happy all in all.

    Aupa Atleti!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Deloitte Football Money League report for 2017 is out.
    All Atleti fans need to read it.

    Here is a summary of the part about Atleti:
    -We moved up 2 positions, we are now the 13th team in Europe with more revenue.
    -Our revenue increased than last year by 53M, from €176.6M to €228.6M.
    -Tickets : 36M, 1.2M less than last year. This can and needs to improve, a lot. Man Utd, Real, Barca, Bayern, Arsenal get more than 100M from tickets sale, PSG & Chelsea get more than 90M. I know we can’t charge as much as those clubs do for our tickets because of the financial situation in Spain and the social class of our fans, but at least we can make that number 50M, especially with the move to the new stadium.
    -Commercial deals : 53M, 10M less than last year, and I don’t understand that, did they get it wrong, because I didn’t hear anything about losing any of our sponsors?!
    -TV money : 69M, 25M more than last season, thanks to the new collective sale deal of La Liga.
    Champions League : 70M.

    We are also doing good on social media, we are the 12th European club with more twitter followers, and the 13th on both facebook and instagram.

    Is Deloitte reliable ?! or not so much ?!
    I mean they can estimate the matchday revenue, while the Champions League prize money and market pool is a public information, but can they really know the value of the commercial deals for a “very secretive” club like Atleti?!
    And why don’t they include the income from players sale -if there was any-?!

    They also made some mistakes, like suggesting that we moved 3 positions, from 16th to 13th, while according to their own report of last year, we were 15th.
    They also included the Champions League money in the broadcasting income and didn’t mention that, but I knew it because they used to do that in their previous reports -which is also a mistake in my opinion-, does that make them less credible, or are they just simple mistakes?!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yeah, thank you Billy.

  • Koke

    Gaitan and his backheels 🙂

    Anybody know what Correa’s best position is? RW, LW, CAM, Striker, Second striker? Or does he just require a free role like Messi? I can’t for the life of me figure it out, but all I know is that he is talented AF but needs some consistent minutes.

    I was so happy with the formation and the result today. Honestly I’m happier about the 3-0 not so much because of the outcome of this Copa tie, but because it’ll make Simeone want to use this formation more often. We all know that Simeone cares about numbers and results more than anything else. Did the player actually play well? Not relevant. But did he get goals and assists? Welcome to the starting lineup. That’s why Griezmann was an outsider until his Athletic hattrick, that’s why Raul Garcia and Saul will always be his favorites, that’s why a single 1-0 loss against Sevilla will mean 2 months of never playing 2 CMs. Hopefully we see this system again on the weekend.

  • AnonX

    Kind of ;contradictory’ name isn’t it ?
    Statement too…

    But Agreed,
    Atletico is a Great Club.

  • Alex21

    Ahmad, phenomenal summary of the formations and how they play in terms of our attacking and defending. Today was the first match in a long time that we looked like a single unit. We had creativity in Gaitan and Carrasco on the wings while also being able to play from inside out with Griezmann and Correa. Defense was solid, as I believe the beat defense is a good attack, and that starts with an attacking field of players that Simeone finally gave chance. I don’t want to see more than two of Gabi, Koke, Saul, Tiago, or Augusto ever starting. We have moved past as a club to be fielding 7 defensive players. It is clear at this point that this proves ineffective and to me, demoralizes the players and fans.

    I believe I owe some of the members of this site an apology for my last comment a couple weeks back. I was a frustrated Atleti fan that desperately wants change in the system and lashed out on a couple of my fellow supporters and I do apologize if I offended anyone.

    Aupa Atleti and congrats to a great match, mates.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Let me add:
    There are other three games where we started with only 2 CMs this season:
    The away game against Rotov, Gabi-Koke/Correa-Carrasco/Grizi-Torres, who watched that game would know very well that we should have scored more than one goal, we created many chances against a decent CL side at their stadium.
    And we did not concede, but we did concede against them at the Calderon when we played with 3 CMs, Gabi-Koke-Saul-Carrasco-Grizi-Torres.

    And the two games against Guijuelo, they are a Segunda B side, but we never scored so much goals against other Segunda B sides under Simeone, in fact, the aggregate results against some of them were embarrassing.

  • AndersAT

    Well I agree that Gabi-Tiago-Arda-Raul-Villa-Costa is not the same as Gabi-Augusto-Koke-Saul-Grizi-Gameiro. But I think you are twisting the reality to fit your point a bit.

    The typical 2014 formation was more like Gabi-Tiago-Arda-Koke. And this seasons formation has typically been Gabi-Saul-Koke-Carrasco. And Those two ARE very similar.

    I agree that the one with 4 CMs you are referring to is not good, but that is from last season where we actually reached the UCL final.

    Other than that I like the lineup from yesterday and I think it is the way to go.

  • Hannu

    Gaitan and Carrasco should both start from now on. By the way was that formation:
    Carrasco -Grizi
    It looked like that in some points..
    Gimenez was great too! Actually in set pieces he has looked better than Godin this season.

  • Karlp

    Nice summary Ahmad. I think Deloitte is pretty reliable except for the commercial deals. I don’t think player sales is included in a club revenue in the financial report, it’s always added after revenue.

  • Karlp

    Very happy with this win and the performance, especially since Eibar is playing good (especially in the 1st half). Like everyone said, this attacking formation needs more time to adapt to one another. Some miss passes but so much promises.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Do you believe that Saul is similar to Tiago in his defensive abilities and his passing?!
    And do you believe Carrasco is similar to Arda in keeping possession, playmaking, passing & pressing?!

    I’m not twisting anything, is that line the only thing you took from my comment?!
    I used that comparison too many times using Gabi-Tiago-Koke-Arda, and this time I used Raul instead, I don’t know why, maybe because I didn’t think it makes a difference, and I believe my point still stands.

    We did use Gabi-Augusto-Koke-Saul-Grizi-Gameiro this season, and if Augusto didn’t get injured maybe we would have used it many more times.

    Last season we passed the round of 16 by shootout, against an average PSV side, after failing to score for 210 minutes, I’m not proud of that, and I don’t want to live that horrible experience again, because third time may not be lucky.
    With four CMs we failed to score against a Kazakh side last season, those two points we dropped in Astana could have made us leave the competition from the group stage after dropping another three against Benfica, if we had a stronger team than Galatasaray in the group we could have been in big trouble.
    Luck is a part of the game, but I don’t want to depend on it, but Simeone did depend on it last season, he brought in Kranevitter for Carrasco in min. 75 of the second leg against PSV because he believed we will never score, as he said himself after the game, he DECIDED to go to the shootout.
    I don’t think people get to bring the CL final into argument after that.

  • AndersAT

    No i do not. I just don’t buy that the line-ups this year have been more defensive than in 2014. In 2014 Tiago was way better than Saul, Gabi was better than Gabi (16/17) and Arda was better than Carrasco. I think that is the big difference, not the tactical approach.

    No that is not the only thing i took form your comment, that was just the thing i wanted to comment on, other than that i think you are mostly correct in your analysis, other than the CL comments.

    I still think it is a massive feat for a club like Atletico to reach the UCL final, and being so close to winning it. You are correct that we had a hard time against Bayer, but we also beat Barca and Bayern over two matches, which was a massive feat. Alle other clubs in Europe besides Real Madrid did not manage to get into the final, so i think it is wrong of you to focus solely on the negative.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m not focusing on the negative, I’m focusing on the big picture, I wish we can play against Barca and Bayern every single week, because we always do very well against them, but the truth is that there is only one Barca and one Bayern, while there are too many small teams in Spain and Europe against which we have been struggling for three years now.

    I really wanted to avoid Bayer in the draw this season, and I was upset and worried when we got them, and this is just not right.

  • Gol

    This sounds bad?


  • iamfaried

    I may not necessarily agree on some criticism towards Cholo, or towards myself for that matter, but I do think your statistical analysis of club records/finances brings great insight.

    I propose that Billy includes a weekly statistical analysis report that would show your work, along with relevant sources for the fans to deduce their own thoughts.

  • Vagabond Messi

    LW, that’s where he made his name in Argentina, he’s not as effective as on right wing in 442, he needs to play as second striker in 442, in 443, it’s his left wing, he’s right footed and is natural for him.

  • Vagabond Messi

    69m for TV money was for last year, this year we will receive atleast 100m, our biggest worry remain Poor sposnership deals. We extended Nike till 16 when 2 years were left and we could negotiate with other brand for a bigger deal, and guess what? Even Tottenham is getting 40m per year with their Nike deal, and we’re stuck with 15 m/ year , and that too for next 10 years. Who made these idiots presidents?our kit sale is higest ever and we’ve broken top10 as far as kit sales are concerend, but deal remain same poor with 4-5m hike with extension of 12 years. Another thing is big money that will come with New Cl reform from 2018, we should be easily making 350m in 2018 and that too with same poor sponsership deals.

  • Vagabond Messi

    It seems Griezmann will be leaving us for Man United, i really love this guy, i just hope he doesn’t waste his peak years playing in Europa league lol.

  • Gol

    Griezmann can’t score goals. XD

  • starvs

    Gaitan can play soccer goods? Who would have known…

  • AndersAT

    Tottenham does not wear Nike…?

  • Vagabond Messi

    They switched to Nike , everyone and his dog knows Spurs wesr UA, thanks anyways.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Our TV money from La Liga for last year and several years before that was between 40 and 45 million according to almost all sources, 69 million is definitely for this year after the new deal that I’m very sure it is in action this season, now is that 69 million an accurate number or not, that’s another story.
    There are no official numbers, and there should have been, it should be a public information, and that’s one of the many differences between EPL and La Liga, or let’s just say between England and Spain, all the numbers I read about the new deal are speculations, and they vary a lot, from 70 million to 100 million as you said, while some sources claim that we will get even more than 100 million.

    About Nike, I guess the board saw it as an opportunity to be tied with the biggest and most prestigious sports wear company in the world for a long time, and they knew that even if they can get a bigger deal after 3 of 4 years, it won’t be that big, there is no way they can get a deal as big as Tottenham’s, rather than ManUtd’s record deal with Adidas, because there is a huge difference in publicity between EPL teams and La Liga team (except the big two), I mean just look at the Calderon at the recent cup games, half empty, then look at Old Trafford at a round of 64 game of the league cup against a semiprofessional side, a full house.
    I think the club thought that staying with Nike will help improve its image, and they didn’t want to risk losing them for an opportunity to get 5 or 6 more million in the near future from other much smaller company, I think they weren’t sure that after 3 or 4 years we would still be a club that attracts a giant company like Nike.
    Does that make any sense?!

    The CL money will increase from 2018/19, but it did also increase significantly since last season, we reached the final in 2014 and 2016, but we received around 50 million in 2014 compared to 70 million last season.
    But the thing about 2018/19 is:
    The money for sporting performances will increase, while the market pool share will decrease, so I think no club is guaranteed an income increase from the competition, they have to earn that money by achieving results, while in the past, the market pool didn’t change a lot regardless of the club’s performance, in the last 3 seasons we received the same amount of money from market pool when we reached the final and when we were knocked out from the quarterfinals, around 20 million every season.
    But I don’t think we will get less money than before even if we were knocked out early.

    I visited our official website and looked at the bottom of the home page, I don’t usually do that, so that’s why I didn’t notice this before: I didn’t find Azerbaijan among our sponsors, I didn’t know that the deal with them is over, and I guess that’s the 10 million difference between last season and this season.

  • Vagabond Messi

    No it doesn’t make any sense, Tottenham were with UA for less than 14m, now they’re at 40m per season, you’re making it as if Tottenham are a very big club or something , they’ve not won anything since62. Oh ,and well what this prestigious kit company do for Atlei? It doesn’t even keep Atlei kit in his showroom in most of the country outside Spain. We should’ve got atleast 30 m per season , reason is we sell more than Tottenham now( broke in to top 10 ) . Kit deals are not shirt sponsership deals , they’re directly proportional to no of kit sales ,not muh EPL or prestige.i’m sorry but you don’t make any sense on this one. Azerbaijan are gone ,they needed to promote their country for games, games are over now. From 2018 new deal will kick in with cl reform and that will be a lot bigger, plus if our performance remain this good in cl, we’ll feast on EPL and other tv cash (cl deal) Juventus and EPL teams won’t be getting as much as us even when they get knocked out in rd of 16.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    You clearly misunderstood me, I wasn’t trying to justify that stupid deal, I was trying to find an explanation for why would Gil and Cerezo sign such a long deal for such low value.

    And here is another one :
    Maybe they needed cash, for the club or even for themselves, so they signed that long deal and asked to get all of the money or a big part of it in advance.
    But that’s even harder to believe, I don’t think Nike or any other company would pay couple of years in advance, and I don’t think the contract was simply 15 million per year -if that number is accurate- but I believe there are some conditions, like qualifying to the CL to get the full amount of the money, some bonuses for winning trophies, and some clauses for terminating the contract like relegation or involvement in some scandals (doping, match fixing, etc).

    Those two theories are the ones I could come up with, and if both are wrong then the only explanation left is that Gil & Cerezo are plain idiots who don’t give a shit about losing money, their own money, and I really don’t think they are.
    Or are they ?!

    Good point about Juve, who actually didn’t get as much as us in the two years we reached the final, but they got more!! they and PSG, but I’m not sure about EPL teams.
    With increasing the prize money and decreasing the market pool, I think this won’t happen again.

  • Los Indianos fans ??

    To me the more Atlético attacks a team the less the team gets confidence in its build up play. Except when we play Bayern of Barça where we defend so collectively and we then dictates how our oppponent should attack us, which they obviously can not do because of our shape on the field.

    Meanwhile on the other hand when we do that against small teams, our players mindsets is are not righ, they believe that they should defending against such teams which make them loose confidence everywhere on the pitch.

  • Vagabond Messi

    1st- Epl has biggest deals with cl this makes them have huge domestic cl money pool( city remember made most while they made semis) My point is this money pool weightage will be reduced in favour of performance , that would obviously favour good performing teams without a doubt. Juve made Around 68m this year(and most part of it was due to them being lone italian team left and bigger tv money pool) if this happen now, they will get less , that will obviously go to team making deep run. 2- you’re right about 69m for last year , 100m figure is for this seaso when both international tv deal and domestic tv deal for la liga kick in. 3- we can rationalise even stupidiest of things , ask cult followers . Our deal with Nike was till 2016 and these fools negotiatiated for peanuts in 2014, and on top of that new hike in money will come from 16, so i don’t see this as a way to get some money. As far as Cl qualification , reaching finals etc are concerned , i’m sorry but kit deals are decided by the law of kit sales, these companies pay you so you earn them money from kit sales, so , it’s not for brand recognition. Arsenal switched from Nike to Puma because they got a bigger deal from them. Okay, i also rationalise cheap sponsership deals by thinking Atleti as a small club , but how would i rationalise our Board not asking Nike to atleast put our kit in their store ? I met many Asian fans and they have hard time buying kits , same goes for the Americans , hell even many European countries don’t have our kits in Nike Stores. Was it too much for our small club to get this lil favour from Nike? I think apart from Spani most of Atleti stores are in China , this also explain increase in our shirt sale. Even in China it’s Wanda’s stores that are selling our kit, not Nike. I bought an Atleti kit online, i don’t even know if it’s original or my money will go to my small club or not. Do you have Atleti kits in Nike’s egypt showroom? I

  • Kris

    Am I wrong to suggest that the club doesn’t make money from kit sales, especially if it’s not sold directly from the club (i.e. club shop, club website shop)? The deal exists to have the brand(Nike’s) logo on the shirt as well as for all the (estimated) sales made by the brand. The club doesn’t produce the shirts, so it makes sense that the makers of the kit are receiving all the money directly from kit sales. The signed contract of 16 million euros or whatever it is, was probably done having estimated how much money that Atletico could make if they produced their own shirts instead of Nike, plus branding. I don’t know but that kind of makes sense to me in my head. If you happen to find out exactly how it works, please do share it.

    As an American who has been to quite a few Nike stores in quite a few different states, you’re right, I haven’t found a single Atleti shirt anywhere. Maybe I am just going to the wrong Nike shops, but I haven’t found any.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Please read what our coach said especially the part about results and performances

  • Vagabond Messi

    How does it make sense when Tottenham signs with same Company for around 40m and they sale less kit than us while we saw hike of 4/5 m year and that too for a period of 12 years, you’ve to be an Autistic to rationalise it

  • Kris

    I didn’t say a damn thing about how much the deal should be worth. I was just rationalizing how kit sales work. You were really quick there to call me autistic, I feel sorry for you.