Further doubts cast over Atlético’s new stadium plans

Wanda Metropolitano debts could force Atleti to sell, say the Independent

Metropolitano faces a race against time to be ready for 2017/18

Metropolitano faces a race against time to be ready for 2017/18

The Independent has carried out an investigation in Atlético Madrid’s new Wanda Metropilitano stadium, bringing up worrying news for rojiblanco fans.

They say Atleti may have to sell some of their prized assets to pay back a debt to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, in order to speed up construction in time for the next season to the tune of some €160m.

There has been some concern over whether or not the red and whites will actually be able to move to the proposed Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

AS sources are also quoting Wang Jianlin as stating that “Atletico doesn’t make money, it burns it… I prefer money to sport.”

Reported internal disputes in Madrid’s town hall over access to the stadium has led to one opposition member from the Socialist party stating that “fans will need helicopters” in order to be able to get to and from matches.

The club has continued to insist that everything will go ahead as planned and has, indeed, pursued a process of selling season tickets for the new stadium to club members.

In December, the club supposedly asked La Liga for permission to play some of the opening games of the 2017/18 season elsewhere until construction was finished.

The Independent’s investigation suggests that Atleti will struggle to pay back the money put forward by Carlos Slim as the amount planned to be raised by the building of apartment blocks in the Calderon area is way off what some experts believe to be realistic.

This inability to pay back some of the debt, the Independent goes on to suggest, would lead to some express selling of Atleti’s stars.

Following the announcement of the change of Atleti’s badge a number of fan groups, headed by the Frente Atletico, have organised a number of protests and petitions.

It remains unclear if the focus of protests may change regarding this latest twist in the Peineta story but it is unlikely to go down well with fans. The apparent drift in rhetoric from Wang Jianlin will bring further headaches and concerns to fans as well.

The club is yet to respond to the investigation.

  • Vagabond Messi

    Couldn’t they find a bank to loan them for longer period of time, what kind of loan is it that ask to repay creditor with in a year ? Didn’t Arsenal paid their loan in 10 plus years. I hope Jialin buy our club and run it properly.