Reyes will miss match against Sevilla

The winger has been suspended one game for his red card against Zaragoza

reyes zaragoza AS

The sanctionary committee of the Spanish Football Federation has suspended José Antonio Reyes for one match, the minimal punishment in la Liga for a direct red card.

The Andalusian was sent off in Sunday’s match against Real Zaragoza.

Reyes clashed into defender Matteo Contini and was given his marching orders by referee Muñiz Fernández.

It was already Reyes’ fourth expulsion as an Atlético player, the last one he received was in last year’s away match against Zaragoza.

AS calculates that our fiery winger collects a red card every 819 minutes, once every 9 matches.

However, Reyes is also one of the most fouled players. This season only Espanyol’s Callejón (25) has received more calls than Reyes (20).

Reyes will be disappointed to miss out on the clash against his former club, Sevilla.

  • I hope this will be a lesson for him since I believe he really wanted to star in this game.

    But on the other hand he played shit lately so I would like to see Merida as a titular better anyways.

  • Derek Maaijen

    You think Reyes played like shit lately? I thought he was our best offensive player against Barcelona and he was very good in our first half against Zaragoza. I have no complaints regarding his performances

  • Flo

    I agree with Derek. Most of our attacks came over him. He has been a serious threat for our opponents in the last games. And if he has the ball and there are no teammates he can give the ball he mostly brings us a free-kick because he gets fouled. He alone gives the opponent team about 3 yellow cards every game.

    The only thing he sucks at are his free-kicks.

  • Ringo Schut

    Who to replace him?

    I’m guessing Mérida or Filipe, but I’m not sure who’ll play better.
    I’d choose Mérida and use Filipe as LB.

  • Red card, no goals, no assists in 5 league games isnt shit in your opinion? We are talking here about REYES, who I believe to be one of the most talented wingers in the world. He onlye gets fouled by still I cant recall it has given us any good. He did great in Monaco but since than he played nothing, although “shit” might had been too stron expression, sorry for that, I simply expect so much more from him. He is way under par atm.

  • Mert

    he has been our most consistently solid offensive player this year if u ask me…he’s facilitated smooth attacks more than anyone else so far

  • Ok so we disagree on this one, you say hes doing fine, and I can be the only person who claims he is playing badly. :))

  • Flo

    I thought Simao played bad in the first games of the season. But last game he played quite well, maybe he can connect better with Filipe and they sort of match quite well together while playing.
    For Reyes I thought he played well the first games quite the opposite of Simao. But Urban you are right that he can play much better. No goals, and no assits so far is not quite good, but I can’t say that he played bad. He is vital for our attacks they mostly come over his side and he does everything for the team what is in my opinion the most important thing. I think what is lacking in our game is like I said it before someone who can keep the ball under pressure and plays intelligent passes. Like Xavi, Fabregas, Snijder, Xabi Alonso and so on. Raul Garcia can’t do that and I’m at this point not sure if Tiago can do it but I hope so. And if we have somebody who can play like this, Reyes, Simao and our striker will be way more powerful than they are right now.

    It’s totaly fine that you have another opinion 🙂 It’s great discussing things in here 😉