Oblak set for long spell out as injury crisis hits Atlético

Slovenian 'keeper to undergo shoulder surgery after coming off at El Madrigal

Oblak set to miss a large chunk of Atlético's season

Oblak set to miss a large chunk of Atlético's season

If a demoralising 3-0 defeat wasn’t enough, Atlético Madrid will be without goalkeeper Jan Oblak for up to 4 months after he dislocated his shoulder against Villarreal on Monday night.

José María Giménez is also injured after limping out of training this morning with a foot problem, and will along with Tiago will undergo further testing to determine the severity of his injury.

With Filipe Luís and Augusto Fernández also out, the injuries come at the worst possible time for Diego Simeone in the midst of his worst run of form since taking over at Atlético in 2011.

Oblak in particular will be a huge loss, the Slovenian limping off at El Madrigal last night after uncharacteristically dropping the ball at the feet of Jonathan dos Santos to score the second goal.

He has been suffered from back problems in the past and has missed training on a number of times this season due to discomfort, and will now have to undergo shoulder surgery

Miguel Ángel Moyá – who came on in his place last night – will have to deputise, having not played in La Liga for 21 months and only just returning himself from injury a couple of weeks ago.

The 32 year-old goalkeeper performed well in 2014/15 when he was first choice, but it was the emergence of Oblak that helped Atleti solidify their defence and challenge for La Liga and the Champions League last year.

He wasn’t the only player to have to come off in the defeat to the yellow submarine, Tiago also came off after making the mistake for the first goal with knee pain and could face time on the sidelines.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem as if it’s a serious problem, although Saturday’s match against Las Palmas may be too soon for him. Giménez is also doubtful.

Atlético’s season was thrown off track back in September when Augusto Fernández damaged knee ligaments against Deportivo. The Argentine has had to go through two lots of surgery and won’t be back until next season.

Giménez also spent over a month out after sustaining a hamstring injury in the same match, and Saúl, Torres and Gaitán have since spent time out with respective knocks.

It was then announced last week that Filipe Luís – one of our best performers for much of this season – would be out until new year with a thigh problem, having only just returned from another injury.

Last season around April time we suffered a shortage of central defenders, but this is the first time in a long time that Atlético have suffered a full injury crisis, adding fuel to the fire surrounding the team’s physical state this season.

Our drop in form has gotten people talking, with some suggesting that certain players have burned out and are therefore unable to reproduce the level they have shown in previous seasons.

With a two-window transfer ban kicking in next month, it’s certainly worrying and gives Cholo a selection problem ahead of Las Palmas, a game that we simply must win without any if’s or but’s.

Ángel Correa is suspended after picking up his fifth yellow card against Villarreal, so it looks like we may only have sixteen available players on Saturday. Youngster Caio is also away with Brazil U20’s.

Are Atleti suffering from burn out? Any players you want to see get chances in the coming weeks?

  • Maura

    What a terrible blow losing Oblak to injury! Over the past couple of seasons he has established himself as one of the top goalkeepers in Europe. The other injuries are of course bad, but Oblak’s is totally devastating. Moya is a capable goalkeeper but not Oblak’s caliber.

    To me Juanfran has seemed like he is either tired or burned out. Vrsaljko has been very good when he has played and he is better at crosses these days than Juanfran. I would like to see Vrsaljko play more. Diego Godin has also been making some uncharacteristic mistakes lately. I would also like to see Thomas and Nico Gaitan get more playing time. They have not been given very many chances this season. All of the players in the normal starting lineup seem like they have lost their passion and are just going through the motions. Koke and Saul have lost their edge from last season. Griezmann seems more interested in going to Man U next season. The only one who seems to halfway try is Carrasco (why the heck was he on the bench last night?). One of the things I have loved about Atletico is that everyone normally plays with “courage and heart” and leaves everything on the field, but this seems to be missing. There is not the sense of everyone being a unified team like in previous seasons.

    I have no solution to the free fall that Atletico is in right now. A lot of the team’s problem now is mental. High level sports has a very large mental component and the players have lost their confidence. It is difficult to win a game when you think about trying not to lose.

  • Maura

    I forgot to mention that Lucas also does not play like he is in a stupor. He’s not a natural LB, but he has been doing okay in Filipe’s absence. It is a pity that he is third in the lineup at CB behind Savic and Gimenez.

    Is there something about Simeone’s training methods that is causing all of these injuries? As an above-average recreational athlete, I know that injuries are mainly caused by overuse. Simeone doesn’t rotate the players enough, which can cause overuse injuries. But when Pep Guardiola was the trainer of Bayern Munich, he was criticised for his training methods because the players always seemed to be injured. Unlike Atletico, Bayern was not as affected by their injuries because of its depth at every position. Pep also rotated the players (out of necessity), so everyone was used to playing each other.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Thomas could miss up to 5 games in January and February if he was called up to Ghana national team for African cup of nation (Go Egypt), although I wouldn’t call him up while he is not playing with his club, not with all the other talents Ghana have.

    Last season when what most of what Carrasco was doing is runs and dribbles and I was a big critic for him he was given too many chances over other players, while now when he started to actually make something of those runs and dribbles and became our top scorer and best player he is benched !!

    Right now I would even bench Grizi in some games, but not Carrasco.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I trust Moya, I know some people don’t, but I really do.
    Go back and watch his first 3 games against Real Madrid in 2014/15, the 2 in the super cup and the one in the Bernabeu in La Liga, look how many crucial saves he made, and he only conceded one open-play goal in those 3 games, and another one from a penalty. He also kept clean sheets in the 4th game, the 4-0 at the Calderon, but he was hardly tested

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I trust Moya, I know that some people don’t, but I really do.
    Go back and watch his first 3 games against Real Madrid in 2014/15, the 2 in the super cup and the one in the Bernabeu in La Liga, look how many crucial saves he made, and he only conceded one open-play goal in those 3 games, and another one from a penalty. He also kept clean sheets in the 4th game, the 4-0 at the Calderon, but he was hardly tested, and still he made a great save of Illarramendi shot.
    Moya kept 5 clan sheets in his first 5 games in UCL in his debut season, and I didn’t realize that it was a record until Keylor equaled it in his first season with Madrid and the mainstream media started to talk about it, fuckers.

    I know Moya was shaky last season, but it’s normal when you are the cup GK and only play couple of games every season. Oblak was also shaky when he was our cup GK.
    And I also know that Moya is not a world-class, but it’s almost impossible to have 2 world-class GKs in one team, Chelsea tried to do that with Cech and Courtois and ended up losing the better one (in my opinion).
    I think Moya is a great second GK.

    I wan’t to say something to the Madrileño Atleti fans on twitter -if any of them visits this website- who have been making jokes about Moya for a while, even before Oblak’s injury, and I’m not talking about some random kids, but about many famous accounts that have tens of thousands of followers:
    You need to stop, you must support our players, and if you have to criticize some of them then you have to be objective and respectful, the GK needs confidence more than any other player in the team.
    Moya is very active on twitter and he could be reading the hurtful stuff you are posting.

    Some of you have been attacking Gaitan for saying “it was vary cold that it was hard to move” after Bayern’s game, some called him princesa (princess), just for being human.
    You are always negative, you are against the name of the new stadium, against the new stadium itself, against the new badge which is practically the same old one but with a very slight modification that actually made it much more beautiful.
    You used to whistle at Raul Garcia before he made a name for himself !
    Many of you were harsh on Oliver last season.

    And some people think I’m an awful and negative fan !!

    Note : I only talked about Moya because I don’t have the slightest idea about Moreira, but maybe he is better.

  • Zinni DUDU

    I would bench our gnom Gameiro, who looks like a 12 year old boy new in puberty.

  • nandes

    Most of the famous atleti fans on twitter are really just plain awful, especially the ones who make fun of Torres, Juanfran, Moyá and even Gabi. Like, just switch to Real Madrid if you like hating on our own players so much…

  • Zinni DUDU

    The one who deserves it most is this tiny gnom/smurf Gameiro, who does not know what staying onside is about. I am sure that he is the tiny brother of Jackson. I really get sad seeing how our attack with real mans like Costa, Garcia, Villa, Turan, Falcao and Torres turned into a hipster attack with these smurf attack of Griezmann and Gameiro.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    To be fair, they have too much respect for Gabi & Juanfran and most of the players, but man, the stuff they post about Cerci and Siqueira for example, it’s too harsh, and too much, I can understand that people sometimes can’t resist to post a joke or two, I did it myself, but what those people are doing has become a habit, it’s abuse, and those two players don’t deserve it, and both are still Atleti players by the way.

    While sometimes they can even be harsh on Gabi and Godin to avoid blaming Simeone, like in this tweet that’s asking “who takes most of the responsibility for the recent bad results”
    They are free to have their opinion, but in my opinion, the coach (any coach, not just Simeone) always takes most of the responsibility.
    Even if those three players are the main reason for our bad run of games, Simeone is the one who keeps playing them, and he does have their replacements. Great coaches can bench any player, Mourinho benched Casillas, and many people didn’t like that and claimed that he had hidden reasons, but then Ancelotti benched him in La Liga as well, then he was sold, and lost his place at La Roja, and it turned that Mourinho was right.

    I’m just glad that Torres didn’t play a lot this season, because he would have been a very easy choice as scapegoat.

  • AnonX

    Lol, you must try stand up comedy.
    The problem is we didn’t resign Falcao, Costa or get Cavani (who in my opinion is the better choice. He will get those headed goals for sure). And we let Borja go.
    So what is left is either Gameiro or Torres.
    The thing is I prefer Torres, but he only will be most effective as a starter in 10 of the 28 games because of age factor and we need gnameiro in the remaining 18.
    Now that unfortunately requires a change of style of play with less high crosses and more quick ground passes which the team has yet gotten used to.
    And without at least two creative players to influece the game on the field it will not help either. We will suffer for the inability to be definitive in our style and the last few results has proven this.
    I was dissapointed when we fail to bid for the likes of Cavani.
    Lets just hope things work out for the better and El Nino or Gaitan will turn up in times of Need.
    When adversity hits early in the stage it usually is a sign to a better and Great Ending.
    God Willing we keep on Fighting for It !

  • Zinni DUDU

    Torres is idol and player who everyone follows. Gameiro on the otherhand is a gnom who does not provide what our values and traditions need: A real man with balls!

    Playing these two hipsters in attack with Gameiro und Griezmann has made me sick this season. They both lack of real mans balls. Look at the penaltys Griezmann took aginst real madrid last season. Garcia would smash these balls in. The only gameiro does is shaking is gnom head when is subtuited aginst espanyol though he provided nothing else than shit.


    your words are fucking gold you are a legit atletico fan my friend. you see we used to have unhappy tough players with no regrets ready to do anything for the win including the cheap tactics , and now we have bunch of smiley midgets that their favorite thing to do is losing , and some people here think that we back to the top thanks to some midgets technical players NOOOOOOOO !! we back to the top because of badass players

  • Zinni DUDU

    My friend thats why we all became atletico fans, because we used to have players who you could call real man! If I would have wanted these gnoms in our Team, I would have become like every kid these days a real or barca fan. But I am man who wants to see footballers fighting for their lives. Thats the way how we beate teams like bayern, real, Barcelona !

  • Zinni DUDU

    Torres is idol and player who everyone follows. Gameiro on the
    otherhand is a gnom who does not provide what our values and traditions
    need: A real man with balls!

    Playing these two hipsters in attack
    with Gameiro und Griezmann has made me sick this season. They both lack
    of real mans balls. Look at the penaltys Griezmann took aginst real
    madrid last season. Garcia would smash these balls in. The only thing
    gameiro does is shaking his gnom head when is substituted aginst
    espanyol though he provided nothing else than shit.

    You will see
    against las palmas how gameiro will fail again, against a team which
    knows to defend very well. Against such teams you need players with
    balls and willingness; a player who can bully defenders.

    Send Gameiro to Barca; there he can play with players of his height (gnoms) like Messi and Iniesta.


    that exactly why i watch teams like Sevilla valencia celta… they play a nice hardcore football

  • Zinni DUDU

    Fuck of age. Torres is now at 32 fitter than he ever was. You could see it last season where he was used to play every 3 or 4 days against good opponents and able to score. Fittness is not always about age.


    actually RG8 would have started a fight before take the penalty; anyway back in the summer we should have bring players like costa, vidal, from bayern, vitolo, franco vazquez players with attitude that is the kind of players that we should have not fucking saul Gameiro and Griezmann this is not fucking arsenal or barcelona

  • jodo

    I love Torres to death but he’s not exactly been stellar this season. More accurately, he’s been nothing more than workmanlike at best. At worst he’s offered very little in terms of threatening the goal, never mind scoring one. I’d love for him to go on a purple patch like he did in the spring of 2016 but so far he’s been ineffective. Gaimero may not be the answer, but Torres isn’t answering the question either.

  • Koke

    I’ve been seeing a lot of comments about the fact that we are losing our identity by playing with these “short” and “friendly” players. They want to go back to the team that had Raul Garcia as our most creative midfielder and lacked a single player that could dribble past defenders. I agree and disagree. I think the problem is the MENTALITY that our players have now, not their actual styles as players. As Ahmad (I think) said, the defining characteristic of Cholo’s style isn’t playing defensively or fouling or being uncreative, the defining characteristic was being all in 100% with WHATEVER playing style we are going for. Whether that means parking the bus, or counterattacking, or playing pretty possession football, every player leaves every single drop of blood on the field, playing with passion, teamwork, and diligence. It means Diego Costa would slide painfully into the goalpost just trying to get to a cross before a defender; it means Jose Maria Gimenez will make a tackle while on the ground WITH HIS FUCKING HEAD; it means Carrasco will run into a crowd of defenders he has no business beating but still comes out on the other side with the ball. The fact that our players are technical and talented now has nothing to do with our problem – in fact it is awesome that they are talented (could you imagine how much worse off we would be if we were in the same form, except with Garcia and Mario Suarez instead of Griezmann and Carrasco?) No, the problem is that somewhere along the way the players have lost their winning mentality, where the goal is to win at all costs and believe in ourselves when we really have no business winning. I refuse to believe that our personnel is the problem – after all, we did topple Barcelona, Bayern, and Madrid last season with a very similar squad.

    It’s the attitude that’s the problem. Griezmann, Juanfran, Gameiro, Filipe, Juanfran, Koke, etc aren’t the warriors that they used to be, and some of them were never warriors. I can say that even if Griezmann is 1000x more talented than Raul Garcia, Raul would never choke in as many big games as Griezmann does. Costa would never let himself remain invisible for large stretches the way Gameiro does. These differences in mentality and grit are the reason why Atleti is suffering now despite having infinitely better players. I think this might be the most talented squad we’ve ever assembled.

    As I said before, the most important element of Cholo’s style is that he can motivate his players to play with balls. If he no longer has that, what does he have? It’s not like he’s the best coach in terms of playing attacking football. He really needs to whip the boys into shape or risk losing the only quality that is keeping him relevant enough to coach our team.

    To reiterate, the players need to regain their self belief. Missing penalties in CL finals and disappearing in big games is something that Atleti players simply didn’t do in 2013/14. The fact that our players are shorter or more technical now has nothing to do with our slump. Right now Carrasco, Lucas, and Oblak are the only players that embody our old spirit. One of them is injured and the other rarely plays. Griezmann, Gameiro, Koke, Saul, Gabi, Godin, Gimenez, etc etc need to change their style and fast.

  • Koke

    And why all the complaints about our personnel? Don’t we all know that we are basically stuck with what we’ve got for a while now? Like it or not, we’re not going to be able to get Costa or Cavani or any of these other guys. Maybe we can mourn the fact that we didn’t do different things in the past transfer window but that’s all hindsight now and we can’t change it. The best we can hope for in terms of changing our squad now is not to lose our existing stars and to bring in the likes of Oliver, Vietto, Theo, Kranevitter, etc back from their loans. Again, I think that there is absolutely no reason the squad we have should struggle in any way. Believe it or not, Gameiro, Gaitan, Koke, Gabi, Savic, and most of our starting 11/first choice subs are among the best players in the world. We have the best back 5 in the world, one of the best front 3’s, and a really good midfield except that it’s not quite creative enough (Gaitan could fix that). We just need a better mindset and tactics. Whether that means Simeone changes or Simeone leaves, isn’t up to me, but it’s the path to success in my opinion.

  • Hannu

    Absolutely! This summarizes just perfectly what is wrong with Atleti.


    with all due respect we won la liga with Raul Garcia and Mario Suarez not with the likes of Griezmann, Gameiro or Saul.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yeah, it was me, that was my definition of “Cholismo” when Carlo confused it with our style of play in 2013/14 in his article, although you have put it in much more elaborate and articulate way.
    Well done my friend.

  • Koke

    Yes, and that why winning it in 2013/14 was such an incredible achievement. Do you really think we could do that again and again? With Raul Garcia and Mario Suarez, winning titles against Barca, Bayern and Madrid is an upset. With Griezmann, Carrasco, and the other world class players in our squad now, winning titles against Barca, Bayern, and Madrid is a reasonable expectation.

    I’m just trying to say that all of the great things we’ve done since Simeone came was due to the mindset, and that’s gone right this moment. You think our team is unwatchable with their current mindset? Well imagine how much MORE unwatchable they would be if they were in the same psychological slump but with a front 6 of Mandzukic-Garcia-Turan-Gabi-Tiago-Koke as it was at the beginning of last season.

    You might argue that the likes of Garcia wouldn’t ever hit a slump like that. Who knows? All I’m saying is that if this current crop of players could be possessed by the spirits of our 13/14 season players, we would see some of the most incredible gameplay we’ve ever seen from this team.

    I don’t think getting rid of our short players or starting to play more negatively will do us any good. I DO agree that we need more ‘Bad-ass’ players in our squad, but I think that most players can be coached into being ‘bad-asses,’ and that responsibility/blame for player mentality falls on the coach. If one player has a personal slump, you can blame the players. If the whole squad is in a slump, you look at the coach. Every single player in our squad right now has demonstrated at one point or another that they are capable of doing incredible things, whether at this club or another one.

  • Zinni DUDU

    The only title you can win with this smurf (Gameiro) is the europa league. And its look like that we are going to challenge Bilbabo for the europa leagues spots next year if we keep on playing this way… I would even prefer Gimenez as a striker than letting play Gameiro one minute.

  • Kris

    You are either a sad cynic or a shitty troll from BleacherReport and Goal.com. You’re talking a lot without saying anything at all.

  • Kris

    Useless trying to reply to reason with this guy. He’s gonna reply to you with the same thing calling our strikers gnomes and smurfs.

  • AaX

    I am the first proponents that fitness was not about age. I am in my 40s and I still believe I can kick major ass if I happened to play for Atletico just as how Simeone would feel. You just don’t want us to step into the pitch kid and you’ll Witness what merciless is.
    But I really saw the limitation in Torres not his Heart just his sharpness though. And Atletico is one of the if not the most physically demanding team in Europe.
    Based on my Footballing Experience he’s the True Torres for about 15 games a season in Atletico.
    So does Simeone’s.

  • AnonX

    Aren’t trolls the enemy of gnomes ? And are just as short too.
    Hmmm I wonder just how badass could they be.

  • AnonX

    Calling players like Costa, Gimenez or Raul Garcia as thugs is LAUGHABLE by me.
    I am from the 90s, we averagely play like Simeone or Enrique or Vinny Jones for that matter without the ruling protection, and getting studmarks wounds and scratches are our daily diet. We don’t dive like getting shot down nor do we feel the need to complain, we just Get Even or better and we put where our mouth is.
    But if the rules were as natural and loose as it was before early 2000 like in the 90s, there would be no FC Barcelona nor would there be a World Cup for Spain.

    What makes a Man is not his size, It’s the Size of His FIGHT !

    Aupa ATLETI !!

  • AnonX

    Yes I agree f*** age too !! It should not be the factor. But there’s limitation to Torres’s which I saw too as so did Simeone.
    You’ll want Torres at his Best so that he can Toy and Destroy opposition defences in some strategic games and moments.

    Love the Spirit though but not the logic.

  • Hannu

    But if there is not that fight. 😉

  • Hannu

    I want to see this:
    Torres Griezmann
    Gaitan Koke Gabi Carrasco
    Filipe Godin Gimenez Vrsaljko

    And in 4-3-3 Carrasco joins Torres and Grizi upfront.

    Ofcourse Lucas in place of Filipe before Filipe is fit. There is Vrsaljko to give great crosses and Torres who can manage to do something with those crosses.

  • Maura

    I think you nailed it about Atletico’s problem this season being attitude. In the past few seasons the team always went into a match with an underdog mentality. The players fought for every loose ball and left their hearts on the field every game. Everyone worked for the team and not for their individual statistics. When one player scored, the whole team celebrated. One of my colleagues asked me who my favourite Atletico player was last year and I said that I did not have one because I felt that each player was equally great and made similar contributions to the team. Atletico was one of the few clubs that actually played as a team and not as a collection of individual superstars.

    I also agree that height has nothing to do with being in a slump. There are shorter football players who are/were stars, like Messi, Andrea Pirlo, or Sergio Aguerro.

    It is my opinion that there is conflict within the team. Maybe I am wrong. I think that Griezmann was trying to motivate the team after the ties with Alaves and Leganes by saying if Atletico kept playing that way it would be fighting relegation. But I recall Saul and some of the other players being offended by what Greizmann said. Simeone needs to motivate the players to getting back into playing for the team and playing with “cojones” again. He needs to find a way to give the players their self confidence back.

  • Zinni DUDU

    More cynic.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Moya needs his A game. But this injury just adds to our problems. Las Palmas is a better team that most give credit to. We can no longer depend on our defense, our strikers need to be scoring.


    i don’t know why we didn’t bring balotelli when we had the chance

  • TommyNestor7

    I dont think there is a problem with players i think it is problem with Simeone. How can players belive in him now when he keep saying that he will “one” day be coach of Inter Milan and He constantly repeat that, iam sick of that. How can they belive him when he lost second CL final in 3 seasons and if one say that first time we were unlucky, then second time it is completely on Simeone. His stratigic methods in the second final was disaster. As many of U said it before,He started with for CMs and none of them were creative one. Second half was much better cause of Carrasco. After second final i said FUCK YOU SIMEONE THIS IS ALL ON YOU… How can they believe him when He say to them to be loyal to be warriors, to give 110% in every match when He doesnt want to stay here for long, cause He reduce his contract for two years. Belive me i watch football for twenty years and never even heard for something like that. I DONT BELIVE IN SIMEONE ANY MORE and I belive players dont to. I apreciate all what Hes done, but remember one important thing HE WASNT ALONE. I thing we should also credit our complete coaching stuff and leaderboard!!! Thank you man for such great years and great succes and goodbay… I think we all need to say that.

  • Koke

    Yes, when Simeone says things like “we are challenging Valencia and Sevilla for 3rd place” or “I have no problem with the way we played” after playing like shit, or “One day I will coach Inter Milan” when RIGHT NOW should be our top priority, or shortening his contract, I think these things take a toll on the player mentality along with the two lost finals. I watched Liverpool yesterday and man I would love another crazy coach like Klopp leading this group of talented players we’ve got. I think Simeone has all it takes to make Atleti great but he’s gotta revise his recent tactics or get replaced. Honestly, I don’t think he could achieve the same results with a team besides Atleti. The only thing I hope is that him leaving wouldn’t cause a mass exodus of other departures too.

    All that being said, the season’s not over yet and we haven’t lost any competitions yet.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    For me, the worst thing Simeone ever said was after Real Madrid knocked us out of UCL 1/4 final in 2014/15, in that 2nd leg he took off Griezmann at min. 65, then in min. 86 he took off Tiago and brought in Gimenez as a 3rd CB next to Godin & Miranda, it was our final sub, and we had Torres & Raul Jimenez on the bench, 2 minutes later we conceded a goal and were knocked out.
    At the press conference after the game he said :
    “Real Madrid couldn’t score against us for 178, I’m very happy about that”, now tell me about the players mentality when they have to play with that shitty plan then hear that bullshit after the game!!

    I also don’t think that Simoene will have the same success with other teams.
    The defensive coaches don’t last for too long, I can see many similarities between Simeone and his compatriot Hector Cuper who also lost 2 UCL finals with a Spanish club, Valencia, then he went to Inter, Simeone’s expected next destination.
    But after 2 seasons with Valencia and another 2 with Inter, those are the teams Cuper managed:
    Mallorca, Real Betis, Parma, Georgia National Team, Aris Thessaloniki, Racing Santander, Orduspor, Al Wasl, and now he is here in Egypt coaching our national team, and despite the good results he has achieved so far and despite the fact that we are still building a new team after most of our golden generation that won 3 African Cup of Nations titles in a row (2006-2008-2010) have retired, many pundits here are demanding to sack him, because his football is awful, it’s embarrassing for a team with a big name in world of football, a team that holds the record for most African Cups titles with 7.
    I’m afraid that Simeone will end up like Cuper, because I really don’t think he can change, he doesn’t know any other way than his way.
    I wish he proves me wrong.

    Some people could argue that Mourinho is a defensive coach but had many years of success with several teams and in different leagues.
    That’s a misconception, he is not a defensive coach, in 2011/12 Real Madrid scored 121 goals in La Liga.
    Yes, he park the bus in some games, but against the like of Barca & Bayern, but he doesn’t do it against Sunderland or West Brom or Getafe or Gijon or Cagliari or Livorno.

  • AndersAT

    I am starting to think that if we want to embrace the fast style of play we should have only one striker and have all Creative assets on the field at one time. Something like this:

    Juanfran, Gimenez, Godin, Lucas

    Gabi/Tiago, Saul/Thomas
    Gaitan, Koke, Carrasco


    When Oliver comes back perhaps Koke could take the place of Gabi.

    In this lineup Griezman, Gaitan and Carrasco can brake through on goal. We have a lot of creative players. Saul and Tiago are both capable of getting in the area for crosses. I don’t know if Thomas is any good at headers but he is tall.

  • Hannu

    Yeah that sounds good and that would be best formation to Oliver if he comes back. With these players that we have it would work!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Honestly this is what I wouldn’t mind seeing tried out but from what’s being said It looks like Koke, Saul and Gabi will be playing at the same time the next match

  • Hannu

    No way? I quess no goals then..

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    We may score and even win this one but that’s why Simeone keeps doing stuff like this and thinks that it’s fixing the situation