La Liga: Villarreal 3 – 0 Atlético

Rojiblancos well beaten by Villarreal at El Madrigal on Monday night

Soriano punishes dreadful Atlético defence

Soriano punishes dreadful Atlético defence

Atlético Madrid suffered their fourth league defeat of the season at Villarreal on Monday night, going down 3-0 at the hands of the Yellow Submarine on an all round night to forget.

Goals from Manu Trigueros, Jonathan dos Santos and Roberto Soriano sealed a deserved win for the home side, but they were gifted the win by a series of errors from Diego Simeone’s side.

The warning signs have been there all season. Aside from a decent six-week run in September and October, Atleti have looked far from the side that reached the Champions League final and pushed until the very end in La Liga last season.

Cholo’s men have now played each of the top 5 (a top five that DOESN’T include Atlético), taking just one point which came against Barcelona at the Camp Nou. The rest have been pretty comprehensive defeats.

Once again, tonight the team looked toothless in attack, short on ideas and in all truth – lacking the motivation and intensity required to play for this club.

Villarreal started on the front foot, and, although Atleti struck the post early on via a deflected effort from Koke which may or may not have counted due to an offside in the box, they remained there for most of the match.

They were gifted the opening goal when Tiago played a short ball back to Godín, he was beaten to it by Sansone which allowed Trigueros to nip in, side-step Lucas and score.

Simeone immediately gave the Portuguese midfielder the hook, although it was later confirmed that his substitution was due to an injury and not the mistake as many first thought.

Shortly after it was 2-0. Another comedy of errors saw Oblak drop the ball at the feet of Dos Santos, who slotted into an empty net at the second attempt after his original stab at goal came back off the post.

Worryingly, the Slovenian also had to come off after hurting his shoulder in the process. There’s no word yet on how severe the injury is, but for a ‘keeper in particular it’s unlikely to be good news.

In between the two goals, Griezmann was denied by Asenjo when put through one-on-one, but that was as good as it would get for Atleti in terms of a response.

We had a lot of the ball in the second half, but failed to do anything meaningful with it and never really put Villarreal under any serious threat of a comeback.

Carrasco came on and had little impact, but perhaps most disappointingly there appeared to be a lack of fight in the team – the one thing you can hardly ever accusing a Simeone team of having.

Deep into stoppage time, the host side scored a third when Soriano walked through the defence to slot home in similar fashion to Trigueros in the first half. However, it wasn’t so much that Villarreal were really good, Atleti were just that bad.

It’s fair to say that this may well be the first “crisis” that Cholo has faced since his early days as manager, and with a transfer ban, uncertainty surrounding his future and a feeling of contempt amongst the fan base, it will be interesting to see how he deals with it.

Defensively we look unrecognisable, having conceded 14 goals now in 15 league matches. Last season it took 30 games for us to let in that many. Physically and mentally, there are also clear problems.

Next up is the last La Liga round of the year, with Las Palmas set to visit the Vicente Calderón. If we don’t get a reaction, things may start to turn ugly.

Player ratings: Oblak 4, Juanfran 4, Godín, 4, Savic 5, Lucas 5, Gabi 4, Koke 3, Tiago 4, Correa 4, Griezmann 3, Gameiro 5. Subs: Saúl 4, Moyá 5, Carrasco 4.

Dare we ask your thoughts on the match? What needs changing for Atleti to get back on track?


    savic 3 – koke 1 – Griezmann 1 – saul 1 – Gameiro 3 i am not fucking kidding !!!

  • Roberto

    The 0:1 in Sevilla against SFC was the turning point. After this defeat, which was not such a problem itself (extremely raining, close game, sfc was luckier), there happened something which broke don the team. Maybe Simeone blamed some players? But after this game, Atleti was not anymore the atleti of the last 4 seasons.

  • Koke

    Let Oliver leave when our biggest problems are lack of creativity and keeping possession in tight spaces: Check. Let Borja leave when we need big strong fast forwards to cross the ball to and to hold up play: Check. Buy creative players like Gaitan that actually know how to dribble and pass and leave them on the bench forever: check. Run our best players straight into the ground by playing them 90 minutes every week or half a week (Koke, Griezmann, Godin, Filipe, Juanfran, Gabi): Check. Continuing to make the same mistakes without ever learning a single thing? Check.

    This hurts because Barcelona and Madrid are both having bad seasons so far too and if we were better we would have a shot at La Liga this year. It hurts because we have one of the world’s most talented squads with the potential to play beautiful football. It hurts because everything Simeone’s Atleti stands for: spirit, courage, consistency, resoluteness – is gone.

    If things don’t change drastically I have no problem seeing Simeone go. I know many of us have threatened this before but this time it’s different – once upon a time, getting rid of him would have meant losing the defensive masterclass and the huge personality that he brings to the club. Now there is no defense and no personality in this team, along with the lack of creativity and flair we have always suffered. It’s getting really hard to find something redeemable in this team lately.

    Yes, things can always turn around. But I don’t see any reason to believe we’ll see changes anytime soon.

  • Zinni DUDU

    Hahahhaha Gameiro has 5. For every of his ofsides position he surley got one point. Hahahahahahha

  • Zinni DUDU

    Europa League is the target amk. So Gameiro can score alot of goals

  • Zinni DUDU

    I have the feeling that we can rename our Team in smurf fc of madrid with these gnoms called Gameiro Griezmann and Correa

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    OK, you hate Gameiro, you believe he is our biggest problem, we need Costa (but we can’t because we are banned) you made that very clear too many times, message received.
    Do you have anything else to say or is it just that.

  • Zinni DUDU

    Bring back oliver 🙁

  • Billy

    We give up our own time to bring regular content to English speaking fans and get comments such as this in return, then YOU have the nerve to talk about a lack of respect. Unbelievable.

    Do everyone a favour and stop commenting on here mate. Or better yet, go and support another team.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m an Atleti fan since El Doblete, I don’t think I can stop supporting them now.

    I will not stop commenting here, but you can ban me if you want.

  • Zinni DUDU

    A really bad answer for a justified question. I think you are not able to judge who shall be a fan and who not

  • Billy

    Dread to think how you coped during the early 00’s…

    I’m not blocking anybody, but if you are going to comment here then please show a little consideration for those who put in hours of free time for you to be able to do so.

    We’re all allowed an opinion, just because somebody may not share yours doesn’t make it wrong.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    It actually was easier to cope on those years, we knew that we have no money and those are the players we can afford and the coaches we can attract.

    I don’t want you to agree with anybody, I wan’t you to respect their opinions and not tweet “nobody knows what the problem is” (I’m not even sure if it was you) when you know that some people also put a lot of time to post very well-written, intelligent, in-depth analyses discussing our problems, which sometimes are twice or even more the length of the main article, look at @Koke’s comments for example.
    Then I read on the twitter account of the very same website that nobody knows what the problem is !!
    Of course I had the right to get mad.

    Think about it tomorrow when you calm down.

    And we all appreciate the hard work you do, and the sign of our appreciation is our comments and interaction, there are other English Atletico websites like Into The Calderon and Madrid Atleticos (I think it’s closed now) that don’t get the same interaction you get.

  • Kris

    I appreciate the time and effort you guys put in to this website. I know you guys manage between school, work, family and still manage to post to the website on a timely manner, for that I am truly thankful. Please do continue making updates on the website because by this time it’s pretty clear you have quite a few regular visitors on here.

    It’s quite fucked up to tell Ahmad to go support another team though man. People follow football clubs for a sense of loyalty, who gives a fuck about slumps? He does have the right to complain though given the potential of the team and the reality of the games. I don’t use Twitter, but differing viewpoints are always good and you should listen to the other side instead of dismissing them, otherwise you get Trump.

    Love your contributions to the website. Keep on keeping up.

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    Griezmann has six LaLiga goals to his name so far this term, though his last was against Valencia on October 2.

  • Scoreline doesn’t tell the full story. First half and second half are two completely different Atleticos.

    The first half was down to two individual errors. People need to relax and stick by their club.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    That’s exactly what I said after the derby, two individual errors from Savic, but nothing has changed after that, what was the excuse against Espanyol?!

    After the derby I asked the people not to overreact, but when I see both Carrasco -our top scorer and the most in-form player this season- and Gaitan on the bench, and when I see that the first sub after the 1-0 is Saul, I’m asking them to freak out.
    I’m asking them what Howard Beale asked his audience : get up, go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell :
    “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore”.

    We all are going to stick by our Atleti, but we don’t necessarily have to stick by Simeone, not if he keeps doing the shit he has been doing.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Well I’m glad i didn’t watch this match but I read every single one of the comments on the live feed and on this and it seems like what we’ve been saying was the same damn problem again… Simeone and his stubborn attitude towards team selection and tactics…

    I hate coming on here to bash my own team and our coach but damn it I’m tired of being right when it comes to this nonsense. Oliver should be here, Gaitan should be playing, Leo Baptistao should have gotten a damn chance, Vietto as well, I have no problems with Gameiro but what are our other options in terms of form and skill like seriously…

    The man persists to start with 3 cms and would go to 4 or 5 when given the chance and our attacking players are suffering because of it. We have ONE damn LB and that is madness in itself as Ahmad has been pointing out since last season.

    Let’s get beaten 3-0 while attacking with players like Gameiro, Griezmann. Carrasco, Correa and Gaitan on the field and then tell me that we are hopeless but for fucks sake how are we supposed to score or create chances when the creativity to help the strikers isn’t on the damn field?

    I want results and if that means sacking Simeone then i have no problem with that!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The Chinese league ended last October, if it was up to me, I would start negotiation with Pellegrini who is managing Hebei CFFC, and I think he would be very happy to comeback to Europe and Spain even if he has to sacrifice a couple of millions of his salary. Or Mancini, who is with no job right now.
    I would put one of them in charge in the middle of the season if Simeone couldn’t get things right, and I would still replace him by one of them even if he ended the season well, because I don’t think he is intending to stay after 2018 and by then we could miss the window to sign one of those two, and I can’t think of any other great coaches who are AVAILABLE right now.

    As a matter of fact, even if we were top of the table right now, the board still should be looking for Simeone’s replacement, because it’s a very important and a very difficult task, especially for a club like us, we need a very great coach, we don’t have the players that make us afford average coaches like Enrique and Zidan at Barca and Madrid.
    I mean Barca won La Liga with 100 points while their coach was in a hospital in NY, and in their bad season with Tata Martino they reached UCL 1/4 finals, the cup final, and needed to beat us at Camp Nou in the last game to win La Liga.
    We are not like that, we need someone of the caliber of Klopp and Ancelotti to take this project forward, we need to look for him right now.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Agreed but as i keep pointing out to people, who wanted Simeone as a coach before he came to Aleti? Whoever comes along I just want them to play the players that need to be played for our football to flow, big name or not

  • Dawa

    I really don’t get why simeone insist on starting correa instead of carrasco. I’ve not been the biggest fan of carrasco for long now bcuz he used to just dribble without end product, but now we need any creativity it seems. And Gaitan on bench too! Correa is reckless in defense, he shouldn’t be playing as a makeshift right wide midfielder. Carrasco should always play there. And correa should come in place of gamiero or griezmann. It seems like simeone loves playing him (even against Villarreal who used to be good defensively) I feel like he’s preparing for him to replace griezmann next season. I thought Tiago played well intercepting in the midfield and imposing presence. Sure the back pass ruined the team, but simeone must have stuck with him for the first half atleast. We need creative playmaker! This transfer ban is proving irksome now. Maybe there’s youth team player who can inject some creativity in the first team. Young player tend to be courageous in going forward. But don’t worry people, Atleti can still rise stronger. Last season, we ended the season much better than I expected so fingers crossed!

  • Dawa

    Also, I feel like Juanfran is ok going forward but his crosses are terrible. Simeone should already start playing vrsalko(?). I don’t know much about his defensive capability but from what j saw of him, his crosses are actually very good and dangerous. Play him!
    Also please Simeone atleast give us champions league games next year. I’d hate to be playing in Europa league in our first year at the new metropolitano!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yes, we can find ourselves another Simeone, a young, not well-known coach at the beginning of his career, could be also be a former Atleti player, maybe Molina who is now with Atletico de Kolkata (they’ll play the 2nd leg of the semifinal today by the way) or Perea who is in Madrid right now taking coaching courses, or maybe he could be Mono.

    I can take that gamble, but what I can’t accept is hiring an old mediocre coach like what we did with Manzano in 2011, I will not take the likes of Valverde or Caparros, with all due respect to them.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    There are still 69 points in play, we still can finish La Liga with a record 94 points, and we already have visited all the tough stadiums in La Liga, well, except the Bernabeu, but it’s our second home !
    BUT things need to change, because we are not 6th right now because of the tough schedule, we are there because we dropped 6 points against Alaves, Leganes and Espanyol at home, scoring only one goal in those three games, a penalty, in the 90th minute, with those 6 points we would have had 31, the same as Barca.

  • Roberto

    You are right. And its such a pitty because Barca (nice referee decissions in favour!) and real (very lucky!)are maybe 90% of last season. But atleti is only 40%, since the defeat against SFC.

  • Roberto

    Simeone is much more a top inspirator, then a strategic guy. from a tactical point of view he has up and downs, it seems if the motivation level of the team is low, also his tactical skilss turn low, when the inspiration is good he makes better decissions, because he is then very close at the soul of the team. If the motivation is allready super-high he turns to be a high flyer and starts to make mistakes again (see champions league final 2014 – injured costa on the field, just one post covered at the final knock out header from ramos). Typical for an Inspirator is that he is rubbed down after a while and he needs then a new challange. After 3,4 years an inspirator cannot anymore reach his sheeps, they are tired, he tells allways the same stories but just less acribic. The players loose now confidence, trust and also inspiration to fight, to run and to be creative. Furthermore he leaves the still motivated ones in the bench and he sold borja! This is strategically very stupid. Atleti has the problem that they do not get any headers! In the air they are super-weak. In 2014 this was a stronghold of the team! And if things turn bad, and players get uncertain which results in a lack of creativity, playing a lot of crosses with strong forwards excellent in headding can bring You back in track and will recover confidence quickly. Thats the way real madrid did it against deportivo, ronaldo was not playing – lack of creativit – the solution: making crosses and having good players in the air – and You come back for sure! Simeone must go now, it is the ideal point of time now to do that! Atleti is qualified for championsleageu knock outs, thus griezman + co are not interrested to follow Simeone now to Inter or any minor team. It might happen that simeone will immideately hired by psg when he is free. Who would fit? Unai? Valverde? Hasenhuettl (leipzig)? Laurent Blanc? Klopp? Capelo? Maurinho? The best fitting would be Conte for this team, but he is not available…..

  • AndersAT

    To a degree. Two goals on personal errors and a third when we were already in the bag.

    But that doesn’t change the fact that we were completely useless going forward.

    Tough situation. Somebody needs to grow some balls

  • Hannu

    Yeah his crosses (and over all playing) has been quite terrible for a while now so I am starting to think same thing as meanwhile Vrasljko is the man of crosses! Though we dont have Mandzukic whom to give those crosses.

  • Hannu

    I think let Borja leave was one of the biggest mistakes he has done. Ok he hasnt been really outstanding at Swansea but he would have gave his heart and soul for Atleti and that is what we lack now.

  • AaX

    I am an Atleti since the late 90s just after the ’96 Double Triumph. Worry Not ! because based on all the experiences I’ve been through, you All have done a Very commendable job bringing and uniting us all Atletico’s from around the Globe. That’s an exemplary effort to the Cause.
    Ignore some of these comments. Take it with a pinch of Salt because of the very unique disposition and characteristic of our fanhood.
    We are Always Passionately Ultra regardless.
    In the late 90s, they threw the stadium seats down to the pitch.
    That’s the reflection of Our Power and Intensity and now it needs a Wise and Smart Head with a Strong Hand to guide us to the Highest Pinnacle we innately have always believed as our Place.

    Keep Up the Good Work.


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Just read this rumor about Atleti interest in current River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo
    What do you guys think about this?!
    Are there any Argentinian or South American fans here who can tell us about him?!

    I remember him as a player, but as a coach I only watched him couple of times with River, I love the Argentinian league, it’s very exciting, and I get most of it live via beIN Arabic, but the time difference makes it hard to follow it closely.
    But his resume is good, a Uruguayan league title with Nacional, one Copa Libertadores, one Copa Sudamericana & two Recopa Sudamericana (CONMEBOL Super Cup) with River in his 6 years of coaching.
    I love the fact that he is young (born in 1976), which is a trend around the world right now, I was just telling Jeronamo that I don’t want and old coach, maybe except Pellegrini because of his impressive resume.
    I also love the fact that he was an attacking midfielder, so he knows how to play attacking football when needed, unlike some other coaches 😉

    I was just asking the board to start looking for Simeone’s replacement from now, and if they did make any kind of contact with Gallardo or anybody else then I’m glad.

  • David in sf

    Guys- let’s not forget his “stubborn” ways has got us a copa del Rey, super copa, la liga title and two champions league finals appearances. I know we at all emotional right now but to say things like give leo baptistao a chance and Borja would’ve been great talk is nonsense.

    I don’t mean to attach anyone but clearly none of us has been in his situation before….

    Keep calm, forzza Atleti and when we can make improvements to the team or coach, we will

    David in sf

  • Billy

    You’re right, I can’t tell people who they can and can’t support. All opinions are welcome, and if he wants to complain about every last detail, be overly pedantic about small mistakes in articles and pass off his opinion as fact, so be it.

    However, comments such as “Fuck Simeone”, wishing injuries on our own players and saying that we don’t give a shit about people’s opinions is not on. I am the only writer on the site at the moment, and it’s because of things like this that make me wonder why I bother. Hope you can understand that.

  • Zinni DUDU

    Well Sampoli would be my favorite one. If Sampoli is not possible we should go for Unai Emery or Marcelino (the old trainer of villareal).

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I was actually asked about this today so there may be some truth to it. O don’t know anything about him but by your listing it doesn’t sound bad, he would just have to adjust to the league first tho

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    You clearly never read posts from me if you think that my views are based on our current form… Even when we won the league I pointed certain things out.

    You consider the Leo and Borja talk nonsense, can you even state why? I dislike when some players aren’t given a fair run and I’ve always been that way so I don’t understand your comment but whatever.

    I don’t mind being attacked, I can defend myself. I always have and always will never settle for mediocrity and I’ve also said that before, maybe you should look at how long I’ve been making similar statements about Simeone before you think about singling me out.

    Our Atleti should never be held ransom because of some great work ( and I gladly admit it ) done by Simeone in the past. But the past is just that… The past and presently those titles mean jack shit

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I understand you being riled up over the comment about opinions but I don’t get why saying fuck Simeone is am issue… I really just don’t get it, just like some players are called out on here and I don’t agree with it but it’s not offensive directly to me

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    No, the current way is definitely NOT the way that got us Europa League, Copa del Rey or La Liga.
    We won Europa League with Gabi-Mario/Arda-Diego Ribas/Adrian-Falcao
    We won Copa del Rey with Gabi-Mario/Arda-Koke/Costa-Falcao
    We won La Liga with Gabi-Tiago/Arda-Koke/Costa-Villa, and Raul, who rotated regularly with one of the strikers or one of the midfielders, Raul who scored 17 goals that season, and who scored goals in double figures with Athletic last season and he will do it again this season, he already scored 8 (in all competitions).

    But we never played with so many defensive-minded or offensive-minded but non-creative CMs, we never used a horrible midfield line like the one of Gabi-Augusto-Koke-Saul when we were winning those trophies.

    We haven’t replaced Arda yet, even worse, we haven’t replaced Diego Ribas yet, because Koke was a temporarily solution since we couldn’t afford a decent NATURAL AM back then, and now it has become very obvious that it’s not Koke’s position.
    We did have two good replacements for Arda, but neither were given a fair chance : Oliver & Gaitan.
    The one who played the most in Arda’s position is Saul, and that’s in my opinion and in many other people’s opinions is fucked up.

    When we won titles with Simeone we always had a back-up LB, a NATURAL LB, even if they weren’t that great, Cisma, Insua, Ansaldi, but when our budget reached an all-time high, 280 million euros, and with the transfer ban, we did not sign one !!
    That’s more fucked up.

    In 2103/14 we scored 77 goals in La Liga, in 2014/15 we scored 67, while last season we scored 63, with what the press called at the beginning of the season “the Jackson five”, Jackson, Torres, Grizi, Correa & Vietto, (not to mention Carrasco), Simeone choose those players, and spent 55 million on the first and the last.
    63 goals in 38 games is 1.6 goal per game.
    And it’s not just about the number of goals, but more importantly, it’s about the distribution of them, in 20 games in La Liga last season we scored one goal or failed to score at all.
    And it is happening again this season, we failed to score in 6 of our 15 games, that’s the worst record in La Liga this season in that aspect, shared with Celta & Osasuna, while -for example- Las Palmas, the newly promoted, failed to score in only 2 games, Granada, the 19th on the table, failed to score in only 2 games, Valencia, who are having a horrible season, failed to score in only 2 games.

    Most of the above and more have been said too many times, this style of play is NOT what brought us success in the first two and a half years under Simeone, so nobody can defend it.
    And you can’t defend Simeone himself because of one La Liga title, this great club will not be taken hostage because of that, not with the resources we have right now, we will never accept stuff like “Simeone is the only one who can get the job done” or “After Simeone Atleti is finished”, if Simeone can’t take us forward anymore then thank you for all what you have done, and goodbye, and that doesn’t make us ungrateful, that is football, that is business, that is life, plus, he isn’t working for free, he earns a very big salary, according to AS, he is the highest paid coach in La Liga, not Zidane, not Enrique, so he has to earn it.

    Finally, if only those who have been in Simeone’s -or any coach’s- situation can criticize him then all football fans should close their twitter and facebook accounts, and the commenting sections in fans websites like this one should also be closed !!

    Ahmad in EG.

  • Dircil

    I don’t see any coach capable of handling a team like Atletico. If atletico will not qualify for CL this year, I am still happy to have him as a coach. We are transforming from a team with defensive mentality to more offensive mentality and it costs us stability. This is exactly what some of the fans in this forum asked for, a more offensive team. If everybody still thinks that a replacement of Simeone would solve the problem then look at Manchester Utd as an example. Even with Mourinho and the likes, they are still flopping so badly. I dont see why you guys should panic at this stage of the season and I believe this crisis won’t last for more than 1 month starting from now. In Simeone I trust!

  • Kris

    I don’t know bro. We are a much bigger club than when Simeone took over. We could take that risk with Simeone at the time for this project that’s taking place but now we need results, not another fresh project. We need to get somebody that can guarantee us top three finish and a good run in the Champions League every year. But like you said there aren’t many great managers in the world, for that reason I hope that Simeone has been very clear to the board about when he is going to leave so that they can start negotiations with other coaches who can provide stability to the club like Cholo has.

  • Kris

    “I don’t see any coach capable of handling a team like Atletico.” is a load of bullshit. Come on man. All right, can you justify what makes you think that nobody else can handle Atletico? So what happens when Simeone inevitably leaves in a season or two?

    I see your statement about transforming from a defensive-minded team to an offensive-minded team, and I would have been okay with this bad run of form only if we were playing offensive football. You simply can’t play offensive-minded football with four CMs, or three CMs with no creativity. Simeone had actually tried to start playing some offensive football, or at least put offensive-minded footballers in the line-up and he managed to get a few high scoring games from his experiments. Koke was running the show in the midfield, bringing the ball up and down the field but then Sevilla happened. I believe that Simeone stopped playing offensive football right after the Sevilla & Sociedad games and he started putting in CMs again after Tiago’s return. One of the subsequent games we ended up winning, but towards the end he put in 2 more defensive footballers for attackers, I was pissed because that game foreshadowed that we were saying “fuck you” to the attacking plan and going back to the good ole days of defensive stability with a crowded midfield of CMs with no attacking creativity. He abandoned something that got us a lot of good results and great attacking show for what he believes is probably a foolproof plan.

    Mourinho is not flopping. United is still 6th in the league and in to the next round of the Europa League. The general consensus of United fans also seems to be that they are playing well, but just unlucky with the results. Like Simeone, Mourinho is also way too obsessed with his defensive plans because just as soon as they score they stop really attacking. When you don’t have great counterattacking players and Ronaldo, you’re not gonna score as much with such a plan and that aspect of his game is letting him down.

  • AnonX

    1) ” We are transforming from a team with defensive mentality to more offensive mentality and it costs us stability. This is exactly what some of the fans in this forum asked for, a more offensive team”.

    Correctly establish the current situation

    2) ” I believe that Simeone stopped playing offensive football right after the Sevilla & Sociedad games and he started putting in CMs again after Tiago’s return. One of the subsequent games we ended up winning, but towards the end he put in 2 more defensive footballers for attackers, I was pissed because that game foreshadowed that we were saying “fuck you” to the attacking plan and going back to the good ole days of defensive stability with a crowded midfield of CMs with no attacking creativity. He abandoned something that got us a lot of good results and great attacking show for what he believes is probably a foolproof plan.”

    Accurately Spot ON. Thats when IT HAPPENED AND He HAS TO REVERSE this back.
    He has to develop the Courage to overcome his fear to learn and grow even as a Manager
    and I Pray this would greatly be the Case.

  • Ash

    Juanfran is no longer our best player. He needs to change his play style and stop those mindless crosses that literally terminate our attacks while giving our opponents counter chances.

  • Ash

    Juanfran is no longer our best player. He needs to change his play style and stop those mindless crosses that literally terminate our attacks while giving our opponents counter chances. Otherwise, he shouldn’t be in our starting 11

  • AndersAT

    I think it is quite arrogant of you to think that you know what is wrong and what should be done, but of course you have the right to think so.

    But i don’t think you have the right do be disrespectful. I for one think it was a fine tweet, and i agree that it is not obvious what the problem is and what should be done to successfully turn this around.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Wow, you still mad about correcting some of the mistakes I found in some articles two years ago!!
    I don’t know what to tell you, I wish I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not, if are going to write publicly you will get corrected and criticized, and you have to learn to deal with that.

    And they were not small mistakes, the last mistake I corrected was claiming that Jianlin had a daughter living in USA and involved in some scandals, while he only has one son who lives in China.
    The author of that article, Nick Lawley accepted my correction and apologized for his mistake, despite that I was a little harsh on him.
    In fact, if it was you I wouldn’t have said anything after you have made it very clear here and on twitter that you can’t stand to be corrected, and it wasn’t only you and me, but that also happened between some other readers and some other writers.
    Like Nick, Carlo also didn’t get mad when I criticized the title of his article “go offensive or stick to Cholismo”.
    I didn’t get mad when Kris asked me few months ago to use fullstops at the end of my sentences, and I’m doing that since, and now I realize how stupid I was, it made my comments confusing.

    About the language :
    If there are some words you don’t want us to use like “fuck”, then it’s your genuine right, give us a list of the forbidden words and we will stop using them, some other websites do that.
    But I don’t see anything wrong about saying “fuck Simeone”, the man himself say stuff like that to his own players and to other people, he slaps refs at the backs of their heads, this is not golf, this is football, sometimes we get very angry and frustrated.

    Have a good day Billy.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    This is actually the biggest problem, Simeone is clearly doesn’t know when will he leaves, he seems preoccupied to me, I feel he is thinking “when should I go to Inter”.
    His contract was until 2020, then got reduced to 2018, and last night I read that the players are convinced that he won’t be here next season.

    If you don’t wan’t to take a risk then would you take Mancini or Pellegrini?!
    If you want a top three finish and a good run in UCL I think both can do it.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    No from me for all three of them, I think we deserve bigger coaches than those, I think it’s obvious that Marcelino is much smaller than Atleti, while I think Sampaoli is a cheap version of Simeone, and Emery is one of the most overrated coaches in the world, he is a fraud, like Villas-Boas.

    Emery did win 3 Europa Leagues in a row, but Europa League isn’t even stronger than Copa del Rey.
    He wouldn’t have won those 3 titles if he didn’t finish 10th in 2012/13, and 5th in 2013/14 and finish 3rd in his UCL group 2015/16.
    Emery had a non-winning streak with Sevilla of 19 away La Liga games in a row, 9 draws and 10 defeats.
    Emery is 3rd with PSG in ligue 1 after 17 weeks despite the huge financial advantages they have over the other 19 teams.
    No thank you.
    It will be a big insult to Simeone, the man I love so much (I really do) to replace him with someone like Emery.

  • Dawa

    I think pellegrini could be a good choice. He already knows la liga. Atleast it will be attacking and entertaining. But it could implode and we may end up like Man U after Ferguson left. Either way I think we should do it if simeone couldn’t improve after 3-4 matches. I know we are hit with an injury crisis amid a transfer ban(talk about bad timing) but we all know he’s gonna leave Atleti sometime soon, so let’s take the risk. Grab pellegrini or some other good coach who could be around for long time and provide stability.

  • Dawa

    I know… We need to know how to dispatch smaller teams. We need creative player. Carrasco should be there and Gaitan (I’ve not seen much of him in benfica except of course his antics against us in Calderon last season champions league) should be given chances. I know we can’t buy new players like Ozil or modric, so we should definitely try whoever we have.
    But of course Simeone being simeone would keep playing 4 cms in the midfield.
    Also I’m very unimpressed with Koke (and his set pieces of course). I know how important he is to the team since few seasons ago but just wanted to say that.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I really don’t like it when people compare post-Simeone Atleti to post-Ferguson United, Simeone didn’t stay for 26 years like Sir Alex did, and we also won’t replace Simeone with Moyes or van Gaal, who isn’t a great coach despite some of the big titles he has won.
    We have to remember that van Gaal had a 25-year coaching career, and in all those years and with the big clubs he coached he only won UCL once, he is not Ancelotti or Mourinho or Pep.

    I really can’t understand why many people are so afraid of change, not just Atleti fans, but many Arsenal fans -for example- are also afraid of United’s fate after Wenger, like Wenger was winning The EPL and The UCL every season ! too many coaches can finish 3rd or 4th in EPL and get knocked out of round of 16 of UCL with a team like Arsenal, that’s what Wenger has been doing for the last decade.

    Why think about post-Ferguson Utd but not post-Mourinho Chelsea (both times) or post-Pep Barca or post-Conte Juve ?!

    It’s like new stadiums, many people think they are step back like what happened to Arsenal and West Ham, and ignore the fact that other teams like Bayern & Juve improved a lot in their new stadiums.
    I always choose to look at the glass half full.

  • Hannu

    Not maybe fair chance but didnt Oliver start in place of Arda last season? They gave him 10 and so on but in the end he didnt really used his chance. Though I think that he should have got more chances but Gaitan doesnt even get that!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Oliver never even got to start 3 games back to back, just some sub’s here and there and no games when he was fit at one point. I know I love the guy but to be fair he just never got the chance to play his style of football, not only that but because of the system we were playing he didn’t play in his natural position

  • Hannu

    Yeah thats definitely true but when we are talking about replacement of Arda he didnt really fit to that (because of system and so on). I really hoped that Oliver (and Borja) would have shone at Atleti but under Simeone that just wont happen.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Without playing time how can anyone be sure? I never understand when fans say they can never play well under Simeone… I watched that kid come on as a sub and dominated a game we were struggling to control in the midfield. If he was given a run of games like Saul had been given I’m very sure he would have changed your mind but he wasn’t given a run of games, so to say he wouldn’t have shone is a far stretch without proof

  • Zinni DUDU

    Well we need to find the best coach for our values and traditions. We are not Real Madrid, who can bring the best coaches every year with Mourinho, Ancelotti, Benitez etc. The main target should be to find a coach who fits to our play -> For me- thats only Sampaoli. Real Madrid brought also an inexperienced coach with Zidane, but it WORKED, because he fits to their values and traditions….

  • Maura

    Juanfran seems like he is suffering from burnout. I think that Vrsaljko should replace him for a spell until he gets his mojo back. I also agree with Koke that letting Oliver go was a mistake. I always liked him and heard that he is doing well, and is loved, in Porto.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    I liked Oliver as well, but Gaitan is really good, but has had almost no playing time.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Borja was let go because Torres is on the team. No Torres = Borja. What was the better choice here…is the question/opinion. I think I would have loaned out Correa for a season and Borja a chance.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Shoot, I thought you were one of the owners of this page. For as often as you comment I would have never guessed Billy was actually the owner.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    I think there is some truth behind the article. My guess is that ownership has known that Simeone is going to go to Italy sooner than later. Maybe Simeone is even helping out with who should replace him. From what I read, I like Marcelo Gallardo. I think this will happen this summer.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones


  • Zinni DUDU

    He was loaned because the club had the opinion that it would be right to bring in Gameiro and let him build a fucking gnom attack with Griezmann; no we can call us smurf fc of madrid. The right Option would have been to bring back Borja and rotate him with torres so they can share their time; while correa could share his time with griezmann. While Gameiro should have been sold to barca where he could play with kids in his height like Alba, Messi and Iniesta

  • KC

    We lost the Champions League final on Penalties and we decide to change tactics and some personnel. Not sure why? Torres will always be a better fit with Griezmann because he is willing to make the runs to open up space for Griezmann. He is unselfish, he will score the big goals and draw penalties because he still demands a double team. Why is he not on the field like he was during our terrific run last year? Gamiero is a good player, but not the best choice to play with Griezmann. We do not need two 30 goal scorers like other have posted, that was proven last year! And yes, if you only play sparingly (Like Torres this year) you will not be a consistent performer. He proved it last year. When we finally decided to start him consistently, he rewarded us!

  • Hannu