Atlético reveal new crest and stadium name

Estadio Wanda Metropolitano will be the red and whites' new home

The new stadium

The new stadium

Estadio Wanda Metropolitano will be the name of Atlético Madrid’s new stadium, the club announced at an event at the Vicente Calderón on Friday lunchtime.

Built on the site of the old La Peineta site – originally an athletics stadium meant to host the Olympic games – the Metropolitano is scheduled to open for the start of the 2017-18 season.

It was also revealed that the club will use a new crest upon making the move next summer, as seen in the tweet below.

Atleti originally played at the Estadio Metropolitano between 1923-1966, before moving to the Vicente Calderón.

Rumours suggested that the name would include a sponsor and a reference to the club’s history, and finally put the speculation to rest by confirming the name of our new home.

Fans have already voiced their displeasure, insisting that Wanda’s incorporation into the name goes against the traditional values of the club and commercialises what has always been an authentic part of Atleti’s identity.

The new crest hasn’t gone down particularly well either, with fans feeling that it has been designed to try and gear the club towards the Chinese market.

Atleti are of course now partly owned by Wang Janglin, Asia’s richest man and CEO of the Dalian Wanda group, who appears to be the driving force behind recent changes.

According to AS, the club will receive €12m a year for the sponsorship from Wanda.

There are still question marks as to whether Metropolitano will in fact open on time, and it was reported yesterday that we have been given dispensation by the LFP to play our first two games of next season away from home. An attorney with cases involving construction claims will need services as Vertex company has to offer.

Now, having confirmed the name, we can expect more news from the club regarding other matters such as transport, logistics and development of the surrounding areas of the stadium in the near future.

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Are you happy with the name and crest? Do you agree with criticism of the Wanda sponsorship?

  • Sponsorship names in stadiums always make me uneasy, but they are part and parcel of the game these days, especially over here in England – even right down in non-league!

  • Rowly

    I don’t like sponsorship names for stadiums but I think the reference to the Metropolitano is a nice touch and makes it about as good as the situation could be, the Wanda Stadium would’ve been a sh*t name. The fans will call the stadium the Metropolitano whilst they take a wander to the Wanda so no real harm done.

    The new badge is decent enough but so is the current badge, it feels unnecessary but at the same time a lot of clubs are simplifying their badges because it’s easier in this digital age that we live in so I can see why they’ve done it and also the timing with the new stadium.

    I can understand why some people won’t like it but it could be a lot worse and I can live with the changes.

  • jodo

    As already mentioned, sponsorship names is now part of the game. No way a top flight team can support a new stadium without one. In the US, I’m really glad the Rose Bowl–both the stadium and the game have resisted direct sponsorship branding but that’s the exception rather the rule.

    And I like the new crest…

  • Good ! I thought I am the only one whos having problem with these names and design.

    So Un-Atleti.

  • Well except the Metropolitano name.

  • Tico

    No problem with the Wanda name for that price! Man City earn 10 million £, that is equivalent to 12 milion €, Bayern earn 12 milion €. We are geting as much as the big boys in the money league for the arena. Well done Atletico well done.

  • Kris

    As a person who doesn’t live in Madrid, I thought we did pretty good considering that we have the Metropolitano name from the previous stadium. Etihad Stadium, Allianz Arena, Emirates Stadium don’t even have any historical significance in their sponsorship names. Though Wanda Metropolitano sounds like something from a strip club, it still kind of relates back to Atletico history. Madrilenos will probably continue calling it La Peineta or even Luis Aragones, both of which sound better than Wanda Metropolitano.