Champions League: Bayern 1 – 0 Atlético

Rojiblancos win the group but lose out to Lewandowski wonder strike

Lucas was arguably Atleti's standout performer at the Allianz

Lucas was arguably Atleti's standout performer at the Allianz

Atlético Madrid were beaten 1-0 by Bayern Munich on Tuesday evening, the German side far superior at the Allianz Arena to put a run to the rojiblancos‘ winning Champions League run.

Roberto Lewandowski’s superb first half free-kick separated the two sides, but it didn’t tell the full story of the hosts dominance on a night to forget for Simeone and his team.

As we all knew before kick-off, the match meant nothing in the grand scheme of things but Atleti wanted a win to secure their place in the history books with 6 group stage wins out of 6.

Cholo sent out a strong line-up, but despite a bright start and a couple of early chances for Yannick Carrasco, they were distinctly second best struggled to reach the final third for the most part.

The goal came just before the half hour mark, Bayern turning their early pressure into a lead as Robert Lewandowski stepped up to curl a stunning free-kick over the wall and into the top corner.

It was a fabulous strike from the former Borussia Dortmund frontman, and one that even Oblak couldn’t keep out despite his unstoppable recent form. The Slovenian had made a good save earlier on to Douglas Costa.

Atleti’s response was poor, and unlike in last year’s semi-final at the Allianz, failed to cause any problems on the counter attack or sustain a bit of pressure until the latter stages.

After the break the home side began to turn the screw a bit more, and perhaps would’ve doubled their lead had Arjen Robben been a little more decisive.

The Dutchman found some space in behind the rojiblanco backline but was eventually crowded out, having opted not to go to ground after a touch from Koke on his shoulder.

Moments later he did go down theatrically under a challenge from Savic, but the referee waved play on. It wasn’t Robben’s best evening, with the impressive Lucas Hernández doing a good job of keeping him quiet.

It really should’ve been 2-0 midway through the half when two of Bayern’s Spanish contingent linked up, but somehow Thiago skied the ball over the crossbar from just a few yards out after good work from Bernat.

Cholo‘s men did push forward a little more towards the end after the introductions of Correa, Gameiro and Thomas, but it was a case of too little, too late as again they failed to create any serious chances.

Thankfully the hard work has been done and we will go into next week’s draw for the round of 16 as top seeds, but the performance will cause a little bit of concern given Atleti’s recent form.

This was a good chance for a reaction and for the team to remind everybody of their quality on the big stage, but they were underwhelming and failed to match the intensity that we saw in the reverse fixture.

With no Champions League action now until February, focus will turn back on to domestic competition and Monday’s trip to Villarreal, where the pressure will be back on against a direct rival in La Liga.

Player ratings: Oblak 7, Vrsaljko 5, Godín 6, Savic 6, Lucas 7 (MOTM), Gabi 6, Koke 6, Saúl 5, Gaitán 5, Griezmann 5, Carrasco 5. Subs: Gameiro 5, Correa 6, Thomas 6.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Lol I know my opinion doesn’t matter but are you guys doing the ratings blinded by love or something? For heavens sake if Griezmann, Gaitan, Gameiro and Carrasco get 5s then there’s no way Gabi, Koke, Thomas and Correa should be getting 6s… Did we watch the same match???

  • Koke

    Oliver’s highlights so far this year at Porto…

    This is exactly the type of player we need tbh… what are our weaknesses? Creating chances, turning possession into goals, stringing 5 passes together. Just saying.

  • Kris

    What exactly is the point when we don’t want to play that type of football though?

  • samer kozaylee

    Man koke should be bunched . I don’t see what the use of him. He is not performing as a Cm nor a winger. His corner taking has become so bad. Our player become so slow if Carasco ll play as a striker no player Will be able to create any chance. Savich is slow and his header skills is zero. Man of the match is lucas without any question. He was not playing in his regular position and he did wot he had to do.
    Oblak was great like often.
    I don’t know if the weather mad our team sleepy or they are realy frustrated they didnt have a target to play for.
    Well Greizmann can’t compete with the reputable best 2 players of the world as the media are with them and he is not doing anything except going back for defense.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I stopped talking about Oliver because it breaks my heart that our biggest playmaking starlet couldn’t break into a side without any attacking playmakers. So many Barca fans here were talking about snatching him up, a talent like that should be here not loaned out

  • George

    Koke is fine..The problem actually is that we don’t have another one..You all want attacking football but you are doing the same mistake Simeone does.You think that by playing more attacking players we will play better..Playing with 4,3,2,1 CM doesn’t make us play better..Real Madrid and Barcelona are super attacking teams(Real not so much after Ancelotti) and they almost always play with 3 CM..The problem is that our only midfielder who is superb with the ball is Koke..Gabi and Tiago are a great duo in a defensive 4-4-2 but in possesion mode they are defensive overkill…And no Koke isn’t the problem our defense is struggling we are just getting counter-attacked a lot because we are not used to have the possession..

  • Kris

    That’s literally the point everyone has been making for 2 years on here…

  • Maura

    I agree about Lucas. He does a very good job at LB when he is a natural CB. In fact, Lucas always seems to play well when he gets in the lineup. He really plays beyond his years. Lucas and Godin would make an awesome pair of CBs.

  • Koke

    I think by ‘we’ you mean Simeone. It’s clear the fans want something better. And while nobody can know for sure I think the players really want something different too. The likes of Griezmann, Carrasco, Koke, Saul, etc may all say the ‘Simeone till I die, I stay if he stays’ etc etc but I think they do get frustrated sometimes with the team’s style of play. I’m sure Griezmann knows that if he were in a team that creates chances for fun like Barca/Bayern/Madrid he could top Pichichi charts and ACTUALLY become a Balon D’or candidate.

    I would sooner lose Simeone than lose Griezmann, Carrasco, Koke, Correa, Oliver, etc. If we don’t get our act together and start performing to our potential, these players are going to want to move on to teams where they can win and achieve the superstar status they deserve.

    By the way, I think lately a lot of people have been confusing “good at defense” with “bad at attack.” Those two have nothing to do with each other. A team can be good at defense and good at attack, or bad at defense and bad at attack. Just because we can shut out an opponent when they peg us back in our own half doesn’t mean we can’t know what to do once we get the ball back. It doesn’t mean we have to struggle to connect 5 straight passes, or that we have to look clueless when the ball is given to us.

    We lost the 2016 CL final, the trophy we all crave so badly, because we are clueless when we have the ball. We had Real Madrid cowering in their own half and we couldn’t kill the game off. Zidane is either the luckiest man alive or a genius for having his team let us attack them. Madrid aren’t even good defensively.

  • AndersAT

    I don’t get this strange fascination with Oliver Torres.

    I bet you could make a video like that with all midfielders. And I notice that no passes seems to be assists, and truly he has made no assists and one goal for one of the two best teams in a mediocre league. I am not impressed. And I know that statistics isn’t all, and I haven’t seen many Porto games this season.

    Oliver Torres got a chance last season and didn’t impress me. And I don’t buy that he didn’t get a chance. I believe that players who impress in training and in matches get to play, and it seems like other players were better last season.

    Maybe he could play better under a different coach than Simeone next season (I think Simeone will move on, perhaps it will good for all involved), but maybe he won’t. I have no reason to think he is better than Koke, Gaitan, Carrasco, Correa, Gabi, Tiago, Saul or Thomas. I hope he will be a star player for us, but I seriously doubt it. And I have no idea why you all seem to think he is the new savior or something.