Atlético B can’t even beat ten men

Vecindario get the better of Atlético B on Cerro del Espino (1-2)

alberto perea koke

It’s too early to speak of a crisis, but Atlético B’s situation does not look good.

We lost our first home game and are still without a win after six matches.

In the 23rd minute Vecindario took the lead on Cerro del Espino, when Fran beat Iago at the back post.

Atlético responded well, and within ten minutes José Collado equalised.

The on-loan striker from Braga headed in a Saúl Ñíguez cross from the left to even the score, and almost got his second shortly after, but a similar cross, this time from the right, was headed just over.

Things were looking good for Atlético, when Dani was sent off just before half time, leaving Vecindario with ten men.

Saúl’s injury just before the break forced Antonio Rivas to bring on Sergio Marcos. Marcos was left out of the starting XI, as Sébastian Gallegos returned from injury.

But even with a numerical advantage Atlético weren’t able to get a win. In the 74th minute Ruiman and Yeray combined and the latter finished calmly. Vecindario weren’t even looking for a win, but were gifted a second goal and took the lead again.

With fifteen minutes left, and Brazilian striker Vítor Huvos on, Atlético went forward to look for the equaliser, but we lacked a bit of luck in our finishing.

Atlético B have taken just two points from six games, but at least Antonio Rivas now has all of his forwards available. It will be interesting to see who out of Sergio Marcos, Saúl, Collado, Perea, Gallegos, Mínguez and Vítor will play in our next game.

Line-up: Iago; César Ortiz, Regalón, Atienza, Cantero; Koke, Mínguez; Perea, Saúl, Gallegos; and Collado.
Subs: Sergio Marcos (“44), Hermosa (“66) and Vítor (“77)

Goals: 0-1 Fran; 1-1 Collado; 1-2 Yeray

  • Ringo Schut

    Rivas needs to stick with at least four of the six midfielders and attackers, to create some consistency.

    Maybe like this:
    same defense; Koke, Mínguez; Perea, Marcos, Gallegos; Saúl.

    Collado, the scorer of our only two goals thus far, as pinchhitter or as starter, depending on Saúl’s injury…