La Liga: Atlético 0 – 3 Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo hits a hat-trick as Real Madrid embarrass the red and whites

Not the night many expected in the Calderón

Not the night many expected in the Calderón

It was a night to forget for Atlético Madrid fans on Saturday, as Real Madrid ran out handsome 3-0 winners in the last ever league meeting between the two rivals at the Vicente Calderón.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick to compound the home side’s misery, opening up a nine point gap between the league leaders and Diego Simeone’s men in the race for the title.

Despite the fact there is still uncertainty as to whether Atleti really will move into their new Peineta stadium next summer, all of the pre-match talk was about the occasion and giving the Calderón a rousing send off in it’s last ever league derby.

Real Madrid lined up without Ramos, Benzema, Kroos, Casemiro and Pepe, and the fans were in buoyant mood as they prepared to roar the team onto what they hoped would be a famous win.

Simeone had warned against letting emotion get the better of the team heading into the match, but with Antoine Griezmann ruled fit after an injury scare, it was hard not to get carried away.

However, the visitors obviously hadn’t read the script and took control from the off, dominating the early exchanges and stifling the wall of noise inside the stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo thought he had opened the scoring after 12 minutes, protesting that his headed attempt had crossed the line before being well saved by Jan Oblak.

Referee Fernández Borbalán correctly waved away his protests, but the Portuguese wouldn’t be kept at bay for long and claimed a rather fortuitous opening goal ten minutes later.

After a poor challenge from Stefan Savic on Lucas on the edge of the box, Ronaldo stepped up and sent the ensuing free-kick past the despairing Jan Oblak via a deflection off of Raphaël Varane.

Little could be done to prevent the goal, but Atleti didn’t respond to the wake up call and failed to really create anything of note throughout the rest of the half.

Madrid’s makeshift defensive pairing were doing a good job of containing the front three – who just a few weeks ago were taking on all comers – as the team failed to match the intensity coming from the crowd.

After the break, and most likely a stern half-time talking to, Simeone’s men did manage a brief period of sustained pressure, but couldn’t make any of their chances count and also looked susceptible on the break.

Carrasco and Griezmann tried their luck, but Madrid remained resilient and soon found the crucial second goal, Ronaldo this time outfoxing Savic and winning a penalty after being clumsily upended by the Montenegrin.

As expected, the former Manchester United man stepped up and sent Jan Oblak the wrong way for 2-0, and tapped home the third on the break shortly after to complete his hat-trick.

Ever popular with the Atleti faithful, Ronaldo celebrated in typically brash style in front of the Fondo Sur, who by that point were probably more angered by their team’s limp performance than the 32 year-old’s histrionics.

Only Yannick Carrasco can really come out of the game with any credit, and even at 3-0 he continued to look for a consolation goal and forced Keylor Navas into action on a few occasions.

Still, Madrid never looked like conceding and held on to mark the Calderón’s last ever league derby with the type of result that will give Atleti fans nightmares of the pre-Simeone era.

Now nine points behind Zidane’s side, the focus now has to be regaining form and sorting out problems in midfield and defence before even thinking of challenging for silverware.

On recent evidence, there is a lot of work to be done if this farewell season is to be a memorable one.

Player ratings: Oblak 5, Juanfran 4, Godín 4, Savic 4, Filipe 5, Gabi 5, Koke 5, Saúl 4, Carrasco 7, Griezmann 5, Torres 4. Subs: Correa 5, Gameiro 5.

  • nandes

    Our defense has been very fragile for quite a long time now, so in a way this wasn’t a huge surprise, I guess. I’m just disappointed that Cholo didn’t saw it coming

    Anyway, the league isn’t over yet, and we also have other two competitions to play in. And most important of all, we have a lot of time to think about our mistakes and come back stronger. Forza Atleti

  • SherbetDip

    Griezmann a 4 for me … what a nightmare … hope it isn’t an omen for the rest of the season.

  • Koke

    What an awful game, and it summed up what we’ve all known for a while now: this team has been playing really badly for weeks. Recent games have just been hard to watch. God bless Carrasco, you can tell he is really trying at all times and wants to take the entire game onto his own shoulders. Many times he performs magic, sometimes he does too much but I can forgive him because if he doesn’t do something there doesn’t seem to be anyone else on our team that will.

    Griezmann is tired and off form. Torres is past it. I know a lot of people like to forgive him on account of his “contributions” but even past his lack of goalscoring (which is what he gets paid for) I don’t really see many contributions from him in any department of his gameplay. Koke is off form, Saul too. Hell, same goes for Juanfran, Filipe, and Savic. The only two who can hold their heads high after today are Oblak and Carrasco.

    What’s really been bothering me lately is how much we have lost what made us so great in recent seasons. Absolutely NO THREAT from set pieces, NO THREAT from crosses, NONE of the rock solid defense that made us nearly impossible to score on, and NONE of the ferocious attitude where every player treats every game like it’s their last. Where have all these things gone? Yes, while we were using them in seasons past I was always complaining about the lack of fluid, beautiful attacking play but there’s no reason we can’t have both. Right now we have neither. Simeone needs to talk to these players.

    I’m not in crisis mode yet. People wanted to go into crisis mode after the first two games this season and lo and behold after that we ended up playing some of the best football I have ever seen this team play for several weeks. I have no doubt that we can bounce back from this. I don’t know if La Liga is still a possibility (but never say never), but we MUST finish in the top 3 – missing out on the CL would be suicide for our growth as a European superpower. If we will have any success this season, I expect it to come in the Champion’s League/Copa del Rey, where consistency isn’t as important.

  • Ratchet

    It’s not the end of the world, but this has to be a wake up call. That was baaaaaad, as bad as I’ve seen Atleti since Manzano was the our manager. Gotta get it together.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Well, it is official. We are struggling. I am thinking we should go back to “ugly futbol” and use Carrasco and Gemeiro as our counter attack players. (Torres is too slow these days.) Knowing that this is the last derby in the VC made this sting more than normal. I know we will be top 4 when the year is over and so Atleti just need to focus on the UCL and Copa del Rey.

  • Chewie

    Next game, park the bus, please, and see what happens. Just as an experiment. Maybe it’ll work, who knows.

  • snᴉsɐlB

    putting torres in the starting line up, just because sentimental reasons is one of the worst decisions cholo ever made.

  • AndersAT

    Totally agree with all your points. I think la liga is gone, but to be honest I thought that before the match also, because we have been way to inconsistent.

    I think this season is kind of a “development” season. We are making some rather big and interesting changes, with Koke moving in to a central place. Saul is getting more and more playing time. He is still young and very unstable. Gameiro is new, Gaitan is new, Correa is a huge talent but young. A lot of interesting changes.

    Hopefully we can go about building up our game from the ground in peace and quiet, now that we are practically out of the league race, and be ready for the cup and CL. But we need intensity and we need to focus more on the defense right now.

    Regarding the line-up I think Gimenez should get some game time. Savic looks shaky, and I really prefer Gimenez in set pieces. Perhaps Lucas should get some time as well, he was very good last season. I also think Saul needs to be rotated more with Gaitan. Either Gabi or Tiago (or augusto when he returns) should play alongside Koke to stabilize the midfield.

    And for gods sake practice set pieces again!

  • SherbetDip

    Would have lost anyway … almost the entire team played badly. Don’t see why the others should get away with it by going with the media agenda and making Torres the scapegoat. Feels like a hangover from last season when the team came close to winning the CL. In free fall at the moment.


    can someone please tell me why the fuck is gimenez not playing WTF !!!
    this savic guy sucks compared to gimenez


    there’s so many problems with atletico Starting from transfer market , because if you noticed all our players are short and that’s not the kind players that supposed to play in a team like atletico

  • snᴉsɐlB

    i didn’t say i’m blaming torres for the loss. and yeah, we probaly would have lost this game anyway. the whole team was bad. imho torres, savic and saul was the worst.

    all i’m saying, based on what i saw from torres during the previous matches, the he just doesn’t have that quality to be the main striker for one of the most important games for the season.


    why is gimenez not playing ,????

  • snᴉsɐlB

    savic was pretty reliable in the beginning, that why josema lost his place to him.
    now it’s time to rest savic. and play josema or lucas.

  • Hannu

    Thats why I was against signing of Gameiro. Well he isnt bad at all but we would have needed taller striker. Too bad we didnt get Costa..


    i prefer gimenez any day he’s real badass and he can deal with penaldo and bale or any other asshole

  • atleti10

    Loss of identity is the worst part.

    1. Torres shouldn’t start, the team has to come first.

    2. Get Giminez back in the team. Savic is really good, but Giminez brings aggression and fire that feeds through to others.

    3. Set pieces; I miss the days when we were set piece innovators. We’ve just become too predictable. Let’s start moving the point of delivery and attacking the ball from deep.

    4. Get Gaitan in the team as soon as possible. If we’re going to play attacking football then we need attacking players.


    yes we need a real men and badasses in our team like costa RG8 vitolo from seville javi martinez and vidal from Bayern thes is the kind of players that we supposed to sign not fucking gameiro or gaitan


    reasons why atletico sucks right now !!!
    – No real badass players like (RG8,mario suarez, costa,….
    – Gimenez is not playing for some fucked up reasons
    – short smiley happy players
    – there is no threat in dead balls
    – saul and savic ?????!!!!!
    – there is no aggressiveness for fuck sake
    – transfer market was a big fail (gaitan,gameiro) WTF !!! this is atletico for fuck sake not disneyland
    – they need to fix the situation by bring these kind of players (real men that can kick ass) Vitolo ,Costa, javi martinez, vidal ….


    what the fuck happened to atleti what happened to the real men that kick ass and take names like costa RG8 mario Suarez, even fucking mario mandzukic at least he intimidate the girls of real madrid and now it’s just a bunch of short happy smiley players

  • Hannu

    Well almost everyone wanted more attacking football instead of “ugly” one so I quess everyone also thought that we can keep both that defence and attack like these two teams but I quess we just couldnt.

  • Hannu

    And its disgusting that someones are taking this all upon Torres! Didnt you fucking see the match? Carrasco was only player there. Btw if you want better crosses we have the man there. Vrsaljko!


    i am sick and tired from these short happy players,i want real badass players and bring back gimenez (real man) because savic is a pussy

  • Hannu

    I think the same way about Gameiro. Talking about crosses there comes the question that should we start giving more time for Vrsaljko? He is better crosser than Juanfran.


    this is what happened last night :
    – trash defence (savic)
    – aerial duels 0 (no real badass playes)
    – no aggressiveness (l lack of real men)
    – dead balls 0
    – defence duty 00
    – short smiley happy players (we lost our attitude and character)

  • Roberto

    Atleti shall paly defensive again against the 5 star teams! Concentrating on counter attacs. Where is Jiminez?

  • AndersAT

    Yeah, but right now no one can head it in, so what’s the point.

  • AndersAT

    Well I guess I agree, but it is a bit uninteresting to discuss transfers because we can’t get anyone good before the summer of 2018 (I know we can buy again winter 2018, but no one good is transferred mid season.

    Btw Mario Suarez was not badass… Augusto is way better.

    Does anyone know if we have any young talented strikers?

  • snᴉsɐlB

    nobody blames torres for the loss, what are you even talking about.

  • aileen

    And Gameiro is ?


    by the way is there is any informations about that kid Roberto Nuñez he looks edgy


    guys do you have any informations about that kid Roberto Nuñez ???

  • Hannu

    Yeah you have a point there! 😀

  • Rowly

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t like our midfield with Koke in the middle. It unbalances the midfield unit and I believe has been a cause of conceding so many goals lately.

    The idea that Koke provides more creativity from the middle is a valid one but he’s not created a lot recently and because he’s more attack minded it leaves Gabi isolated and doing too much of the defensive work on his own. Saul can’t play wide, he’s a passenger when played there whereas if he was in the middle he’d ease the defensive burden on Gabi. Playing Koke out wide does limit Koke’s impact but I feel it’s a price worth paying because I believe it works better for the team. Plus Koke has a good understanding with Juanfran that I don’t think Saul has.

    A midfield of Koke-Gabi-Saul-Carrasco/Gaitan allows Koke to play tight and close to the middle as a right midfielder creating space for Juanfran on the overlap while Carrasco/Gaitan can play a more attacking role as a genuine wide player/winger which also creates space behind them for Felipe Luis to advance into. Gabi & Saul can sit in the middle protecting the backline and allowing Koke & Carrasco/Gaitan to do the creative work going forward. Additionally I think that midfield set-up would give Oliver an opportunity to play on the right of midfield too and not waste his talent with us.

    We also need to give Gameiro more game time, we need his pace and goal threat plus he links up well with Griezmann.

  • snᴉsɐlB

    still better than torres

  • aileen

    Better ? Because of more goals ?No wonder -he plays much more.This is not the attacker problem but a midfield one.Poor Koke and Saul as well as Gabi. Why Vrsalijko and Gaitan don`t play ?Only God and Cholo know it.

  • Kris

    Thank you for bringing common sense back on this thread man. People have been complaining on here like this is the end of the world and we are done for. Fuck right off man, we aren’t done for, we’ll come back stronger and this defeat against Madrid has motivated us even more. The complaining on here is so fucking toxic, acting like we haven’t ever gone through such phases. Acting like Real Madrid haven’t gone through such phases, Barcelona haven’t…. This shit happens all the time. And like you I won’t give up on La Liga yet either. I keep referring back to the fucking drama of last year as to how Barcelona became champions and how Real or us didn’t. Anything can happen at any given moment. I do think some of the players are tired with the international tournaments in the summer and then playing continuously for 4 months already and the double pivot not looking as stern as they should in this Atletico team, but I think we are going to be fine as always.

  • snᴉsɐlB

    better, yes.
    did you whatch torres playing lately? slow as fuck, tons of misplaced passes. most of time he looses the ball as soon as he gets it. i love him, but right now choosing him as a starter for an important game like this was, is just beyond idiotic.

    and no, don’t bring the midfield into this argument. altough you are right, i was talking about strictly strikers.


    sir with all due respect you realize that defeating real madrid It is a priority for atleti ,yes it’s not about winning trophies, that comes second in atleti plans i mean for god sake atleti made himself popular by defeating and owning real every single time and you sir come here and tell us that it’s okay to get defeated by real WTF !!!
    i mean what the hell happened to atletico we gave up on our attitude and character and we start Relying on players that they don’t have anything to do with our club,
    – after all real madrid is a fucking Superman and we are the Kryptonite for fuck sake , peace !!!

  • Andras Toth

    I understand basically everything you said, thanks for the post. Real will loose 6-9 points in those away games, it is just we have to get back to winning ways as soon as this Wednesday (for the morale) and this sunday away to Osasuna (for the points) (which used to be a tricky trip sometimes). I think if we can win that two, the morale will come back, and we will get back to winning ways. Let’s hope that just like the first two games of the season this will be a wake up call for Cholo (regarding playing people whose in form, not the ones he trust in hist XI – Savic, Saul, Torres and that others (like Juanfran, Gabi) could use some rest as well – if we have these talented people in the squad. If it really is a wake up call then it can be better to have lost than win by luck if you watch the whole season. Nunca dejes de creer.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I really couldn’t agree more my friend. I honestly don’t know where and why so many have been on here lately saying some of the things they have been saying. I really hope we start playing with Gaitan or Correa instead of Saul outthere… I just need two cms and Gameiro up front with Griezmann, I expected a few bumps with the system but I didn’t expect so many horrid defensive errors but I think we’ll be right on track soon and some of these fans will be jumping for joy…. I still really hope we get Oliver Torres back because we could really use a creative player’s vision in some of these games as a different dynamic

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Is that what you got from the damn post? We lost and we’re all upset but what good will it do by acting like the damn season is over in NOVEMBER????

    It’s funny to see you asking what happened to Atletico because a lot of fans and even members of the club have thrown away the game by game aspect.

    Just calm to hell down and read particular comments and see what they’re actually saying

  • aileen

    But there are not anybody like `strictly strikers` during a game- their ability to score depend on the passes from midfielders/wingers and if they are good there is no problem of scoring .Of course a striker has to be fast and strong and determined.But Torres is such a player.Do you remember last season ? Some people who don`t watch football as much tend to believe in a miracle which came with his 100 th goal . But it was not a miracle but more playing time, different role in a team, and much better Koke`s form- accuracy, analysis, insight into penalty area and first of all good set pieces.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    That;s harsh… He’s definitely better than Mario Suarez

  • Hannu

    Its strange that you always seem to have some agenda against some player. How about Carrasco? Should be still benched? 😉 Anyway that said Saul hasnt been really good lately and I quess everybody see that he is not winger.

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Lol… Good point outs but you know I’d never agree on anything Mario Suarez

  • Hannu

    It wasnt attack or anything but just a conclusion and I dont have any pro-Saul “agenda” as I just said Saul hasnt been really good lately and there would be better options anyway to play on wing like Gaitan for example. But anyway I dont have desire to attack post after post to some of our players but if you have it I quess its your thing and you keep on doing it. Peace ??

  • Andras Toth

    Yes you are right, but better to have two wake up calls, than not realizing the kinda obvious. I hope he does… I don’t think he will go back to 4 CMs, maybe against Bayern/Barca in the UCL. It would be great if we could just switch between the old and the new idea of play, but I guess it is not just like that. I want to see more Vrsaljko, Gimenez, Lucas too, I am sure if they would have played recently we would have 3-4 points more.. And if Cholo does not rotate none of these players will want to stay here, and none will want to come to us as they will know the only chance they have is if someone gets injured. Let’s beat PSV tomorrow, get back the morale, but for Christ’s sake put Gaitan instead of Saul and Gimenez on the field, that would help to clear Savic’s mind, he must find his early season form. Give some rest to Filipe and would like to see Vrsaljko as well.

    Getting back to the game, did you guys realize, that Koke is a bit frustrated lately? I don’t remember him getting into word fight before, not to mention getting a red card… I am not sure what goes through his mind, I hope it is just a bit of a tiredness.. And one more thing is that I think Griezmnn was not 100% fit to play, but as he is our star I guess he had play (he had derby boots made just for the occasion..)


    i want my Gimenez return full time this savic guy sucks !!!