Gabi renews Atlético contract until 2018

Captain fantastic agrees a new one-year extension with the rojiblancos

Gabi will lead Atleti out at La Peineta

Gabi will lead Atleti out at La Peineta

Atlético Madrid announced on Friday that Gabi Fernández has renewed his contract with the club and will remain in red and white until June 2018.

The captain’s original contract was due to run out next summer, but he has extended for another year and will walk team team out for the first game at La Peineta next season.

Enrique Cerezo verbally announced that Gabi had agreed a new deal at an event earlier in the week celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Vicente Calderón.

The news was confirmed on Atleti’s official website on Friday lunchtime, with the canterano turned club legend declaring his delight at putting pen-to-paper with his boyhood club.

“I’m very happy to stay for another year, this is my home,” he said. “It’s a great challenge to be able to be in the team when we move to the new stadium.”

“A new and exciting stage starts for the club and being the captain of the first team in a moment that will go down in history is a source of pride for me.”

Now approaching the latter years of his career, Gabi continues to defy the odds with inspiring performances in midfield, and his renewal comes at the perfect time given the transfer ban and Augusto’s injury.

The new contract will run up until just before his 35th birthday, and with Simeone’s contract also expiring in 2018, some fans have been speculating – could Gabi be the man to take the reins if Cholo (god forbid) decides to move on?

We’ll leave that one for you to debate, but hopefully we’ll see the two of them finally get their hands on the one trophy they so crave whilst they still have the chance.

Gabi has played 325 times for Atlético across two spells, and has captained the club to five trophies since returning from Real Zaragoza in 2011.

Just how much longer can Gabi go on for? Is he the best captain in the club’s history?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    My man .

  • Karlp

    best captain Atleti can hope for

  • Karlp

    hey Ahmad, do you know what’s job difference between Berta and Caminero?
    As I know, Caminero focus on transfer, while Berta’s job is more general. Is that right?

  • Robertsps21

    Great captain, atleti legend.

    0 spain caps is really a crime,a man who played almost everything in 3 seasons that atleti reached 2 cl finals and won the league gets no respect from the spain coaches.
    I know that getting selected as a spain midfielder is the hardest thing in world football but San jose,mario suarez,iturraspe,camacho have al been capped but gabi gets overlooked.

  • Kris

    Man, I can only see Tiago and Gabi coaching Atletico. News reads: “Atletico manager Tiago locks Atletico president in the bathroom for not allowing him to have control over player transfers.”

  • Karlp

    What a time that was, his finest moment. Would like to see him surpassed Simeone if he wasn’t such a Mendes crony.

  • Karlp

    ‘Mendes’ = jorge mendes I mean, not tiago mendes

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I have no good answer for this question, all what I can say is that they are a team, and they have other people working under them, and that their job titles according to the club official website is : Sporting Director for Caminero and Technical Director for Berta .

    And I don’t know why you are asking me, I’m really not a “know-it-all” as some people call me, and I’m not just referring to what happened couple of days ago, I have been called somethings like that several times over the last couple of years, I really don’t know why .

    Most of my comments are usually stating the obvious, from what I read here and there, and they are long because I have time, I’m a pharmacist who owns his own pharmacy, I’m my own boss, I have a TV, a PC and a small library at my pharmacy, I can watch games and post long comments here while I’m at my work .
    An amazing job, isn’t it ?! although it’s not the career I always dreamed of, I always wanted to be a physician, a surgeon maybe, but this is still a great job, especially for a football fan .
    And in Egypt, pharmacists still get to be called “doctor” 😉

    I’m also a little bit older than many of you, I know that because there are many people here who I also know on twitter, and most of them are in their early twenties or even teenagers, I’m not that old though, but let me put it this way : Tiago is the only Atleti player who is older than me .
    I witnessed el doblete, the relegation in 2000, I shed a tear back then, and it was the year I went to college and I couldn’t follow Atleti very closely, but since I graduated in 2006 I’ve been watching almost all Atleti matches every single season .
    Sometimes that makes me have a different perspective than some other fans, but that’s it, I never pretended to be smart or knowledgeable, I went to college in 2000 and graduated in 2006, pharmacy faculties in Egypt are only 5 years, I’m not that smart .

    You can ask your question to Billy, he knows a lot about Atleti, although he is still 22 .

  • Karlp

    O ok thanks for the answer. Btw, never thought you as know-it-all type, just you seems to know a lot about the team. So, that’s why I asked you.

  • Karlp

    Debt [AS 12 oct ’16]
    – Tax office: 45 mil ‎€
    – Investment funds: 115 mil ‎€
    – Bank: 10 mil ‎€