Matchday LIVE: Atlético vs. Bayern

Re-match of last year's semi-final as German side seek revenge in the Calderón

The Vicente Calderón is expectant

The Vicente Calderón is expectant

Atlético Madrid host Bayern Munich in the Champions League tonight, just five months on from knocking the German side out at the semi-final stage last season.

Both sides won their opening matches and will be looking for a win to go top of the group, as Diego Simeone takes on old adversary Carlo Ancelotti once again in Europe.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

Starting XIs

Atlético: Oblak; Juanfran, Godín, Savic, Filipe; Gabi, Koke, Saúl, Carrasco; Griezmann, Torres

Bayern: Neuer; Lahm, Boateng, Javi Martínez, Alaba; Alonso, Vidal, Thiago; Ribery, Müller, Lewandowski

  • Alfred Rodriguez


  • Koke

    Still think Carrasco doesn’t do enough? 😉

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I wish you were watching the game with me to see how happy I was for him .

    However, if he waited for 2017 to score his 2nd goal of the season then I will start criticizing him again, because we all know that he gets at least one real scoring chance almost every game .

  • atleti10

    Great performance, bring on Gameiro for Torres and we win this.

  • atleti10

    In fairness he doesn’t get one, he makes one for himself.

  • Koke

    Good win. We really should have won by more. We have to become killers in front of goal, like Costa was, like Griezmann is (when he’s not taking penalties). Could have been 3-0 or more. We were the better team by far. I’m so so happy Simeone is starting to see that we absolutely have the quality to go toe to toe with Bayern, Barca, and Madrid attacking-wise. The fact that we were still the bigger attacking threat after going 1-0 up just shows how different this team is from the one in season prior, that would start defending after going 1-0 up against the likes of Malaga…

    Oh, Simeone, I know I criticize you so much, but as long as you keep playing like this, never leave. No coach in the world is as good as you are for Atleti, and as long as you keep the team attacking boldly, you’re irreplaceable…

  • Koke

    To be fair, Torres is a striker and misses far more chances than Carrasco and you don’t seem to bash him so much! But yes, I too am happy for Carrasco. and as the person above me said, he doesn’t just ‘get’ chances, he creates them for himself often times.

  • Kris

    Yeah, people don’t realize that we watch Atletico for Atletico, not individual players. When a player does well, we are happy. When a player does bad, we criticize but doesn’t mean we can’t admire his efforts if he does well. I criticize Torres all the time too, but I must say he had a very good game today, well at least the first half, and his physicality definitely came in to great use today.

  • Zinni DUDU

    Gameiro is also missing chances what now? You can not except striker who scores every chance he gets; that all

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Here here!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think you all know my opinion about Torres, have said it too many times, but let may say it one more time:
    He is a club legend, he has many non-football related values that should never be overlooked, while on football-related matters, he still have some tricks up his sleeve, he is best suited than our other strikers in certain type of games, he scored goals in double figures last seasons, he loves to score in big games, he knows how to win penalties (although we keep missing them since 2013/14) .
    But do I think he should be our first-choice striker ?! No, and as I also said many times, he doesn’t expect that either, although he will keep fighting for the first spot because that what this Atleti is about, but if he lost, it won’t be a big problem for him, considering all factors and circumstances .
    I would have even asked to make him our 3rd choice had Borja stayed with us .

    You are right, Torres also misses many chances, sometimes -or some could say many times- he plays poorly, but why don’t I “bash” him and criticize him like I keep doing with Carrasco ?!
    Because I’m being polite with one of Atleti’s biggest legends, maybe it’s unfair, but Torres earned this unfairness .
    Carrasco hasn’t earned anything .. yet .

    I really can’t understand how that Carrsco creating chances for himself makes it less worse when he misses them !!
    It absolutely does not .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    And you can’t say this about many other teams’ fans .
    Atleti are immune against plastic fans and individual players fans .
    I wish we stay like that forever .

  • snᴉsɐlB

    mostly i agree with you on carrasco, but you gotta admit, this season he was extremely unlucky with hitting the post twice already.
    but yeah i’m really glad too that he finally scored. (tho he hit the post again, haha)