Borja Bastón completes €18m move to Swansea

Atlético will reportedly not have an option to rebuy former academy striker

Borja is Swansea's new record signing

Borja is Swansea's new record signing

Borja Bastón will play in the Premier League next season, with Swansea City confirming the signing of the Atlético striker on Thursday afternoon.

The 23 year-old has signed a four-year deal with the Welsh side, and will be their record signing having gone for a fee in the region of €18million.

After five years out on loan and a total of 20 years at the club overall, Borja leaves Atlético having played just once for the first team.

Many asked for the canterano to be given a chance following an excellent campaign with Eibar last season, but sadly he never seemed to be in Simeone’s plans.

Although €18m represents a good fee given he had just one year remaining on his contract, reports state that Atleti have NOT negotiated a buy-back clause.

Borja made his debut against Getafe back in May 2010, but lasted only twenty minutes as a substitute before rupturing his ACL and seeing his career put to a halt.

It was heartbreak for the then 17 year-old, who spent eight months on the sidelines and needed a few years trying to regain his pre-injury form.

However, he has gone from strength to strength whilst out on loan, scoring 63 league goals in five separate spells including 40 in the last two seasons with Zaragoza and Eibar.

“I want to repay the transfer fee paid for me with good performances and results,” he told Swansea’s official website. “Hopefully I can score a lot of goals.”

“It is the most important decision of my career. I want to settle and spend several years here. I am eager to contribute to the success of the team.”

Borja’s exit is expected to be first of many over the next few weeks, with Óliver, Manquillo, Velázquez, Bernard Mensah and Diogo Jota among others all set for moves away.

How do you feel about Borja’s sale? Would you have kept him in the squad this season?

  • Kris

    Thank you Borja for the 1 appearance. Hope you find success in Swansea. Shame about not having a buyback clause but happy that you’ll finally find a place to settle after many loan moves.
    Suerte Baston!

  • Urban

    Well this is obviously a real shame that he never got a chance at our team. This injury has a horrible impact on his career here.

    However, I think it is possible to look at this deal in an optimistic way. And I am not talking here only about the hefty fee.

    Borja signed for only 4 years. This means that (unless he renews in the meantime) in approx. 3 years he will be back in the market. He will be 26 then. His prime will be still well ahead of him. Maybe he will be even available for free after 4 years.

    Now, once Swansea had to pay 18 mln for him, being their biggest singing ever, he will have status of a star there. Unless they get relegated, he will have almost guaranteed 3 years of regular playing time in the most competetive league in the world.

    Exactly at that time its gonna be Gameiro’s swan song (nomen omen). Borja could jump right into his place as a fully developed player. He could lead our attack for 4 more years.

    And with this perfect plan right now we are cashing in 18 mln, which we badly need to balance our budget.

    This looks like a viable scenario that might have been cooked by Gil, Cami and Borja working all together (if they were thinking a bit).

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Atleti really should have had the buy back clause in place. 18 million is a steal. Four years from now, we may be kicking ourselves for selling him. BUT, Atleti do have some really good players on the team and if Atleti buy Gabigol, then it will all make sense why they sold him. I think Borja is happy. He is finally going to play for one team instead of getting put out on loan to play for a different team every year.

  • Kris

    What’s the hype about Gabigol? To me, he’s just strong and nothing else. Not much pace, and no agility from the highlights and Olympics games. I hope we don’t sign him, Santos Borre to me is already a much better player.

  • Kris

    Love your optimistic attitude man.

  • nandes

    I don’t really see the need to buy another new forward right now

  • Nutral Fan

    One of the Worst days of atletico history… The board has no clue what they doing!

    based on last season stats

    Icardi – 19 goals = 70 millions
    Lacezette – 20 goals = 65 millions
    Lukaku – 18 goals = 75 millions
    Lord Gemeiro – 16 goals = 32 millions

    borja Baston 19 goals with Eibar midfield 18 Millions!

  • Hannu

    Yeah and even Jese 25 mil 😀

  • Hannu

    And some fans say it was good price. 😀

  • Kris

    Agree, but this is for the player’s happiness, who is also a canterano and a lifelong Atletico fan.

    Could we have sold him for more? Yes, but this player’s contract is about to be over and who knows if he would sign a contract with Atletico to stay on the bench, or yet not even make it? We have seen this in the case of Oliver, who despite being very talented doesn’t even make the bench because he is not the type of player Diego Simeone wants to play. As long as El Cholo is still Atletico Madrid coach, he will be calling the shots, and if he doesn’t think Borja is Atletico material then fuck me, what can I do?

    It’s best Borja is gone, I hope he gets to live a happier life in Swansea and achieves all the success in the world.

    ‘Lord Gemeiro’, as you call him is going to be fucking shit up this season, and your opinion on him will also change. I can’t see how he’s not a fit for this Atleti system, he has all the qualities needed to be an Atleti striker, and a great coach that will help him succeed.

  • Hannu

    Dont know about players happiness but yeah what can we do? Oliver will be next and thats actually more understandable because we have seen it last season that he and Simeone just dont fit. Anyway its just sad that our most promising stars (beside Koke, Saul and Lucas ofcourse) leaves but that is the case now.

    We will see if Gameiro will be fucking shit up or not but ofcourse hope that he will be even though I wasnt really excited about his transfer. If he fails then we have Torres. 🙂

  • Koke

    I am really grateful to Simeone for all the success and stability he has brought us and to the board/directors for all of the wonderful signings that they have made recently. However, there are a couple details that still never cease to annoy me, and this type of thing is one of them.

    Seriously?!?!?! Selling Borja?? Without a buyback clause??? And for just 18million??? Ridiculous. Absolutely stupid. I think he is one of the best young strikers in La Liga this season if not the best, and is probably on par with the likes of Morata and Alcacer, both of whom would command at least double or triple that fee. He has shown much more than Batsuyashi, who cost Chelsea way more. Next season he will shine in the EPL and over the next 5 years will be courted by some of the world’s big clubs, I’m calling it right now. He has shown much more than Jese, whom Real Madrid managed to sell for 25 million. This is just bad bad business, and the sad part is we all saw it coming and could do nothing about it.

    Next up is Oliver. He is one of the best young midfielders in the world, some of you may doubt me but it’s not fair because he never was given a chance to prove it. Let him get sold to a good team and we will watch him become a superstar before our eyes. Just because he wasn’t a fit for the Simeone “system.”

    All the best, Borja. I really really hope to see you succeed and be happy, and I really hope to see you come back to Atleti in the near future. Maybe if you were Argentinian you would have stayed and gotten a chance. It was a mistake selling him, but it was an even bigger mistake selling him for so cheap. Like when we sold Alderweireld, Costa, and others, we are doing bad business.

  • Hannu


    And so it seems that Oliver goes to Porto..

  • AndersAT

    You speak the truth.

    We should have kept Borja instead of buying Gameiro. He could have been a great sub for Torres and maybe taking the starting position in time.

    Oliver is a different story in my opinion. No doubt he is good, but the competition in the midfield is extreme and I think the other players are a better fit for this team, so for his sake I think it’s ok he gets sold. But I had high hopes for him.