Atlético present Kevin Gameiro after sealing €32m deal

French striker meets fans in the Calderón after making the move from Sevilla

Gameiro walks out for the first time in his new colours

Gameiro walks out for the first time in his new colours

Atlético Madrid finally got their striker for the new season this weekend, ending months of speculation by announcing the signing of Kevin Gameiro from Sevilla on a four-year deal.

Gameiro was presented to around 7,000 fans at the Vicente Calderón on Sunday evening, insisting that he joined the club “to win trophies” as he spoke to press beforehand.

Having cut their losses on last year’s big investment – Jackson Martínez – back in February, it’s been no secret that a striker has been top of Atleti’s wishlist.

Diego Costa was the name that many wanted to partner Antoine Griezmann, and it looked as if the feeling was mutual with the Brazilian-turned-Spaniard reportedly keen on a return.

Despite Chelsea manager Antonio Conte admitting yesterday that his star striker could leave the club this summer, Atlético opted for Gameiro, paying €32m + bonuses to secure the Frenchman’s signature.

The 29 year-old was supposedly the subject of interest from Barcelona, but had his heart set on a move to the capital after speaking with manager Diego Simeone.

“When Atlético called me I had no doubts, it’s a giant club,” he said upon arrival in Madrid. “I spoke to Simeone on the phone, he told me he wanted me and that we can have a great season together.”

Gameiro comes off the back of his best ever season at club level, scoring 29 goals to help Sevilla to their third successive Europa League crown.

However, in his presentation he stated his desire to go one better and help Atleti finally achieve their dream of winning the Champions League.

“I’m here to win trophies,” he said. “The Champions League, La Liga… I’m not sure, but I want to win and score lots of goals.”

“I think I can achieve great things here. In my head I wanted to join Atlético from the start, I’ve signed for four years and I’m sure they will be successful.”

President Enrique Cerezo also spoke at the event, and thanked Gameiro for choosing Atleti despite having good offers from other clubs.

“We’re proud to present our new striker. He is a natural goalscorer, and has speed and intensity in attack which helped convince us that he was the right man for the team.”

Going the other way in a separate deal is Luciano Vietto, who joins Sevilla on a one-year loan deal. The Andalusians have an option to buy according to reports, although Atleti can still bring him back if they choose by paying a nominal fee.

Are you happy with Gameiro? What do you make of the Diego Costa situation?

  • Koke

    At first I wasn’t so sure that he was the right choice… yes, he’s a great player, but there’s a difference between great players and world class players, and in the past 3 years Atleti have established themselves as a club that should really only be starting world class players – we really ought to be going toe to toe with Barca, Madrid, Bayern, etc. now. Anyway, some of my concerns were his age, his lack of CL experience, and his height.

    On second thought though, I think he’s a good signing. I really wanted Cavani or Aubameyang, but both would have been ridiculously expensive (see the other ridiculous fees this summer) or wouldn’t leave their clubs. I’m not too fond of Costa. The likes of Lucas Perez and Carlos Bacca aren’t any better than Gameiro.

    After watching a lot of Gameiro on youtube, I think he’s actually very similar to Diego Costa in many ways. Very strong, very fast, VERY good movement. I think we’ll easily be able to see the 2013-2014 Atleti that could make goals out of nothing on the counter – Koke feeding a perfect pass forward and giving Gameiro several one on ones every game. No, he’s not tall, which is a bummer because headers are an important part of our game. But all I know is that Gameiro and Griezmann can form an insane counterattacking partnership together. Imagine all the runs they would make.

    Think about it this way – Gameiro is basically everything we would have wanted Vietto to be, so I think we made good business. I’m actually a little glad Gameiro is older and not a talented youngster. We have enough youth, we need players in their prime to deliver trophies in the next 3 years and by then all of our 19-24 year old talents will be ready to step in and continue the dominance.

    Good luck Gameiro!

  • Hannu

    I have had same concerns and still have. I quess difference between Barca etc is that they were thinking him as fourth striker and we as first even though I think Torres will eventually be our first striker this season. So no world class then but ofcourse I hope he will prove me wrong with all these concerns. Though now that it seems that Costa would have come I think we should have waited for him.

  • Hannu

    Talking about his height he is 172 and Grizi 175 so would that be a little problem..

  • AndersAT

    When the club went out and announced that we would buy a new striker, they put them selfs under a huge amount of pressure. Off course we are in the market for a striker, but only a great striker that fits the team. Gameiro is good but, he is 29 and doesn’t get any younger. Is he really better than Torres was the last half of the 15/16 season? Higuan, Costa, Cavani and perhaps Moratta would have been good but this seems desperate. In my opinion it would have been better to start with Griezmann and Torres with Baston and Correa as backups (both could be players for the future). Furthermore, putting in an option to buy Vietto after the loan is just a bad move. He had a bad season but he has huge amounts of talent. It wouldn’t surprise me if he scored 15-20 goals for Sevilla next season.

    But on the other hand if Gameiro scores 20 goals this season all is good. And with the transferban comming up, we need options. Furthermore, we i think it is good the transfer is concluded early in the pre-season. But with his age we will still be looking for a new striker within a couple of years again.

    I am still surprised our tentacles didn’t reach out towards Alcacer from Valencia.

  • nandes

    I hope this works out or else these 2 years with the transfer ban will be a real struggle. As long as we actually play to his strenghts and don’t make him chase endless long balls (like poor Vietto who then had to fight against bulky defenders and inevitably lose the ball), I think it could work…

    But if we sign another new forward/Costa this could end up being a pointless signing like Vietto and Raúl Jimenez

  • Xorex

    Higuain 90M, Icaradi 75M, Auba 80M, Lukaku 80M…Cavani is not for sale. This is a high inflated transfer market and Strikers are very expensive. Those top bunch of strikers are out of reach of atletico. Also Atleti hesitate to buy a player from other league for huge fee since the epic fail of jackson M. Therefore Atleti might thought Gemeiro is the best option as he scored lot of goals in la liga and Europe. Conte wont allow Costa to leave plus costa is injury prone. Not the best deals but a better deal thinking about transfer market

  • Nutral Fan

    This is a reason why Atleti will never reach the stands of BArca n Real..
    Barca wanted UCL, they signed Suarez for 85M and won it
    Real wanted UCL, they signed Bale for 100M and won it

    But Atletico
    Signed 29 years old, one season wonder Kevin Gameiro

    Good luck with him

    75 million for Icardi or Aumbagayen would have been much much better

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Inter signed an ever older Milito for 25 million euros. He then went on to score 30 goals in his first season to win them the treble. Meanwhile, Man City have spent 1.17 BILLION euros since 2007 and are yet to make the UCL final. Money is no argument here, both Icardi and Aubameyang could turn out to be the next Jackson-type signing.

  • Hannu

    From these two Torres should be starter. In my opinion it would have been better to start with Griezmann, Torres, Baston and Correa. As Correa needs to play and Baston has deserved change but I quess we arent giving him one. If we could have get Costa it would have been another situation and sadly it seems that we really could have get him. That announcement was bad and like you said we just had to buy someone.

  • Ringo

    Atlético is pretty social with their players. They want people at the club who really want to be there. This way Vietto could decide what he really wants at the end of the season. Try again at Atleti or decide to move away. These clauses don’t mean anything if the player doesn’t want to join the loaning club.

    And yes, Paco would have been great, but oh well. Let’s give Gameiro a chance before judging this transfer. Might as well work out splendid.

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Talking of height and headed goals. Costa is 1.88m and scored 7 headers between 2012-14. During the same span (2014-16), a 15cm-shorter Gameiro has scored… 5 headers. Oh, what a difference…

  • Hannu

    I quess it is more than just headed goals..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    And look how many headers the 176cm-Grizi and the 177cm-Falcao have scored .
    I think height is overestimated, in fact, sometimes it could become a handicap, look at Dzeko for example, I believe his 193 cm are making him clumsy .
    I’m not a big fan of most strikers who are above 185 cm, but on the other hand, 172 cm sounds too short, but that’s not necessarily true, it’s more about how high can he jump .

    And since most of our header goals come from set pieces, we really don’t need a tall striker, we have Godin, Savic, Gimenez & Saul for that .

    Gamiero is not short, he is 12 cm taller than NBA player Muggsy Bogues !

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Gameiro wasn’t on my top 5 list, I don’t think he was on anybody’s top 5 list,
    but let me say this :
    I honestly believe that 32M-Gameiro is a better option than 60M-Costa and for sure better than 90M-Higuain .
    I don’t think Costa or Higuain can score 50+ goals in one season like Suarez, of course they can score more goals than Gamiero, but I think they can only score less than 10 goals more than him, and that doesn’t justify paying two times or three times what we paid for Gameiro .

    Am I making sense ?!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Yup…. I’m not a big fan of this transfer but it wasn’t the worst case scenario in this case

  • Kris

    hahaha “Muggsy” is an anomaly, man.

    Height is not really overrated, but the height has got to come with athleticism and determination. Griezmann doesn’t have terrific stature for a modern day striker, but definitely possesses the other aforementioned characteristics. He’s just so damn good.

    And like you, I am not worried about Kevin Gameiro scoring headed goals, because we have Godin the super striker for headed goals when we need him.

    Last year at this time, I was skeptical of Jackson Martinez coming in and scoring goals. This year, I have no doubt Gameiro is gonna be a starter for Cholo. He’s Liga proven, fast, strong, energetic, hard-working, drops back, French…
    Everything Simeone could ask for in his striker(minus probably the height.) But we really gotta stop worrying about height, man. Jackson was 6’1 and what the fuck was he able to do with that? And our hero Griezmann is 5’9, a mere inch taller than Gameiro.

  • Kris

    haha. I love the pun.

  • Kris

    Is it two years? Or is it two transfer windows? Let’s not misrepresent this. I can see how it would essentially pan out to be two transfer windows, with the January window never really offering much. But we would be banned for two transfer windows.

  • Kris

    Come on man. Higuain signed for 90 million Euros and he is 6 months younger than Gameiro. He is a better striker, but don’t let age fool you in this age of football. Players have fantastic fitness with the help of advanced sports technology. If he doesn’t injure himself terribly, he shall play at the top level till his contract runs out. I mean you don’t even have to look outside of our own club to notice this. Look at Tiago and Gabi..

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Muggsy was an anomaly, but there are and there have been many NBA players who are only 6 feet tall or even under 6 feet, and all of them could dunk .
    Height is important, of course, but not the height many people think about, in my opinion : 170 cm is the minimum height for a striker, and 180 cm is the minimum height for a goalkeeper (Jorge Campos is another anomaly, he was 170 cm, but he was a very good GK)

    You don’t need to be 7 feet to dunk, and you don’t need to be 6 feet to score headers, that’s what I wanted to say .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Wealth is relative, this season our budget could exceed 240 million, but we could only afford Gameiro, while when it was 120 million we were able to sign the winner of The Pichichi and The Golden Boot Forlan, who won both trophies again with us .
    If our budget has increased the double in the last 5 years, the budgets of petrodollar clubs like Chelsea, Man City & PSG have increased four or five times, so did the players’ prices .

    We are still not rich, actually, we could be less rich than we were 5 years ago, that’s why we need more than ever to stick to our identity, to our policy, to put faith in young talents, either from our academy like Koke, Saul, Lucas, Theo and the others, or from outside the club, like Gimenez who cost us less than a million, and to spend big but reasonable amounts of money on the likes of Grizi & Oblak, and despite the madness of the transfer market and the crazy inflation, there are still many Griezmanns and Oblaks out there, you just need to search very hard and very good .

    We can’t go crazy like Man City or Bayern or the other filthy rich clubs, even if we could do it for just one player, I believe that we had the 90 million to sign Higuain, the 45M of Jackson, and at least another 50 million from selling Oliver and Vietto, or selling one of them and not signing Versaljko and giving Manquillo a chance, all of this assuming that we don’t have a transfer budget other than Jackson’s money, which isn’t true .
    Higuain was the only available option from our wish list, since Chelsea and BVB just won’t sell Costa and Aubameyang, and we could have afforded him, but it would have been wrong for many reasons .

    I don’t usually agree with Gil Marin, but I absolutely agree with him on what he said last month in the interview he gave to our official website :
    ” Our hope, our goal, is to maintain the growing trend of recent years in management and income, but reality is what it is, and sometimes it can be too risky trying to compete at the same level with real financial empires. I can’t stop thinking about the examples of Valencia and Deportivo, which after winning one national league tried to keep competing against the big teams and the outcome was close to the bankruptcy ”

    I won’t say money doesn’t buy trophies, sometimes it does, sadly, but it is not the only way, Atleti know that very well, they taught the whole world that, and this is the worst time to forget that, so let’s not .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Aubameyang was my number one choice, and I think we could have afforded his price, which wouldn’t have been more than 60 million if BVB wanted to sell, but they just didn’t, maybe they will sell him next season, which would be a bummer if we are banned from new signings .

    But 75 million for Icardi !! .. I wouldn’t even pay 25 million for him .
    If Icardi was our last option I wouldn’t sign him and I would give Borja a chance .

  • Hannu

    Yeah I quess its better than Bacca..

  • Alfred Rodriguez

    I don’t know if I buy the notion that we could only afford Gameiro. Napoli President was quoted saying “[Enrique Cerezo] offered me €60m plus two or three players, and I said no.” If Atleti was willing to make a €60m offer, then you can’t say Gameiro was all Atleti could afford. It seems Atleti had a shortlist and I imagine Gameiro was not at the end but also not at the top.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    I think Gameiro will be a perfect match for Griezmann. This will allow Atleti to trade out Torres and Correa as strikers through out the season. Though I think Correa needs to play more.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Yes, I agree. I think Gameiro is the super star we all expected to get, but with his speed and ability to score, this will open up Griezmann.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Gameiro is the only one we could afford from the AVAILABLE choices .
    As I said : Costa & Aubameyang were not available because Chelsea & BVB just won’t sell, Harry Kane was a perfect choice in my opinion, but he wasn’t mentioned anywhere because everybody knew that Tottenham will never let him leave and he will never ask to, at least not this season .

    That’s our big problem these days, too many rich clubs who are fighting for big trophies and paying very high salaries and everybody is happy where he is .

    We had 60M to sign a striker you say, I did say in my comment that we even had 90M, but the only available choice from our short list was Higuain, and the club made a decision to go with 32M-Gameiro instead of 90M-Higuain, a decision I totally agree with, Higuain can score a lot of goals, but he can’t win you finals, we have seen that final after final after final, on the other hand, Gameiro is the man of big games, the man of finals . And unlike Higuain, Costa, Grizi & Torres, he is a great penalty taker, I think us Atletico fans know very well how important that is .

  • atleti10

    I’m glad we didn’t overspend, prices are ridiculous at the moment. I want to see Torres start. I’m also delighted we bough a 29 year old, it means there’s room for Correa to breakthrough.

    Torres and Gameiro will fight this season, Correa will bring energy from the bench. Next season Correa and Gameiro will fight and Correa will have his chance.

    I’m delighted with how quick the players we’ve brought in are.

  • Alfred Rodriguez

    I am simply saying that if they offered 60m, then Atleti obviously had 60m cash on hand. Atletico obviously valued some assets at 30m, but that isn’t money they have until those assets are sold. I am sure Atleti can sell Gimenez, Carrasco, Oliver, Thomas, and some other young players and now we can say we have 200m to spend. Which by the way Atleti could sell these players and still not have a broken team. But this all goes back to your original quote “Wealth is relative, this season our budget could exceed 240 million, but we could only afford Gameiro.” I see what you are saying (still don’t agree with the term afford), we got the one player that was on our list, from the only team was willing to negotiate a reasonable fee for. All the players we wanted were simply overvalued by their clubs and the cost-benefit analysis made by Atleti deemed such demands too high. There is a difference between being able to afford something and not willing to pay an inflated amount. I can afford that pair of shoes, I am just not willing to pay the asking price.

    But I agree with you that Gameiro is not a bad transfer. I like him for this team…though I wish he had better Fifa 16 stats lol. I think he will add the grit we are currently missing.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    All right, Gameiro was the only striker we could get .
    I’m sorry for using the term “afford” .

    We did have 60M in cash, maybe a little more, and we could have made them 90 or 100 by selling a player or two, but it would still be very difficult to get a better striker than Gameiro, because the competition is very tough, while in 2007 we didn’t have that kind of money we have now, but there were few clubs competing with us for Forlan, Man City & PSG were still nobodies, BVB were at the edge of bankruptcy, Juve have just returned to Serie A after The Calciopoli, Barca were still against corporate sponsorship on their shirts … etc .

    Our budget has increased the double in the last decade, but our purchasing power didn’t get stronger, on contrary, it has gotten weaker .
    Wealth is relative .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    During last season I was with loaning Borja again to a much bigger club than Eibar, a one that plays in a European competition, but now with both Jackson & Vietto are gone and with the short Grizi, Correa & Gameiro and the old Torres, I think the 191 cm kid should stay and have his chance .
    Unless the club is still trying to sign Costa .. I hope not .

  • Hannu

    Would make sense and if Torres leaves after this season Grizi, Correa, Gameiro and Borja wouldnt sound that bad! Actually quite good!

    Now that we have bought Gameiro I dont think we should buy Costa even though I hoped him instead.

  • nandes

    Ah, I probably read it wrong somewhere. Thanks

  • Rashid

    What about baston borja?
    He is tall enough, good CF and young, can be a great substitute for us….

    Or he is already been sold ???

  • nandes

    As long as Simeone is our coach, I don’t think he will be given a chance, sadly.