Diogo Jota completes move to Atlético

Teenager joins on a five-year contract from Portuguese side Paços Ferreira

Jota will begin pre-season training on Thursday

Jota will begin pre-season training on Thursday

Atlético Madrid confirmed their third signing of the summer on Wednesday afternoon, as it was announced that Portuguese playmaker Diogo Jota would join the club.

The 19 year-old follows Nico Gaitán and Šime Vrsaljko through the front door, putting pen to paper on a five-year contract that will keep him at the club until 2021.

Jota’s arrival has been no secret for a while now, and after Paços Ferreira president Rui Seabra confirmed the deal some three and a half months ago, the red and whites have finally made the news official.

Atleti have paid €7m for Jota according to a report published by MARCA back in March – €2.8m for Paços, and €4.2m for investment funds that have a stake in the player.

One of those groups is Gestifute, owned and founded by Jorge Mendes, and whilst the super-agent has been notorious for using Atlético to offload some of his clients, this move does look to be a smart one on paper.

Many fans still have nightmares about the deals that brought the likes of Pizzi, Júlio Alves and Rúben Micael to the club, but at 19, Jota is regarded as one of Portugal’s brightest talents and will compete at the Olympics next month.

He scored 12 goals last season for Paços as he made his breakthrough, including the winner against Porto back in April and an equaliser in an eventual defeat against champions Benfica earlier in the month.

“Being part of a club as big as this one makes me feel proud.” he told the Atleti website upon signing. “I want to fight to establish myself at the club.”

“When I heard Atlético were interested I didn’t think twice about accepting. I have been learning Spanish for a few months now and hope to be fluent soon.”

Along with the top club in the LIGA Nos, he was supposedly interest from the likes of Barcelona and Arsenal, but is Atleti who have won the race to sign him.

Jota will begin pre-season training with his new teammates on Thursday, but whether he will stay in the squad for the coming campaign or be loaned out remains to be seen.

What do you make of this signing? Any insight into Jota?

  • Kris

    Goddamn directly involved in 24 goals at the age of 18/19 in a top 5 league in Europe is no underachievement. 7 million euros is an absolute steal for this kid considering how much Bayern paid for Renato. Welcome to Atleti, Diogo. May you shine in this competitive team. Here’s to hoping this is just a regular transfer and not a shady one. Bienvenidos.

  • nandes

    I’m not impressed by Portuguese league numbers. Jackson was the top scorer for 3 years. Bernard Mensah scored 5 goals in his first season there, we paid 10m for him and he played 53 minutes in his entire stay at Getafe

    With Mendes involved you never know.

    I’m hoping to be proven wrong though

  • Karlp

    at last 🙂 have high hopes for him. Him & Correa in the next few years 😀
    btw 4.2 from 7 goes to investment fund. Does it mean that company have 60%?

  • Kris

    Brilliant. Bernard Mensah vomits on the training ground in his first training session of the preseason. Barely lasts more than an hour of Profe’s exercise routine. Welcome to Atleti, Bernard.


  • Koke

    The Portuguese league has produced some of the world’s best players as well as some of the world’s biggest flops. You can never really know until you try them. I think this is a good investment though. I think we should loan him out to either Benifica (who is incredible at raising young talents) or a low to mid-table Spanish team (he’s probably not ready for a bigger club yet). Anyway, I’m really really happy that we’re taking such good care of our future! It really shows that we mean business in the long term and that our stay at the pinnacle of world football is meant to last for a long, long time.

    Now we just have to convince Oliver to stay for the long run, keep the likes of Correa and Thomas content, and give more time to Kranevitter and Vietto and we’re golden.

  • aileen

    I `ve been trying to find out what is it and why do they (Profe and Simeone ) do it to these young players ( it was the same with Vietto last year )?
    And I don`t know.Nothing more for me than making a statement by Profe :I `m this one here who rules ( the world ;), something to create hierarchy in the team ?To check where limits are ?( thinking that anybody who takes part in training sessions regularly knows where are they without vomiting).
    Surely nothing in common with development and effectiveness of body work as you even don`t have to be a professional coach to know that effort should be made bigger and more intense slowly.

  • Karlp

    post FRA/GER match: goodness me, can’t believe we have a player that literally have a chance to win ballon d’or

  • Kris

    You’re overthinking it. It’s just high-intensity training that the body has never experienced before. As this high-intensity regimen becomes more routine to the players, the body adapts to the training and we have the fittest players in the world.

    Keep in mind Bernard played 8 games last season for Getafe, and he’s probably not in the fittest conditions after just returning from a vacation. It’s not like every single player vomited from the training regimen, just Bernard. And it’s understandable why he vomited — which is because he is not fit enough.
    Same story for Vietto last year. Once the body gets used to the training, the players will become fitter. I don’t remember Vietto puking again after that incident pre-season.

  • Kris

    We have a player who performs in the BIG games. I remember Griezmann getting criticized by fans of Atleti in this thread last season for not scoring against the BIG 6 or something, and then he went on a scoring rampage against almost EVERY team. Griezmann is a real baller and I will support him through thick and thin for everything that he has done for us so far in the Atleti shirt.

    He seems like such a positive player and a person, always working very hard in every single match. I am very grateful to have a game-changer and a very diligent player in our team.

  • Kris

    But this kid is 19 man. Come on, how can you not be impressed? Direct involvement in 24 goals even in Sunday League is fucking impressive. He has so much room for improvement. Jackson was supposed to be at the peak of his career, and to instantly fit in at Atleti. This is an investment for the future.

    Gaitan also played in the Portuguese League. I don’t know how you feel about that signing, but I feel pretty confident about Gaitan as long as Cholo lets him play what he knows how to play best. I just hope he isn’t injury-prone because that will change everything.

    But you are right, I fucking hate whenever Mendes is involved in a signing because it usually means we are going to get fucked in the ass ultimately; one way or another.

  • Karlp

    Griezmann is more marketable than ever now, and I don’t think we ever had a player in this condition before (not even peak Falcao).
    We’re in dire needs of playing attractive football. This is the chance we can also win the market (viewers, sponsors), and not only the results.

  • Karlp

    about the striker condition, I think we are already preparing to not adding anymore.

    As I know, Torres & Correa are staying.
    But it turns out, Vietto is not going to Olympics, which means Simeone are preparing his physics in the pre-season, which means there is a big chance he’s staying.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Forlan in 2008-09 & 2009-10, Pichichi, Golden Boot, World Cup’s Golden Ball, and he scored as many goals (5) as Muller, the Golden Boot winner, and he was very close from scoring the 6th but his free-kick hit the post in the last minute of the 3rd place match vs Germany .

    And his Atleti and his Uruguay weren’t as good as this Atleti and this France .

    For me, Forlan is still the best player we had in the last two decades .
    But without denying the great job Grizi is doing, he made history, except Platini, no other player has scored 6 goals in a single EURO tournament .

  • Karlp

    Yep, performance-wise Forlan is arguably the best, but what I mean with “condition” is market-wise. Forlan in his 30s wasn’t as marketable as Griezmann now.

    Because what we lack rn is a big commercial deal. We already got the results, the tv deal is much better, bigger stadium next year. But to keep up with increasing wages and buy good player, I think we really need at least relatively big sponsor.

  • nandes

    Gaitan has already played and impressed in the Champions League too, so that’s different

    I was overreacting a bit in the original post, but really I just hope that this isn’t just another Mendes signing which will never actually step a foot in the Calderon

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    “marketable”, I don’t know why I read it “remarkable” ! .. maybe because I was reading it on the bed just before going to sleep .

    Yeah, we need some sponsor-attracting players, Grizi is that type of player right now, Torres still is, no matter what shape he is in, but I think that’s it, only those two, while the others are not “cool” enough, that’s why they never win any individual awards .

    But it’s not just about players, I think the club needs to work much harder on their publicity, I’m really not impressed by our official social media accounts or our official website, I think we can do much better, and we need to do much better, since the Spanish media are polarized, half with Real and the other with Barca .

  • Karlp

    Yep the goal is the club’s market. For me, the way to increase it is by
    1. play more attractive to increase tv viewer and prevent the the stars to move
    2. add / develop more stars (preferably young attacker): Correa or Carrasco are potential, or if we buy new striker Icardi will be good
    3. I don’t really know about social media, but I think our main Twitter account should be the english language one (like barca), not the spanish

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Our English twitter account makes many grammar mistakes, and if they didn’t, they usually translate the Spanish tweet literally, which sometimes makes no sense, languages don’t work that way !
    And they skip a lot of subjects on the English account, they barely talk about our girls’s team for example .

    I follow many accounts for other clubs, they make many interesting videos, funny videos, there are a lot of interviews with the players and coaching staff, while in Atleti there are only 3 or 4 interviews with the players throughout the season, and they ask the fans to send their questions, but the 3 or 4 questions they pick are always the same :
    “How do you feel when you put on Atleti shirt ?”
    “How do you describe the atmosphere of the Calderon ?”
    “Do you have any rituals before the games ?”
    “How do you see our next game ?”
    It made me feel that the accounts that send those questions are fake, maybe they club created them !

    In many other accounts I read congratulations for Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, and as a Muslim I really appreciate that, but then I feel sad that I didn’t read it from my Atleti .
    Better and more interesting social media accounts mean more followers, and more followers mean more and bigger sponsorship deals .

    Our new kit presentation is always late, and is usually dull, and we never have a third kit !! .. I mean how stupid is that ?!! do we even have a marketing director ?!

    There are a lot of things that need to change .
    We are a big club, we have always been, but in many aspects, we are run like a small one, Jorge Mendes issue is the best example .

    Anyway, It is so nice to find someone who is concerned about non-football related stuff at the club and have an interesting discussion with him .

  • Karlp

    Yep, non-football aspect is as important as the football itself, although it’s not as interesting.

    Sadly we just extent our Nike deal 2 years ago till 2026, so almost no hope for that. I bet it will be much better if we extend now or next year after the new stadium finish. Guess no one is predicting our improvement.

    But the shirt sponsor might be improved than the current deal with Plus500. As I know it’s only short-term.

    And I don’t know whether we are planning to sell naming rights for the new stadium. But yes, we should if we can find sponsors who wants it.

    The CL lost really messed many things up. It would be much easier to find these sponsors if we won it.

    btw happy Eid Mubarak man.

  • titihenry12

    I have been in france during the Euro supporting Austria and have been at the Champs-Elysees and went in the Nike flagship store. (actually with 3 floors and quite big). What did you find apart from national tem T-Shirts? Barca and PSG shirts ….NOTHING from Atléti….

    The same is when you go on the Nike.com website for Northern America (USA). You find a lot of clubs, eben AS Roma and Man City but no shirt from Aléti is offered … http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pw/mens-soccer-clubs-soccer/986Z896Znnt

    We have to improve a lot in that…and yes, i didn´t understand why they expanded the Nike Deal (looks like Nike is doing a poor job for making Atléti more popular….) at a very low yearly rate of around 25 Mio € at a time where it was pretty sure that we could wait a little longer as the club is growing…

  • Karlp

    Well I guess our hope is in the shirt/stadium sponsor. The kit deal is done and dusted.

    Btw, how do you know it’s worth €25m/year? Actually that’s much more than I expected