Fernando Torres signs one-year Atlético extension

El Niño to stay with his hometown club for another year

Torres gets to wear the red and white for one more season

Torres gets to wear the red and white for one more season

Fernando Torres has put to bed months of speculation by finally agreeing to a new contract at the Vicente Calderón.

After joining 18 months ago from AC Milan on loan, where he was welcomed by tens of thousands of Atleti fans, the forward has put pen-to-paper on a one year extension, which will run until the summer of 2017.

Effectively out of contract since his Milan deal expired, Torres sounds delighted to have agreed the deal.

“I’m glad to be able to stay home, in the only place I’ve ever wanted to be,” Torres said. “It’s finally come true.”

“I’ve never had doubts about where I wanted to be during this whole process, even when we didn’t know what would happen.”

“In the end the important thing is that I’ve managed to get my wish.”

Fernando Torres enjoyed a superb end to last season, and having him in the red and white of Atleti for another season is something rojiblancos everywhere had hoped for!

  • Mitch

    Must be my birthday today!…You are at home, Torres…the one and only!

  • BlasiusMagnus
  • Usavicente Calderon

    It is only a one year contract. Should I read into that? Like, Torres knows Simeone is only going to be here from one more season? So why stick around after that. Do you all think that he will go to the MLS the following year.

  • Ringo

    I think it’s just for both parties to easily part ways if necessary for the salary costs to decrease or his body to be with a club with less strain on his muscles, etc.

    He’s not old, but he might prefer to move to the MLS or something in a year if he feels our game becomes to tough on him. Your body and mind can only take this much, if one starts to lose strength or motivation, it might be easiest to have a departure option.

    And if Torres cannot perform at high enough of a level anymore, Atleti won’t have trouble losing him. Although, having Torres in your business won’t be too bad on your money, I think. Wouldn’t be surprised if he just wants to be useful and not too much of a burden if he isn’t anymore.

    Then, if he is performing and feeling well, he could sign another extension for a year. Tiago is signing one year contracts too nowadays. No Simeone/MLS deal there (so far), as far as I know.

  • Alfred Rodriguez

    This is the only thing I don’t understand. If Torres had signed a two year contract and had a subpar season, one is almost certain there would be an MLS or Chinese team that would take his contract for free. However, if Torres has a +15 goal season and everyone at Atleti wants him back…well won’t the transfer ban prevent the resigning of Torres?

    This is where the gamble gets even scarier. Many Atleti fans can see that Griezmann is going to be sold at some point, maybe not this summer, but next summer seems the likeliest. If Atleti signs another train wreck forward and Griezmann wishes to leave next summer, who will Atleti have if they won’t be able to sign anyone next summer? Torres only signed a one year deal, Baston is on his last year, Vietto will most likely be sold rather than loaned, Baptistao…moving on, Jota and Borre are unproven. Correa seems the likeliest of the current players to take over if Griezmann leaves but that’s it. Ultimately Atleti has to sign a Falcao or Griezmann success story this summer or it may be really bad in our first year in at La Peineta, it just seems very risky.