Official: Nico Gaitán to join Atlético from Benfica

Argentine playmaker set to sign for the rojiblancos after Copa América

Gaitán set to reinforce Atleti's attacking options

Gaitán set to reinforce Atleti's attacking options

Atlético Madrid confirmed their first signing of the summer on Thursday evening, having agreed a deal with Benfica to bring Nicolás Gaitán to the club.

It’s been no secret that the 28 year-old has been on the verge of a move to the Spanish capital for quite a while now, with Simeone reportedly having requested his compatriot’s signature personally.

Gaitán is currently competing for Argentina at the Copa América Centenario in the United States, but will travel to Madrid in July to complete the formalities and sign across the dotted line according to the Atleti website.

Primarily a wide midfielder, he is known for his hard-work and playmaking abilities, and has caught the eye for his country as a stand-in for Lionel Messi in their recent matches.

After six seasons and 253 matches in Portugal, he joins the long list of players who have moved between Atlético and Benfica in the last few years – thanks in no small part to Jorge Mendes and his influence at both clubs.

The transfer fee is said to be somewhere within the region of €25million, which on the face of it represents good value for a player in his prime. However, Gaitán does not have a European passport so will take up the final non-EU spot in the squad.

Simeone will be pleased to have finally gotten man after windows of speculation, having all but confirmed that he will be at Atleti for 2016-17 via Instagram on Tuesday evening.

He already looks to be hard at work on rebuilding the squad with Andrea Berta and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín judging by the photo, and Croatian right-back Šime Vrsaljko is set to be next in the door if reports are to be believed.

Vrsaljko is currently at Euro 2016, but came out on Wednesday and affirmed his desire to join the rojiblancos. Representatives from his club Sassuolo were supposedly in Madrid on Thursday to thrash out a €20m deal.

Atleti are of course also still looking for a striker, with Diego Costa the big dream both for Cholo and the majority on the fanbase. It’s all gone a bit quiet at the moment, but you would expect things to hot up once pre-season begins on July 7th.

Are you happy with Gaitán’s signing? Who else would you like to see targeted?

  • Koke

    Fantastic signing I think, but we all knew it would happen. The only thing I’m not sure… how will he fit into the squad? For the first time in a long time, it almost seems like we have too many creative attacking players. Griezmann, Correa, Carrasco, and now Gaitan are all going to be competing for probably two or three spots (hopefully not one spot).

    This is what I would like to see:


    Yes, Saul might be pushed out of his very much deserved starting spot, but I don’t think many of us can argue that he offers more than Koke and Gabi in the midfield or Gaitan offensively. Saul becomes the first choice sub in the midfield 3 (Torres, Correa, Oliver and Thomas compete for second and third choice subs for any of the front 6). Remember how many games we have to play – hopefully Simeone learns to rotate more so that even when we’re playing 3 games a week our players are all 100% fit and rested (we definitely have enough quality players for that).

    However, I’m worried that Gaitan will just replace Carrasco on the left side of a 442 or a 433. I really think Carrasco deserves a spot, but we’ll see a healthy competition I imagine.

    I think Gaitan’s age is really good – some may think he’s too old, but I think he’s the perfect age to come in and make an instant impact, all the while mentoring the likes of Correa, Oliver, and Carrasco, and finally being able to bow out gracefully in a few years when the aforementioned youngsters hit their prime.

  • Alfred Rodriguez

    I thought there could be only 3 non-EU players. Gimenez, Thomas, and Correa I believe are Non-EU. Does that mean one is already on their way out?

  • Koke

    I think the remaining transactions this summer should be:


    1) Striker (Cavani, Aubameyang, Icardi, Morata, Lukaku, Costa, etc.)
    2) Left back (Jordan Amavi or Ricardo Rodriguez)
    3) Right Back* (Only if Gamez leaves – Vrsajlko, Manquillo, Azpilicueta, or Bellerin)

    1) Vietto (loan)
    2) Kranevitter (loan)
    3) Oliver (loan – MAYBE/only if Simeone isn’t gonna SERIOUSLY change the amount he’s used)

    I used to want us to bring Baston back but now I think three good strikers are enough – Torres, Correa, and the new guy. Whoever’s 4th in line – whether it’s Vietto or Baston, isn’t gonna get the necessary minutes to reach their potential. Baston, Vietto, Kranevitter, and maybe Oliver should all get loaned out to GOOD teams that play in Europe, preferably Valencia, Villareal, Sevilla, Celta, and maybe the likes of Arsenal, BVB, Porto or Benifica.

    We really don’t need to change our personnel very much at all. What we really need is to change the way we play. We’re now WAY too big a team to be playing such conservative lineups, so the double pivot of Gabi and Augusto/Tiago is completely unnecessary except maybe against really dangerous attacking teams. Gabi-Koke should be the standard, with Saul, Oliver, Thomas, and Gaitan competing for the third spot and Koke’s spot. Augusto and Tiago can compete with Gabi.

    This team really deserves to be playing creative attacking football. With the players and talent we have we really could and should be scoring and creating a lot of goals.

  • Ringo

    Thomas has been in Spain since 2011, maybe he’s about to have a Spanish passport? It usually takes four or five years I think to get one.

    But I don’t see any of those three leaving with the amount of minutes they got the past season. Thomas and Correa didn’t get a huge amount of minutes, but the amount wasn’t small enough to let them go either. Unless Gaitán is bought specifically for Correa’s spot in the squad.

    I’m not sure about this transfer. He’s a great player, but I want to know the exact plans for next season before I’ll judge what this means for the likes of Oli, Correa and Saúl.

    Tiago, Gabi and Augusto can’t possibly play every game, not even considering their ages and Tiago being post-major injury, so perhaps Simeone will resort to more Koke and Saúl in center midfield. If both of them join center midfield, Oli and Correa won’t necessarily lose minutes, but they won’t see much of a promotion, either.

    But the thought of having two great teams 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 (4-2-2-2 in attack) in one squad is a nice one.

    The 4-3-3:

    Oblak – Moyá

    Juanfran – Vrsajlko/Manquillo
    Savic – Giménez
    Godín – Lucas
    Filipe – Gámez (us being linked to right backs mostly could have Gámez focusing on being left back backup, which, if he’s used to it, he is pretty good at actually. In 14-15 he was after playing multiple games there)

    Koke – Óliver
    Gabi – Tiago/Kranevitter
    Saúl – Augusto

    Griezmann – Correa
    Torres – Vietto/new guy
    Gaitán – Carrasco

    or for the 4-2-2-2

    keeper/defense pretty much the same

    Gabi – Tiago/Kranevitter
    Saúl – Augusto

    Gaitán – Óliver
    Koke – Carrasco

    Griezmann – Correa
    Torres – Vietto/new guy

    This way, even if Simeone doesn’t rotate at all, at least we’ll have solid back ups in the case of injuries for everyone.
    Kranevitter will really depend on Tiago I think. How important will Tiago be from now on. Is he just as great as he was before the injury or will he become more of a locker room leader/assistant coach-player.
    Age ain’t nothing but a number, but recovery rates generally aren’t improved after 30 in high-intensity sports. So we’ll have to wait and see. His mental presence is a great asset, so I’d keep him around as long as possible.

    I hope we’ll get to see some variety and more minutes for Óliver and Correa next year.

    I just realized I forgot about Thomas in this squad…
    I think chances are pretty high at least one of Oli, Correa, Thomas and Kranevitter is leaving… hopefully only temporarily.
    With Simeone’s tactics Thomas might be a better addition, but I think I’d pick him and Kranevitter as players to loan out. Both to Sevilla-level teams. “Best of the rest” type teams in need of a central/defensive midfielder would be ideal. Best might be one of those teams in Spain, but England, Italy, Germany or maaaaybe some team in France could work.

    I just want to see Oli implemented more. I don’t worry much about Correa’s future at the moment, but Oli is not really close to being a certainty at all. I’m not saying that’s all Simeone, though. I guess he needs to do more to fit in. He seems young and kind of composed or shy, so he might take some more time to be ‘one of the guys.’ Plus, new season, new chances. He began the previous season as a starter, so perhaps he could again. Hope he at least gets a chance to prove himself in preseason.

    I’ve talked enough for today. Good night.

  • nandes

    Well it wouldn’t be the first time Simeone requests a player without knowing how he could fit into the squad. See: Vietto

  • nandes

    This is the last year on Borja’s contract so it’s probably now or never for him

    Sorry but I don’t know why people still keep seeing him as a back-up for another striker or act as if competing with Torres for a place. He scored 18 goals last season, pretty sure most teams in La Liga would be happy to have him leading the line in their attack

  • Sajjid mathew

    Wooooooooowww cant wait to see him in Atletico jersey…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    There is a treaty between the European Union and 78 African, Pacific & Carribean countries called “Cotonou Agreement”, and according to it, players from those countries don’t occupy non-Eu spots in La Liga, and I think only in La Liga .

    Here is the wikipedia page of this agreement :

    And here is two links from Reuters and AS about it :

    Anyway, I don’t think there is a place for Thomas next season .
    My opinion about him is the same “unpopular opinion” about Saul :
    They are not attacking midfielders, they can’t offer what the likes of Carrasco, Oliver, Gaitan or Correa can, they should play in the center, but there we have Gabi, Tiago, Auguso and maybe -and hopefully- Koke .

    But if I’m wrong and Thomas really is an attacking midfielder, he still won’t get many minutes while Carrasco, Gaitan, Saul & Correa are fighting for only two or maybe even one spot .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m not sure if this is the last year in Borja’s contract, but if it is, we still can extend his contract then loan him .

    And scoring 18 goals with Eibar doesn’t necessary mean that he can score that same amount with Atleti .
    I think another loan spell with a much bigger club than Eibar is the right move for him .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Did you intentionally put Carrasco-Gaitan-Grizi in that order ?!
    Because I think Gaitan should be on the right and Grizi on the middle .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’m totally against strengthening our direct rivals, I don’t want to see Oli or Vietto with Valencia, Sevilla or Villarreal, maybe Kranevitter and Borja, but Oli and Vietto could help one of those teams to fight us for the 3rd place . Yes, I believe they are that good .

    Arsenal, BVB & Roma would be PERFECT for those two .

  • nandes

    Well if he doesn’t make the first team this year, it will probably be better (for him) to be sold for a team where he can further evolve than extend his contract at Atleti where his future is a constant doubt. Plus, now that his profile has raised and all, the club probably thinks they can get a load of money out of him

  • Koke

    Yes, when we signed Vietto last summer I was thinking first that he wasn’t proven enough and needed one extra loan season in Villareal, and second that we already had enough coverage in his position with Torres, Jackson, Griezmann, Correa, and Carrasco. I think Gaitan has a better chance of succeeding simply because of his age and experience though. However, I said the same about Jackson, so we’ll just have to wait and see. One thing Gaitan has going for him is the fact that he’s Argentinian. Simeone definitely has a soft spot for certain types, namely Argentines, defensive mids, and players with lion hearts.

  • Koke

    Now that you mention it I agree, but I would imagine those two might interchange spots sometimes, even though Griezmann is at his very best as a supporting center forward. But as long as those three are allowed to play on the field at the same time, ever, I won’t complain too much! Throw in Oliver and Correa and you have a selection of attacking talents any team would kill for.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    He has a soft spot for Argentinians indeed, Gaitan is the 10th Argentinian Simeone has signed for us, that’s more than any other nationality, even Spanish .
    Villa, Cisma, Aranzubia, Moya, Gamez, Torres & Cani, those are the Spaniards he has signed, seven .
    Did I forget anyone else ?!

  • Hannu

    You have a point. I think if 18 goals arent enough from our own boy to give him a change and if he isnt in Simeones plans so dont really think it is right for him to be loaned.

    But if we sell him it might hit to our own knee.

    Though even if we loan or sell Vietto we still have Grizi, Torres, Correa and that new guy in strikers position so is there even change that we keep him?

  • Urban

    Pretty spot on with the proposed trasnactions for the summer. I would only changed a few names on the shortlists, namely cross out Icardi and Morata.

  • Karlp

    My prediction & observation:
    – Gaitan: will start immediately
    – Carrasco: still have doubts with his skill (hopefully proven to be wrong)
    – Krane: will be a starter from mid-season unless he’s loaned out (his Copa & Olympic performance will be important)
    – Saul: might be dropped mid-season
    – Augusto: will be the most forgotten although still reliable
    – Correa: this week the club promises he will be important part, hopefully not forcing him to play as winger unless he excels there. Completely a striker, maybe SS
    – Jota: really has potential but maybe better loan him, probably to Benfica
    – Borja: best to be sold, but might not be the most profitable because only has 1 year left.
    – Manquillo: will be loaned again and better excel as LB if he wants to play at Atleti, because Vrsaljko is too good not to start as RB

    This is the problem as the club getting bigger. Many potential are being left out (Correa, Krane, probably Jota), and I’m not even talking anymore about Oliver T.T or Vietto.

  • Koke

    I see what you mean, but honestly I think that in this point in time, with all the progress we’ve made in 4 years, that if we ever fail to get third spot at least ahead of Valencia, Sevilla, Villareal, etc, that it’d be our own damn fault. In fact I think third place should be worst case scenario in our plans, and we should be aiming for the title every year the same way Barca and Madrid do, not worrying about strengthening the upper middle class teams. On the other hand though not even a year ago we were dangerously close in points to both Valencia and Sevilla, so I see what you mean. Maybe the problem is not our fans being afraid of those teams, but our coach/players/tactics making it so a world class team like Atleti can still be prone to dropping unnecessary points, making such a fear realistic. Anyway, whatever team they go to, if it’s in La Liga, I would hope we can put in a clause saying that they can’t play against Atleti, because, like you said, I really think that if they’re in the right environment and confident and getting consistent games, they can do some real damage, even if most of the world or even some Atleti fans aren’t able to rate them as highly as they deserve due to never seeing them play enough.

    Now I’m thinking about Oliver to Arsenal… I actually think that’d be a dream loan move. They already have Ozil and Xhaka, so the one position they have left to fill in the midfield is the exact one that Oliver flourishes in… He’d have to compete with Cazorla, Ramsey, and Wilshere but I think he could handle it… Plus Wenger, with all his shortcomings, is absolutely world class in developing young gems. Just look at what he did to Fabregas and Bellerin. The only fear of mine is that if Oliver moves to England or somewhere else like Dortmund with such loving fanbases/media significance, he’d get allured and never want to return…

  • BlasiusMagnus

    i can’t imagine oliver in the PL. he just doesn’t have the muscle.

  • Kris

    That’s fucking nonsense man, muscle is not the problem!

  • AndersAT

    No matter what it will be interesting to see who we bring in and who plays next season. It looks like we are keeping all the important players so I am very positive about the next season. I would like to see Baston but he might not get a fair chance if we bring in someone new. And I would like to see a more dynamic midfield especially against smaller sides with Koke in the center and both carrasco and Gaitan.

    By the way I hate the fact that Higuain and Morata are former madristas because I think they would be the best (realistic) fit. But then again Juanfran is also a former Madrista and he is one of my absolute favorites. Maybe Costa but he is a bit of a wild card.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    If Bojan can make it in the EPL, so can Oliver .

    I never believed that Oli is weak, he is just a little short, like Grizi .
    And I also think that many people exaggerate the physicality of the EPL, I blame Goal Movie, the first part !
    Do you think Silva has the muscle ?! because I think he has the same body structure as Oliver .
    And have you seen Kante ?! the defensive midfielder Kante ?!

    I really believe that teams like Sevilla, Valencia, Levante, Espanyol and Atleti are more physical than any other EPL side .
    Even Stoke this season have stopped playing rugby and started playing some really nice football, with Afellay, Bojan & Shaqiri .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yes, our biggest enemy is ourselves .
    In the middle of the season I said that we can win the title but we also could finish 4th .
    We knocked Barca out of the Champions League, twice, with scoring home and way in all the 4 games, we did the same with Bayern, but we struggled a lot against Bayer & PSV, we scored only one goal in the 4 games, and we were able to knock them out only through shootout !

  • BlasiusMagnus

    never saw that crap movie. bojan made it in PL? 😀 really? this year he played more, yeah. but he is mediocre af. last year he managed to play 16 games, now 27. but he is struggling in the 14th team.

    silva, yes, he made it, and he made it big. he always had the quality tho. i also don’t get why did you bring up kanté. he is a defensive midfielder. of course he is tough. even if he is 1,70m.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    nah, the “fucking nonsense” is oliver torres in the EPL.

  • Ringo

    I’d definitely think Oli could make it in the PL. The need of extreme bulk is terribly overrated. Maybe he could improve his stamina. But that’s it. He’s also not that weak at all. His problem with Atleti is him struggling with being ‘one of the guys,’ which is essential for everyone in Simeone’s tactics. Give him a playmaker role and he’ll be pretty solid. Özil, Silva, Cesc, Hazard, Coutinho, Eriksen. All very important players who aren’t that much stronger physically than Oli is, if they are at all. Oli has strong legs and has a very quick reaction. If there’s someone knowing how to avoid physical battles, it’s definitely him. But even if he wouldn’t, he has grown very strong legs; you know, the most important muscles in football and its battles.

    Muscle helps, but its need is overrated. ManU’s Memphis is a tank, but it’s Lingard and Rashford who have been showing their talents.

    If there’s any worry, it would be his stamina, but that’s because I compare it to other Atlético players, the team with the biggest lungs in all of Europe.

    I won’t say he’d definitely be a success in the BPL, but I’d say his chances aren’t that bad. Unless he goes to Watford or something and has to be a defensive RM or something.

  • Ringo

    If all three of those three would start, I think it’d be best to make Grizi a second striker, with Gaitan on the wings.
    I think Gaitan could be great for us the next two, maybe three, seasons. I just hope he won’t push Óliver further down the drain. Even Correa might see his chances get smaller, although I feel pretty certain about him being safe and seeing an increase in his playing time.

    At the moment it looks like Oli will be leaving, I just hope it isn’t true. A loan deal could be all right, but I think it’s time for him to win a place in this team.

    If the team will see more of the 4-3-3 we saw against Bayern and Real and not another central midfielder is bought, his chances could be okay, but I fear for his role next year. I think Kranevitter and Thomas could be loaned out to grow in their own positions at strong clubs, preferably in La Liga, like Sevilla, Villarreal, Celta or perhaps even Valencia. Perhaps Thomas could be a good stand in for Bruno and I see Kranevitter doing well at Sevilla or Valencia. If they have a vacant spot for him, of course. I can’t imagine them looking for a loanee. But you never know.

    On the other hand, Kranevitter could stay, but with Augusto, Gabi and Tiago his place is uncertain as defensive midfielder. For the box to box and/or creative midfielder spots with most coaches Oli would be at least third choice, with Saúl and Koke presumably being ahead of him. But with Simeone I just don’t know.

    I’m just hoping for three of Saúl, Koke and Oli rotating for two spots, with possibly Gabi, Tiago or Augusto in one of their positions if necessary, but those three mostly being the calm midfielder keeping control in the center, staying close to the defense.
    Thomas could be a fourth creative midfielder, with more of a ‘force’ approach, but I really would rather see him grow in the central defensive midfielder role.

    Maybe Gaitan’s arrival isn’t such bad news in the end. I just really want to see a lot of all of Saúl, Koke and Oli. While the first two (seem to) have won a lot of credit, I fear Oli’s credit and wishes. His instagram shows a lot of #aupaatleti but time on the pitch says more than a 1,000 pictures. I hope he genuinely sees a future for himself at our beloved club. So hopefully the arrival of Gaitan won’t mean the departure of Óliver.


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    It’s not just his legs, I’ve seen too many pictures for him in training and in dressing room, he has great biceps, triceps, six packs, and I’m not sure you if also meant his thighs when you mentioned his legs, but he also has great muscles there .

    For his stamina, he only played the whole 90 minutes 3 times this season, both legs vs Reus and the away game vs PSV, so we can’t judge his stamina, but I believe he can run more than 10 km every week if he played the whole game, I think almost all our players can do that .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    It is a crap and ridiculous movie, but it’s also a famous one, and I think it helped spreading the misconception that the EPL is more physical than any other league in Europe or in the whole world, and that certain type of players can’t make it there .
    Maybe that was the case 15 or 20 years ago, but not anymore, in my opinion .

    But I don’t know where did the misconception about Oliver’s physical weakness come from ?!
    It’s not just you, but many other Atleti fans share your opinion, and I believe you are wrong .

    Anyway, let me congratulate you for the good EURO your country Hungary is doing .
    And please, beat Cristiano’s Portugal in the next game and send him home, you can do it .
    I think I can speak in the name of all Atleti fans and say that we all are with Hungary next Wednesday .
    Well, except Portuguese ones .

  • Ringo

    Yeah he got those too, but outside of the thighs and abs they usually don’t mean much in football from my experience. It’s all in the legs and the abs and thighs guide those legs.

    And about the stamina I mostly meant I was worried, exactly because we saw so little of it haha

  • BlasiusMagnus

    well on the Óli topic, let’s just agree that we disagree. the best thing would be if he would just stay here for a long time…

    on the EURO. mate, thank you so much. it’s pretty incredible what’s going on. nobody expected anything, and now these guys are on top in the group.

    about beating portugal. it’s a bit tricky.
    not because we can’t do it, but because if we finish 1st in the group, the opponent in the next round would be really tough. for example belgium. however if we finish 2nd in the group, we would probably play with slovakia, or wales.

    i just hope that Dániel Böde will show some love to CR. something like this:

  • aileen

    Just thinking about all the mess with transfers this summer and I strongly agree with Jurgen Klopp`s ( Liverpool manager )words:sometimes I think that nobody in this country believes in (everyday)practice but everybody believes in transfers.And it`s very true.
    Strange as Atletico has never been overestimating so called big names/stars/`galacticos` and now it looks like a revolution : new names, new players, everybody over 30 should retire and so on.Lack of winning La Liga /Champions League is not about transfers.And I was convinced they know it

  • Ringo

    I agree. People have too much faith in transfers and think buying a lot of expensive players is the actual definition of ‘ambition.’
    Showing ambition is about trying to win and get on top, not about winning a wallet measurement contest.

    I don’t think we need any new players, actually. At the end of the season we saw only a glimpse of what this team is capable of already and that glimpse almost got us two trophies.

    Maybe some players over 30 should retire, but not our players. Although, obviously, we’ll have to see how much Tiago can handle after such a serious injury and how much he wants to play if he’s capable enough. If he’s not good or fit enough anymore for the Atleti type of football, then he might want to continue his career elsewhere if he wants to still play a lot of games, instead of just every once in a while.

    Of course, that’s just speculation. Either way, whether he stays or leaves (which he won’t), we don’t need a replacement for him either.

    So far Atleti doesn’t seem to ‘buy’ the buying strategy as the way to go, but the real window opens up in a week, so we’ll see what those two summer months will bring us. If no players depart, I really don’t need a new player added. I like this team and I’d like to see which way they’ll grow.

  • Maura

    I think that Atletico needs just a few new players, mainly someone like Vrsajlko who can give Filipe Luis or Juanfran a break and another striker, though Correa has a lot of potential. I personally like the team the way it is. My only criticism is that Simeone tends not to rotate his players. I am not a fan of Pep Guardiola, but he rotates his players to keep them fresh and rested for big games.
    I would like Tiago to stay with the team, even if he does not get a lot of playing time. With his experience and work ethic, he is a great role model for the younger players. Even if he does not play much, he can still give younger players the benefit of his experience from the bench and practice field.
    Simenone has shown that he does not need super expensive big-name players to do well in both La Liga and Champions League. To me Atletico has more than just ambition. Big teams like Bayern and Barcelona have ambition. But Simeone has instilled a lot of self-belief and heart in his players. That takes a team further than just plain ambition.

  • AndersAT

    I agree for the most part, but i still think we need a new top striker, although we could get a “new Jackson”. So I still think we need to keep Torres, Correa and Borja, so we have alternatives. Especially with the transferban on the way.

  • aileen

    Unfortunately I noticed that meeting with Gil Marin and Berta in Argentina made some unexpected changes in Simeone`s way of thinking.I wonder how this kind of manager who has everything : tactical knowledge, methodology, charisma and players` trust could believe in the most stupid idea I`ve ever heard of , means singing one year contracts with players !:/No better way to demotivate and showing disrespect.
    And it`s clear- winning is about building a team( done ), motivating through healthy competition ( doubtful because if they buy any `superstar` as it was last year he automatically would be the first choice what is not good solution )using rotations (not done, Simeone doesn`t rotate, he just simply change half of last eleven without a plan who – where and why just this one plays not another), showing respect to the players especially to them who are faithful to the club`s values- cause they build a team and they are natural teachers for the young ones
    ( doubtful, look at the suggestion of one year contracts), everyday differentiated but also individual practice based on task, skills and planned tactics (doubtful – I have never been convinced if these Ortega`s methods are really more effective than normal exercises, mean running, balance, shooting and stretching -anyway football player is rather not a gladiator;)- and Profe doesn`t seem to notice it)
    Buying or rather looking for these who really match the team are the last part of success.

  • nandes

    Those fans who get excited by any player who’s linked to us, even if they’re in positions in which we don’t need anybody else (Candreva, Brozovic, etc) are really exhausting to me

    It’s as if we need to dismantle a young squad who reached the CL final just because Simeone supposedly said he wants big signings – and as we know for some fans, Cholo’s word is law, even if said ‘word’ comes from a rumour in AS written by a crappy journalist

  • aileen

    People who are so excited as you wrote are not true Atleti fans.They are children supporting some popularity and fame, not a team.
    But as it comes to Cholo`s so called conditions of staying with Atletico and changing his mind in a matter of singing Torres they are not made up by journalists