Simeone rejects PSG offer to replace Blanc

French champions reportedly keen to make Simeone next coach

PSG's manager Laurent Blanc

PSG's manager Laurent Blanc

Diego Simeone has rejected the opportunity to join Paris Saint-Germain as coach, according to respected football journalist Gianluca Di Marzio.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced in AS of a potential move north to France, in order to replace Laurent Blanc in the Paris hot-seat. With that would come an almost unlimited budget for Simeone, and the ability to spend big on the best players, something Cholo is allegedly keen on.

“The intention of Simeone is to remain at Atletico,” Di Marzio said on his official site. “So the answer to the PSG was negative, at least for this first offer.”

This will buoy Atlético fans, who on the most part are optimistic Cholo will stay, but still have that niggling feeling at the back of their mind.

“We all want him to stay. We would love him to stay,” said Fernando Torres to reporters. “But he is within his right to reflect. Everything else is hypothetical.”

Diego Simeone could be set to swap clubs with Zlatan Ibrahimovic according to various ‘rumour-sites’ – with the ex-PSG forward having his “heart set on joining Atlético Madrid”. I would take these rumours with a whole bucket of salt.

  • nandes

    There is one obvious reason I don’t see Simeone in any other country that isn’t Italy or Spain: the language. Building a team atmosphere has been his greatest achievment here and I doubt he could do the same thing in a language he doesn’t know, in a country he isn’t familiar with… PSG has 10x more foreign players than french players, but still