Simeone demands major signings to stay at Atleti

Reports suggest Cholo wants money to compete with PSG, City, Barcelona

Diego Simeone looks on during the final in Milan

Diego Simeone looks on during the final in Milan

With the media jumping all over Simeone’s comments from the post-match press conference in Milan, further reports are now surfacing that ‘clarify’ Cholo’s position.

According to AS, the man who has turned Atlético’s fortunes around believes that his time at Atlético may have come to an end, after taking the club as far as he can.

The efforts to compete with both Barcelona and Real Madrid and reach another Champions League final again are allegedly too much to ask.

The supposed remedy? The ability to sign world class players.

Atlético has already proven that it can attract the planet’s best talent, but being able to pull off the deal has been something the club has always struggled with.

Cholo has reportedly asked for the financial muscle to be able to put together a squad that can compete with the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

“Simeone believes that the growth the club has experienced since his arrival in 2011 should be relfected in the economic plan and the money should be available for top signings,” reads the AS report.

The world’s top strikers

Atlético’s attack is a particular concern, with the signing of Jackson Martinez from Porto last summer doing nothing to improve the rojiblanco front-line. The Colombian has since been shipped off to China, with €42 million now burning a hole in the Atlético pocket.

It is well-rumoured that Diego Costa would love a return to Madrid with Atlético, whilst our own Diego Godín has been tapping up Edison Cavani for the better part of the last year.

“Cavani loves Atletico and their way of playing,” Godín was quoted as saying in ESPN, “because it is very similar to the way we play with the Uruguay national team. He would be delighted to come here. I will not talk about wages, although I know he would be happy.”

However the problem isn’t with attracting the big-names, the challenge is showing clubs like Chelsea and PSG enough money to let their top talents go. Backed by billionaires, their wage structures are already in another stratosphere to Atleti.

It looks to be true that Nico Gaitán is on his way from Benfica, after topping Cholo’s wish-list last summer, but while a welcome signing – prising him away from the Portugese league is not the type of statement Diego Simeone wants to make.

It seems as if the Argentine coach wants to step up and take one of our rivals’ shining stars. That means a signing like a Cavani or a Costa – one of the top strikers in one of Europe’s top leagues.

Do you think Cholo’s post-match press conference was an ill-thought out threat to the bosses?

Should we depart from our strategy of buying promising players from smaller leagues?

  • Not that I believe everything in the linked articles of course, but you can see the point about not buying talent from other top clubs. The last one we bought from a rival – does David Villa count?

    I’m excited for Gaitán, but could you imagine someone like Cavani coming IN from PSG? Would it upset Cholo’s team spirit and togetherness?

  • Rowly

    As I noted on the Simeone discussion on the forum I think Simeone’s comments were a reflection of our position as a club and how we evolve rather than considering his position as manager. We are no longer underdogs, we have established ourselves and need to change our approach to reflect this. To play with more quality in attack we need better options, I think we’ll definitely see more of Carrasco next season and another winger will come in (Gaitan) to compete with Carrasco. I can also see a big name striker to replace Torres although I think it might be Icardi from Inter rather than Cavani.

  • atleti10

    I think he would bring in the right guy. Cavani seems like the perfect fit. His captain Godin is here, he’s a powerful quick striker and he has a fantastic work ethic.

    Just imagine Cavani and Griez with Gaitan/Koke/Gabi/Saul behind them. The only worry I have is that there aren’t that many top class strikers available out there.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    It’s Javier Matallanas, so it’s rubbish .
    But let me discuss one stupid thing he said :
    ” Miguel Angel Gil Marín wants to give him all the signings he is asking, but he can’t force PSG, City to sell ”
    Why do we have to buy from PSG, City or Chelsea ?! .. aren’t there any big players somewhere else ?!
    Arsenal, Man Utd, Bayern, Juve and sometimes even Real & Barca can’t buy from PSG, City or Chelsea .
    Real Madrid signed Navas from Levante, Danilo from Porto, Isco from Malaga, Bale & Modric from Tottenham, Benzema from Lyon, Marcelo from Fluminense, Ramos from Sevilla, Varane from Lens, and they won La Liga with 100 points with Ozil who came from Bremen and Khedira who came from Stuttgart, they also always have a good number of homegrown players, this season they are 6 .
    This is also true about all the other clubs I mentioned, including PSG, City & Chelsea themselves, where does Matallanas think those clubs signed their players from ?!

    My two favorite strikers don’t play in any of those clubs, they play at Tottenham and Everton, Kane and Lukaku, and my two favorite right wingers play at Roma & Leicester, Salah and Mahrez .
    While there isn’t a single player at Man City or Chelsea that I want (you know I don’t want Costa back), and at PSG there is only Cavani, but he is my 3rd or 4th option .

    Simeone is not interested in Harry Kane or Mohammad Salah because they don’t play for PSG, Man City or Chelsea, that what Matallanas is basically saying .
    Fucking idiot .

  • SherbetDip

    If only Liverpool hadn’t overplayed and brought Torres back from injury too early again and again … As it is Costa seems the most likely move as seems very unhappy at Chelsea.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Would you explain to me why do you think Cavani would upset Cholo’s team spirit and togetherness ?!
    And why did write IN in all caps ?!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Sometimes what annoys me more than our poor attacking game is that some fans are OK with it .
    We don’t want Gaitan to compete with Carrasco, we want him to play with Carrasco, one on each side, especially that one of them is right-footed and the other is left-footed .
    I have never seen a team play with only one winger, some play with no wingers, but those who play with them have a left-footed one on the right and a right-footed one on the left .

  • Thomas Francis

    I don’t have a massive problem with the way the team plays because it is working. It has seen 2 champions league finals, 1 Europa cup, 1 la liga among other trophies.

    Also I’m realistic. Atleti do not have the power to pay big players the wages they demand. Real Madrid do. Until this changes you can expect Atleti to continue selling players and developing young talent.

    Bale cost 80 million. Suarez 80. Neymar? We can’t do this. The strategy at the moment is obviously working and the young players will continue to improve.

    We have the best defense in Europe this should be something we preserve and build on.

  • atleti10

    Kane won’t leave Spurs and the premiership. I’m not sold on Lukaku, I saw him play recently and he was poor, he scores goals though so u can’t argue with that.

    I’d love if we went for Gabriel Barbosa, he’d be a bit of a risk but he’s a beast and I think it’s a realistic option. Cavani, Higuain, Aubameyang would all be awesome but I just can’t see us getting one of them.

  • I didn’t say he would, I just asked the question. Big player coming from another big club. It’s a question of ego I guess. We’ve had players before who didn’t want to train or work as hard. Forlan, Mandzukic, Cerci etc

    I’m not saying Cavani is like that, but why I asked the question

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    This CURRENT team didn’t win anything, this current team scored 63 goals in La Liga this season, the worst record under Simeone, in 20 of the 38 La Liga games this season we scored one or none .

    We have the best defense in Europe, but our attack has a VERY BIG PROBLEM, and it’s not about players, it’s about the style, which has nothing to do with the style that won us those trophies .

    And the first step to fix that huge problem is to admit that it exist .

  • aileen

    In my opinion Atleti should be veeeery careful about signings. It obviously doesn`t mean that we don`t need anybody but…there some more important things that big names from City,PSG or Chelsea.Work ethics, club values ( can`t believe they can be transmitted to anybody who was `starring `(don`t mistake with playing )for a club which belongs to Arabian billionaires), communication, trust for a manager and so on. And yes, I know that all of them were just not enough to win with RM…
    But I`m still convinced that `big names` could be somehow harmful for the atmosphere, balance in the team.It`s better to invest in canteranos and bring some young,still developing and promising talents.Strong in their body, mind and character -all of these qualities are equally important to win with Atletico. Moreover it`s a task for some years, not one season or transfer window.
    And we should think what to do to avoid an exodus of these we are just having(mean Griezmann, Saul or Koke as well as Torres who is still a very important player)

  • Thomas Francis

    We still did better than 99% of the teams in Europe I guarantee the majority of the top clubs spend a lot more than Atleti, so be REALISTIC.

    I’m not saying it perfect because it isn’t and offensive does need improving but when you have Torres upfront uou can’t expect Suarez results.

    I would understand if it was an Arsenal situation where we got knocked out at last 16 for 10 years despite spending big, but this isn’t. We are progressing into a VERY good team and doing so with slim budget compared to most other top clubs.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Then my answer is no, I don’t think Cavani has an ego problem, although sometimes he gets angry when he is benched, but it’s understandable .
    Icardi, who his name keeps popping up has that problem, despite that he is not even half the player Cavani is .

    And I’m sorry Nick, but are you fucking kidding me, Forlan and Mandzukic didn’t want to train or work hard !
    They both were fighters, and Forlan is one of the biggest legends of this club .
    Forlan had some problems with Quique, and Mandzukic’s biggest problem was simply that he is fucking slow, so he didn’t fit well in our style, but both gave their lives in every single game and every single training .

    Read this article written by Forlan himself, where he says :
    “In the 30 days at Atletico Madrid when we won the 2010 Europa League and reached the Copa del Rey final, Atletico Madrid had 26 training sessions . I had 60”—just-ask-ronaldo#full

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    If we can’t get Kane or Cavani or Higuain (putting the fact that he is a Madridista aside) or Aubameyang then I won’t blame Simeone if he decided to leave .
    But I think we can, we can pay 50 or 60 million for one player (should have done that last summer instead of wasting 55 million on Jackson & Vietto), we can pay him 5 or 6 million per season, which is still a lot, I’m almost sure that Higuain and Aubameyang earn less than that at Napoil & BVB, and they have seen how we can compete and win big trophies .

    Yes, some other clubs can offer them 10 million per season, but they can’t sign them all .

  • Thomas Francis

    This isn’t FIFA lmao. The player also has a say and Kane isn’t going anywhere. He has turned down offers from united previously. Not happening.

    Btw wages are just as big of a factor and we can’t compete with the big clubs. So, again, this isn’t Fifa. Be realistic

  • atleti10

    Jackson and Vietto were coming off great seasons, I don’t think it was a waste. I just think it didn’t work out.

    The problem is not simply a matter of affording them, it’s the competition we face to sign them, the price will be pushed up and they might choose another team.

    I think we could make a move for Lacazette or Icardi but I don’t know if they’re to the standard Simeone wants.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Next season we will get 170 million from La Liga TV broadcasting and UCL alone .
    This season we were already the 15th club with biggest budget in Europe, and right now we are more attractive for players than many of the 14 clubs above us, like Arsenal, Milan, Schalke, Tottenham & Dortmund .
    We can compete very strongly in transfer market, I have no doubt about that, because we are not in 2006 anymore, our budget is not 100 million, this season it was 194.6 million according to the club’s official website .
    Next season we will add 90 million to that, since we will earn 100 million from La Liga TV rights instead of 40, and 70 million from UCL instead of 40 .

    As for our debt, also according to official numbers, we owe the taxes authorities 40 million euros, after it was 250 million few years ago .
    We do have other creditors, but very few people know who they are and how much we owe them, but there is no way it’s 500 or 400 million .

    We can compete in the transfer market, but we have to stop wasting money, 10 million on Jimenez, another 10 on Cerci, 25 on Mandzukic, 35 on Jackson, 10 million on Siqueira, who had some offers in the summer but Simeone didn’t sell him and didn’t use him, and once again Filipe couldn’t complete the UCL final because he was overused .
    And now we are hearing rumors about 25 M for André Carrillo .

    With Simeone, except for Grizi & Oblak, we suck at expensive transfers .
    That’s what I’m really worried about .

  • Dircil

    Thomas was right! Our tactic is based on our defense and I’m happy with what we have achieved since Simeone took control of the team. I’d rather see us scoring less goal but make frequent presence in CL than scoring lots of goals like we did with Forlan and Aguero but achieving almost nothing. We’re evolving and Im sure that next season there will be more offense but i believe our defense will stay firm.

  • nandes

    Costa gets injured every two weeks, has a disciplinary problem and scored the same number of league goals as Torres this season. It could work of course but I’m tired of people acting as if he’s the only solution to the problems in our attacking play.

    I’ve seen a lot of PSG fans complain about Cavani this season, but I haven’t watched him play except in the CL so I can’t say anything.

  • Kris

    You don’t want De Bruyne????

  • Kris

    Mandzu was not a waste man.. come on. I think he did well with what he had. But you’re right, he’s a waste in that he was bought even though he clearly didn’t fit our system of play.

  • AndersAT

    I think you are completely correct. People get used to the success of this team. Two CL finals and a league win in three years is a massive feat from a club with a budget like Everton. We are the best in the world when it comes to Simeones playing style, but we are not the best if we want to adopt Real Madrids playing style or someone else’s.

    That being said it would be beautiful with a world class striker to partner up with grizi. A striker team like when we had Forlan and Aguero would be devastating.

  • SherbetDip

    Well at least if the racist biter were up front Atletico would get away with violent play.

  • yioufai

    Do we know when will Gaitan be presented? Is his signing official?

  • Urban

    In my post-final comment I listed the striker crisis as one of the reasons we lost. I love Torres, but there is no denying that except for the penalty his contribution was minimal. I remember very well how much time Villa was able to win for us in Lisbon near the end of the match with his clever runs, dribbles and holding up ball. Torres was not even able to provide that, not to mention scoring a goal.

    We could use an additional striker, but he has to be top, top class (sorry Borja!). If I had to play Football Manager my preference would be Lukaku > Aubameyang > DC > Lacazette > Bacca. Probably only the last two are actually viable.

    We also need to think about our full-backs. Filipe and Juanfran are still top but are not getting any younger and may go through a dip in physical form any time now. One can argue if Vrsaljko is the best choice, but the idea of bringing someone like him in is obviously spot on (unless we want to bet on Manquillo).

    Perfect replacement for Filipe? For me Jordan Amavi. His move to Aston Villa was weird, but he was great even there before he got injured (and this is when their problems started). Now they got relegated and I guess he should be avaiable for reasonable money. Football fantasy option – Ricardo Rodriguez,

    With the extra striker and gaitan and jota on board we have enough attacking depth. Maybe we could think about Tielemans and loan him out until Tiago and/or Gabi retire.

    The big question is – can Simeone organise an attacking team if he is given the right means? For me it is a serious doubt…

  • Paweł Kosiński

    We bought Mandzukic for €22M and sold him for €19M. If you tell me that 20 goals is not enough for €3M + wages, I’d strongly disagree.

    Btw. had the entire team kept its form during the second half of the 2014/15, the big Croat would easily bag 30 goals during that season.

  • Paweł Kosiński

    PS. Would you consider spending big on Carrasco, Savic or Filipe as wasteful?

  • Koke

    Cavani, Higuain, Aubameyang, Icardi, MAYBE Morata – I think these are all strikers that could be good for us. The thing is, after all the flops we’ve signed since Costa left, I’m a little scared of making anything less than a very educated guess at who would do well for us. Personally I really like Aubameyang and think him, Griezmann, Carrasco, and Gaitan could form one of the deadliest counterattacks in the world, even more than Real’s. I’d honestly rather not see Costa come back mostly because I don’t like him, but he clearly would fit our style of play as well, the thing is he’s also injury prone and off form. I do think we have to do big things in the transfer market this season, this summer is a crucial turning point. After reaching two finals and failing twice in 3 years, we could either be on an incredible rise or get discouraged and start declining like Valencia a decade ago. A couple smart moves could prove to our players and the world that we’re here to stay, and signal our ambition as well as improve the team.

    I think Kranevitter and Vietto should be loaned out, Oliver loaned only if Simeone doesn’t plan to change his style, and we should sign a back up left back. Preferably someone young and talented whom we can keep for years to replace Filipe, but I can’t really think of many that fit the bill right now.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I just said few days ago that we missed Mandzukic this season, and I just defended him above when Nick claimed that he and Forlan didn’t want to work hard .
    But he stayed for only one season and we sold him for 4 or 5 million less than we signed him, we did waste money .
    More importantly, Mandzukic wasn’t Simeone’s first choice, according to many reports it actually was Jackson (and with Arda still at the club maybe things would have gone a different way with Jackson) but back then the club thought that 35 million are too much, so what did they do ?! they signed Mandzukic for 25 and Cerci for 10 !
    And they did it again this season, we had Torres, Grizi & Correa, so we should have signed only one world-class striker with those 55 million, or a striker and a creative midfielder, but instead we signed two strikers and had 5 strikers in the team (remember the term Jackson 5 ?!) but we had only Koke to give them service !

    We have been doing some horrible business in the last two transfer markets .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    OK, I forgot Savic, maybe because he didn’t play as much as he should and as he deserved, but you remember what I said about him and how I was a big fan of him since he was at Fiorentina .

    You know my opinion about Carrasco, I don’t need to repeat it, and please don’t tell me that he scored the equalizer in the final, Vietto also scored the equalizer against Real Madrid in La Liga, from assist from Jackson .

    And you can’t put Filipe in this category, come on man, don’t be like that .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    For 75 million ?! of course not, we signed Grizi for 30 .

    That’s precisely my point, the liar and the idiot Javier Matallanas is claiming that Simeone wants to sign some players from PSG, Man City and Chelsea, and if the club failed to bring them to him he will leave .

    We can find more Griezmanns for 30 or 40 million or a little more or a little less in many other smaller clubs .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    More importantly, we have an imminent transfer ban, we can’t get it wrong this time, and I’m talking about both ins and outs, it will be very stupid to sell Oliver at this moment .

    What happened to Valencia after the the 2 La Liga titles and the 2 UCL finals was like what happened to us after the doblete, financial and judicial problems, it wasn’t football related, it was the corruption and the mismanagement that Spanish football is suffering from very badly, right now there are two former Valencia presidents, one former Sevilla president and another club’s president (Mallorca I think) in prison .
    Jesus Gil, his son and Cerezo all received suspended jail sentence .
    Cerezo was being investigated two months ago in a corruption case but he was cleared, but today the media is talking about an invitation from him to the justice minister to attend Milan final .
    incredible stuff !

    I want to ask you about Lukaku, isn’t he similar to Costa and would fit well in our system ?!

  • Maura

    I also would not want Costa to come back because he is too injury-prone. He also does not seem to be a very nice person. It would be great to have a young (under 26) striker who is world class who could also serve as a role model to help Angel Correa develop. I think that Correa has the potential to become great if given the chance and the right models. The other holes that I could see that need filling are backups for both Juanfran and Filipe Luis. Lucas filled in capably for Filipe when needed, but Filipe is a much better dribbler and playmaker. Juanfran and Filipe are two of the very best in the world at their positions, but they are over 30. It would be nice to have capable replacements.

    The midfield should stay, though maybe Kranevitter and Oliver should be loaned out. Oliver is very talented and I have no idea why he fell out of favor in the second half of the season. But the good thing about having a lot of great midfielders (Koke, Saul, Gabi, Carrasco, Augusto, and Gaitan) is that players can be rotated and rested. The same goes for the center backs–Godin is the best in the world at his position. Giminez, Savic, and Lucas are also very good’

    I hope that Atletico will lift the Champions League trophy. It is a real team where the players all support each other. So many other teams are a collection of superstars with big egos.

  • Hannu

    I’m starting to think that maybe Costa would be best option. You know he is perfect for Simeone style. Though he is injury prone and that might be problem but we still have Torres. Cavani would be good also but he will be 30 so.. Anyway I dont think we have change to get Lukaku or Aubameyang and Higuain you know madrid..

  • atleti10

    We could play Gaitan – Griezmann – Carrasco as front three. There would be few quicker counter attacks in football with those three up front. Anyway Simeone is unlikely to leave the 442 and I understand why, its a pity though because there are very few world class strikers available.

    The more I think about it the more Id like to see us employ a three man attack, If this were the case I’d be happy to keep Vietto in the team and let him fight for a place, it would also allow for Correa and Oliver to feature more. Its clear that Vietto has bags of talent and given the lack of quality strikers available out there I think it could be worth giving him another year to settle and break into the team. He can play anywhere across a front three and I think the extra space it would create out wide would suit him,

    I still have hope for the kid.

  • Koke

    I think Lukaku also checks off most of the boxes of traits we need in a striker and that he is also worth a look. The only thing is that he reminds me a little of a cross between Jackson and Costa, obviously one of them worked very well for us and the other didn’t. If he were a little older I’d be more smitten; I think at this moment in time we are more in need of finished products, or at least players who are only a few years from their prime, instead of younger talents. Even the most talented youngsters lack crucial experience that does make a difference. Maybe if it weren’t for Correa’s age Simeone would have chosen to sub him into the final and we could have seen a different game. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind Lukaku either; but I wouldn’t pay a huge amount for him.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    I am not going to get on Cholo’s case for his comments after that disappointing,”lets give an offside goal to Real Madrid,” type game. Emotions were all over the place and Juanfran Torres is the example of why Atletico is different than any other team out there. The only thing we need is a true # 9 striker (Sorry El Nino). Cavani is that type of player. Costa could work out too but I would prefer Cavani. I do not want a Cerci type player to arrive. I think Godin and Gemenez can keep Cavani in check with the team attitude. So look for that one player and take all the UCL money and the Jackson money and get that one striker. That missing scorer that will only make Griezmann better by freeing him up. We need 20 more goals a season with the same defense to win trophies next year….and in the end it will get us more money and a brighter future.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Lukaku has been scoring goals in double figures in EPL, the most competitive league in the world, for the last 4 seasons :
    2012/13 : 17 goals with West Brom
    2013/14 : 15 goals with Everton
    2014/15 : 10 goals with Everton
    2015/16 : 18 goals with Everton
    And before that he also did it in Belgium :
    2009/10 : 15 goals with Anderlecht
    2010/11 : 16 goals with Anderlecht
    ( in 2011/12 Chelsea signed him and throw him on the bench, just like they did with Salah, De Bruyne and Schürrle)

    Now let’s compare those 6 seasons to Costa’s 6 seasons before his breakthrough season 2013/14 :
    2007/08 : 6 goals in 30 games with Celta (in Sgunda)
    2008/09 : 10 goals in 35 games with Albacete (in Sgunda)
    2009/10 : 8 goals in 34 games with Valladolid
    2010/11 : 6 goals in 28 games with Atleti
    2011/12 : 10 goals in 16 games with Rayo
    2012/13 : 10 goals in 31 games with Atleti

    I think the numbers are on Lukaku’s side .

    And I also think that sometimes experience is overrated, sometimes talent compensate for lack of experience, Real Madrid signed 24-year-old Bale from Tottenham where he played only 2 seasons (or was it one season ?) as a winger after playing his whole career as a full back, and Barca signed 21-year-old Neymar from Brazil, he had zero experience at European football, and both clubs payed 100 million for each player .
    At Atleti you can compare Correa to Mandzukic, Jackson and Torres, I have no doubt that if the kid played twice the number of minutes he got this season he would have scored twice the number of goals he scored, or more .

    I don’t think Lukaku is a bad option, and if we are going to spend big money on one player, I think it makes more sense to put it on the younger one, Costa will turn 28 next October (if his birth certificate wasn’t fake), Cavani will turn 30 next February, while Lukaku just turned 23 two weeks ago, and he has been scoring league goals in double figures in 6 of the last 7 seasons, i.e, since he was 17, I really can’t understand why not too many people are impressed with that !

    My first choice are Kane and Aubameyang, it’s difficult to get Kane with Tottenham playing in UCL next season and with the great project they have, not to mention the EPL money, but I think we are able to compete very strongly for Aubameyang, we can (and if we had to then we should) put all our transfer money on him, we can also use Oliver and Vietto as bargaining chips, I think those two would fit very perfectly in BVB’s style of play, but I would prefer a loan, especially for Oliver .

    But if we failed to get any of those two, I honestly prefer Lukaku over Costa & Cavani & Icardi .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Many people have been talking about how Correa would have won us the title had he played, and I’m one of them .
    But some of them are blaming the injuries of Filipe & Koke, but I can only blame Simeone :

    First : he is responsible for the injuries, because he doesn’t rotate enough, and what makes it more frustrating is that it happened two years ago, Filipe couldn’t complete 2014 final either, and Juanfran was limping at the extra time because we had no more subs .
    Even if our players played the same number of minutes as the players in other teams, it would still be considered lack of rotation, becuase our players run more than anybody else .
    And the subs for Filipe in the two finals were Alderweireld , a right-footed CB, and Lucas, a left-footed, but also a CB, a 20-year-old one .
    Because there isn’t any other LB in that world that Simoene likes .

    Second : Simeone had no intention to bring Correa in, before Filipe’s injury he was about to bring Thomas in for Saul .

    And Third : once again he wasted a substitution when he chose Augusto over Carrasco .
    Many of us have been saying that the 4 CM plan doesn’t work against small teams, and Real Madrid are a small team, I don’t care about the name or the crest or the shirt, and I don’t care about the goal feasts against Espanyol and Rayo, I care about their games against Sevilla, Villarreal, Valencia, Barca, Wolfsburg, Man City, even Roma who were the better side in Madrid, and their games against us .

    I don’t care about Correa’s age, Saul, Gimenez & Thomas are almost at the same age, and Lucas is younger .
    The only number I care about is his 8 goals and 4 assist in 1390 minutes .
    Correa should have played and we should have won that final .
    Simeone is also to be blamed for the defeat just like he was deservingly praised for knocking out Barca & Bayern .
    So I don’t think he gets to be mad and threaten to leave if we didn’t bring him this or that player, if he really did say that .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yeah man, Jackson money, many people are forgetting about those 42 million .

  • starvs

    Agree almost fully, although I think a bit to harsh on Simeone at the end perhaps, Griezmann did mess a penalty after all. And of course it is always easier in hindsight, but your analysis is spot on.

    I think he does have the right to demand a big signing though; given what he has done, where the team is at (potentially on the verge of real greatness?), and the money that should be around (Jackson) and incoming (TV/CL). This is the time, the resources should theoretically be available, there is nothing to wait for.

  • starvs

    I’m on this train. I wanted Lukaku swapped went Costa went to Chelsea initially, seemed so natural/obvious, still surprised it wasn’t even discussed more. I do also worry that Lukaku is gonna be another Jackson M. situation though, but like you said he has been scoring lots of goals in the Premier League as a kid.

    Aubameyang is obviously the home run play though, the money should potentially be there though, is it actually possible though…

    I’d def take Cavani, but 30 is a tad old, and he’d be pricey.

  • Mrtn

    I don’t think any striker could score more goals than Grizi while defending all-game-long 30-40 meters from his own goal.
    With this tactics the “striker” has to sprint 50-60 meters to reach the opponent’s box, which is exhausting not only in terms of a whole matchtime, but also in the short run making it hard for the striker to make the right decision or do the right move.
    I hope these reports of Cholo demanding higher transfer funds are rubbish as he has spent over 100 M Euros every summer since his arrival, signing expensive, high profile flops like 20M Cerci, 10M Jimenez, 20M Siquiera, 10M Baptistao, 42M Jackson, 20M Vietto in this period.
    The problem is not the striker but the tactics and the training regime.

    Whatever, let’s spend even more money on attackers and send them defending whole season long.

    Btw Grizi would be a monster in any team that plays proper football, his goal tally with all the defending and the running off the ball he has to do here is fantastic.

  • Alfred Rodriguez

    I find the irony in saying we have a VERY BIG problem yet we were only 3 points from the league and a couple penalties from being champions of the world.

  • KC

    Tactics, Tactics, Tactics. We will never have (2) 30+ goal scorers playing the way we do. You people are delusional if you think Lukaku is a good fit. He would not last 30 minutes pressuring like Simeone asks his forwards to do, LOL! That is why Jackson and Vietto failed, they did not have the desire or stamina to play the way Griezmann and Torres play. Cavani would be a good fit.

    Torres was great the last 6 months, but how soon we forget. As far as the final goes, he was double teamed all night, but still created space for Griezmann and won a penalty. Real was off-sides on their goal and we missed the penalty. That is why we are not Champions!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Can you read ?!
    We fought for La Liga and UCL titles because we have the best defense in Europe, but we are not even among the best 15 (FIFTEEN) attacking sides in the top 5 leagues in Europe, and if we were we would have won one or both titles .

    When you concede only 18 goals in 38 league games but you finish third then you must have a VERY SHITTY attack .

    As I said before : praising is easy, cool and fun, but it takes a lot of bravery and a lot of love to criticize the runners up of Europe .

    It is amazing how many of you are attacking me in a sarcastic way, but none of you had any problem with Nick who said that Forlan -the winner of the Pichichi and the golden boot, and who had and still has his personal trainer- “didn’t want to train or work as hard” .

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Costa is only one year younger than Cavani.

  • Ringo

    Our attack is not shitty at all.
    The way they convert their limited amount of space and time going forward is amazing.

    It’s not the best in Europe, duh, but it’s so far from shitty.

    Even if they had some bad games, Griezmann, Carrasco and later Torres had great seasons (I know you don’t like Carrasco but I don’t care). Correa could perhaps have been added to them, but his minutes were limited.
    Koke and in the second half of the season Saúl were amazing too, even if it wasn’t always noticeable on first sight.

    Having Gabi back those players up cannot be a con either and both Augusto and Tiago were very useful too.

    Yeah we didn’t score 150 goals, but the chance/goal ratio is probably pretty solid. And you could talk about the lack of chances created; well, that’s both experience (it obviously got better at the end of the season) and our gameplan. We could go all out attack, but our defense would probably concede way more in such a case (can’t say for certain of course, like you can’t say playing Oli and Correa all games would have doubled our goals or whatever).

    Please don’t let all those negatives overshadow the absolutely terrific season this club has had. Okay we finished third, but with 88 points or so, a great defensive record and a goal scoring score that mostly looks bad because of Real’s and Barca’s insane amounts of goals. More goals were possible but this team has shown great improvement, even if two of our favorite youngsters didn’t get the minutes they could have had.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    If you are happy that in more than half of our La Liga games this season we scored only one goal or we failed to score at all while having Grizi, Torres, Carrasco, Koke, Saul, Correa, Oliver and the 55 million Jackson and Vietto, and while we were playing against the likes of Gijon, Levante, Gatafe & Las Palmas, then good for you, but I’m not .

    If you are happy that there are 15 clubs in Europe’s top 5 leagues have scored more goals than us this season (in Bundesliga they play 4 games less) then good for you, but I’m not .

    If you were happy when you saw Simeone running like an idiot after scoring the first and only goal against Gijon in min. 94 in the Calderon, then good for you, but I weren’t .

    In my first comment after we lost the final I talked in length about how that was a building season, and I found some excuses for Simeone, most of you liked it and I got a lot of vote ups, but when I discuss our very fucking obvious problems, that I can’t find any excuse for them most of you get upset and become very defensive, so why the fuck is there a comments section here, just to say : yaaay, we are a great team, we have the best players and the best coach in the world ?!
    I’m sorry, I can’t do that .

    Stop comparing the budget of Atleti to the budget of Everton, because it’s like comparing our budget to the budget of Al-Ahly !
    Starting from next season all the 20 EPL teams will have bigger budgets than ours, but ONLY FOUR of them can play in UCL, so stop comparing us to Everton and West Ham .
    If you want to compare budgets then compare us to Benfica, Porto, BVB, Gladbach, and the other teams who actually play in UCL .
    If you want to compare budgets then compare our 195 million to Sevilla’s 80 million, to Villarreal’s 60 million, to Eibar’s 30 million, to Rayo’s 15 million .
    And if you want to compare teams then stop comparing Quique’s and Aguirre’s Atleti to Simeone’s Atleti, especially in defense, stop comparing Godin to Perea, Savic to Pablo Ibanez, Juanfran to Ujfalusi, Oblak to Leo Franco, Gabi to Assuncao, and compare this Atleti to Juve and BVB who have similar groups of players, and though they have bigger budgets but not 3 or 4 times bigger than ours, not even twice, and they also win local leagues and cups and reach UCL finals, but they actually play football .
    Or you know what, compare this Atleti to the Atleti of 2013 and 2014, we have different players upfront, but they are still great players, maybe this season’s players are even better .

    If you will say that we were just shootout away from winning UCL title then you must also say that we only beat PSV by shootout after failing to score in 210 minutes, something that happened for the first time in UCL history .
    (PSV’s budget this season was 62 million, Cocu’s salary is 500K euros, Simeone’s is 5 million)

    If we didn’t address our problems, if we didn’t start to put things in perspective, if we didn’t have ambition, then we will not get anywhere, we will end up like Arsenal, and right now I can see a lot of similarities between the majority of our fans and the majority of Arsenal fans who can’t say a single word of criticism about Wenger because he won the EPL without a defeat 12 years ago .

    At least Arsenal are playing beautiful football .

  • Odd ideas

    I think Simeone doesn’t seem to want more “proven” signings in the future.(although he still wants some) Just look at what he has done with the youngsters this year, Saul, Giminez, Lucas, Thomas and Oblak, it’s amazing, apart from Kranevitter and Oliver. Correa should be getting more minutes. In truth, I don’t think we need to sign a striker, because I sense that (if Simeone stays) next season will try to play a 433/4141 more often. Correa(could play wing IMO), Gaitan(if we do sign him), Grizzi, Carrasco, Torres, Borja/Vietto(this depends on the decision made in the summer) or even Koke (in a 4312). We need to find a replacement for the full backs. Filipe and Juanfran are exceptional this season, but they’re both 30+. Gamez is a great defender but doesn’t really do much going forward. Maybe Gaya?

  • Karlp

    striker: cavani is most feasible and I also want to give correa more chances in that position. Currently he’s played as substitute for griezmann, while I dont think he’s strong enough without Griezmann.

    Our main issues is to control the game better and score more easily. Yes the current system mostly works, but we can be better if we can score more goals againts teams like gijon or levante. And as proud as I am with the current team, I know at some point I want to see more attractive play from the team I support.

  • Ringo

    I’m not comparing us with any team and I’m not talking about budgets. I’m not even comparing players.

    Even if we have more money than for years ago we’ve still gone through a process
    We went from conceding 50 goals a season to 18 while the amount of goals stayed the same.

    Yeah perhaps more goals would be nice but why are you being so greedy? It’s not even about where we came from in such a short amount of time, we actually are a consistent top 3 club in the strongest league in the world. We reached the CL final two times in three seasons, a statistic that fits pretty well with your “effectiveness” statsfetish.

    Please realize how hard it is to be at this level. Simeone made mistakes but even if another coach improves our offensive play, I fear any other coach for not being able to reach his consistency and teambuilding.

    And last but certainly not least, if you’re too arrogant to be happy with a win after a tough game just because the opponent is called Sporting, then that is your deficit.

    I was happy with this season weeks ago. Simeone wasn’t perfect. Atleti was far from perfect. This second half of the season wasn’t perfect but it was amazing nonetheless. I wished for more Oli and Correa, which I didn’t get. We have gotten a lot of other wishes fulfilled though.

    Don’t take so much for granted and try enjoying life, please.