Juanfran: “We will lift the Champions League trophy”

The defender issues a statement thanking the fans through the club

Juanfran, Atlético's right-back, celebrates Carrasco's goal at the San Siro

Juanfran, Atlético's right-back, celebrates Carrasco's goal at the San Siro

After the heartbreak that Saturday night inflicted upon all Atléticos, one player will be suffering more than most. Juanfran, who hit the post with Atlético’s fourth penalty, has asked for the club to publish his thoughts as he attempts to deal with the pain of another Champions League final defeat at the hands of Real Madrid.

Following the penalty, the Atlético right-back made his way towards the Atlético fans to apologise, but was greeted with a chorus of Atleti fans singing his name, and a standing ovation.

Juanfran famously declared after the match in Lisbon that Atleti would return to the Champions League final.

Here is the Spaniard’s response to the penalty drama that unfolded on Saturday evening.

Hello Atléticos,

I have asked the club to send you this letter in order to express my feelings.

I will never forget your demonstration of affection when I came to apologise to the fans at the end of the match. Seeing my tears reflected on the faces of thousands of Rojiblancos who had filled that end of the stadium helped fight back against that tremendous sadness that was destroying me in those hard moments.

The same was the case with the support from my colleagues, technical staff and all those who make up this great family.

I also want to that you all for always believing and demonstrating that being an Atlético fan is something special, something different and that our hearts beat harder than anyone else.

Two years ago I told you that we would return to a final. Now I tell you that Gabi, our captain, will lift the Champions League trophy, sooner or later and we will celebrate it in Neptuno.

I love you all and AÚPA ATLETI!

All is forgiven Juanfran. We love you. We will soon have the opportunity to celebrate together at Neptuno.

  • Thomas Francis

    If the defensive structure stays the same, which it should, then this team will always be hard to beat over 2 legs.

    The Calderón is a also a huge advantage in the ucl.

    With new signings, striker and winger (gaitan) the season looks promising.

    People forget that this season expectations were not very high and it was going to be a struggle with losing key players. However it forced young players through who will be even better next year.

    People calling for Simeone are ridiculous. The future looks very bright is all I will say.

  • Rosey

    A true legend!!!!

  • Robertsps21

    Juanfran is an absolute king and i cant think of a atletico fan who doesn’t love the guy.Sergio ramos talking shit to juanfran angered me,does someone know if they made peace?
    A friend told me he thought they did but i haven’t seen it(only found video,s of the argument).
    Juanfran was at the euro 2012 and didn’t play a minute,at the world cup 2014 he only played the game against australia when spain was already done.
    I hope he playes all the matches at euro 2016 and wins the damn tournament because he deserves it.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Juanfran is a very talented Raul Garcia .

    He has the same passion, loyalty, sense of belonging, work ethics, humbleness, leadership, and all the great characters of Raul, but above that, he is actually a great footballer, we all love Raul, he was very important for us, but he really wasn’t a very technically-gifted player (I remember when Chewie said once : “I can’t believe this, Raul has dribbled an opponent” or something like that), while Juanfran -as I’ve been saying for the last three seasons- is the best right back in the world .

    I love this man .

  • David in SF

    Juanfran- we love you.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    you just cannot not love this guy.

  • Austriaco

    Today was the first time i was strong enough to review the penalty shoot out. The looser of this shoot out was not juanfran it was Oblak. Oblak is a great goalkeeper but without competence in penalty shoot outs. Also in the penalties against psv he was very easy to beat, and benfica lost allready the uefa league final with him against sevilla in penalties. To win the champions league a perfect penalty killer is not an option, its an obligation! The sooters did well, also against psv! Simeone must train a perfect penalty killer as number 2, who can be changed in in the,120th, like the dutch successfully did against costa rica in the world cup in the quarterfinals. Do You know if Moya is a penalty killer? I am afraid he isn t as well, otherwise simeone would have brought him in…