Champions League final LIVE: Real Madrid vs. Atlético

The time is finally here! Join us for what could be the best day in our history

The San Siro is ready for the Champions League final!

The San Siro is ready for the Champions League final!

It’s been almost a month of excitement, nerves, cautious optimism and belief. After all this time, it’s time for the talking to stop and the match to begin, as Real Madrid and Atlético content the UEFA Champions League at the San Siro.

It could be the biggest trophy win in Atlético’s history, and after the disappointment of two years ago, victory would taste so much sweeter.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

Starting XIs

Real Madrid:. Keylor Navas, Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo, Kroos, Casemiro, Modric, Bale, Ronaldo and Benzema

Atlético: Oblak; Juanfran, Sávic, Godin, Filipe Luis; Gabi, Augusto, Koke, Saúl; Griezmann and Fernando Torres

  • thericeking

    the game will be broadcast live for free on youtube.. so you cna avoid shitty links an adverts hopefully.. AUpa!!
    i am confident we will win but i think ronaldo will score.

  • thericeking

    youtube channel is really bad… but i found out that BTsport are streaming it for free on their website also… and this link works

  • Kris

    Do you have a link?

  • An offside goal is mean.. let’s fight for the comeback!

  • Kris

    Torres and Saul and Juanfran have done nothing. Torres isn’t even trying, I don’t know why.

  • Kris

    Please please please win today. Ruthless pragmatism if need be, but I need this fucking win today! Suffered way too much to not win anything at all. AUPA!!

  • Filipe Luis is slow and tired like he had played a match in the last 2 days.. wtf????

  • Kris

    Suffering… more suffering with the penalty shootout now.

  • sad

    Oblak is getting roasted on Twitter right now.

  • nandes

    The last thing I want to see right now is atleti “fans” saying our players didn’t try hard enough. Fuck off

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I’ll do as I’ve done over the past few weeks… I’ll say nothing

  • Kris

    Fuckin’ hell. Another loss in the grandest stage to puta Madrid after being the better team for the majority of the match. Carrasco showed how good he actually is, and Griezmann very unfortunate. It affected him a lot the missed penalty. Gabi and Koke were phenomenal. Would’be liked Correa on for Fernando but circumstances… Tough game, great effort just not enough again, like last time.

  • jodo

    Oblak is very, very poor at PKs. ATM won against PSV because not Atleti player missed. Obviously, today that didn’t happen. The odds are against the keepers in PKs but Oblak doesn’t even try to bother the kicker–he’s an absolutely non-entity. Having said that, ATM wouldn’t be in the CL final without Oblak. He is one of the best keepers in the world. Atleti were the better team in the 2nd half and a second goal would have been a fair reward. Had the sickening feeling the lack of the 2nd goal was going to kill us.

    No single player lost the game…having said that, Torres was pretty much anonymous for the entire game. Just wasn’t at his best. It’s a pity he wasn’t at the level he was at in the last league game. Won a penalty and had a nice flick on to Griezmann, but just didn’t do enough over 120 minutes. In the beginning of the 2nd half, Atleti were on fire but Torres wasn’t really involved. Would a different striker made a difference during that hot spell?

  • jodo

    Definitely a tough call on Correa, I think, ultimately, Simeone opted for the conservative approach and kept Torres on to defend corners and to take a PK. And of course, Torres never got to take it.

  • Koke

    I feel like saying nothing but…

    1) Oblak has to practice saving penalties 3 hours a day for the next 4 months.
    2) Carrasco is a big game player and a world class talent, despite being underrated by football fans and even Atleti fans alike.
    3) This is the luckiest CL trophy ever won. I’m not saying Madrid doesn’t “deserve” it (you know what? I am, actually) but getting the “luck” to play three Europa League teams on the way to the final where they score an offside goal, avoid a red card, and win on penalties is really nice. This is part of football, but this much luck is mind boggling. Atleti, on the other hand, must be the world’s unluckiest team.
    4) We know how to suffer. We’re good at it. Let’s all mourn a little now, but I know we’ll be okay.
    5) We’ll be back. I said it two years ago and I was right. I don’t know if it will be next year, in two years, or in three years, but we will be back in the final very very soon and we will win. We’re only getting stronger and stronger.

  • nandes

    I’ve seen people tweeting stats of how many passes Torres completed or whatever, but that was NEVER his function in this team. All Simeone asks of him is to trouble the defenders, make runs at them and get into scoring position. It was the same thing against Barça or Bayern. That didn’t happen today because Pepe and Ramos blocked him through the entire game, end of. No point in asking something of him that wasn’t required in the first place.

  • BlasiusMagnus
  • jodo

    I checked Twitter for a few minutes and had to come back here. Jesus, so many dumb people on social media. I don’t give a flying F about Torres’ passing percentage. He didn’t do enough today but Ramos and Pepe aren’t exactly terrible at heading out balls. It’s not like Real Madrid’s #9 had much luck against Atleti’s defenders either.

    Have actually seen some calling Torres a coward for not taking a penalty. I guess Torres should have insisted on taking the 5th kick even though Real Madrid had already won the trophy. So many idiots out there.

  • atm

    this game was more than a final. though we lost this one,bt it will make us more stronger and next year we will be back. never stop believing and there’s no need to criticize a particular player.

  • atm

    never stop believing. we will be back next year in the final.

  • Kris

    Not even gonna lie — this hurts a lot right now.

  • Abdil Egriøz

    As much negative there is to be said about the outcome of this match, I’m very proud of the boys nonetheless. They worked very hard to get here and fought very bravely till the very end. It’s extremely heartbreaking to witness our beloved team losing the biggest trophy, to our biggest rival, in the very end, but looking at things in a broader pespective. The progress, the consistency, the work ethic our team has shown in the last quarter of the year. There is no doubt that we have a bright future ahead, a future where the cl trophy WILL be brought back to the “REAL” madrid, and guys always remeber, NuncaDejesDeCreer!

  • Bushdoctor504

    I’m sad, but I just want to say….
    Thank you to the team and all of the fans at the game! And all of the Atleti fans around the world, I love you all! Aupa Atleti!!!

  • Chewie

    Two years ago I quoted a line from Beckett. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. We did exactly that. We failed, but failed better. Real didn’t win – we lost. And dear god, Oblak fucking sucks at penalties. If I were Simeone, I would reserve the third sub for Moya and let the man play. The world is an absurd place. We beat the strongest teams in the world, played good football, managed to get back into the game, we had the support of all neutral fans. And yet the trophy went to the team of disgusting millionaire “star” simulants. Their eleventh. I feel sad for the guys. But this should remind us all that, in the end, it’s not the trophy that counts, it’s the passion and hard work, self-sacrifice and love of the game.

  • AaX

    WHY FILIPE ? WHY ????????? WHY YOU HAVE TO DESERT US ?????!!!!







  • Karlp

    crap, I’m having nightmare the whole night. Thank goodness I like Spanish team in general. I shouldn’t be too attached like this anymore.

    Some positive notes:
    – our possession game is actually not that bad
    – Oblak saves us many times and it’s not like he didn’t try in the PK. He just guess his right 4/5 times
    – Griezmann and Saul success in PK shootout. I think it will be bad for either of them if they fail
    – Carrasco can be good

    I’m so glad Gaitan will come. Time to play Koke and Saul in CM.

  • AndersAT

    Exactly my feelings right now. We beat Barca we beat Munich and then Real Madrid get their goal on an offside and win on penalties… This hurts even more than two years ago because we REALLY deserved it this time. Any neutral observer that thinks Real was the deserved winner is full of shit.

    That said, I am proud of the players and the team will be remembered as the true champions (if nowhere else, then in my mind). I hope we can continue to grow and I hope the Simeone stays and grows with the rest of the team.

  • Hannu

    What are you talking about?

  • AndersAT

    I think Gabi is still our best CM/DM an should be used along with Koke in the center.

  • Max Huber

    I try to sum up:
    First of all I’m very proud of our team – they showed so much passion and really played better that Real. And luck was not ours – a really strange offside goal, the missed penalty, handball-penalty not given, Ramos should have gotten red card (instead of that he was Man of the match – haha!), and at least the missed penalty by Juanfran (no reproach!).
    Many point the finger on Torres again – but I have to defend him – he was defended very well and when he did good runs and stood in position he didn´t get service – Griezi really should have deployed Fernando several times but he tried by himself in an awful position. But all in all the pressure was so high and nervs played a decisive role last night!!
    I’m sad but this team won many hearts last night I’m sure – they showed character and fighting spirit – like always! AUPA ATLETI

  • Karlp

    Yep, me too, at least between Gabi and Koke.
    But there’s no way Saul and Koke should still play as a winger, a proper winger should be deployed there

  • Vasile Oncea

    I’m sad and I’m starting to hate real more and more. We should have won the game. The team played very well and we all know that Carasco is a beast.

  • atleti10

    I love Torres and I believe he has a place in the squad but ultimately I think we win that match if Griezmann has a top strike partner.

    And for god sake sign someone who can hit a penalty!!

    It was so hard to watch us lose, justice was not done. I really hope we don’t lose any of the team and we get another chance with this crop of players.

    On a separate note I read a fantastic article abut why Ronaldo will never be spoken about as a great alongside Maradona, Cruyff, Best, Messi and it’s because of his ego, he cares only for himself, and once again he was nowhere to be seen in the big game until the last kick of the ball. The headlines are all about Ronaldo but nobody remembers goal stats, they remember skill and class, Ronaldo showed neither last night.

    Aupa Atleti, we’ll be back again.

  • atleti10

    I think we’ll see Gaitan and Saul on the wings next season.

    I just hope we bring in a striker too.

  • Urban

    Oh how bitter was this evening. I was positive we will knock out bayern and I had the same feeling before this final. I’m very, very disappointed and it is a bitter pill I will not get over it for some time. even the euros won’t be the same to me now. I’m really proud of our boys and they did a splendid job, I think we were the better team in the final and the best one in the competition this year. We lost bacause of three factors IMHO – unused sub (simeone should let correa play for the entire extra time, he could have made the difference as yannick did), lack of proper 2nd striker (jackson crisis was not addressed appropriately and this one is on our technical staff), and oblak once again disappointing at the penalties (he didn’t even look like he was trying).

  • atleti10

    Not bringing on Correa is hard to understand, I was just waiting, expecting it and then he brings on Thomas…

  • AndersAT

    Yes Gaitan would be welcome. But I also like Carrasco.

  • Mrtn

    Now, this whole season of struggling, die-hard-defending, standing the pressure of big teams and the smallest one’s with 11 defending “players”, this all makes no fckin sense.
    Playing the shit Simeone wants is a fckin failure when you are a team with star players everywhere, big-money spending every transfer season.
    The money talk is bullshit, this Atleti does not spend like a club on the edge of bankruptcy, we rather spend like Barca and Real. Now, if you spend like them, 3rd position in the league is not an objective, but the very minimum you have to achieve.
    In this final we could see that this group of players is capable of playing football, still not conceding a goal against a team like Real.
    This is a good fundament for any good coach who replaces Cholo, and if the next coach receives the same financial support from the board, maybe, maybe this summer we could sign some proper footballers who may have the opportunity to play some proper football, unlike Jackson, Jimenez, Mandzukic, Cerci and so on… These are not (all) bad players, they are attackers who were asked to defend all-game-long every fckin matchday.
    Conceding so few goals is nice. But it’s less nicer if you consider this was achieved by literally defendig with 10 field players even against the smallest teams in the league.
    There are (and were) some teams in the history of football, which mastered the “science” of defending ultimately. But we don’t do that, Cholo’s magic is that he drives so many players in front of our goal that a ball literally can’t find a route into the net. Now we are really good at it, but I am sure he would only be satisfied if he could place all 11 players in the goalline. That would be soooo nice….for him.
    Just remember last night, how many shots of Real was blocked in the last moment, with heroic struggling. And we played like this whole season, no matter who the opponent was. But guys, please, do not mix a perfect defending tactics with the heroic approach Cholo demands from everyone.
    Last but not least, let me speak about Cholo’s sportsmanship, which, simply does not exist. Throwing balls on the pitch to avoid the counter, fighting with the opponent players and all the bullshit he does… well it is not OK even when it brings success, but again, failing with this attitude just makes me feel sad for the man who thinks this is the way to success.
    I really hope someone like Emery will replace Cholo and also receives the same financial support Cholo and Flores did.
    Let’s play some football from now on!!!!!!!!

  • AndersAT

    Yeah that was weird. I thought he would bring on Tiago for a penalty.

    I think it is hard to blame oblak. You have to pick a place to try an get the ball. Shooters frequently choose the center of the goal, and then the keeper should stay put (even though it looks like he is not trying)

  • thericeking


  • thericeking

    sorry i didnt want to post a link as it seems too much like i am a bot or some useless person scamming people.

  • atleti10

    Carrasco and Gaitan on either wing is a frightening thought.

  • Cohen

    That is the most hurtful final ever played. And when I saw Torres and Juanfran tears afterwards, it hurt me even more.
    After the game, video of Juanfran apologizes:
    I can only think of 3 teams in the world with such dedicated fans, Atleti could be number 1. The other teams are not from Spain, I assure you.

  • nandes

    Calm down, jfc

  • KC

    Torres was double teamed all day. He made very good decoy runs and allowed Griezmann space to have shots on goal. Get a clue, watch the game. Griezmann was very selfish, could have played Torres in a few times, but chose to take bad shots. And he missed a penalty Torres won.

  • KC

    Torres was double teamed all day. He made very good decoy runs and allowed Griezmann space to have shots on goal. Get a clue, watch the game. Griezmann was very selfish, could have played Torres in a few times, but chose to take bad shots. And he missed a penalty Torres won. Real made sure Torres was not going to be the deciding factor.

  • nandes

    “Correa should’ve been brought earlier” yeah, and then we would’ve had to play with 9 men when Filipe/Koke ended up injured

  • atleti10

    As I said I’m a big fan but if you think Torres is still a world class striker you’re simply deluded. Griezmann is world class.

    Yes Torres made runs and yes some of them opened space for others but a lot of the time the pass just wasn’t on. I love his attitude, his commitment and his passion but I just don’t think he’s good enough to start for this team as much as it hurts me to say.

  • AndersAT

    Heartbreaking. He is such a stand up guy.

  • KC

    Did you watch the last half of the year? Torres was instrumental in us having a chance at the League title. Yes, he has lost a step, but he is still is very good, especially when he receives good service (Koke). Torres proved he was good enough over the last 15 games to start for this team.

    Real focused on Torres and were not going to let him have space or be the difference. Griezmann is definitely world class, he just had a bad night. It happenes. If he scores the penalty, both Torres and Griezmann are Heroes.

  • atleti10

    I agree, Torres was very good in the second half of the season. I still think there are better strikers out there who could improve the team. I don’t think Torres was marked out of the game by the Madrid defense, if that were the case gaps would have opened up for others.

    Again I think Torres has an important role in this team, I would like to see us have two world class strikers as well as Torres. Something I think the club are capable of making happen. We have plenty of deadwood to be sold, Cerci, Leo, even Vietto (potential to be very good) if it meant bringing in a Cavani/Higuain calibre of player.