Fernando Torres: We have a chance to re-write history

El Niño knows what is at stake against Real Madrid on Saturday

Fernando Torres says it would be a childhood dream come true to win with Atleti

Fernando Torres says it would be a childhood dream come true to win with Atleti

Fernando Torres may have won the Champions League four years ago with Chelsea, but lifting the big-eared trophy at the San Siro with Atlético Madrid on Saturday would be a childhood dream fulfilled for El Niño.

Speaking at the home of the showpiece fixture 24 hours before the final, Torres stressed just how important the match was for Atléticos everywhere.

“Real Madrid are a great team, but we have a chance to re-write history,” Fernando said.

“Nobody knows what this chapter will say, it is our job to write it.”

Speaking to beIN ahead of Saturday’s match, Torres said that people expected him to arrive at Atlético and not play a major role.

“I came to win with Atlético,” El Niño said. “It’s my destiny to win the biggest club competition in the world wth Atlético, completing a childhood dream.”

“It would mean everything to me, having this opportunity to make that dream a reality is amazing,” Torres re-iterated in Friday’s press conference.

“I have lived everything with Atlético. Except win a trophy. Now I have the opportunity to win the biggest trophy of them all, with Atlético.”

Atlético captain Gabi echoed Fernando Torres’ words.

“”It’s the most important match of our lives. You always dream big and tomorrow will be a big day for us.”

“The past is useless, thinking about Lisbon won’t help,” Gabi said, when asked about the 2014 final.

“We have to evaluate the task at hand tomorrow, we have beaten Real Madrid before.”

Coach Diego Simeone knows it’s a big job ahead, but one that he is prepared for.

“The beginning of the game will be very tense, very even,” Cholo said.

“Whoever wins the early battles in midfield will have an advantage and Madrid, with their technical qualities, might try to play more.”

As if he needed to reiterate his stance, if there was any doubt amongst any of the players or fans, Simeone spelled it out.

“To play a final is absolutely fantastic; to win it is even better. Only winning would make us happy. Only that.”