Luciano Vietto hoping to seal move away from Atlético

Celta rumoured to be close to signing the Argentine forward

Luciano Vietto plays for Atlético against Athletic Bilbao

Vietto could be on his way to Celta, according to reports

After a disappointing first season for Luciano Vietto at Atlético Madrid, it is understood that the young Argentine forward is keen on a move away from the Vicente Calderón in order to secure first-team football.

Celta is the rumoured destination for Vietto, according to AS, with talks between the clubs already at an advanced stage.

It is likely that the Galicians will insist upon a permanent transfer to Balaidos for the 22-year-old, who is reportedly keen to move to Vigo, with the club unlikely to consider any sort of loan move.

Atlético will insist on some sort of buy-back clause, but it is doubtful that Atleti will be able to recoup the €22 million they paid for him last summer.

The forward signed a six-year contract with Atlético when he joined from Villarreal at the request of Diego Simeone, after he enjoyed a fantastic season in yellow.

Atlético fans will be disappointed with the outcome of this transfer, given the amount of promise that Vietto has shown in his short career. With competition for places fierce, a move away was always on the cards for the youngster.

Vietto made 16 starts for Atlético this season, scoring three goals in all competitions. He made a further 11 appearances from the substitutes bench, and scored his most important goal for Atlético against Real Madrid in the derby at the Calderón in October.

Currently, Ángel Correa, Antoine Griezmann and Fernando Torres are already at Atlético. Perhaps Nico Gaitán, André Carrillo and Borja Bastón are on their way to the Calderón. It would seem that Luciano Vietto would be one name too many.

We could still see Vietto back in the red-and-white of Atlético, if he has a successful spell away with Celta.

Do you agree with Luciano Vietto leaving the club, or do you feel he is a better fit than some of the other rumoured arrivals?

  • BlasiusMagnus

    i think it’s the best for all parties if he leaves. he showed glimpses of his talent, but that’s simply not enough.

  • Ekikial

    Great move. Luciano is too weak for Atletico.

  • nandes

    I’ll believe it when it happens… This is not a Raúl Jimenez or Cerci situation where Simeone clearly didn’t have any intention of accommodating those players to the club. Vietto was his personal request, a player who he gave his professional debut at Racing in Argentina, and most of all someone who seems to want to grow and learn under him.

    I don’t think his first season here was a disaster, and I’m not sure it’s the best strategy to let go of young, promising players when we’re about to be faced with a transfer ban

  • atleti10

    Ye I agree, he needs another season.

  • Kris

    Well then.

  • Javi

    A transfer will be good for him but it should be a loan because he is going to be a great player and we would like him back when he shakes off whatever has impeded him

  • Urban

    I think he has the talent and he has not been so much of disappointment as Jackson was. Luciano didnt score that many goals but his contribution was ok, he had great runs, great passes. The first year here could have been too hard for him (remember how he suffered in pre-season?). Overall I would opt for giving him another chance now, but if he goes we should have at least a buy back clause.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    I disagree with the Cerci statement. I think he had all intentions on playing him. I am sure Cerci talked a good game to move to Atleti but when he didn’t train the way Simeone wanted, he was gone.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    My thought is if Vietto go to play as often as Jackson did, would have he come around and started scoring. I think Jackson should have been on the bench more and Vietto should have had more time on the field.

  • Koke

    I think his move away should be either a loan or ideally selling with a buyback option. I know this kid has potential, but I don’t think Celta is a club that is ready to pay anywhere near what we paid for him so if he goes to Celta I think a loan would be good. In any case, I think clubs like Sevilla, Villareal, Valencia, or Celta would be great for him – he should stay in La Liga but be at a good team that plays in Europe but that can accommodate him as a starter or a key player.

    I’ve said this before – I think Vietto’s and Oliver’s problems with fitting in this team are their personality. I’m not saying they have bad attitudes or aren’t hardworking and humble – far from it. It’s just that they seem to be a little too “nice,” a little too “soft.” Simeone seems to place his “trust” in players that are real fighters, players who are all balls and grit. That’s why even youngsters like Saul, Lucas, and Gimenez all had a fair shout even from the beginning. Are they good people? Of course, but they also have that confidence and toughness, you can see it in the way they play and interact on the field. If Oliver and Vietto are able to toughen up psychologically (and physically – both should put on some muscle imo) I think Simeone will be much more open to playing them.

  • Koke

    When we first signed Vietto I was a little skeptical, not because I didn’t think he was good, but because I didn’t think he was ready. I mean the kid was coming off of his first ever season in Europe, plus he’s so young, I think he should’ve been loaned back to Villareal for a second year before moving to us. I also think he has to get stronger. I can’t think of too many world class forwards with his stature. Yes, there are plenty of smaller guys (Tevez, Aguero, Messi, Griezmann, Lacazette, etc) but they are all surprisingly strong and have impeccable balance. It’s hard to imagine the likes of Ramos-Pepe, Pique-Mascherano, or the defenders of Bayern, Juventus, or even Sevilla and Valencia ever being overly worried by little Vietto, at least at this stage. I think a move away will be good for him, nowadays Atleti is not a club that can really afford to start players that are “halfway there” or “finding their feet”, we are too big and there is too much to lose so we have to be fielding ready-made players nearly every game. Only the ballsiest of players seem to be able to learn and grow here in this baptism of fire from a young age, like Gimenez, Koke, Saul, Lucas, etc. Others might be better off developing more elsewhere and coming back when they are ready.