Champions League final ticket news and events

We take a look at how the tickets are distributed and events outside the stadium

The San Siro, venue for the 2016 Champions League final

The San Siro, venue for the 2016 Champions League final

In just under three weeks time, Atlético Madrid will enter the pitch at the San Siro to take on Real Madrid in a rematch of the 2014 Champions League final.

The club has been given a measly 19,550 tickets for the final by UEFA, which has kept 32,000 for itself. 6,000 they sold back in March when nobody knew who would be in the final, and the remaining 26,000 will go to UEFA’s sponsors. That’s just over 6,000 more to sponsors than either Real or Atleti.

Injustices aside, we thought it would be useful to break down the allocation of tickets, so you know exactly what’s available and when,

Of the tickets given to Atleti, 83% (16,275) will be available to ‘socios’ and ‘peñas’ of the club. The other 3,275 have been reserved by the club to gift to players families and coaching staff, employees of the club, ex-players, and finally sponsors.

The 16,275 is further broken down as follows, with priority given to earlier members.


950 will be given to peñas both in Spain and abroad to distribute within themselves. If you belong to a peña this may be your best way of getting a ticket!
15,325 will then be distributed to socios. Priority will be given to the antiquity of uninterrupted socio membership and to those who have the ‘Abono Total’ (season ticket) for 2015/2016.

Days that you can buy your tickets, if you’re a socio:
– 9 May 2016 – Those with socio numbers 1 to 2,500
– 10 May2016 – Those with socio numbers 2,501 to 3,938 and those with Abono Total from 3,939 to 5,000
– 11 May 2016 – Those with socio numbers 5,001 to 8,000
– 12 May 2016 – Those with socio numbers 8,001 to 11,000
– 13 May 2016 – Those with socio numbers 11,001 to 14,000
– Once the match against Celta is over, the club will be announce a further, new strategy to sell the remaining tickets. (if there are any)


Category 1 – 440€
Category 1 with reduced visibility – 305€
Category 2 – 320€
Category 2 with reduced visibility – 220€
Category 3 – 160€
Category 3 with reduced visibility – 110€
Category 4 – 70€
Category 4 with reduced visibility – 45€

Reduced visibility means that there is a visual obstacle, such as railings or plastic glass which can impede your view of the pitch.

If this has disheartened you from travelling from Milan to support the Rojiblancos, please don’t let this put you off. Many thousands of fans are travelling without tickets and there will be a great fan zone for all Atletico supporters who travel. We’ll be covering all of the events in the coming weeks.

On a personal note, we here at will certainly be present in Milan and think it would be a great opportunity to organise a potential meet up with people who are fans of the site. More news on this soon too, but if you are interested please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments!

  • We’ll be in the Fan Zone then I guess! Haha.

  • Sam_Calderon

    I’ll try and buy a ticket. if not, then I’ll be in the fan zone!! count me in Nick! it will be great to meet u guyz!

  • James Deen

    Guys, see tickets for the final here:

  • Javi

    Guys be careful of people who post here for the first time Selling tickets as they are probably a scam

  • alessandro

    I sell 2 tickets for the final, category 4. if interested contact me [email protected]

  • Danny

    Do you know with gate cat 3 atleti fans are going to be sited?

  • mistri alessandro

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  • luca

    Buenas noches, escribo desde Milán para ofrecer si usted está interesado en nr. 2 entradas para la final Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid el próximo 28 de mayo
    Las entradas son cat 3°. sector 109.
    Si estás interesado puedes contactar conmigo en esta dirección de correo electrónico.
    [email protected]