Player ratings: Levante put Atleti’s title hopes to bed

We rate the performance as rojiblancos squander a 1-0 lead in Valencia

Torres' early goal not enough

Torres' early goal not enough

It was a familiar story for Atlético Madrid on Sunday afternoon, as they were beaten in the Ciutat de Valencia by a relegated Levante side who came from behind to win 2-1.

Simeone watched from the stands as his team’s title dream officially ended, Giuseppi Rossi putting the final nail in the coffin with a last minute winning goal on the counter attack.

Read on to see how we rated the players:

Jan Oblak – 5

Couldn’t do much about either of the goals. For once, not given sufficient cover by his defenders for much of the match. Made a couple of routine stops, but nothing else to really speak of.

Juanfran – 6

One of our best attacking threats in the second half. Was always available on the right and was assured with his dribbling and control, but couldn’t find the telling ball. Perhaps guilty of over-committing and leaving us short at the back.

Jose María Giménez – 5

Showed urgency as we chased a second goal, but was a little rash at times, giving away a silly free-kick on the edge of the box and ignoring some of his defensive duties. Needs Godín alongside him to keep him in check.

Stefan Savic – 6

Had a good chance to put us in front after half-time but couldn’t divert his header home. The only one back at times when Levante countered, not really his fault that we had no over cover but he isn’t a leader like Godín.

Filipe Luís – 6

Like Juanfran, he got forward at every opportunity and was a good outlet, but couldn’t make the difference. We lack a striker who will attack the ball inside the six-yard box, would make a big difference for the two full-backs when putting crosses in.

Gabi – 6

Taken off early, perhaps just to give him some rest given how much he has played lately. One of our better players in the first half, dictating from the middle and leading the side. Could’ve done with him as we chased a winning goal.

Augusto – 5

Didn’t really do anything wrong, but was sacrificed at half-time for the second match running. Can’t help feel that playing him, Gabi, Saúl and Koke is overkill in midfield in games such as these.

Koke – 6

Had a good first half and claimed another nice assist for Torres with a well-timed through ball, and tried hard to make chances in the second half. Set pieces still could do with some improvement.

Saúl Ñíguez – 6

Like Koke, he tried hard to find us an all-important winning goal, but was left frustrated and lacked the creativity to unlock the Levante defence. One who could do with a rest, has played a lot recently and looked a little tired.

Ángel Correa – 6

Hard to see why he was taken off at half-time. Arguably our brightest spark in the first half, and the type of player you wan’t on the pitch when trying to find a goal. Was causing trouble with his quick feet and movement.

Fernando Torres – 6

Took his goal very well, and did a good job of stretching their defence in the first half with his runs and hold-up play. Impact lessened a little in the second half after taking an elbow to the head by David Navarro, but one of our better players still.


Antoine Griezmann – 6

Didn’t do a great deal, but had probably our best chance of the second half when Mariño saved his one-on-one effort. Perhaps should’ve played from the start, but not sure it would’ve changed the final result.

Yannick Carrasco – 7 (Man of the match)

The one player who really looked dangerous and hungry, which is a little worrying. Came up in all areas in attack, but lacked a little in his end product and was left frustrated as some teammates didn’t appear to be on his wavelength.

Thomas Partey – 6

Kept the ball well and kept the play moving in attack, but didn’t have the same impact as in the reverse fixture back in January. Still, has been one of Cholo’s most used substitutes lately which suggests he has a future at the club.

Do you agree with our ratings? Did anybody deserve to be man of the match?

  • rquaresma

    Too high rates. None of the team deserves above. We MUST win the Champios league final!

  • thericeking

    levante were pretty good so i’d say 5s and 6s is acceptable.. apart from for the defense and oblak. they should be 4s, they were shit.. filipe ran like a wild dog though so i can handle a 6 for him..but that header goal was juanfran’s fault and he made some other mistakes.. i think he would have got that penalty if he tried for the ball rather than for the fall

  • Kris

    Man, how long ago were we out of the title fight? I am happy that we even came this close to winning the league in a year of massive readjustments to the team. I was still optimistic about winning the league, though. I was kind of hoping we would finish above Real and Oblak would get that record, but oh well. Now we look ahead to the Champions League Final. We are way too hungry for this trophy to not win it in Milan. The Champions League trophy is coming to the Vicente Calderon and there is gonna be a massive party at the Fuente de Neptuno. This shall begin a new era in Atletico that is going to see more success than ever in Atleti history. Aupa Atleti!

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Jose María Giménez – 1
    Since he has returned, he has been the weakest link. Horrible UCL game and now this game. 1st bad game = bad luck. 2nd bad game = bad day. 3rd bad game = a pattern.
    I would sit all the starters next week except Giménez. If he has a 3rd bad game I would bench him for the UCL final. I know really harsh for all that he has done. But I had to say it.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    The loss so annoying, right? Well here are my 3 reasons why this loss to Levante is a good thing:
    1) Is Barcelona really going to lose a game over the next two weeks? No, they got their mojo back a week after we beat them.
    2) We have 20 days to rest our starters and only concentrate on beating Real Madrid.

    3) The loss was a wake up call to the players. Winning the UCL is not
    automatic. We don’t deserve anything. This mindset will get us hungry
    for victory.
    Bonus) Fernando Torres scored. This will boost his confidence. In both UCL games he missed two goals he thinks he should have made.
    !!!AUPA ATLETI!!!

  • Koke

    I’m really bummed out but let’s look at the bright side. First of all, I think a lot of us were under the impression that if we won all our remaining Liga games we were entitled to something. Wrong – Barcelona are very very likely to win at Granada next weekend and then this loss means absolutely nothing. Assuming we were always going to fail to win La Liga, it’s better to find out about that earlier rather than later right? (Of course, if Barca drops points next weekend then I’ll look stupid AND this loss will be gut wrenching.)

    Secondly, I think it’s a wake up call. It doesn’t matter if we are a couple games away from potentially winning the league or one game away from maybe winning the champion’s league. We haven’t earned shit YET. We could easily still come out with nothing, even after all the hard work and suffering all season, even after how far we’ve come. Hopefully now the players realize this even more after this latest slap in the face and in the final they can play like hungry wolves, putting their absolute all into every damn second.

  • The Prince 107

    100% agree with you it’s good we lost because this might make real complacent and we will be able to get the better of them

  • The Prince 107

    His temper is getting out of control he needs to calm down Lucas or Savic should partner Godin in the final because they are much calmer

  • The Prince 107

    Juanfran has played way too much this season it must have been fatigue, next week against celta he should not be in the match day squad at all he needs rest for the final

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Many people are talking about “wake up call”, I really don’t think we were asleep to need a wake up call, I don’t think this Atleti is that kind of team .
    The way I see it is very simple, we just can’t play possession-based football, we can’t score or even create chances when the opponent defend with 8 players .
    Our players are always hungry wolves, they always put their absolute all into every second, but Simeone still hasn’t realized yet that this is alone is not enough, you need to have class, you need to have quality, you need a fucking plan B when we are “forced” to attack instead of counter attack .

    Finishing below Real Madrid is frustrating, do you know since when we have been in 2nd place ?! since week 12 .
    Also the team in 2nd place get a couple of millions more than the one in the 3rd in the market pool of UCL .
    And if both Barca and Real fell next season it will be devastating, while if only Barca fell and the title went to Real, that will be a real disaster .

  • AndersAT

    I agree. Gimenez is a great young defender but right now Savic seems the safer choice.

  • Koke

    I would agree with that as well. Even if our players are playing with maximum intensity and are on top form, we will often struggle in these kinds of games simply because of our tactics. For the millionth time, I say Simeone needs to change his approach. I mean, are Levante really so dangerous that we need all four of those midfielders plus our back line and Oblak to stop them? And even with that set up, they still scored against us.

    If we sell Oliver, that will be a stupid, stupid decision. And if we do, I hope to God we purchase someone like Silva, Reus, etc, although I honestly think Oliver would suit us better than they would, even if he is a lot less experienced. The perfect midfield in this sport is almost always (Defensive Mid, Box to Box Mid, Attacking Mid), or some teams prefer to replace the Box to Box Mid with a Central Midfielder who pulls the strings but doesn’t necessarily score goals. That would mean that even Gabi-Saul-Koke is sort of conservative, but I would definitely be okay with that lineup. However, these players are not really ideal for picking apart tight defenses. That’s when we need players like Thomas, Oliver, and Correa. I was dumbfounded when Simeone took off Correa yesterday; he was wreaking havoc on Levante’s defense. Something’s gotta change.

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    Even though we lost our chances at winning the league I don’t think it’s all bad! I mean since the Malaga game at la rosaleda(prior to that game we were 6 points ahead) I knew it was going to be difficult to catch Barcelona. Then the loss to gijon and draw with Villarreal added to it but oh well. No one saw that terrible dip in form from Barcelona either so I knew there was a reason to believe. If they win la liga, they’ve done it with the referees help. I don’t care how butthurt I sound but it’s true. Same goes for that other side from Madrid. La liga wasn’t made for us to win this year. Nevertheless, I’m proud of our domestic run this year. Let’s win the fucking final of UCL against those shits
    Aupa Atleti!!!!

  • Usavicente Calderon

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but I would go with Lucas in the UCL Final.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Now you are talking .

    The one who really needs a wake up call is Simeone, but he got many of those, long away before the defeats against Levante & Gijon, a full round before those two games, the two very difficult, very late 1-0 wins against those same two teams .

    Some people would say he was fighting for La Liga until two weeks from the end, and he is in UCL final .
    Well, for La Liga, we shouldn’t have still been in the race, what happened to Barca was not normal .
    While for UCL, Di Matteo won the title just 4 years ago, can those who are defending Simeone all the time tell me where is Di Matteo now, without googling him ?!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Grow up, if Barca won the title it will be totally deserved, and I hate them more than you do, I don’t know how old are you, but I don’t think you are old enough that you saw Barca withdraw against us in Copa del Rey in 2000 after losing the 1st leg 3-0 because of a very lame excuse, I did .
    They are a very disgusting club, not so much different than Real Madrid in many aspects, but they succeeded to make most of the world believe otherwise .
    But they are a hell of a football team, and I don’t think there is a team in Europe deserves the league title more than them, not even Leicester -with all due respect for what they have done- but they won the EPL with only 77 points .

    It’s true that Barca were awarded too many penalties, but :
    1- Most of them or maybe all of them were correct, I mean they spend half of the game in the opponent’s box .
    2- They could have won all of those games even if they weren’t awarded those penalties .

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    We deserve la liga more than them. We worked our asses off grinding out results the hard way. Even Torres said it, “the best way to win is to suffer while doing it”. Another season we sold players and replaced them once again. Football is unpredictable anything could have happened if those pks weren’t awarded. Whatever yes, that’s the past. That “beautiful football” is a massive misconception as to the way people see Barcelona but no one gives a shit so whatever …. UCL final is our war on May 28th.