Frente’s #NuncaDejesDeCreer campaign goes viral

Atlético fans promise to never stop believing before clash with Barcelona

Picture credit: Marca - Juan Aguado

Picture credit: Marca - Juan Aguado

We all know that Atlético fans are the best fans in the world, and we have no better opportunity to prove it than on Wednesday against Barcelona, in our crucial Champions League tie.

When the two teams met in the Calderón at this stage of the Champions League in 2014 the fans were remarkable. Who will ever forget the stunning mosaic created which echoed Luis Aragones’ iconic “Ganar y ganar y ganar” phrase.

The club will very likely create a mosaic on an equally epic level for the match on Wednesday. Voices will be hoarse by the end of the match but every shout is likely to spur the team on further.

Getting a ticket to the match is almost impossible. It was fully sold out in no time at all, guaranteeing an electric atmosphere on the banks of the Manzanares River.

The Frente issued a statement giving instructions for fans to give it their absolute all before, during and after the match. The Frente have also started a campaign which is really taking off.

Bridges, runways, balconies and school entrances are being covered with banners supporting the team. Most are using the hashtags #NuncaDejesDeCreer – ‘Never Stop Believing’. This was the mosaic in the match against PSV, and also #JuntosHaciaLaVictoria – ‘Together To Victory’.

The banners are often decorated with Atletico emblems and vary in quality but all carry the same passion. Pictures are being tweeted with those hashtags. We are already seeing hundreds of these banners go up around Madrid and are beginning to appear across the world. Why not draw one up and send us a picture on Twitter @AtleticoFans?

You’ll see that we’ve even got in on the act here by replacing our normal ad at the top of the page!

Some fans are reportedly also going to gather outside the Barcelona hotel on Tuesday night to make noise and let the Culés know that they are in for it! One who may be thinking about his reception is Arda Turan, who betrayed the colchoneros to sit on the bench for Luis Enrique.

The match is Atletico’s biggest match of the season and the crowd will step up to that level. It truly is going to be 55,000 against the 11 of Barcelona.

Well unless it’s similar to the match at the Camp Nou, in which case it will be 55,000 against 12…

  • I love it when the fans come together like this! I’m flying to Madrid on Wednesday so can’t wait to see all of the banners!

  • Koke

    I don’t see any reason why we should doubt ourselves. Barcelona is not the same beast it was for the two thirds of the season. I mean, it’s obvious now that they’re getting weak because of the recent games against Villareal, Madrid, Sociedad, etc but even for a couple months prior they were getting some really lucky wins despite playing really badly. Now their players are losing morale, motivation, and energy at the worst possible time and whereas they looked favorites for an easy treble two months ago now they are in danger of not winning anything, or at least not all three trophies. Like Madrid last year, they could lose form at a pivotal moment and implode.

    No, we don’t have a great record against them, but we’ve played some of our best football against them lately. Absolute world class defensive performances, along with clinical attacking that saw players like Torres or Koke score their goals. I think if we didn’t see red cards in the last two matches, we could have won them or at least tied.

    All we really need to do is keep Suarez the rat on a tight leash. He’s not their best player but he’s their most effective one, because even if him or the whole team is playing badly he always seems to score a goal out of nowhere. I think if the players rough him up a bit or frustrate him he can do something ridiculous again and see red. Obviously Messi and Neymar are dangerous too but they aren’t quite the same without Suarez, and right now neither is on top form. And I really hope we see either Thomas or Correa, because those two players are definitely capable of changing games.

  • Kris

    That’s what it’s all about. Nunca dejes de creer!

  • Kris

    Super psyched for you man. Hope you enjoy it despite the result. Pictures and videos, por favor!!!

  • Kris

    But the problem with Barcelona is that they are much more protected than we are, and even the simplest fouls on them can result in cards for us. Also the misconception that we are a violent team doesn’t help along with all the cards we get when we play against Barcelona.

    In this match, we have to attack and we have to be efficient. Inviting pressure is going to fuck us up because even with the best defense in the world, we’re not able to contain MSN who seem to score out of nowhere.

    We need players up front and we need players in the back even if it is unbalanced with more players at the back. I think the way to score goals is by attacking Barcelona’s fragile midfield with only one real DM. So that means we must pressure.

    Whatever the outcome may be, I know our boys will put up a confident and bold display and fulfill their duty, which is most important.

  • Will do! Here’s some stuff from me at the Camp Nou last week!

  • Kris

    Great scenes man. You guys were making a lot of noise while the Barca supporters seem virtually mute. Must have been when they were 1-0 down. I feel like Barca has the quietest group of supporters of a “big” club, of course after Manchester United. At least Real Madrid boo their players(disgraceful).

    You’re rocking that blue shirt man. That’s the best Atleti away jersey I have seen in a while.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yes, we should set a trap for Suarez, we should keep provoking him until he snaps and hit or bite someone, and I don’t care if it’s dirty or cheap, like Barca are so clean and honorable !

    Maybe this is our problem against this Barca, maybe Godin & Gimenez are not so tough with Suarez, because he is their compatriot and their friend, and he had so much trouble already and was suspended for long time on international level .

    Do you guys think that Godin & Gimenez could and should have been tougher against Suarez ?!
    And I don’t mean a tackle like the one that saw Godin sent off in La Liga, but duels and fights like the ones we see between Godin and Pepe, Godin and Neymar, Gimenez and Ramos .