Matchday LIVE: Barcelona vs. Atlético

It's time for the battle in Barcelona as the Champions League returns

Juanfran wrestles with Iniesta at the Camp Nou earlier this season

Juanfran wrestles with Iniesta at the Camp Nou earlier this season

Tonight is the night! Atlético Madrid make the short journey north to Barcelona to conquer the Catalans at Camp Nou in the Champions League quarter finals!

After a loss at the weekend to Real Madrid, which snapped Barcelona’s unbeaten streak, Atleti know that Barcelona will be the wounded tiger ready to pounce. Atleti will be looking to grab a vital away goal to take back to the Vicente Calderón.

Use the comments to post your thoughts, reactions and (hopefully) celebrations. We’ll be posting updates via Twitter, and you can follow the action right here.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

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  • Mrtn


    and Koke got his own yellow for nothing…

  • Chewie

    What the fuck?! Will we ever finish a Barcelona game with a full squad?

  • atleti10

    Lucas is going to be a beast. Putting Neymar in his place.

    Fed up of this preferential treatment. Come on Atleti.

  • nandes

    That was a foolish move from Fernando, ok. But this happens everytime not only with atleti but with every fucking team who plays Barcelona. I’m tired of these double standards

  • Abdil Egriøz

    Another red against barca, this is becoming a habbit…

  • Ahmad Hossainy
  • madwriter

    Can we weather the storm?

  • AndersAT

    To be honest, the red was perhabs ok, it was very clumsy. It is probably the same state of mind that made us play so well that makes us get the red cards.

    But that being said, Suarez should have received a direct red card for the kick against Juanfran.

  • Chewie

    I want to address all the players – next time you play against Barcelona, please score two goals before being sent off. Thank you.

  • Abdil Egriøz

    1-0 at home and we are set, even though it looks very difficult,

  • titihenry12

    Sorry this defeat was half Torres but also half Simeones fault. How can you sit back so deep in the second half. How can you take out Carrasco for Augusto. How can you Sub Griezmann for Thomas? Sorry that is a joke and that stupid sitting extremely back tactics really really hurt…Fuck Simeone…the same shit as against Sporting Gijon :((((

  • AndersAT

    Well, look at the positive side of life, we are still underdogs to move through to the next round… that is when we play the best football.

  • Roman

    For Barcelona, every day is Christmas. They get gifts like there’s no tomorrow. That is just frustrating. On the other hand, let’s not forget there is another game, and anything can happen. If the referee in the return leg would not be an undercovrer Catalonian, I believe we can do this.

  • nandes

    Carrasco probably wasn’t fully fit to play the whole match

  • Ratchet

    Yet another loss to Barca. What is that now, 7 in a row? Tut tut.

  • atleti10

    Ridiculous comment. 10 players against this Barca team.

    No one’s to fault but Torres. Well the officials for not sending that rat Suarez off for kicking someone but you can’t expect them to do their job against Barca. I have to laugh, if I booted someone in the office I’d have my contract cancelled, probably do a night behind bars for assault.

  • AaX

    Yes the red card changed the direction of the game but from where we were at 11 vs 11 at Camp Nou it seemed we were in the lead. It’s not like they recorded this 2-1 result with both at full team.
    The second yellow looked suspicious because it does looked more like busquet moving his foot across Fernando’s to cheat a foul hence the red card. Nothing new about busquet which will be asking more than he could handle at the Calderon.

    Well, the second half will commence in 8 days time with full 11 v 11.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yes, 7th in a row, the worst streak against Barca in all Atleti’s history .

    Simeone ended our drought against Real Madrid, but he is creating another one against Barca !

  • titihenry12

    yeah….but you can attack a little bit higher and not take off the whole offence with you subs…sorry, we would have needed to do that…look at the first 10 minutes in the second half…we were begging for a Goal and finally we conceded the hoal we were begging for.

    In the Calderon we Need Courage and cannot Play for a 1-0, it is almost impossible to keep a clean sheet against MSN…

  • Karlp

    Is it right that double cumulative will be cleared for semifinal? So, if those 6 players who got yellow got another yellow in the 2nd leg, and if somehow atleti is going through, they can play in the semi? Can Torres play also?

  • atleti10

    I agree it would be great to push up but it’s all about risk reward and I think Simeone felt it was too risky. Had we held on for a 1-1 we’d be saying the team did what they had to do and did it well.

    I think when Barca want to control a game it’s very difficult to play the way you want to, you play by their rules and wits 10 players even more so. I’m disappointed with the red but that aside I’m not too upset. After that onslaught 2-1 is ok. We played well with 11 on the pitch and next time round we’ll have a fuller, fitter team.
    We’re underdogs but I’m quitt confident.

  • Sebastian Tataru

    ok , everybody is critisazing torres , in my opnion he scored a beatiful goal despite beeing sent of , it is a crucial goal for the return match , stop it

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    1- Torres for sure can play the semifinal if we passed, he will be suspended for one game .
    2- As a general rule, in a send-off for the 2nd yellow, the red card cancels the two yellows, i.e : it counts as 1 red and zero yellow .
    (many people get confused about this rule)
    3- Suspension in UCL is after the THIRD yellow card, then after the odd-numbered yellow card (5th, 7th, …)
    4- Yellow cards are ALWAYS carried forward, from group stage to knock out stage, from knock out stage to the next knock out stage, and from the semifinal to the final.
    5- This is the list of our yellow cards after tonight’s game :
    Oliver has 2 yellow cards .
    Koke, Grizi, Godin, Savic, Gabi, Filipe, Saul, Augusto, Lucas and Oblak each have only one yellow .
    While Torres -according to the rule above- has none .
    So, the only player who could miss the semifinal first leg through suspension is Oliver, but suspended or not, he will miss it !

    This photo is from UEFA Champions League Regulations from UEFA official website, It’s saved on my computer, and every football fan should do the same .

  • Kris

    I doubt we’ll go through because we only scored one goal here today, but I don’t know about a fuller, fitter team. We always seem to be incapable to finish the match with a full team against this Barcelona.

  • Kris

    lol I hope you don’t really believe that we play best as underdogs.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    “you can’t have everything”

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Actually, if we can’t beat or at least get a draw against Barca, then we can’t have anything !

  • atleti10

    Carrasco, Godin and Saul back from injuries and lucas starting centre back. Taking the positives a 2-1 isn’t that bad considering all that. I agree barca on their day will beat anyone and that we’ve struggled but I think a full strength Atletico has the POTENTIAL to beat barca.