Player ratings: Atleti beat PSV in penalty thriller

Los Rojiblancos advance to quarters for third time in three years

Atlético ran out eventual winners

Atlético ran out eventual winners

Atlético ran out eventual winners on Tuesday evening after an intense shoot-out decided one of the Champions League quarter-finalists. Atleti edged it 8-7 on penalties.

Can they carry their free-scoring form over into the Holy Grail of Euro competitions? That’s what I asked prior to Tuesday’s UCL clash, and no, they couldn’t. Not in either leg or in extra time.

However, we at AtleticoFans witnessed a killer match between a PSV side that was extremely conservative and a home side that enjoyed more possession than usual.

This game really wore on, and if your heart was with the Red and White’s, then you can attest to the frustration of witnessing your side struggle to find quality chances. Cursing Griezmann’s two botched chances in either half were acceptable reactions, too.

PSV did the work at the back end though, with their backline of five, and often looked like they had taken a page from Simeone’s book of controlling spaces on the pitch. But when push came to shove in the shootout, Atleti were the ones who got the 8-7 win after PSV’s Narsingh hit the the crossbar and Juanfran took advantage of his shortcoming:

Read on to see how we rated the players:

Jan Oblak – 7 

All in all, Oblak only had to make one save in the closely contested match. However, he settled long balls, stopped a crucial key pass in the box, and was solid in the air on set-pieces. He wasn’t great on penalties, and that’s what gets him a 7.

Juanfran – 7 

Juanfran threw off his shirt in triumph after Jeroen Zoet failed to stop his shot and ran to the corner to take in the winning result. Penalties aside, he was happy for more than his goal, he was exhausted and knew that his relentless pressing down his flank wasn’t for nothing. Atletico enjoyed much of the ball, and a lot of it was down to Juanfran getting the ball back.

Jose Gimenez – 7 

The young center-back did his job today, wasn’t really tested but read counter-attacks well, and kept PSV at bay when the rare scare came close to home.

Diego Godin – 8 

Uruguay’s solid rock, Diego Godin, didn’t disappoint. On the offensive, he almost scored a header in the second-half and in his own zone cleared all the long balls that came his way until he came off in 89th minute.

Filipe Luis – 7 

The Brazilian left-back showed his dribbling ability today, and rarely lost the ball. He wasn’t as good as his last three games in La Liga with his crosses, but didn’t display a bad performance by any means.

Gabi – 7 

When Gabi managed to stop Arias on a break, he showed why in the big games, he’s still essential. Defensively, he was class and even showed up when it was his turn to finish his penalty kick.

Augusto – 6

The Argentine essentially took Luciano Vietto’s starting spot when Simeone switched him in midfield and put Carrasco up top next to Griezmann. Tactically, Augusto didn’t disappoint and pressed with a purpose. He played the deepest midfield role at times and gave PSV problems when they came knocking. Not a bad performance at all, just made some questionable decisions on the front foot.

Koke – 7

Perhaps Atletico’s best creator in midfield, the 24 year-old had two shots on net and had some decent deliveries to his two forwards. He gets a 7 here because it looked as though Saul took on his role as the game went on. Not bad, but not Koke’s best performance. We expect a lot from the Spaniard.

Saul – 9 (Man of the Match)

In La Liga, Saul has scored two in his last three, and although he didn’t score on Tuesday, he was great going forward. Off the ball, he was causing problems with his positioning and offered plenty of decent looks to Griezmann and Carrasco. Defensively, he made some key interceptions.

Carrasco – 8 

Although he came off with 15 minutes left for Matias Kranevitter, he was explosive down his left side and came close on a few occasions to break the deadlock.

Griezmann – 6 

Like all his teammates, the France international didn’t have a bad game. He was a threat throughout, but Zoet stopped his two quality shots and that is why he gets a 6. Oh yeah, he also looked like Zidane in midfield at one point:


Fernando Torres – 7

Made some poor passes at times when he came in for Augusto, but was a real threat and made Zoet save three of his shots. Also had a superb shootout goal to keep Atleti alive.

Matias Kranevitter – 5

Wasn’t anything special when he replaced Carrasco, and didn’t nearly impact as much as the Belgian.

Lucas Hernandez – 6 

Came on three minutes before the final whistle and didn’t make any mistakes in extra time, good night for 20 year-old.

  • Urban

    We qualified in the way we like the most – with sufrimiento. Hard game, but for all the games where the opposition defends with 10 man are so. Im pretty proud of our guys because they truly never stopped to believe, and I think the pressure on them became immense. If i had to complain about something I would point out Oblak’s performance in penalty shootout and Cholo’s decision to put Kranevitter on, which was in post-game press conf explained by cholo in the following words: “I realised this game is not to be won, so I let Kranevitter play to restore balance in midfield”. IT WAS 75th MINUTE, with approx. 20 minutes left to play and further 30 ahead in extra time, and Cholo already decided to wait the game out to penalties!? In a match dominated by us, in front of our own folks he decides that he would rather leave everything to luck?

  • AaX

    That’s what I meant about some of Simeone’s decision. Sometimes it’s Brilliant and sometimes just insane. We’ll I hope this would be well over us.

    Aupa ATLETI !

  • Ringo

    I think with PSV being more dangerous than expected on the occasional counter, he didn’t want to risk conceding any goal whatsoever, since that would mean the necessity of (at least) two goals, which was hard against an also unexpectedly tight defense.

    Also I think Correa or something would have come on if it wasn’t for Godín’s injury/emptied tank.

    I wished to have seen different but I guess I got where he was coming from.

    Also, offensively our midfielders were really struggling. Maybe because of the PSV pressuring, but Koke, Saúl and Gabi were pretty inaccurate, especially for their standards and Augusto seemed way too chaotic at times.
    I don’t think Kranevitter came on to do what Carrasco did, Carlo. He was there to silence the midfield a little more. I think he did pretty well, but that’s because I look at him as our most defense-based midfielder.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Zoet was above human standards in this game. He is the reason this game didn’t end 5 – 0. Over 20 shots on goal! Crazy game. No one had a bad game here. Atleti needs to keep the 4-3-3, though we didn’t score, if we play a team with a goalie that is mortal, then we will score. My hat is off to PSV, the 5 defenders (parking the bus) and playing the counter attack did look like Atleti 2 years ago. My man of the match is JuanFran. Why? He didn’t choke. He was playing for all the marbles on that one penalty. He has been the unsung hero for the last 3 years. Glad he got the spot light. !!!AUPA ATLETI!!!

  • AaX

    You are right. The first leg 0-0 scoreline set this up. After 70th min without any goal it was too risky to open up and you are right about Correa too. It’s just wierd that Cocu admitted they were having problems with Carrasco on the left until the change. But I guess the risk is far greater and it’s True PSV was set up to defend and counter from the get go. They would want to hit the killer in the closing minutes. Lets hope we can start playing our game now.

    VAMOS Atleti !!

  • Hannu

    I think Filipe Luis was man of the match. Dont give a shit if we would have got some younger (and so on) lb for that money as Filipe is just perfect lb for us. In some games it seems that he is our best offensive player!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    In a game of 120 minutes where we failed to score any goals, none of the midfielders or the attackers deserve more than 6, a 9 is too much for Saul, he was in the last 3rd of the pitch and in PSV’s box many times, and in several times he was our only player in PSV’s box receiving a cross, and every time he was there he offered nothing .
    I think he gets 6 at best, and the fact that it’s not his natural position is not my problem .

    Juanfran & Filipe both deserve more than 7, at least 8, and both are my man of the match .

    Filipe of 2013-14 is back, that’s why we only conceded 12 goals in 29 La Liga games, an all-time record, Siqueira-Ansaldi-Gamez were a big problem last season, and for that a shaky defense like Barca’s conceded less goals than us .
    HOWEVER, we still need to sign another LB next summer, and he needs to play a considerable amount of minutes .
    Simeone didn’t give Lucas a chance against Getafe or Las Palmas, then he was forced to use him in the 2nd leg of UCL round of 16, the exact same thing happened with Oblak last season, this really needs to stop .