Matchday LIVE: PSV vs. Atlético

Atlético are in Holland to take on PSV in their last 16 clash

Atlético take part in training at the Philips Stadion

Atlético take part in training at the Philips Stadion

It’s finally here! The return of the UEFA Champions League for Atleti, and a tough trip to Holland awaits us tonight as we take on PSV in Eindhoven.

PSV are playing extremely well in the league and Atlético, well, have been a bit hit and miss lately. That all changes this evening as we chase that away goal and a lead to take to the Vicente Calderón.

Use the comments to post your thoughts, reactions and (hopefully) celebrations. We’ll be posting updates via Twitter, and you can follow the action right here.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

Starting XIs

PSV: Zoet, Moreno, Arias, Bruma, Willems, Pröpper, Guardado, van Ginkel, Pereiro, Narsingh, Locadia.

Atlético: Oblak, Juanfran, Godín, Savic, Filipe, Koke, Gabi, Saúl, Olíver, Griezmann, Vietto.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I was 100% sure that Gimenez will start and Savić -after being by far our best player vs Villarreal- will go back to the bench, but I was wrong, Savić is starting .

    This is how it should be done, you play very well you keep your spot, and it doesn’t matter what your name is .
    As I told you @Mrtn, I still didn’t lose faith in Simeone, I believe he still can learn from his mistakes and let go of his stubbornness, he is doing it very slowly, but he is going there .

  • atletiIndia12

    Our forward just can’t finish.

  • Koke

    What’s happened to Koke? How can it be possible that a player is 2x as good when he’s 22 compared to age 24?

  • Hannu

    Damn this is poor. I quess we cannot do anything but cross and cross…

  • Hannu

    We should have butchered them but no fucking way.

  • Kris

    HUGE gap in the front now that even Griezmann can’t seem to score.

  • atletiIndia12

    Oliver was great and our only creative player but sad thing is there’s noone who can link up with him.what Vietto has done to gurantee his place over Correa?As much as i like Saul ,he just can’t pass.

  • KC

    Unbelievable, our midfielders were terrible today. How man runs does Torres need to make before they pass the fricking ball??? Torres was sooo frustrated. Quit playing side to side and get the f-ing ball in the box!!! Very frustrating!! And why is Vietto starting?? He has been poor at best.

  • atletiIndia12

    Koke ,Saul are only adding numbers in park .None other than Oliver seems to be creating anything.

  • nandes

    Not the worst result, but a very predictable one. Same problems we have been seeing since the end of the 2014/2015 season: lack of creativity, too many long balls, poor midfield…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I always considered 0-0 away a negative result in a two-legged tie, but I can take some positive things tonight :
    Savić got a totally deserved start, Oliver started too after I was afraid to see a midfield of Gabi-Koke-Saul-Augusto, and he even finished the game, when I saw that Saul is the one coming out for Correa I celebrated like we scored a goal !

    Third time in a month to face a team who sets at the back and defend with 10 men, and third time it ends 0-0 .
    We just can’t break down defenses, and it’s not strikers problem alone or creativity problem alone, it’s both .
    Vietto & Grizi missed two very easy chances, but also the midfield didn’t create any other chances than those two .
    Oliver was trying and he did create some danger, Gabi did his job very well as a center midfielder, Saul played a lot out wide, and when he did he didn’t offer too much, because, again, he is not a winger or an attacking midfielder, nor is Koke, and that is the problem Simeone and most of the fans can’t see, Koke is not fast, not a great dribbler, not very creative, just compare him to Carrasco and Oliver and you will see very clearly that he is not a winger or an AM .
    Koke needs to play in the center, alongside Gabi or Tiago or Saul or Augusto or Kranevitter, and BOTH Oliver & Carrasco play up front, not Oliver OR Carrasco, and if Carrasco isn’t available then Oliver AND Correa, not Oliver OR Correa which was the debate after Carrasco’s injury .
    And this is actually how we ended the game tonight, Gabi-koke / Oliver-Correa-Grizi / Torres, maybe if it was like this from the start, Correa instead one of the 3 midfielders, Saul in this case, we could have scored .

    Vietto wasn’t that bad, I liked his movements and his footwork, but he must get some muscles, if this kid had Aguero’s body, lower body in particular, I think he could be a world-class .

    Savić received his first booking with Atleti after 1223 minutes of play, I think this is a record in Simeone’s era, for all outfield players and not just defenders !
    And he didn’t even deserve that yellow card, it wasn’t even a foul !

    One last thing : did anybody else noticed this :
    The positioning of the ref was very awful in my opinion, he was always on the way of our players when they were going to PSV’s box .

  • atleti10

    We create plenty of crossing opportunities but we don’t have an aerial presence up front. Therefore 4-4-2 doesn’t work. Historically a team playing with 2 up top has had a tall player and a fast player allowing them to play through balls and to utilise the overlap created by wingers and fullbacks.

    We just don’t have that. I believe the problem is that the system doesn’t fit the players. When you look at our 3 offensive players yesterday, Oliver, Vietto and Griezmann it’s so clear that we need to be playing through the middle. And that’s where we created opportunities. Once the opposition plug the middle then you either pass it through them, enter Correa, or bring on an aerial up front and whip in crosses. We did bring on Correa but we adopted the latter game plan.

    There’s a place for Borja in this squad, as an option off the bench. But we need to look at our overall philosophy. I’m dying to see what would happen if we threw caution to the wind and played Correa-Oliver-Vietto behind Griezmann with Koke and Gabi sitting in midfield… I won’t hold my breath.

    Aupa Atleti

  • Othman

    Hi Ahmed,

    -You were happy when Correa replaced Saul. But unfortunately that not means Simeone changed, I recall PSV received a red card, the minimum to be done by Simeone is to put an additional attacking player especially when you play with Saul Koke and Gabi.

    -When Tiago will be back, I am afraid of see a midfield of Gabi Tiago Saul Koke

    -We have a creative player: Thomas For me the best configuration in the Middle if we need to score is Gabi Thomas Oliver

    -We have a problem of creativity, but also we are not as efficient on corner as we were two years ago…

    -You were criticizing Carassco few weeks ago, for me it’s the only winger we have, he is able to accelerate the game to provocate, maybe he is a bit individual but we are missing what he brings to our play.

    -J. Martinez > F. Torres
    I was very disappointed when I knew he was leaving. Simeone didn’t managed him well

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I actually wrote in my comment that “PSV were playing with one man down and without their top scorer, so it wasn’t actually a courage from Simeone” but then I deleted it to not make my comment more longer and to not be harsher than I already am on Simeone !

    We did see Gabi-Tiago-Koke-Saul this season, and one of the times it was against a very small team, Astana .

    Gabi-Thomas-Oliver doesn’t sound bad to me, but where will Koke go ?!
    To the bench ?! .. impossible, he is one of “Simeone’s men” .

    Carrasco is the only winger we have, that’s a fact not an opinion, and he is doing good, but not great, he still can do much better, as I said :
    I appreciate his dribbles and runs, but I would appreciate his goals and assists much more, and until now we haven’t seen a lot, in 1724 minutes he scored 3 goals and made 4 assists, Vietto also has 3 goals and 4 assists but in 1084 minutes, while Correa has 5 goals and 2 assists in 1000 minutes .
    Carrasco’s effectiveness -compared to his talent- is very poor, with the skills he got we should expect much more .

    Simeone didn’t manage Mandzukic well, that’s why he only scored 17 open-play goals last season, but when a striker scores only 3 goals in half a season then it’s not only the coach’s fault .
    When Jackson left he had the same numbers as Torres, 3 goals and 2 assists in almost the same number of minutes, but as we read after he left, he was getting paid twice as Torres, he cost us 35 million, while Torres cost us one Cerci, and Torres is selling more shirts and getting us more followers on social media, Torres is absolutely better than Jackson .

  • Othman

    Yes Gabi-Thomas-Oliver sounds good but doesn’t sound realistic, Koke is Simeone’s men and he fit to Simeone’s philosophy, but it’s not forbidden to replace him in the second half depending on the score. But unfortunately Simeone prefers to put a fourth defensive midfielder or at least keep his three defensive man

    Concerning Martinez, statistics are important but doesn’t tell all,we have to see what he is doing with every single ball he touch, Jackson is good in the collective play, he take good decisions and have more technical skills than Torres that make him useful in the
    construction of our attacks.
    Last thing, 6 month is short to judge a player, he need time to adapt. Remember Grizeman , his first 6 months were not so good.

  • Carpetano

    Hi mate, it’s an old post but I’d like to give an response regarding the text you wrote from below…

    “I appreciate his dribbles and runs, but I would appreciate his goals and assists much more, and until now we haven’t seen a lot, in 1724 minutes he scored 3 goals and made 4 assists, Vietto also has 3 goals and 4 assists but in 1084 minutes, while Correa has 5 goals and 2 assists in 1000 minutes .

    Carrasco’s effectiveness -compared to his talent- is very poor, with the skills he got we should expect much more .”

    Aren’t Correa and Vietto strikers, where Carrasco is an attacking mid?