LISTEN: Who are PSV’s biggest threats to Atleti?

The guys get together to discuss Villarreal and Wednesday's big clash

Hector Moreno scores for PSV - is he a threat?

Hector Moreno scores for PSV - is he a threat?

Atlético Madrid return to Champions League action on Wednesday with a huge Champions League first-leg clash against PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

After a disappointing 0-0 draw at the Vicente Calderón on Sunday evening, the state of Atleti’s attack is one of the biggest talking points going into the European tie.

I had the great pleasure of speaking to both Billy and Derek, both key members of the team here at AtléticoFans, ahead of the game this week.

Whilst he’s a huge Rojiblanco, Derek is also a big PSV fan in his native Holland, so I certainly wanted to get his thoughts ahead of the last 16 game.

Join us as we discuss what went wrong with Villarreal, and look ahead to the return of the Champions League.

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  • Koke

    The league looks done and dusted, sadly. Obviously anything can happen but at this point I wouldn’t count on it. Our only hope is the Champions league. This’ll sound crazy but I think it’s our best shot at a trophy. Atleti can beat just about any team in the world over two legs, or in a final. We’ve done it to Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea. No team in the world is better at keeping clean sheets. But our only hope for success is if our attack stops being so impotent and ineffective.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Our attack is not impotent and ineffective, I never believed that, and I have been defending them the whole season, especially Torres, the problem is the midfield who doesn’t create any chances, because all three and sometimes four of them are defensive midfielders, including Koke .
    Our best and ONLY playmakers are Juanfran & Filipe .. how insane is that !!

    We can win the CL this season, by two ways :
    1- Drawing all the games home and way 0-0 and winning by shoot-outs .
    2- Deciding to play football .

    This is not the anger or the frustration talking, but my honest and objective opinion after watching Atleti and watching PSV games in UCL this sason :
    PSV are the favorites .

  • atletiIndia12

    Yes,our attack is far from being impotent.Problem is they’re not getting chances to score.on top of that we keep buying cdms ,instead of someone who can build attack and control game.Our best chances come from wings(against Barca,Madrid).I’d like to see 4-3-3 with both Correa,vietto alongside Griezmann.If these three can develop link up play amoung themselves,we would be scoring for fun.To accomplish big,decision should be bigger.Sooner or later both Simeone and our board will realise it.

  • atletiIndia12

    Sorry ,but i don’t see us winning cl even though i’d like to be proven wrong.We won’t beat Barca,munich,Psg with bus parking.We can see off teams that doesn’t have much fire power upfront.But bus parking doesn’t work if you have to face deadliest attackers for 90 minutes.Even Baressi,Maldini would concede goals if their team defend till death against Barca,Rm ,Bayern.

  • AndersAT

    I think you are correct mainly because the league is so well out of reach, but you have a good point. One of the main problems compared to the 13/14 season is that we can’t play defense/counter because now almost all opponents in the league will be satisfied with a draw. In 13/14 villereal would come to the caldron and try to win the match. Our players can’t pry open defenses like Barca and Real..
    But in the CL over to matches against strong teams we can make som results (with a lot of luck).

    And really you can’t blame either the midfielders or the attackers, they are all unsyncronized. There a very few runs from the attackers and the plays from the midfielders doesn’t hit the runs, and that means even fewer runs and even fewer plays. It ends up being very static until Juanfran or Luis makes a cross to the small attackers just standing in the box = no goals.

    I really think simeone should find a great offensive assistant coach to help our very talented players score some goals.

  • thericeking

    so our biggest threat form PSV is our own incompetence?