Player ratings: No way through against the Submarine

We analyse the performance as Atleti and Villarreal play out goalless draw

Correa was one of Atleti's better players

Correa was one of Atleti's better players

Atlético Madrid were unable to find the breakthrough against a stubborn Villarreal side at the Vicente Calderón on Sunday evening, the two teams cancelling each other out in a low-key 0-0 draw.

It was an interesting tactical battle between the division’s two best defensive sides, with chances few and far between. The draw was about the right result on the balance of play.

See how we rated the players below:

Jan Oblak – 6

Didn’t have a save to make all game, although did make one important intervention in the second half to claim a low cross on the break. He transmits security, which is crucial in any goalkeeper.

Juanfran – 7

Got forward well and was always an outlet, particularly in the first half where he put in a couple of dangerous crosses. Also made a vital block to deny Denis Suárez on the break later on in the match.

Diego Godín – 7

Won countless balls and did well to stop Villarreal’s threat on the counter. Typical solid defensive performance, couldn’t really have asked for much more.

Stefan Savic – 7 (Man of the match)

Probably Atleti’s most impressive performer on the night. Great on the ball, distributes well and always seems to make the right decision. Made a great challenge on Adrián to prevent a potential winner in injury time.

Filipe Luís – 7

Also played well for the most part, and despite not putting in too many crosses he was important in our approach play, lacking luck at times. Denied Bakambu on the break with a superbly timed tackle in the second half.

Gabi – 5

Not his best performance. Didn’t have much influence on the game and was unable to inject the urgency we needed to push on and win the match. Looks a little tired, understandable given Tiago and Augusto’s injuries.

Saúl Ñíguez – 5

Has been very impressive in recent weeks, but this wasn’t one of his better performances despite his best efforts. Passing a little wayward at times, and shooting (in the first half) not much better.

Koke – 6

Started well and had the right ideas a lot of the time, but again his delivery left a lot to be desired. Little came off for him, with his usual quick one-two’s not enough to fool Villarreal. Just wasn’t his night.

Ángel Correa – 7

Our brightest spark in attack. Always looking to provide something different, but just needs to be a bit more decisive and fearless in the final third. Faded a little in the second half, but was excellent in the first.

Antoine Griezmann – 5

Like Koke, he started the game very well but just seemed to fade, before surprisingly being taken off early in the second half. Had our best chance with a first half header that went wide, although is now without a league goal in five weeks.

Fernando Torres – 6

Wasn’t particularly involved, but worked hard and was up to the battle against Villarreal’s physical defence. Didn’t have much space to operate in, but was positive and linked up well with those around him.


Óliver Torres – 6

Came on and tried to get the team playing from midfield, but like the rest, was unable to find the combination to break down the visitor’s strong defence. Lack of movement perhaps didn’t help him.

Luciano Vietto – 5

Didn’t see too much of the ball, with him and Torres well stifled and given hardly anything to work with. Did have a half chance late on, but coudn’t find the angle to beat Areola at his near post.

Matías Kranevitter – N/A

Do you agree with our ratings? How worried are you by our lack of firepower in attack?

  • Kris

    Great game lads. Good hat trick Fernando! Congratulations on another clean sheet Simeone!

  • Urban

    Firsty, I think Billy is too lenient with the ratings 😉

    Secodly, in memorable 13-14 we had a team of warriors playing to good effect hard, aggressive football they were made for. We had to rebuild, and we were thinking that it is a good opportunity to bring in the quality and creativity we were missing. So we brought back Oli, got Carrasco, Vietto. Unfortunately, Cholo did not adjust his tactics and habits to let the new boys shine. Now we play the same defensive football, but this time we don’t have real warriors for that but fragile kiddos like Oli and Vietto. So our play is not only dull but also ineffective. If Cholo does not adjust the style and tactics this wont change, but I am not sure he is capable of doing that.

  • Koke

    Well, Barcelona is running away with the title. Can’t see how we can overturn an 8.5 point deficit. At least we’re still doing better than Real Madrid LOL.

    I don’t even know what to say anymore that hasn’t been said 100 times by many people. All I can repeat is that most coaches in the world would feel so lucky to have the types of players we have at our disposal. On paper we have one of the best attacking squads in the world.

    Not surprised this happened. In fact, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened like 10 times already. Sheer luck that we scored all those late goals for 1-0 wins so far this season, we could just as easily have had several 0-0 draws. This time it didn’t work. This team is utterly out of ideas offense-wise in every single game. When was the last time we ~*really*~ played a good game? Beats me.

    Let’s go as far as possible in the Champions league

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    By 8.5 points you mean the head-to-head tie we lost against Barca ?!

    I guess you are the one who talks the most about winning the title, well, optimism is not a bad thing, and when we look at our squad and those of the other 17 teams other than the big two we can see a big chance to win it, but for me, I’m still worried about losing the 3rd place, if we lost tonight (we came very close to) and then in the derby we could have lost the 3rd place, and we already did lose the head-to-head against Villarreal, the first tiebreaker in La Liga .
    If we weren’t so lucky in all those 1-0 wins as you said then those 8 points would have separated us from the 3rd place, not the first .
    We came very close to lose the 3rd place last season and we had a stronger squad than now !

    Every thing have been said over and over as you mentioned, but here is two things that maybe haven’t been said before :

    1- Winning La Liga in 2014 doesn’t give Simeone the right or the immunity to do that shit he is doing .

    2- The most dangerous thing of what Simeone is doing is that he could push our stars out of the club, not for more money or more trophies, many of them already have sacrificed that because of their love for the club, but to enjoy the game they love, and to find the respect and the appreciation for their talent .

    The board really need to have a sit-down with Simeone and discuss this situation, even if we won all the remaining games, and they should not feel threatened that they could lose him, because -with all due respect to the man- he would never find a better club than Atleti, and with his ideas about football it will be very difficult for him to succeed in any other club .
    There were reports few days ago that Chelsea are not interested in him anymore because they believe he is not the best choice, but some people chose to ignore that and decided to get freaked out about the other false reports that he is already in talks with them .

    If I was a Chelsea fan, and after what I saw last season and this one, I wouldn’t want Simeone to coach my team, with all the money Chelsea have I would even prefer people like Emery or Rudi Garcia over him .

  • atletiIndia12

    Hello Ahmad,i’ve always liked your comment here ,and after this game i decided to comment here.I’ve been criticised a lot on reddit for not feeling comfortable with our style of play given the players we have at Cholo’s disposal.My problem with this style of play is 1- we’re neither a posession oriented team neither we’re a counter attacking team,all we seem to do is defend and nick a goal .Some of our fellow atleti fans take defending to death for counter attack.when was the last time we scored counter attack against decent opposition?When i watch Villareal and Sevilla ,their transition to counter looks so fluid and natural2- As you mentioned this style of play might make our star players to leave the club.3- Simeone doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes,every game against Barca seems to be same.We started dominating them at home and away for few minutes,nick a goal and park the bus and concede two,while parking bus we hardly forge any decent counter?why not take game to them for atleast for first 50 minutes when we seem to be doing good while pressing up high against them?4-why we have been buying cdms who’re alike,Saul,Gabi,Krane,Augusto ,hell even Koke look more of defenaive midfielder.We’ve bunch of Strikers and fire powers that might make many top clubs envy,they’re not becoming ineffective all of a sudden.they’re not getting enough chances to score.Even Griezmann seems to be defending.We need to change our formation to make our play directed by Oliver.If we can’t make required transition,we will be falling short in both league and cl.Last year’s qf tie against Madrid was eye opener to me,we didn’t even bother going forward,even though we scored 4 against them in league.I

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Great points, agree with all of them, but they are among those that have been said 100 times by many people as @Koke mentioned !

    Against RM in the CL when the whole world was expecting Torres to come in, Simeone decided to bring in Gimenez as a 3rd CB, just to concede a goal a minute later !!
    But that actually wasn’t my biggest problem, it was what he said after the game :
    “It took RM 178 minutes to score against us, I’m very proud”
    Again, Mr. Simeone, that one La Liga title doesn’t give you the right to say stuff like this .
    I want everyone to imagine that it was somebody else who said that and they will really feel how frustrating and disrespectful to our club to say such thing, and how very stupid as well, because this is the same team we just thrashed 4-0 two months earlier just like you said .

    Simeone has a very big problem, I thought he will see it after all those horrible performances and those 1-0 wins, or after Celta’s game in the cup, or after Oliver’s brilliant 30 minutes vs Eibar, but he still can’t, I don’t know what will it take to see it ?!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Was Koke on tears in this post-match interview ?!
    He seems so to me, especially from 0:40 to 0:55

  • Chewie

    I watched the first half of the Malaga game earlier yesterday, and it was delightful, they played great aggressive football with fast counter-attacks, and were it not for poor refereeing and lack of class, could have thrashed Real.

    We started strong but eventually rolled back down to the hopeless swamp of shit Simeone lead us into. It was painful to watchthe pointless crosses and long balls with no targets.

    The good thing is that our full backs are on fire, Savic is a beast, Correa is very inventive. Since the title is out of reach, I just hope we play some good football at last.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Chewie, Yes, the La Liga race is over for now. We should keep our second place and concentrate on the Champions League. But it is evident that we are missing Tiago and Corrasco. Augusto looked to be the perfect replacement for Tiago, and now he is gone.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Saul and Koke were our weak points. (Other than our strikers missing their goal scoring chances) These two need to step it up with so many others injured.

  • Babar

    I am starting to doubt simeone. Hope chelsea get what they want.

  • Hannu

    But I quess he isnt. He is in squad against Psv.

  • Chewie

    Yep, seems like he recovered sooner than expected. A good game to start playing again, maybe as a sub.

  • Chewie – this guy knows how to score a hat-trick. Maybe swap him for Torres?