Six reasons Diego Simeone isn’t leaving for Chelsea

Let's address the rumours surrounding the future of our 'wantaway' manager

No, no! Stop the rumours, stop the lies!

No, no! Stop the rumours, stop the lies!

It’s a pretty good bet that you have seen the rumours over the last 24 hours of Diego Simeone’s impending departure to the Premier League, with multiple outlets now reporting that El Cholo has told Atlético Madrid that he is leaving at the end of the season.

The Argentine manager is alleged to have agreed a deal with Chelsea to take over from Guus Hiddink. Fear not Rojiblancos, we’re here to give you six reasons why our beloved manager will still be here at the start of next season.

1) He’s already planning for the 2016/17 season, in his head

To our bitter disappointment, it looks as if Fernando Torres will be moving on this summer. After all of the fanfare of El Niño returning, it looks as if his second spell with Atlético will be eighteen months at most.

The reason? Diego Simeone has informed the 31-year-old that he does not feature in Atlético’s plan for next season.

Why would Simeone miss the opportunity to sign Torres permanently (and this is our only opportunity, given the impending transfer ban) and then scarper off to Chelsea in the summer? He wouldn’t.

2) He’s already planning for Atleti’s long-term future

Simeone has been building a team for the future at Atlético, building them around his ideas and philosophies.

This isn’t just buying players that will do a job right now, like Augusto Fernández. It’s about buying players with huge potential that will learn to play in his system.

Luciano Vietto, Ángel Correa and Matias Kranevitter are all young Argentinean players with masses of talent that Simeone brought in over the last 12 months to mould into Atleti’s future starting XI.

El Cholo is already giving the youngsters a chance. We’re one of the youngest squads in the league. In fact, the average age of our starting eleven in the recent 3-1 win over Eibar was just 23.4. Only Jesús Gámez and Gabi were over the age of 24.

Simeone is building his team for years to come in Spain.

3) He signed a long-term deal with Atlético Madrid until 2020 in March

Only eleven months ago, Diego Simeone signed a brand new contract with Atlético, announcing his attention to stay at the club until the end of the 2020 season.

“This club is in a period of absolute growth and I choose to be where I am,” he said at the official announcement back in March. “I am here because I am convinced that the club will continue to grow.”

When the deal was signed, it was said to make Simeone one of the top 4 paid managers in Europe. To top that off, all of his backroom staff signed new contracts too. Not the actions of a man expecting his immediate future to be elsewhere.

4) He won’t leave the club in the middle of a transfer ban

It’s true that Diego Simeone would love to manage Inter Milan one day, and this in the one club that I can see Cholo moving to in the future. This is likely to happen when his fire for Atlético’s project burns out.

But to leave now? When Atleti is facing a ban on buying players in either of the next two transfer windows?

This reason goes hand on hand with number five…

5) He won’t leave the club with the uncertainties over the new stadium

Diego Simeone, as one of Atlético’s greatest managers, will want to leave the best legacy he can in Madrid. This includes leaving Atleti on a platform where it can compete season-in and season-out with the likes of Barcelona and our arch-rivals Real.

In 2017, Atlético is (still) scheduled to be moving from the Vicente Calderón to La Peineta in the north of Madrid. But it’s all a bit shaky.

The plan is for Diego Simeone to take Atleti into its new home. To leave the club in just three months’ time, with the club facing a ban and an unstable future, goes against everything Simeone has worked towards for Atlético.

6) The source of the rumours is pretty much unheard of

Let us not forget the best reason. The source from Spain, and we won’t name it, is a very pro-Real Madrid based ‘news’ organisation. It exists almost entirely to destabilise the title bid of Barcelona and in recent seasons, Atlético.

With Real Madrid only a point behind us in third place in La Liga, we were always expecting an ‘announcement’ of this sort to throw a few doubts into the mix for Atlético.

And guess what? There’s only ten days until the Madrid derby. What a surprise!

  • Usavicente Calderon

    I agree that all of these reasons are great reasons for Atletico not to panic. But I would add a seventh. And that is, Cholo would not announce this at this time. He would wait until the season is over, or until a time when it would not matter if the information got out.

  • Farzad From IRaN

    yes,I agree He should’t announce at this time

  • Farzad From IRaN

    Tiao will play in eldrby??? how about thomas??

  • Mrtn

    Simeone did an amazing job, no doubt about that. We can only thank him for the Liga title.
    But things have changed, and Simeone did not.
    Atletico spends more than Real and Barca in the last few seasons, still, we have to accept the sheer struggle Atletico displays in every single game. We still have to consider a 1-0 win against relegation sides OK, cause the important thing is the 3 points… We still have to accept that Cholo’s aim is 3rd place…
    The thing is though, these are not true. You don’t spend 100 M Euros every fckin summer to aim for 3rd place, you don’t sign strikers for 20-30-40 M just to send them defending on the edge of their own box.
    For God’s sake, guys, if you watched this shite against Getafe, our only proper attacker spent 80 minutes defending literally on the edge of the box. This is not football, simple as that.
    Don’t get me wrong: with the Atleti side of 3 years this approach to the game was acceptable and successful, but since than 3 years and 300 M Euros have gone, and the display is getting worse.
    Simeone is not the only way to go, there are coaches who are also able to spend 100 M and reach 3rd place with some football.
    And finally, I have to quote Cholo himself: “I am here because I am convinced that the club will continue to grow.” Now, I feel convinced Simeone can not continue to grow (at least not this time with us), so we need to take the wise words from him and look for someone else who can continue helping this club growing the way it should.
    Vamos Atleti!!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Almost a year ago I wrote my “Simeone out” comment, I think most of you remember that long comment when I talked about all the wrong things Simeone is doing and if they didn’t change I will not be taken hostage to that one La Liga title in 2014 and I will be the first one to say : “Simeone out” .
    Not just because we have all what takes to do much better as Mrtn and many other people have been saying, but also because I’m one of the very few fans who see Atleti as who really are : a historically big club who just had one bad decade due to mismanagement .
    We have 9 other La Liga titles than the one Simeone won, 9 other Copa del Ray titles than the one he won, and we have reached UCL final and semifinal before him .

    I won’t get tired of repeating this as long as there are still some people who keep saying things like : “we are not a small club anymore” , “we are not a mediocre club anymore” .. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN A SMALL OR A MEDIOCRE CLUB .

    Many people can see now what I saw a year ago, after most of you disagreed with me and some of you attacked and insulted me back then .
    One of the Authors of this blog posted my comment on twitter and started with his followers to insult me, and he didn’t even have the courage or the courtesy to mention me so I could have a chance to defend myself, and he knows my account on twitter, he follows me .

    HOWEVER, despite that things haven’t changed a lot since that comment, I don’t think it’s time yet to say “Simeone out” , I still believe he got more, I still believe he can get things right, I believe he will soon realize that his methods aren’t good anymore .
    So, I guess I’m not the first one who said “Simeone out” after all, it’s you Mrtn !

  • Ringo

    It’s hard to remember ALL the long comments, Ahmad, haha.
    I agree we have always been a big club, but times have changed and the club had to be ‘rebuilt.’

    I don’t think Simeone should go, though, he made mistakes and will make a lot more, but he kind of belongs to the family now and hopefully he could grow along with the players.

    And Mrtn, I think you’re missing the fact that we pretty much sold 300M as well, the bought players were mostly replacements and talents. Perhaps our final goal shouldn’t be 3rd, but top 3 is solid in La Liga at the moment and this year is kind of a transition year (although the transition could have gone way smoother).

    We have great talents and the tactics could show a little more gut, but something’s stopping them. But I don’t think it’s just Simeone’s tactics. Plus we’re still one of the most feared teams in Europe because of those tactics.

    Perhaps another manager could work, but it’s way too soon for final judgements, such a coach has to be available and how would we know a coach is capable enough for this team?

    Also, ever since Simeone took over there seem to be no fractures in the team. Even the subs and reserves always seem open for joking, friendship with other teammates and no one seems to curse at eachother, fight with eachother, etc.

    Chances are little groups might form once a major piece of the team, ‘the father,’ is taken away from ‘the family.’
    Of course this doesn’t have to be the case, but a “team” like the one defending our kits and crest is actually a pretty rare occurrence.

    We are way too defensive and it usually takes injuries to make Cholo change things around, but there’s actually a lot of other details, and no detail no picture.

    PS. We shouldn’t get cocky or greedy. We started being good again, but now we suddenly don’t appreciate anything anymore. A win is still a victory, let’s be optimistic again. Some human beings are consistently being better than a lot of others in the game called football.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The club had to be rebuilt, and Simeone helped rebuilding it, no one can deny him that, but he didn’t do that alone, that’s where most people get wrong .
    Hate Gil Marin as you want, I hate him too, but he has done a great job in the last few years, Caminero & Berta have been doing “moneyball-like” signings since Caminero came in 2011 .
    I never believed in “it’s all Simeone” .
    Some people are exaggerating their praise for him, I have been reading lately that Valencia need someone like him, what can he do for him, what can any coach do ?!
    Their owner knows absolutely nothing about football or about Spain, he lives thousands of miles away in Singapore, and he has succeeded several corrupt former presidents, some of them are in prison right now, and the one responsible for their signings is Jorge Mendes !
    I read on twitter on an account of an Atleti fan who has thousands of followers that Valencia’s off the pitch situation is exactly like Atleti’s, but the key difference is Simeone . What the fuck ??!!!
    Valencia’s off the pitch situation right now is similar to Atleti’s, but not these days or even in 2011, but in 2000, and back then nobody was able to help them, not Ranieri and not even Antić, the hero of the double .

    Simeone is a good coach, a great one according to many people who understand football and Atleti better than me, I could agree with that, but I can’t agree about that he is a superman .

    People have been asking me to put emotions aside when discussing subjects like the return of Filipe and Costa and the future of Torres, but they don’t put their emotions aside when they talk about Simeone .

    About winning La Liga again, as I’ve been saying from the beginning of the season : I don’t think it’s fair to ask Simeone to win it this season or even the next season considering our situation and considering Barca’s situation .
    But I can name at least 10 coaches who can finish 3rd with this squad with more points and with actually playing football .

  • Dircil

    I would disagree with you on the basis that Simeone has brought stability to the club. Yes we are a big club but it does not mean that we stay this way forever. Look at Leeds Utd, mismanagement costs them a series of seasons playing in championships and lower league. Even if they got promotion this year or the next year, I doubt they will easily regain the fame that they have enjoyed before. The way he approaches a match might not be eye catching and sometimes I gotta say that I can’t bear the fact that we played so defensively against smaller team but we won most of the time and that matters for me. If Simeone is out, who would be a better candidate for his spot. The team is built under his philosophy and if I have to name somebody who is able to take his spot, i would sadly say it’s mourinho but of course we won’t accept him as our coach nor he will accept the invitation to coach our team. Regarding what Mrtn said about our expenditure on players, have you checked how much we made selling our players to other clubs? I would say what Simeone has done to this club is tremendously a lot and we should be thankful for what he has done.

  • thericeking

    i actually remember that comment Ahmad, i’ve quoted you to many a chelsea fan since then.. sadly i dont have twitter so you will have to forgive no #..
    i had a dream last night that we won la liga but this year they decided to decide on football quality rather than points so we got relegated instead… if simeone goes i think we will still get third but i dont want him to go, i want him to have a legacy here…sure the football is bad at the miment but there must be a reason..
    where else has he managed before? anybody? ever a big club? because that is what we are, one with a great attacking force.. maybe simeone needs to transition form a counter attacking highly defensive manager to one that takes risks with attacking.. if he never managed such a team its possible he doesnt know how to do it..
    i dont think he will leave.. i think we will be fine if he does, just miss him as a person with his passion for the team.. and i think he would fail at chelsea, in the premier league you cannot win 60%+ games 1-0.. the other team will score…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I’ve never denied that he has brought us stability, in fact, I believe I have emphasized that in my comments, among other things like those in that tweet of mine two weeks ago :
    But all those things have nothing to do with his managerial skills .

    I also said before that if he left It’s almost certain that Mono, El Profe & Vercellone will leave with him, he could convince Caminero to go with him too, and maybe he could sign two or three of our players, and you can imagine how disastrous would that be for us .
    That’s another reason that made me want him to stay last year when I wrote my “Simeone out” comment and right now, but that’s also has nothing to do with his managerial skills .

    Right now, those things are helping him to achieve results despite what I think is a lack managerial skills and tactical abilities (don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that he is only winning because of those factors and he is not a tactically great coach, that’s not what I mean) but when those things can’t help him anymore and his methods fail to achieve results -and again, I’m not talking about titles, but as I said last year : if he failed to qualify to UCL two seasons in a row- then I will ask him to leave .
    And with those too many 1-0 wins and that very defensive style, failing to finish in the top 4 is very closer than many people think, take a look at last season’s table .

    One more thing :
    I’m sorry, but comparing Atleti to Leeds Utd is another insult to our club .
    If you want to compare our suffering in the first decade of this millennium or the fate you fear we will face then you can compare us to Liverpool who can’t win the league since 1990 or to Man Utd and their struggle after Sir Alex .. but they will never face the fate of Leeds, nor will we .

  • Ringo

    I’m not saying it’s all Simeone, I’m saying he has pros and cons and some of the pros are not as visible as others. And there are coaches who can but they have to be available, willing and it’s not as set in stone they will. Again, we can’t be too greedy, we already are achieving a lot of success even if we aren’t touching our full potential.

    While the choreographer is nothing without good dancers, the dancers need their choreographer too. And I feel Simeone is very important in making this act stick together. I mean, Griezmann isn’t even complaining about the amount of defending he has to do as our most important forward.

  • Ringo

    Probably not and I don’t think so

  • mikefromasia

    i dont think he will leave but when clubs make ‘statements’ its normally a cover up..

  • AaX


    The best after Aragones is Simeone. We are meant to suffer first before the triumph. Others are just not the Red and White, The Passion and Purity.

    Regardless, Only when Simeone arrived have come to awake.


    Forza ATLETI !!

  • leroy

    Im not to sorry if he leaves…Because things have chaged as stated somewere in the comments… and the fact that he bought Jackson Martinez while he mostly played 4-3-2-1 and 4-4-2 (the first matches) of the season says he did not really wanted Jackson..Why spend so much money on a man that only can play 4-3-3 if you almost never play in this tactic?

    I hope were going to play more counter attack when we did with el tigre & Costa.
    The worst of Simeone leaving is that Diego Costa isn’t likely to return to Atleti if Simeone really does go to Chelsea…
    We really need a top striker to compete for la liga & the CL and no Vietto, who is good but not ready to be the nr1 striker. You can’t expect Griezmann to score every game and Correa and YFC don’t score as often as they should.

    But since it’s only speculation we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.