Official: Guangzhou Evergrande sign Jackson for €42m

Colombian striker put pen-to-paper on contract for Chinese side this evening

Jackson signs on the dotted line for the Chinese club

Jackson signs on the dotted line for the Chinese club

Atlético Madrid have completed the sale of Colombian striker Jackson Martínez to Chinese side Guangzhou Evergrande for a deal worth a reported €42million.

The transfer window in Spain slammed shut last night, but is still open in China in the midst of an influx of money that has attracted some of the biggest names in Europe’s to it’s shores in the last month or so.

UPDATE: Jackson was pictured alongside Jorge Mendes, Andrea Berta and officials from Guangzhou signing his contract with the club on Tuesday night. (see above)

Atleti are yet to confirm the deal, although it looks as if they have cut their losses on their big summer investment, making a €7m profit in the process.

Jackson signed for €35m from Porto last summer, but he has struggled both for goals and fitness, failing to hold down a regular place in the team and flattering to deceive when given the chance.

Despite scoring against Sevilla and Valencia, as well as against Astana in the Champions League, he has never had the confidence of Simeone and is looking less and less likely to succeed by each passing game.

An ankle injury sustained on international duty with Colombia back in November curtailed his progress and kept him out for eight weeks, and since then he hasn’t found the net. Overall, his record is a measly 3 goals in 22 games.

Interestingly, he didn’t train with Atleti on Tuesday with permission from the club, ‘personal matters’ the official line from the club. COPE say that he is tired of Simeone and his strict training regimes, and is looking for a way out.

Although unable to sign a replacement, and potentially forbidden from transfers until the summer of 2017 should the appeal against our ban result before June, the chance to make profit on a player who up to now has flopped looks to have proved too tempting.

Some reports had rumoured that we still need to raise money – many of which suggested by cashing in on Antoine Griezmann – to help pay for our new stadium, so this could also take care of that outlay if true.

The red and whites have Borja Bastón out on loan who could return to take Jackson’s place in the summer, an exciting prospect given that he has scored 16 goals so far this season for Saturday’s opponents Eibar.

Fernando Torres could benefit too, and if FIFA allow; a contract renewal for him would make sense given the lack of striking options we would be left with.

Selling players with no time to find a suitable replacement is nothing new for Atleti either, after the deadline day departures of John Heitinga and José Manuel Jurado in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Is the club right to cut their losses on Jackson at this stage of the season? Who would be your choice to partner Griezmann now that he is gone?

  • Matthijs

    I think it is a great if this rumour is true. We make a profit of 10 mil. and Vietto/Correa will takes the second striker place next to Grizzi or is it possible to get Borja back to replace him?

  • Urban


  • Urban

    HAHA Jackson’s and Mendes’ faces tell more about this deal than 1000 words.

  • Ringo

    I think he could still have a successful second half of the season…

    …but so could others.

    I think I’d let him leave, if he wants to. I’d be fine with him getting another chance, but also with Atleti making an unexpected profit (when subtracting his salary we’d make 6-8m I think?). Vietto, Correa, Griezmann, Torres, Carrasco are enough offensive options, in my opinion. Jackson’s experience didn’t really help us, so I think that won’t be an argument against his departure either. Torres’ seemed to mentor Correa and such better during the games.

    This does mean we’ll have to keep Torres in the summer, though. I think it’s important to have an experienced striker in the squad. With Torres being around for a while now and knowing the club, I think he’d be more useful than another who’d have to adapt, while perhaps not getting that many minutes ahead of Vietto and Correa. But if Torres would leave, I’d like to see an experienced pinchhitter-esque striker joining the team, if the ban is moved a bit. Doesn’t have to be the best striker (anymore), just someone who could guide the youngsters in training a few times and who could come into play when the younger strikers can’t set their mind to focus as much as necessary.

    Torres hasn’t been very effective, but he does always have his focus in going forward. It’s mostly his final decision making lacking since he found out he was at 99 (I really thought he was getting back in September). So, yeah, hopefully he sticks with us for another year and a half. Borja could use his guidance, too, after all. If the ban goes through, which I expect will happen, he could depart in January 2018, I wouldn’t be surprised if he leaves for the States by then. I wouldn’t be surprised if he left for the States (or a ‘similar career path,’ of course) earlier, too, but I just hope he sticks around.

    Informally Jackson is already replaced by Vietto by now. So it wouldn’t be as bad as Heitinga’s and Jurado’s departures, although in case of the former we didn’t miss him much [Sidenote: apparently he ended his career yesterday]. Jurado was sort of a hero for us, playing every single game in the prior season, but he was never a star, even if he was becoming a fan favorite.

    But long story short: I think we could handle this loss pretty well, given we won’t be hit by a major injury crisis.
    So, if this is true and the 45m transfer goes through (Atleti and Jackson both have to want to make this transfer happen, of course) I would like to wish Jackson the best of luck!

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    I can’t believe this. Half of a season and then shipped to China???? Is the money over there that good? Jackson has been better than Torres when he has played recently if u ask me so I really don’t understand letting him leave IN JANUARY

  • Kris

    Fuckk yes. Best thing we could have done. He just didn’t cut it in Atleti. It’s not entirely his fault, and I say it’s mostly because of Simeone’s playing style that him and Vietto and other attacking players have struggled.

    I hope this is true, and it’s good that we still profit but more importantly we get rid of a player that just doesn’t fit our style.

  • Kris

    We probably don’t make that much profit. Jorge Mendes does.

  • Kris

    Jorge Mendes man.. This guy will do anything for money.

  • Ringo

    I don’t think they were far apart, though. With Torres I have a feeling he is one lucky goal away from being decent for us, while with Jackson I don’t have any idea how long it will take to find his form.

    Plus Torres seems to work harder when he enters the pitch, so he’s got that going for him.

    I do think Jackson still had a chance at succeeding, but from Atleti’s perspective I am not against this move much…

    From Jackson’s… I don’t know. I hope life over there is sweet. The money probably will be. For the league’s quality… I hope he doesn’t mind the decrease in challenge, which I think is the case. Four substars don’t make a star league

  • Ringo

    I think with every season we’re more capable of making our own transfers… but with the Atleti-Mendes partnership you never know.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Yeah, but if we made only one Euro profit or at least didn’t lose money then I’m fine with it .

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    It’s fucking ridiculous. I don’t like to see my club being used

  • Jeronamo Pakor Jones

    Lately Torres hasn’t had that bite but I can understand the argument

  • Ringo

    That is true. It took Falcao and Griezmann half a year to adapt to our team, too.
    But I have to say Vietto was growing more rapidly and he seemed to try harder. Jackson seemed to have more of a confidence problem than the youngster, sadly enough.

    Although with Falcao I always had the feeling he needs quite some time to adapt and I’m not surprised he didn’t succeed in England after losing his place so soon both seasons.
    His first few games for Monaco he didn’t score right off the bat, either, and that was an ‘easier’ league.

    I remember thinking Jackson would be a certainty for goals, but I
    forgot it’s hard to play for Atleti, and also to switch it up from the
    Portuguese league. Add an offensively struggling midfield, and you have
    to be exceptional in your adapting skills to be an instant success.
    Sadly that wasn’t the case for Jackson.

  • Ringo

    I just hope he returns from his injury well. Perhaps the break did him some good…

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Well, first : this is a very big surprise for me, I thought our transfer business is over for this window since it has been closed, but it seems it’s still open in China !

    And second : this is very frustrating for me, not because we could need Jackson in this second half of the season, I think we are well covered with Grizi, Correa, Carrasco, Vietto, and even Torres & Oliver, beside : I don’t think Jackson could have done much better than he did in the first half, no, I’m frustrated because of Mendes, I really hate what he is doing, I just talked about that on my comment about Siqueira, many EPL sides were interested in Jackson, it’s fucking too early to go to China, he is not even 30 yet, he could be forced on that move, just like Falcao was forced to move to 3 clubs who were not playing in UCL the seasons he moved to them, Atleti, Monaco & Man Utd .. maybe Mendes also owns some or even most of Jackson’s rights just like Falcao and just like many other players, if that so then we probably didn’t make too much profit, just like Kris pointed out, but it also means that we didn’t lose money, and we actually didn’t pay the whole 35 million to Porto, just like Falcao’s case .

    I will never forget Falcao’s tears when he left, it’s like he didn’t want to, but he had no choice, and now I could say the same about Jackson from that look on his face, as Urban mentioned .. the man looks in a big shock !!
    But as I said last night : they can only blame themselves .

  • Ringo

    Now on to answer the new question:

    With the Augusto injury and the Jackson departure, we’ll be kind of forced to play 4-3-3. Personally I think three of Carrasco, Vietto, Correa and Griezmann should start every game, so I don’t have a definite partner to name (although Correa is my favorite). The fourth player in the rotation will be the main backup, along with Torres.
    Oli could occassionally join as a false winger, but I’d prefer him as part of the midfield.
    For midfield I’d always play three of Óliver, Koke, Gabi and Saúl, with the fourth and Thomas as main backups.

    We are dealing with Simeone, however, and I think we will play 4-4-2 with Koke and Thomas/Carrasco on the wings and Vietto as Griezmann’s main partner in attack.

    With our “strategy” of late, 4-4-2 is more safe, perhaps, though, since we seemingly forgot how to pass… again.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I actually was surprised when I saw Mendes in the photo, when we signed Jackson I read another name for his agent, I don’t remember it, but I’m sure it wasn’t Mendes, but the thing is that many small agents are working under Mendes, like Ahmet Bulut, Arda’s agent .

    I also don’t know if Mendes owns some of Jackson’s rights or not, but if he does then Jackson is the third player of third party ownership that Simeone gets rid of him, and very quickly, after Guilavogui & Cerci .
    I like that very much, Simeone wants a long term project and he has no time for Mendes and Gil Marin bullshit, he is a very strong man, the strongest one in the club, or at least he is trying to be so, and that’s what I love the most about him .
    He is not a Benitez or a Pellegrini .

  • Hannu

    Well first of all good for Atleti! I quess not that good for player if we think about that he still could have something to offer in some other team in Europe. I was pretty much shocked when I read reports that Luiz Adriano was going to China. What happened to that player who scored 5 goals in one match last season? Well he didnt go at least for now but anyway kind of shame for Jackson that his career in national team pretty much ended and so on…

  • Mohammed Basith

    Do anyone have a feeling like Siqueira’s move to Valencia also has a dirty hand of mendes behind it?

  • Well this is fantastic news! I’m really happy with this.

    Simeone clearly lost confidence with him if he’s not bringing him on to turn the games we’re struggling in. Just a waste of good money on the bench.

    I’m going to eat chinese food tonight in celebration!

  • Hannu

    I quess he wasnt going to play anyway as Simeone clearly lost his trust on him. Correa has earned place to partner Griezmann up front. Griezmann, Correa and Carrasco thats it (and rotating Vietto and Torres) and when the summer comes get Borja back!

  • AaX

    Yeah it wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t immediately fit into the specific striking role that Simeone needs. To me he put in the effort but somehow seemingly looked lost and isolated.
    I think he’s a great striker and I DO REALLY WISH HIM ALL THE BEST OF LUCK in his Undertakings.
    And great job for the Club to recover back quickly the amount they initially have invested. Hope this will be able to be used wisely and effectively.

    AUPA Atleti !!

  • Koke

    Wow. Didn’t see this coming at all.

    First, I have three reactions:

    1. Play Correa more often
    2. Play Correa more often
    3. Play Correa more often

    In a fraction of the minutes, the kid has been more impressive and scored more goals than Jackson, Torres, and Vietto. I really think we should play a 4-3-3, and I really think the third forward to join Carrasco and Griezmann should be either Vietto or Correa, but right now the latter is my favorite after seeing him perform so well in the Copa.

    I feel really sorry for Jackson. 6 months ago he was one of Europes most coveted strikers, now he is a flop in his first big team and will be shipped off to China. It’s almost like his career is over – no disrespect to the Chinese league, obviously he’s still playing football and getting paid big bucks, it’s just that there isn’t really any glory attached to playing there. Poor guy, still technically in his prime years, might just get forgotten pretty quickly.

    Our squad is really thinning nowadays. Siquiera out, Jackson out, Augusto (temporarily) out. Time to see more of Lucas, Correa, Oliver, Kranevitter, and Thomas. I am very confident that all 5 of these players will impress us if they get enough chances.

  • Ash

    Actually the team that signed him are aiming for retain their Asian Championship title and also plans to go further in the CWC this year. Thus many Atleti fans from China are now saying that they wish the Chinese team and Atleti will face each other this year in CWC and hope JM can slap our faces by then~

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Lack of striking options? We have plenty. I am just glad that I don’t have to watch Jackson looking lost on the field and missing gimme goals. I am also glad that Atletico was able to make a bundle of cash on Jackson. Now it is time for Correa, Vietto, Corrasco and Griezmann to be on the field and start scoring some goals. Fernando Torres should only be put on at home games and when we are up with only 20 minutes left on the clock.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    You and I are now best friends. We totally agree.