Guilherme Siqueira set to join Valencia on loan

Defender moves to the Mestalla after passing medical on Saturday

Siqueira has been limited to the bench at best this season

Siqueira has been limited to the bench at best this season

Atlético Madrid look set to have offloaded Guilherme Siqueira to Valencia after the left-back agreed an 18-month loan deal with Gary Neville’s side.

With only four appearances for Atleti under his belt so far this season, the defender’s future at the Vicente Calderón has always been in doubt, and it is only a matter of time before his departure is confirmed.

Signed only in the summer of 2014, Siqueira enjoyed a good start to his Atlético career but his performance dropped in the latter half of the season. It was always going to struggle to hold onto his place when the club re-signed Filipe Luís from Chelsea.

Linked with Benfica in the summer, that move fell through, whilst the 29-year-old’s most recent rumoured destination was expected to be Newcastle United in the Premier League.

That move collapsed too after Gary Neville’s side moved in to capture the Brazilian.

Siqueira has passed his medical and all that’s waiting before he is officially a Valencia player is the rubber stamp from either club.

The above picture should be all the confirmation we need!

  • yoongbing

    Out of topic question here, did Mario Suárez join Watford? Was he a flop in Fiorentina?

  • Koke

    Good move from his point of view, he seemed like one of those players that was never gonna win Simeone over no matter what happened. That doesn’t mean he isn’t good. I still think he has a lot to offer but if he isn’t gonna play a game, even when Filipe is out and he’s the only natural left back left in our team, what’s the point of us paying him or him staying here?

    But now we have to sign a left back Simeone actually likes, or give Lucas a huge chance. Filipe might be suspended for multiple games, and if god forbid he gets an injury ever or when he inevitably gets tired from running up and down the field for 90 minutes every 4 days, we’ll need a trustworthy back up. Not to mention the fact that he’s getting older and we might be banned for a year and a half of transfers. I have no idea if we’ll actually sign a left back, I have heard no rumors of it at all, but I really think we should.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I sill believe that Siqueira wasn’t so horrible that he wasn’t even good enough to give Filipe some rest against teams like Rayo, Levante, Getafe & Las Palams at the Calderon, but Simeone is the boss, he watches him every day and he knows better than me, that’s fine, but here is what’s not :

    1-Playing the 30-year-old Filipe all the time until he gets a muscular injury in a very big game, like what happened in UCL final 2014, when he was 2 years younger .
    It seems that nobody will replace Siqueira in this window, so let’s hope Lucas will get a chance .. or at least Gamez will rotate with Filipe .

    2-Wasting money .
    The man cost us 10 million and now he is leaving on loan for a season and a half for what I don’t expect to be more than 2 million, then in 2017 he will be 31 and with only one year left in his contract .
    There were some rumors about several offers for him last summer for much more than 2 million, but Simeone didn’t sell him and didn’t use him .

    Simeone’s choices for players is starting to look like a weakness for me, he didn’t sign any of the players who won La Liga -except Sosa- and he wasn’t responsible for signing many of those young talents like Gimenez & Velazquez, it was Caminero & Berta, he couldn’t pick a replacement for Siqueira when it was very obvious since last season that he has a very little faith in him, and he still can’t find a replacement for Costa, all the 5 strikers (Mandzukic, Jimenez, Torres, Jackson & Vietto) failed to replace him, you can blame one or two or even three players, but five is a big number, big enough to suggest that the problem isn’t theirs .

    3- I hate to strengthen a direct rival .
    But if Siqueira is really that horrible then we are actually weakening them, so it’s OK !

    Remember when I told you more than year ago that Jorge Mendes will destroy Valencia and Monaco, well, he is very close to destroy the first .
    I really don’t care about them, in fact, I wish they get relegated, but I hate the fact that a players agent is controlling the world of football, and the clubs, the players and even some of the football associations are enabling him, few days ago Javier Tebas, president of LFP was at the European Parliament trying to get their help to reverse FIFA & UEFA ban for investment funds,- which most of them belong to Mendes- claiming that they are helping the clubs, especially the poor ones, which is true, but only in short terms, but they are ruining the clubs and even the players on long term, have you seen what Mendes did to a player like Falcao, it wasn’t the injury, it was Mendes who kept moving him from club to another year after year, and from 2010 to 2015 non of his clubs was participating in UCL, yes, Falcao hasn’t played a single minute in UCL since march 2010 because of Mendes .. but he can only blame himself .

    Thank you Siqueira for that short adventure .
    I will will never forget your help to win the Super Cup, your assist to Saul’s “chilena” and your goal against Levante which saved us a point, without it we would have finished 4th that season behind Valencia .
    I want to wish you good luck, but I don’t wish good luck to our rival teams .
    Goodbye .

  • Sam Arregui

    I’m absolutely livid about this transfer. Was never given a proper chance and was one hell of an attacking left back who never had Cholos full trust for some reason. He was a menace down the left wing and I could have seen some good dynamism between him and Carrasco. He was after all a starter in our supercup win over Real Madrid and was on fire in our 4-0 thrashing of Real Madrid, providing the scrumptious cross that led the one of the most legendary goals I’ll ever witness in Sauls chilena. Simeone really frustrsates me sometimes. He puts to much trust on his “trusted boys” while I understand this, those trusted boys are now 2-3 years older and are, sadly, declining except for koke, Godin, and Juanfran I suppose. He needs to give others a chance and play people in thier preferred position. And for God’s sake, let the creative midfielders a la Koke and Oliver play freely versus lower tiered teams. His overly cautious approach is costing us a lot these days. Please just once play Oliver in the 10, Behind the striker. Just once. Let’s see what happens.

  • Sam Arregui

    Yep was confirmed today he signed for him. Apparently had a falling out with the coach at Fiorentina over playing time. and if Cholo and the Florence trainer both didn’t think he deserved starting time then I believe a move to Watford was the correct move. Quique has worked with him before when he led us to our first Europa League title. I wouldn’t say he flopped, rather than had a bad attitude and didn’t get to prove himself fully. Personally I was never a fan of Mario, but best of luck to him at Watford! I hope they make Europa league spots this season. Quique is a hell of a coach and props to him for leading Watford to such a good position in the PL this season despite their financial inferiority. I respect Quique and paco jemez for their ability to create a team with limited resources (even though in Quiques case all PL teams are fucking loaded, even the worst team makes more cash in a year than Atletico). But they coach some attrative foolball, something I wish us colchoneros had. Personsonally, I want to see Paco Jemez coach Atletico in the future, call me crazy but I think he’s a great coach.

  • Dictarium

    Mate, what you base on when you’re saying that Diego Simeone wasn’t responsable for the signing of Gimenez & Velazquez?

    Also, Griezmann himself said the Argentine was the main reason why he decided to join Atleti in the first place.