Player ratings: Brave Atleti beaten in the Camp Nou

We analyse the performance in Barcelona's 2-1 win against our nine men

Koke's early goal not enough

Koke's early goal not enough

Atlético Madrid lost ground in their bid for the La Liga title after a 2-1 loss against Barcelona today, but can hold their heads high after an excellent performance and playing over half of the game with less players.

The red and whites stunned the Camp Nou when Koke gave them an early lead, but goals from Lionel Messi and Luis Suárez turned the game around before red cards either side of half-time for Filipe Luís and Diego Godín.

However, Cholo’s men never let their heads get down and fought up until the final whistle, even having chances to equalise in an honourable second half performance.

Read on to see how we rated the players’ performances:

Jan Oblak – 6

Not much he could do for either goal, and in truth, he didn’t have a great deal of saves to make. As usual, flawless in the air and commanded his area well.

Juanfran – 6

Some may point the finger at him for Messi’s goal, but he was left short and couldn’t cover two players at the same time. Got forward well in the second half despite the numerical disadvantage.

Diego Godín – 5

Stupid red card, and didn’t cover himself in glory for Suárez’s goal. Even the best defender in the world can have an off day at times, although he does seem to struggle against his Uruguayan compatriot.

Josema Giménez – 6

Like Godín, the Suárez goal was partly his fault, but he was brave throughout and make a stunning block when Atleti were 1-0 up to deny a certain goal for Dani Alves. Good learning experience for him.

Filipe – 5

Whether or not you think his red card was warranted, it was a dangerous and unnecessary challenge to make right on the stroke of half-time and in that area of the pitch. Shame, as was doing well before then and linking up well with Carrasco.

Gabi – 5

Got the hook at half-time having been booked in the first half. Recent form is a little worrying, he’s been much improved this season but could do with more rest in order to be fresh for the big games. Now might be the time.

Augusto – 6

His best game in an Atleti shirt so far. Kept the ball very well, made some good tackles and interceptions, and very nearly scored with a first half shot that flashed only just wide. Hopefully his injury isn’t too serious.

Koke – 7

One of his best performances this season. Obviously scored the opening goal, but was also much involved and assumed playmaking responsibilities, spreading the play and linking up will with the attacking players.

Saúl Ñíguez – 7

Another excellent showing. Great determination to beat Alba and set up the opening goal, after almost scoring a screamer himself early on. Worked tirelessly and offered himself at every opportunity. His progression this season has been fantastic.

Yannick Carrasco – 8 (Man of the match)

Some have had their doubts over him in recent weeks after a few frustrating performances, but today he was everywhere. A one-man attack at times, he caused countless problems and was courageous throughout. Great talent and attitude.

Antoine Griezmann – 6

Started the game fairly well, but faded as Barça took control. It was a tough ask for him today to play as lone striker, but he really should’ve equalised in the second half after Carrasco put it on a plate for him. What if…


Jesús Gámez – 6

Has one of the biggest characters at the club. Excellent in defence, and always looked to go forward despite being on his wrong side, two men down and not known for his attacking prowess. Will get his chance next week.

Stefan Savic – 6

Impresses every time he plays. Such a natural defender, with many going as far as saying he should take Giménez’s place in the team. The two will get a chance to play together next week with Godín’s suspension.

Thomas Partey – 6

We’ve not seen much of him in his natural defensive midfield role yet, but he showed his qualities there, coming on and doing well to stop Barça in their attempts for a third goal. Hope to see more of him, deserves more minutes.

What were your thoughts on the performance?


  • AaX


    LETS SEE …….

  • Jay Francis

    4LOL that is truly hilarious
    Better team? Barca wasnt playing their best game and still made atletico crumble like a cookie which led to both goals which came by the way with all 22 players on the field.
    The only reason atleti didnt concede 6 goals after going down 2 men is because they threw every man they had in the defense which is why they couldnt get any attacking in when barca lost the ball. I really wish they didnt get those cards because idiots like u would make the excuse that it was because of the cards. The best player in the world by far this season was not even healthy and atleti still couldn’t stop him without fouls and u dare to call them the better team. As soon as real find their heads again atleti wont even be relevant in la liga title discussion fucking moron. I wont even be responding to u after this cause youre clearly an idiot

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    How about a 4 or even a 3 for Filipe .

  • Koke

    In my opinion, these are things I’d like to see in lineups for the future.

    1) Gabi and Augusto don’t need to play at the same time. One of those two should partner Saul and Koke in a 3 man midfield. No more than 3 center mids on the field at once.

    2) Carrasco shows glimpses of his true quality. So does Correa. And obviously, so does Griezmann, albeit less so in big games. I think those three have been much more impressive than any of our other three forwards (Jackson, Torres, and to an extent Vietto). Therefore, I really want to see a Carrasco-Griezmann-Correa front three for the next game.

    On another note, maybe Filipe’s ban (I wonder how many games it’ll be) will be enough to convince the board to sign a new left back to replace Siquiera. In our next game Simeone will be forced to play either Siquiera or Lucas, due to the ban, so I’m curious as to whom he’ll play.

  • aileen

    It was a poor Atleti`s performance.When frustration dominates over thinking and self-control what leads to stupid, brutal fouls and expulsion a player should be changed and next punished not praised for `being brave` and described by a coach as a hero.
    But Atleti has a specific way of showing resistance and strength.Rather a strange one.Still remember bleeding Mandzukic who was running along the pitch like an angry lion (and doing absolutely nothing positive in the terms of the team), remember also what Messi did to Moya in the previous match – and it was not enough for a red.
    But this is Spain, these are referees who often need glasses and this is Barcelona and Atletico 😉

  • Koke

    Even a Barca fan such as yourself has to admit that the gap in quality between Atleti and Barca today wasn’t as big as you’re implying. For the first 15 minutes or so Atleti was dominating, and then even after they went a man down they were the more dangerous team for large parts of the game. Barcelona has a swiss cheese defense that’s disguised thanks to their world class midfield and attack. 2-1 was a very fair scoreline and if Atleti didn’t lose two men (which was their own fault), then I wouldn’t be surprised if we tied or won this game.

    And for the record, you can’t use the excuse that Messi was off form and that’s why you didn’t beat us by more. Then I could say that if Jackson Martinez, Vietto, and Gabi were more fit and in form we could have been better. And Real Madrid is all name and no game. There’s a reason they’re in 3rd place. The fact is that Atleti up until today was going toe to toe with Barca for the title, and barca fans get too arrogant then it’ll come back to bite them.

  • aileen

    Also curious who will defend against Eibar. Griezmann is brillant but for some reason he is not able to score in really important matches.A man who can do it was just almost excluded from a club because is not still twenty years old for the passing decade://

  • Jay Francis

    They played excellently but it annoys me when a team was losing anyway and get cards and they use that as an excuse. Im replying to this not to speak about the game that we already won though. Im responding because when i said the best player comfortably this season you said messi. Now i strongly believe messi is the best player in history but this season neymar (who is not healthy atm) is clearly the best player in the world. Messi wasnt hurt, at least not until luis tried to break his leg.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    You will not respond because you are a fucking coward you motherfucker, you want to throw some insults and run like a bitch .

    Why the fuck do the authors of this website allow such an insulting comment like this, and to a very respectful person and faithful fan like Aax?!

    And @Koke : what are you doing man ?! are you really trying to have an intelligent conversation with that stupid person ?!

  • atleti10

    Lol, tourist Barca supporter.

  • Jay Francis

    Want a response? Ok your team cant beat mine. My team is 3 points ahead with a game in hand. My team doesnt need to be in perfect form to beat yours and lastly my team doesnt need to start abusing players when we are down. We simply show our class and break teams. Thats the last response i dont have time to argue with an ignoramus on the Internet. Gonna enjoy being a supporter of the #1 team in the world

  • AaX


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    How many times did we read here from almost everybody : “only one of Gabi & Tiago is enough” ?! .. now it has become “only one of Gabi & Augusto” !
    This is very sad .

    I repeated this many times : the only time Grizi played as the main striker he scored a hat-trick, his only hat-trick with us so far (and maybe his only hat-trick in his career, I’m not sure)
    Correa-Carrasco-Grizi is not a bad idea at all, I actually have been reading tweets from too many Atleti fans, in Spanish, English & Arabic asking for the same thing, but would Simeone listen ?!

    I hate rumors, I don’t even read them, when I see a headline or a link about a rumor I just ignore it, and I really hated to see too much discussion here about Oliver’s alleged move to BVB, and reading stuff like “Nooo” , “Fuuuck”, ” Sad news” !
    More than a year ago I said that people should not believe anything they read, if those bastards didn’t lie they will not sell or they will not get followers, and I also asked them to use their brains, and I gave examples about rumored deals that couldn’t be done for some good and obvious reasons, some of them were about non-European players going to clubs with no free non-Eu spots !!
    Everybody were talking about a Costa-Jackson swap deal this January, were both players won’t be eligible for UCL ! .. and most people did believe that !!
    Oliver is very young, very promising homegrown player, the only one in his position in Atleti, the club was banned from new signings and the rumor is talking about a permanent move, not a loan .. come on guys !!
    Having said that, let me say that Siqueira is leaving, not because I read it in a tabloid newspaper or a twitter account of some lying son of a bitch who calls himself a “transfer expert”, but because I just heard Clemente Villaverde with my own ears saying that they are negotiating with Valencia for a loan deal for him .
    So I guess against Eibar it will be :
    Gamez – Savic – Gimenez- Lucas
    unless Lucas hasn’t recovered yet, then it could be Saul, since he is a lefty and a versatile, or it could be someone from Atleti B .
    But I’m not so worried about Eibar’s game. I’m worried about the rest of the season, Filipe can not and should not play all the time, someone must rotate with him, sign another LB (I don’t think this will happen this window) or be brave and give Lucas a chance, he did not disappoint against Real Madrid last season, or even play Gamez, although I still hate the idea of him on the left back (of any right-footed on the left back) but it’s still better than wearing Filipe out .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I don’t think it was a poor performance, it was a heroic one, but poor attitude from Filipe indeed, and it’s not the first time, he did it before -also against Barca- in teh super cup .
    Simeone didn’t praise him, he praised the 10 then the 9 who were on the pitch, what he said is that he didn’t think Filipe and Godin were responsible for the defeat, but Filipe was for sure, and Simeone knows that, and he will say different things to him than he had to say to the press, but if he didn’t, then it’s really a big problem .

  • AaX

    Yeah, that’s the strange and unnecessary part about Filipe I don’t get yesterday. That changed our game, no one can dispute on both of the goals we conceded especially the 2nd one from a truly world class pass unlike some uninvited moronic Troll thought which I highly doubt as a true Barca and football fan.
    But it’s true that Savic is better well suited to partner Godin than Gimenez for his better reading of the game. I think he hasn’t yet get the nod of Trust by Simeone for such an important match like this. But he can start with the Next. Who knows, Maybe Torres will get his Century and got reignited to save our season. GOD SPEED !

    AUPA Atleti

  • Usavicente Calderon

    I think the performance was outstanding. We are down 2-1 and then go down 2 more player and never concede another goal. Plus Griezmann had that shot on goal and Bravo was the luckiest play for the weekend, because if that ball hadn’t accidentally clipped his foot, it would have been a tie game. So no, I disagree. Atletico were playing out of their minds.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Lets not get down on Filipe that much. He was just going for the ball and as his leg comes down (which it has to do naturally) he barely gets Messi. IF he would have really got him, Messi would have been bleeding like a crazy. I don’t even think there was a scratch. So that is why this should have been a yellow and not a red. But the 3 or 4 grade would have to go to Godin for that second yellow card. Though I believe (after watching the replay a couple of times) that Suarez dove, that was unnecessary.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    1) I agree. And now they won’t be playing at the same time because Augusto is out. Saul will not be a critical player and needs to stay consistently good.
    2) I agree again. Carrasco-Griezmann-Correa should be the starting front. ALWAYS!

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Tell us how you really feel! HA HA! I am glad Oliver stated that he wants to fight for his place. With Augusto getting injured (which really sucks, I was liking him) this will open things up for Oliver.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Jay, go to a Barca webpage. Barca is a “$200 million dollar” better team that could not score on a 9 man fielded team. And while only having 10 men on the field, we almost scored. Bravo was so lucky against Griezmann. Pure unadulterated luck. (I would take luck too, but just stating the fact.) Don’t come on our Atleitico page and call us idiots. No one here started the name calling until you showed up. Go be a troll somewhere else.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Go be a troll somewhere else.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    In the recent past, Messi almost but his cleats through Moya’s head and only got a yellow. See the difference. Messi was barely touched. I don’t even think there was a scratch…and oh yea, Go be a troll somewhere else.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    In the recent past, Messi almost but his cleats through Moya’s head and
    only got a yellow. See the difference. Messi was barely touched. I don’t
    even think there was a scratch on his leg…and oh yea, Go be a troll somewhere

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I have been criticizing Filipe all the season, he played 3 or or 4 solid games, while in the rest he was awful, he is much slower than 2 seasons ago, many miss passes, he tries to dribble a lot and he is very bad at it, while he gets dribbled easily (remember what Carvajal did to him ?!, we could have won that game) and that red card was his 10th card this season after 9 yellows, the most booked player in the team while he is only the 7th most used one .
    Touched Messi or not, deserved a red or not, that doesn’t matter, any play like this against Messi at Camp Nou will definitely get you sent off, and he knows that .

    He is old, tired, frustrated, he is under pressure because he left us and he wants to prove himself again, and the worst of all : he is overused, he will play everything as long he is not suspended or injured, I was against bringing him back, but now he did not just comeback, but he is our only left back (I believe Lucas won’t get any chance this season) .

    I hope we don’t regret letting Siqueira go, although I already regret losing 10 million on him, we are getting almost nothing from this loan, while we could have sold him in the summer for 5 or 6 million, but no, we let him leave almost for free, and to a direct rival, he will play against us in one month .

    All that is because of Simeone’s fucking “trust” issues .

  • Hannu

    Sorry but you seem to be little blind on your dislike for Filipe.

  • Jay Francis

    I remember scoring 2 with 11 players on the field. LMAO when is the last time your shit squad beat barca? You fools get lucky with 1 la liga and believe you guys are relevant now thats hilarious. Talk to me when you clowns consistently win trophies and can win 5-6 in a year

  • aileen

    So, our visions are different.I can`t agree to call the game `outstanding` and `being proud`-as manager said when everything was going into chaos, and we are only defending instead of attacking -maybe I`m not right but what a difference when we conceded two or three goals-we lost.
    Maybe if we tried with more than one forward and Carrasco as well as Griezmann were not changed we could tie.

  • Hannu
  • Ahmad Hossainy

    And I think you and many others are over appreciating him .
    I did praise him when he played some solid games, even against Real Madrid when he was responsible for the goal, I still gave him the credit for preventing another goal after stopping that very dangerous counter from Bale .
    But overall, I think he wasn’t very impressive, he cost us 17 million Euros, and I believe this is not a 17-million-Euros performance .
    And I’m afraid he will get worse if he didn’t rotate enough with another player .

    We could have different opinions about his performance, it’s only normal, but I think no one should disagree on the need of rotation .

  • Hannu

    Yeah thats true. Rotation is needed and I hope that Lucas gets his chance now or otherwise dont really know why he is in squad and not loaned out.