FIFA suspends Atlético’s transfer ban after appeal

However Atleti's appeal still likely to be heard before the summer

No new players will be arriving at the Vicente Calderón for some time

No new players will be arriving at the Vicente Calderón for some time

The world governing body of football, FIFA, has provisionally suspended the transfer ban handed down to Atlético Madrid for the alleged breach of rules relating to the transfer of minors.

The news comes following Atlético’s statement on Tuesday which confirmed its intention to dispute the ban.

“We consider that we’ve worked within legality in all cases,” the statement read. “We are also requesting, in written form, the suspension of the transfer ban while this dispute is settled.”

Well it looks like FIFA listened as, along with the one handed to Real Madrid, both bans have been postponed.

Before you get your hopes up, know that this doesn’t actually mean a great deal of good news for Atleti.

Both clubs appealed the ban, as Barcelona did last year, so that they may be able to sign players in the upcoming summer transfer window.

When the Blaugrana contested the decision last year, it took a long time for the process to complete, and the transfer window was long-gone by the time the ruling was confirmed. In the meantime, Barcelona had already signed Luis Suárez from Liverpool amongst others.

Barcelona’s transfer ban was handed to them in April however, and ultimately confirmed in December.

In the case of both Atlético and Real Madrid, the Press Association is reporting that the appeals will be heard before the summer anyway, meaning that any suspension of the ban is just a legal exercise other than any good news for Atleti.