Player ratings: Rampant Celta dump Atleti out of Copa

We take a look at the performance as rojiblancos crash out of the cup

It was one of those nights at the Calderón

It was one of those nights at the Calderón

Celta Vigo stunned the Vicente Calderón on Wednesday night, knocking Atlético Madrid out of the Copa del Rey at the quarter-final stage with a deserved 3-2 win.

Goals from Antoine Griezmann and substitute Ángel Correa were not enough for Diego Simeone’s side, as a stunner from John Guidetti and two goals from Pablo Hernández capped a memorable night for the visitors.

Read on to see how we rated the players:

Miguel Ángel Moyà – 4

Although not solely to blame for any of the goals, the lack of security with him in goal is clear for all to see. Looked very rusty, and doesn’t command his box or dominate in the air like Oblak does.

Juanfran – 5

Made the rare forray forward, but for his standards he was almost absent tonight. Lack of energy tonight was noticeable, not just from him but the whole team.

Diego Godín – 5

The whole defence were poor tonight, and he was no different. Somebody needed to take control of the situation for both Celta’s first and third goals, but nobody did and we were punished.

José María Giménez – 4

We disagree with those who have said that his form has dropped this year (just look at the numbers), but he was very poor tonight. Caught sleeping on a few occasions, particularly the third goal which he takes blame for.

Filipe Luís – 4

He’s had a good run of form lately, but just didn’t look switched on tonight. Made a fairly bright start but tired quickly and struggled against Orellana. Probably needs a rest.

Gabi – 5

Not his best game. Reckless and times, poor with set-piece delivery, and struggled against the impressive midfield of Pablo and Radoja. He also could do with a rest ahead of big games to come.

Saúl Ñíguez – 6

Excellent first half, but made a mistake for the second goal that proved to be costly. Still, he was everywhere for much of the opening period, and nearly scored a memorable individual goal. Will learn from this match, great to see the progress he is making.

Koke – 4

Too many times this season, we’ve been criticial of Koke for not having enough impact. Tonight was another of those games, his impact minimal after the first 20 minutes or so. Would love to see him in Gabi’s position.

Yannick Carrasco – 5

Had a big hand in the equalising goal with his shot that was parried to Griezmann, but he was frustrating on the whole. Often guilty of making the wrong decision or holding onto the ball for too long. Not at the level he was earlier in the season.

Antoine Griezmann – 5

Scored the equaliser, but was very under-par in general play. Lots of misplaced passes, losses of possession and poor touches. Need him back at his brilliant best, as he is our only real goal threat most of the time.

Luciano Vietto – 4

Going through a real difficult spell at the moment. Had two good chances in the second half, but both times side-footed them straight at Sergio. Confidence is low, but he looks a shadow of the player that tore us apart at the Calderón last season.


Ángel Correa – 7 (Man of the match)

The only player who really looked like he wanted to win tonight. Very unlucky to hit the crossbar just after Guidetti’s goal, but he continued fighting and scored a stunning consolation goal late on. Two steps ahead of the rest of his teammates during his time on the pitch.

Óliver Torres – 6

Made some nice touches, and gave us a small reminder of the talent he has in abundance. Would be a shame to see him leave, although you can’t really blame him given the position he’s in…

What did you make of the performance? 

  • Ringo

    Koke wasn’t that bad tonight, it was the organization, I’d give all midfielders a 5 for their lack of consistency and composure. No 6s, but no 4s either, especially not Koke for just lacking impact. He was everywhere, almost always able to receive a pass and move the play around. Gabi slowed things down and seemed uncertain. Saúl was pretty good as offensive midfielder in the first half but unfortunately adapted to the uncertainty of the team.
    But Koke was our least bad midfielder tonight.

    Vietto was okay, too, but sometimes he needs to add some power to his shots, his two chances where he tried to curl the ball into the far corner were really frustrating to watch. He should be more decisive in front of goal. I guess that will come, but yikes, that was bad. His overall movement was okay though.

    I have to say this game we were unlucky, but in a way it was coming. Simeone says we prepare for every game seperately, but every time it’s looking more and more the same. I thought this would be the season where the second half would be our best, but I’m starting to get afraid. And to keep it partido a partido: I fear the weekend.

  • Koke

    Well, there goes the most winnable trophy we had this season. Now we have to focus on the league, but if Barcelona beats us, then that too will be a very tough trophy to win. Because then we would be behind not just by 6 points, but by “6 and a half,” because then even if we finished level with Barca, they still win the league on head to head.

    Barca progressed against Athletic Bilbao, so hopefully the extra two or three games they’ll have will throw them off and make them tired so they can drop more points.

    I can’t stress enough how important it is for us to get a result against Barcelona if we have any ambition whatsoever to win the league.

    What has become of our attack? Somehow, two years ago, one man, Diego Costa, was 100x more dangerous than like 3 or 4 of our attackers now. Torres, Jackson, and Vietto, all struggling. Who would have thought. At least Vietto is showing signs of improvement, the other two aren’t.

    I’ve been thinking this for a long time, and this game confirmed it for me: Correa is our 2nd best attacker after Griezmann. Yes, sometimes he’s a little sloppy, and he’s still very raw, but the talent is undeniable. I have no idea why Correa isn’t getting more minutes. I want to see a Carrasco-Correa-Griezmann front line start one of our upcoming matches.

  • AaX

    Unfortunately I think with the exclusion of Correa this weekend, Simeone is going to opt for more of his cautious 4 defensive mids line up, and WE’LL BE FIGHTING FOR A DRAW instead !
    It will be such a Great Pleasant Surprise if we could end up stealing 3 points from Camp Nou this Saturday.


  • Kris

    I really enjoyed the performance because I didn’t have to watch it. I would’ve been pissed watching this. Watching us lose and guess what? Not being able to come back after getting scored on.

    Next game:Barca. Hopefully it’s not an embarrassment and we actually play well.

  • Urban

    I think we are in moment when we can slowly come to some general conclusions with respect to how our team perform this season.

    The good news is that our signings are in general promising, with flops being a minority. Oblak confirmed he is world class, but the biggest winners of this season are Saul and probably Correa. They could be real beasts. Vietto, Carrasco and Savic are showing huge potential and this is enough for the time being. Club seems to handle its business fine and the stadium is going at full speed.

    The biggest problem are our strikers. Torres is done and Jackson is simply a major flop. Augusto was a weird transfer. Unfortunately Simeone has still a lot to learn. Good thing is he is learning, e.g. his scare of rotations which was a problem in the past is distant history. Now he has to start lining the team up more offensively (in particular against smaller opposition) and he will do so. I also have to mention Oli here – after the opening match with Sevilla I was hoping this might be his season, but it seems unlikely now. I guess with Tiago fit we could achieve much more, his injury was a real blow. The club has to start thinking about younger full backs.

  • AndersAT

    I agree, we are doing all right for a young team in the build-up. The only major concern is that this season Barca and Real have been shaky and we actually have a chance of beating them, who knows about next season. But I think the transferban will hit real harder than us.

    I still think we need to offload Jackson and buy a great attacker that matches our system (Costa). And I think we should hang on to Oliver (he played yesterday, and I know simeone wouldn’t have picked him if the transfer to BVB was a done deal), and start using a creative midfielder in a free role behind the attackers (Koke and Oliver).

  • AndersAT