Fernando Torres not in Atleti’s plans for next season

Meeting to discuss player's future ends in bad news for El Niño

Rayo Vallecano de Madrid v Club Atletico de Madrid - Copa del Rey

Atlético fans, enjoy these next four months as much as possible because they’re likely to be Fernando Torres’ last months as a Colchonero.

According to AS, in a meeting on Monday between Torres, Cholo and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, Simeone told the forward that he isn’t in his plans for the following season.

However, Gil Marín told Torres if his overall play is good from now until the end of the season, and FIFA delays the transfer ban, then he would be happy to have him back for the 2016/17 season.

Torres wants to stay in Atlético, but will now be open to hearing offers from clubs who are interested in him for the following season.

El Niño came back a little over a year ago and now it seems like he’s going away again in just a few months.

His agent revealed last week that he has received eight offers from clubs interested in his services, including one that would make him the highest-paid footballer in the world.

Atleti is currently still fighting for all three competitions, and Fernando lifting a trophy would be a beautiful goodbye gift.

At the very least, Fernando grabbing his 100th goal is an absolute must if he is to leave again.

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  • Sanil

    I’m gutted! I love Fernando – he’s one of the main reasons why I love Atleti so much!

    What’s even worse is that it’s Simeone that asked for Torres, and now he’s the one showing him the door

  • Sebastian Tataru

    fernando torres looloololol fermando torres …. lets hope the ban is delayed and torres eill finish his career here … please simione

  • Sebastian Tataru

    im too i want gim to stay a lot here, he made me love atleti

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    This is not necessary a bad news for Torres fans (who are supposed to be ALL Atleti fans, but they are not) he could recover his form, the fans could put a lot of pressure on Simeone and the management, and he could get a new contract in the summer if the ban was removed or at least delayed .

    The worst case scenario, however, is that Torres starts scoring many goals -which is not impossible, his problem is mainly psychological- and Simeone changes his mind and asks to keep him, but we couldn’t because of the ban .
    That will be a huge fuck up .

    As I said the other day : what’s the harm of offering Torres a new (precautionary) contract that you can terminate anytime you want ?! .. I don’t think Torres will ask for 4 or 5 million -if that is the problem- as a matter of fact, I believe he is even ready to play for free .

    Maybe the board are very sure that the ban will be removed or postponed .

  • thericeking

    i like torres but he isnt scoring (not that anyone really is apart from grizi). i feel he’s more of a mascot and a super sub.. if he stays for mascot wages then please stay but there’s still registering player positions to account for.. he is great but i would have him leave too.. even if it saddens me…
    come back one day to coach if you can.. lovely having you again and hopefully again.. good luck.. bye bye

  • Sebastian Tataru

    i agree with you… when i look to the goal that he scored against barcelona or levante this season i think that he is just having a lot of emotions , but i think when this famous goal will come the goals will come like at suarez …. come on torres we believe in you …. my hero forever

  • BlasiusMagnus

    torres already finished his career. in liverpool…

  • aileen

    No many words need to be said in this situation. It`s decided by a coach who doesn`trust him and hasn`t him in his plans. Has got Vietto &Jackson who are standing in a middle of a penalty area and looking around not even really trying to help the team.
    We could see today what it means.
    We could see for the first time of many what does mean to lose energy, motivation, good vibes and control.To keep them something more than money, business, logic as well as sobriety is necessary. It`s just leaving.

  • KC

    At least Torres brings effort to the field and opens up space for Griezmann. The service to Torres is awful when he plays. This team just does not setup to attack and it shows when we play the better teams. Torres is still very good when he gets the ball in space going forward, but Atleti simply do not play that way. I am looking forward to his next team, hopefully his agent will get him on a team that sets up to take advantage of his skill set.

  • Vishal Panjiar

    I wont be watching Atletico Madrid too long..didnt like d way simeone has treated Torres..waiting to find about his new team, where d manager who takes him has plans for him that last a little longer than here..crazy d way some things r thought ?

  • nitesh

    Yes , have plans for him like at Milan and Chelsea. Torres is finished product who is past his expiry date. Loved watching him at liverpool , but can someone tell me why he left atletico because as far as I do remember there was as such no reason for club to sell him because we spent the money we got from his transfer straight away buying forlan and aguero. If he truly loved the club as much as people think, he would have helped atletico in his prime years just as the likes of lampard , gerrard, totti or like del piero who stayed with juve even when they were relegated to serie b.

  • Vishal Panjiar

    So unlike everyone else, he should sing for Atletico as a child, play forever for Atletico, manage Atletico if he ever got that lucky n then get buried somewhere nearby n even then everyone cannot be happy..there is a difference between national team dynamics which can be related to patriotism n club dynamics..its about how much one has been able to contribute that deserves respect n some consideration!!

  • nitesh

    That is what I am trying to ask here. Why is he loved so much by atletico fans because I dont know much about him as an atletico player since I started following atletico just a few months before he left atletico.I remember very well Torres decided to leave after that 6-0 defeat to barcelona in 2006.I can only imagine what could have been deadly partnership up front had he stayed with him and forlan or him or aguero.Just in general I want to know why he is called clubs favorite son

  • nitesh

    Also I dont think He would have been back here if he was in form like at Liverpool.

  • Ringo

    I was around since 2004/5ish
    He was pretty inconsistent, but he was kind of a symbol of hope for Atlético. He was young, extremely talented, one of the reasons we promoted back to La Liga and most important of all, a canterano. He was called the kid because he was one of “our” kids, he made it and was becoming our poster boy. Kind of like Koke was two/three years ago, except with a lesser team around him, so he stood out more.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    it’s the right decision from the club. you guys are way too sentimental.

  • Sebastian Tataru

    thats your opinion … we willl see in the second half of the season

  • BlasiusMagnus

    yeah, maybe he will score his 100th goal after almost half a fuckin year.