Borussia Dortmund agree deal to sign Óliver Torres

Gianluca Di Marzio reports that a four-and-a-year deal for youngster agreed

Óliver Torres agrees deal with Borussia Dortmund, according to Di Marzio

Óliver Torres agrees deal with Borussia Dortmund, according to Di Marzio

According to transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio, Borussia Dortmund has reached an agreement to sign Óliver Torres from Atlético Madrid on a four-and-a-half year deal.

Óliver, one of Atleti’s brightest youth products in recent years, has struggled to make the most of his gametime for los Rojiblancos so far this season and was said to be unhappy about the opportunities coming his way.

It was rumoured that the young Spaniard was to be looking for a loan move, however the super-reliable Di Marzio claims that a permanent move has been agreed.

According to the journalist, Oliver has reached a deal that will take him until the summer of 2020 with Borussia Dortmund, despite interest in the 21-year-old from Roma. Di Marzio says that Óliver preferred a move to the Bundesliga.

There’s not word yet on fee, however Atleti will be expecting a significant chunk for a youngster well thought of at the Vicente Calderón, but one that doesn’t fit into Diego Simeone’s system, much to the dismay of Atlético fans on the whole.

With the transfer ban on the horizon, you question the logic of a permanent deal, when a loan would have played better into Atlético’s hand.

Óli spent the year on loan at Porto last season, and impressed in the run to the Champions League quarter-finals.

We talked about how Óliver should stay and fight for his place this season, but that boat looks to have sailed already.

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  • Hannu

    Fuck! If this is true its so damn stupid. Lets sell Lucas also and Borja Baston next summer…

  • Vasile Oncea

    Maybe we will get Marco Reus. I don’t think Atletico is so idiot. We will get something out of this deal.

  • NikkoLazy

    So many feelings, so much anger! Only problem is to place the feelings and anger, I totally understand Oliver, he is a class player, and he deserves playtime.

    Also its impossible for me to say that Simeone have not tried. But what really, really annoys me is the signing of Augosto… Did we really need him?! No!
    Oliver was and still is the future!

    Atleti are gonna regret this so much in a few years. And i only hope that this will not go through.

    And one last thing to get of my chest, and I am sorry, but this point will be written in CAPS.


    Please do not leave us Oliver, we want you and believe in you!

    And if you leave, best of luck, and welcome back anytime!

  • NikkoLazy

    I dont want Reus, Oliver is the future. And we have been given transfer denial, and need to sign a replacement asap. And Dortmund knows that, so Reus will be incredibly expensive.

    Oliver>Reus. Maybe not right now, but in a few years.

  • Ringo

    This hurts me

  • atleti10

    This is really upsetting news. A player with the potential to be an Atleti and Spanish great being sold because he does not fit the coach’s defensive philosophy. In a sense this highlights all that’s wrong with football. This kid is an entertainer and a joy to watch, he’s being sacrificed for more industrious players in order to grind out results. Yes the fans want the club to succeed but what’s the point of it all if it’s boring to watch.

    Put two defensive midfielders behind this kid and surround him with players like Griezmann, Carrasco and Vietto and sooner or later things will begin to click. They are all too good for it not to. I blame Simeone for this one. Sometimes it’s ok to take one step back (weaken the team defensively) if it means taking two steps forward (play some decent attacking football).

    I have to say I think this is the perfect move for him, hopefully we’ll see him back one day.

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    Well this has spoilt my night. Oliver is pure class at such a young age. I’m in disbelief but at the same time knew it was going to happen. This is Simeone’s fault. The kid doesn’t fit in this defensive football. And where is the 4-3-3? We used it like once for the season.. Oliver would have fitted well in that. HE WAS GIVEN NUMBER 10 FFS to replace Turan but I don’t blame oli for leaving (or at least wanting too) what’s the point of staying at a club that plays a center mid on the wing(in Oliver and Saul case although Saul switches back to cm when Augusto comes off). I am broken right now. Him koke and Saul were supposed to be the 3 midfielders starting every game in a few years time. Oh well good luck in Dortmund oli, if the rumors are true

  • Randy Ved Jawahir

    Agreed 100% We are no longer a mediocre club. Time for Simeone to get the team playing like a team which is one of the best in the world not like a overly defensive team with no playmaker.

  • Koke

    Wtf. This is terrible news, and if it’s true (I really hope it isn’t), I will be furious. Bad enough if he never plays, bad enough if he gets loaned out, but selling him? This is as silly as Barcelona selling Thiago, Madrid selling Morata, or Chelsea selling De Bruyne. Fine, Simeone, maybe he isn’t ready to play in our team YET, but to sell him is madness.

    Ugh… please don’t be true.

  • AsianJudy

    I’m very upset his talent and skill is undeniable. I hope he returns to atleti one day.

  • Kris

    FUCKK ME MAN!! Terrible news.
    It’s okay though we can sign two more defenders and it’ll be all right. Because all we need to do is defend. There’s no need to attack.
    Fuckk, I’m so pissed. If this deal goes through, I’m gonna go mad. We better fucking get Reus in return for him then.. FUCKK!!

  • Mohammed Basith

    Did Barcelona have the first option on Oliver if we’re selling him?No disrespect to BVB,but Oliver is a player who can fill the midfield in many other rich clubs.So I strongly believe this is a loan move.

  • Arjit Barua


  • BlasiusMagnus

    relax, until any official statement he isn’t gone. anyway Gianluca has been wrong countless times.

  • Arnav Bose

    Relax. This is BVB the media is talking about. They are good in the transfer market when it’s about a player leaving their club and absolutely inert when it comes to bringing in new faces in their club. BVB have apathy toward signing players. Rest assured Atleti fans, BVB don’t have the balls to sign anyone, let alone a star from Atleti.

  • Rashid

    Hahaha I think it’s time to change the coach ?, and enjoy watching games …
    Some able to take risks?

  • Rashid

    Some one able to take risks**

  • Die Roten

    Enjoyed his time at Porto. Atletico has one of the best organizations at all. Fantastic academy, reasonable money enclosure but they need ещ show an entertainment attacking style. I don’t find Simeone as a great manager, only as a good motivator. His defensive style one of the reasons why players such Martinez, Oliver Torres, Vietto aren’t able to show all their potential. Wish Atleti to become an attacking team, it’s really with such players as Martinez, Griezmann, Koke, Karrasco, Vietto.

  • patrick

    He has a release clause, there was nothing Simeone could do

  • atleti10

    He could give him game time and make him feel valued, a release clause being met means its down to the player. He’d being going nowhere if he felt valued.

    I’m basically just sick of watching such negative football, hopefully these are just rumors but regardless my point still stands… I like to see Simeone show a little more ambition.

    I’m a big fan of Simeone, just think its time he adapted to the players at his disposal.

  • adrian pandia

    i can’t even bring how wrong this comment is. your vision about BVB probably stuck in 2012

  • AaX

    I think he should be staying in faith to fight on but sure as h*** will be hard for him to replace Koke as starter in the centre mid. It’s a shame because I think he’s a better playmaker but currently doesn’t fit into Simeone’s overly cautious team approach and set up although it’s understandable that Simeone does not give priorly any different impression or promise of first team starts.
    If Koke either pairs Gabi, Tiago or Saul then Oli will have a future in this team, otherwise just pray that we are getting him loaned out instead of getting him sold. When one or both of the two def. mid Stalwarts (Gabi and Tiago) starts retiring then he could come back to fill in Koke’s spot.
    Yes Atletico naturally is an Attacking Team that needs to have it’s defensive capabilities balanced with disciplined and solid defensive work to achieve It’s duely Success, but Not too much caution that it stifles the team’s True Talent and Ability that which as a Sharp and Strong Attacking Force.


  • AndersAT

    Hmm not the best news. I would have liked to see him in a free role behind 3 offensive players with Gabi and Saul behind him. But then again I think Koke is better right now and will probably stay better. And I think Saul is also better and should partner up with a “real” defensive midfielder (Tiago, Gabi and in time kranevitter).

    So let him fly if it is what he wants.

    By the way. I am not that familiar with the rules. Can we bring back Borja this January or will it cost us a lot of money in compensation?

  • Ringo

    Looks like we can calm our hearts for at least half a season 🙂