Borja Bastón: It’s my dream to play for Atlético

On-loan Atleti striker looks to the future with Atleti

Borja celebrates scoring for Eibar

Borja celebrates scoring for Eibar

With a transfer ban on the horizon for Atlético, and huge question marks hanging over the future of two of our strikers, the level of urgency in resolving the situation has been cranked up a notch.

Aside from Antoine Griezmann, goals are something that have been hard to come by.

Jackson Martínez isn’t performing, and has struggled to get to the sort of form he showed in his Porto days.

Fernando Torres on the other hand, still hasn’t scored since September, and remains on 99 goals for Atlético.

However there is an Atlético player who has been in free-scoring form so far this season, and he shows absolutely no sign of slowing down.

It’s just that this particular rojiblanco is not wearing red and white. He’s wearing red and blue.

Borja Bastón is having a stormer of a season for Eibar, who find themselves sat in sixth place in La Liga, just seven points off of a Champions League spot.

The striker has scored 13 goals this season for Eibar, including 12 in the league. That’s three times the amount that Jackson and Torres have offered, put together.

In fact, Borja has scored EIGHT GOALS in the time since either Torres or Jackson last got on the scoresheet.

“It’s been a great year for me, and for the team,” Borja told Deportes COPE. “I was confident and knew I could do well.”

Faith is something that the 23-year-old has in spades.

Talked about as having the same potential as a young Fernando Torres, Borja was a shining light in Atleti’s cantera, and one we all expected great things from.

On the 15th May, 2010, Borja’s big day came when he made his first-team and La Liga debut for Atlético. A dream that the youngster had ever since he joined Atlético’s youth system at the age of four.

The Spaniard’s dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

After replacing Tiago on the hour mark, Borja suffered a serious cruciate ligament injury which ended his appearance after just 21 minutes. Thus began a long road to recovery.

The winding road has taken Borja from club to club, loaned out in five consecutive seasons since. Still yet to make another appearance for Atlético, Bastón has since played for Murcia, Huesca, Deportivo, Zaragoza and now Eibar. And he’s scored goals wherever he’s gone.

With the striker on fire now at his latest club, speculation is rife on whether Borja’s future lies at the Vicente Calderón.

“Of course I want to return to Atlético,” he said, to the delight of rojiblancos everywhere.

“I am an Atlético, I’m from there and of course I want to play there. It will be difficult, but this has always been my dream.”

Borja also said that no contact has been made with the Atlético hierarchy, and his focus is solely on Eibar.

“My goal for this season is to continue as I am, and stay with Eibar. It’s what I told myself when I arrived here, but as for next year – we’ll see where I am.”

The transfer ban will prevent Atleti from spending big money in an attempt to try and fix its struggling attack.

It may also open the door to the first-team for a young star whose dream it has always been to play in the red and white of Atlético Madrid.

  • Urban

    He surely cannot be worse than Jackson and Torri, right? I think I could have scored more than they did, I am 186 cm with a good jump and we had a bunch of corner kicks over the season!

  • Koke

    If he can score 6 times as many league goals as either Jackson or Torres, in a team much worse than Atleti (no offense to Eibar), then he deserves a chance here. I’ve been watching some videos of him and he scores all kinds of goals, headers, 1v1s, poacher’s goals, long shots, chips… he also works well with his teammates and I think he could do well in both a possession-based team and a counter attacking team. As long as we get rid of either one of Torres or Jackson after this season is over, we should definitely recall him. He’s much bigger and stronger than Vietto and Correa and we need a striker like that in our team.

    Now, on to Jackson. What do we do about him? It’s frustrating because I know there’s talent inside of him. It’s just tough to know whether we’ll ever see him show in an Atleti shirt. If some foolish, rich club like Chelsea or Man U makes a big offer for him, anything close to what we paid, maybe we should cut our losses and sell him. Then again, even the likes of Griezmann and Costa had slow starts. But never this slow…

    What’s more is that he’s getting older. It’s quite possible his glory days are already behind him. He’s not like our youngsters, who when they have bad spells we can at least hope they’re growing and learning. He’s at an age where he should be playing the best game of his career.

    Anyway, I’d love to see Borja back! I firmly believe that having as many Canteranos in our squad as possible (and old timers like Juanfran, Filipe, Godin, Tiago who are basically adopted) is good for the squad morale and family. Borja, Koke, Oliver, Saul, Gabi, Torres… we’ve made a bunch of great players.

  • Urban

    According to British media Berta is now in London to negotiate double swoop for Pedro and Costa, while Jackson could go in the other direction. The boredom is driving the press crazy this transfer window.

    I think this is highly unlikely mainly due to the fact Costa and Jackson are both registered to CL and are main strikers for their clubs. The deal would pretty much end Chelsea’s chances to achive anything in the competition this year.

    Costa has been thoroughly discussed here, but what do you guys think about bringing Pedro in? I would be 100% against this move – he does not fit into our hard working, defensive style at all.

  • Hannu

    Amen to this!

  • AndersAT

    I agree, it seems unlikely. I would love Costa/Jackson swoop. I am sure Jackson is good, but I think he has hit a negative spiral and only two solutions exist. Sell him or blind faith from simeone letting him play all 90 min of every game until he drops.

    I don’t think we need Pedro. we have good technical offensive players. I don’t think he is better than Vietto, Oliver, correa and carrasco.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I don’t want a “cule” at Atleti .
    I say no for Pedro just like I said no for Callejon last summer, and I would use the same argument I used then if someone talked about professionalism and the interest of the club : Pedro is not Messi or Cristiano, there are tens of Pedros out there who are not cules, just like there are many Callejons who are not madridistas .

  • BlasiusMagnus

    statistically jackson’s absence wouldn’t make a big difference in CL, as he only scored one goal in four games. as i remember he was almost useless there too.

    and i really hope don’t sign pedro. never liked him.

  • Urban

    This picture supposedly shows Yarmolenko today with one of the Radio Atletico editors in front of Fremap clinic. Who wants to he can believe.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    What in the world is the hold up? Give them Jackson and bring Borja Bastón to the Calderon.