Atlético banned from transfers until June 2017

FIFA find the rojiblanco club guilty of breaking rules for youth transfers

Club Atletico de Madrid Present New Signing Fernando Torres

FIFA have today hit Atlético Madrid with a two-window transfer ban for breaking laws surrounding the signings of underage players.

The ban will be effective from this summer, meaning that Atleti will not be able to sign or register new players until June 2017. The club have also been fined €822,000 for their misdemeanors.

However, the current transfer window is not affected, so we will still be able to make transfers up until the end of this month after the earlier arrivals of Augusto Fernández and Matías Kranevitter.

Real Madrid have also been given the same punishment and a €329,000, after Barcelona were banned back in 2014 for similar offences.

“The two clubs were found to have violated several provisions concerning the international transfer and first registration of minor players, as well as other relevant provisions with regard to the registration and participation of certain players in competitions,” said a FIFA statement.

Both clubs are expected to appeal the decision, and may be allowed to register players already at the club but not in the first team (such as loanees or canteranos), as was the case with Barça.

An investigation into the two clubs had been going on for almost a year, and Atleti had supposedly been expecting despite originally denying any wrong-doing.

The news comes after stories this week suggesting that we are ready to give new contracts to Antoine Griezmann, Josema Giménez and Ángel Correa, which makes sense and would ensure their futures at the Calderón.

Details are still filtering through, so we will update as and when we hear more regarding just what the restrictions are likely to be.

Do you think the current squad will be able to cope with the ban?

  • Sanil

    We really need to make sure we get the attack sorted then before the end of this window. Nobody wants to sell in January though!

  • Kris

    The only thing that worries me with the ban is the attack. We should definitely try to get Diego Costa back. He fits perfectly in to Simeone’s plans, and we need someone reliable in the year and a half we’re banned for.
    We HAVE to make sure that we don’t sell players.
    Also all the signings are only making sense to me now.

  • Urban

    I dont think there will be any panic buys. I am 100% sure the management of the club were fully aware of the situation and planed in advance. This is why we have almost 20 la liga class players on loan in various clubs.

    Its a shame, but there is no need to panic at this moment. I only hope our current squad will not get complacent knowing that nobody new will come in their place for a year.

    There are actually two things that piss me off: first, why did we get as severe ban as Barca when their involvment in transfering minors is, I would guess, around 1000x bigger than ours. And second: why is our financial penalty almost 3x bigger than RMs???

  • Urban

    One more thing: can we appeal and hope that before our appeal is reviewed the ban will have to be moved from summer 2017 / winter 2017 to winter 2017 / summer 2018?

  • AndersAT

    Hmm I don’t think it will hit us to hard, we have a good young team. It would be awful to let Oliver go now, and I really doubt the club will that happen now. Perhaps try to make that Jackson/Costa switch.

  • AndersAT

    I wonder if the club knew it would come. I am talking about the massive investments in young players this summer, as well as the signing of kranevitter and the (back then) redundant signing of augusto…

  • Sebastian Tataru

    torres need to stay with club because we eiill not have enough strikers

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Of course they knew, both Atleti & Real Madrid, everybody knew, I have been reading about it after just 2 or 3 months when Barca got their ban, and according to those reports, it was Barca who reported us to FIFA .
    That’s why RM signed Danilo, Odegaard, Lucas Silva, Kovacic, Asensio ….
    And we signed many players (who are not partially owned by Mendes, because Gil Marin has been signing his players for long time and it has nothing to do with the ban) .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The way I see it : it’s an assurance that we won’t lose any of our key players for two windows, because you must be a big asshole to leave your club knowing that they are banned from signing your replacement, and I think the assholes have already left .

  • Koke

    This is weird but at a first glance this actually doesn’t feel that worrying. Guys, we are honestly set to survive 8 transfer windows, let alone 2. In the midfield we have TOO many players, and almost all of them are very young. They’re all getting better every day, so no worries there. Koke, Oliver, Saul, Thomas, Kranevitter + Augusto, Gabi, and maybe Tiago.

    In the attack we also have plenty of young, talented options all across the front 3. Carrasco, Griezmann, Correa, Vietto. Plus Torres and Jackson.

    In GK we are set for a long time because Oblak is young and already one of the top 7 GKs in the world if not higher. We have 3 reliable center backs. The only questionable areas are fullbacks. Juanfran and Filipe are not getting any younger, and neither are their substitutes, Siquiera and Gamez.

    In my opinion there are only 3 things we have to make sure to do:

    1) MAKE SURE that nobody we want to keep leaves. There are only a few players that are in danger of wanting to go.
    -Griezmann – would be wanted at any club in the world, a lot of whom can pay him better than we can. However, I’m not worried. I honestly think he likes it here and will stay for the immediate future. At least I pray.
    -Oliver – probably unsatisfied with his minutes. However, maybe, just maybe he can be coaxed to stay. Please don’t sell him.
    -Siquiera and Moya – two players that are very underappreciated here, but neither is nearly good enough

  • Koke


    Neither Siquiera nor Moya is good enough to start. If they leave, sign a backup GK (Romero or Valdes?) and a back up LB, preferably a young understudy to Filipe.

    2) Bring back loaned players. I think Borja Baston is getting really good, good enough maybe even to replace Torres at the end of this season. I have no idea how Manquillo is doing, but he would be good to ease into the lineup for the next few years as Juanfran gets older and older. Velazquez seems like a big talent, maybe not as good as Gimenez, but definitely someone with a future. If need be, promote Lucas.

    3) Signings and sales. I think Torres might be in his final months at Atleti, as much as I like him as a person. Jackson has also been very disappointing. If we offload one or both of them, we should bring back Baston or sign someone. But who could we sign in January? Maybe Pato?

    We also need a second choice left back. I personally like Ricardo Rodriguez, but I don’t think he would want to be a back up, and Filipe still has some time left.

    Guys, let’s not worry. As long as Griezmann and Oliver stay, as well as Koke and Saul, I think we have absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • AaX

    Sign a Promising or an Established World Class Striker. That’s what I think what the Team actually needed to get done in this remaining transfrr window period.

    Aupa ATLETI !!