Óliver looking for Atlético exit in January

The youngster running out of chances at Atleti - keen to try elsewhere

Óliver celebrates a goal against Reus with Thomas Partey

Óliver celebrates a goal against Reus with Thomas Partey

Oliver Torres has decided that his immediate future lies away from Atlético Madrid, if you believe everything you read in AS.

Although sometimes not the best source of news, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Óliver Torres wants to spend the second half of this season playing somewhere other than Atlético.

‘Want’ is probably the wrong word to use – the youngster’s decision is no doubt out of necessity. The 21-year-old wants to play, and after starring in Porto’s charge to the Champions League quarter-finals last season, it’s no surprise that the Spaniard wants to again taste the feeling of starting regularly.

And it’s not been happening at Atlético.

The darling of Atlético fans has just eight starts in the league for Diego Simeone this season, and the youngster would have known he was facing a race against time to cement his place in the Atleti XI, with the arrival of Kranevitter this winter giving more competition for places in the rojiblanco midfield.

The injury to Tiago forced Diego Simeone to pick up Augusto Fernández from Celta, and Thomas Partey’s explosion into the scene will not have done wonders for Óliver’s chances. All of this without even mentioning Yannick Carrasco.

We love to see our canteranos doing well. It gives us nothing but joy to see Koke and Saúl fulfilling their promise. Seeing Óliver struggle will cause heartbreak amongst rojiblanco fans. Óli was the one that we all wanted to succeed.

Do you think Óli’s time to impress is up? Should we keep him as backup in case the unthinkable happens again to any of our starters?

Or let’s really shape the discussion – where is a good landing spot for the youngster?

  • Jeremy Kyle

    Hopefully we can loan him out, but I feel as if someone like Utd will come calling on a permanent deal

  • Urban

    He needs a La Liga side where he can be a star, like Halilovic in Sporting or Asensio in Espanyol. I think we have a good relationship with Rayo, I guess Oli could compliment Trashorras pretty well.

    I actually think Oli is missing only one thing, and its weird because he had this in Porto – he is not looking now to take the game on his (fragile) shoulders. I am often under the impression that he avoids the ball rather than look for it. This might be a sign of a low self confidence, but considering his main features and the intended role in the team, where he should be the main playmaker, this is suicidal for his career.

  • RQuaresma

    Loan him out or sell him for over 25 million euro bid!

  • I don’t think he’ll get any more game time at Man United – just look at players like Fellaini and Herrera, both barely playing.

    Is he going to get more games than Mata?

  • Kris

    Yes, a playmaker does what Griezmann was doing yesterday. Pick up the ball somewhere on the pitch and make shit happen. Like how Messi doss in Barcelona.
    I have only seen Oliver do this in two games this season which is frustrating to see given his exceptional qualities. He steers through players like that’s what he was born to do and picks passes and switches plays from one wing to another with great ease. This is what he does and why I love the kid so much. But as a playmaker you have to be perhaps the most involved player which he clearly isn’t in every game. And I guess it’s because he us being played out of position and refuses to incorporate his skills to another position. 🙁

  • nitesh

    Would love to see him in atletico in near future. If he is going out on loan , then it should be to the one of the top 3 leagues , serie a , epl or bundesliga rather than shit league like portugal. He is talented but portugal league is not right to justify it.Arsenal would be right team for loan if they are interested . Arsenal is exact opposite to us who have no interest in defending and with injuries guaranteed to players , he will get his chances over there.

  • AaX

    Nah! Wait till end of the season. Best he stays, still have plenty of time to learn. Do Not Falter in Haste nor succumbs to fabricated lies and fears.

    Aupa ATLETI !!

  • AaX

    Messi ??! Messi is far from a playmaker. Zidane, Platini, Cruijff, Pirlo, Rui Costa, Xavi, Iniesta and Oliver are playmakers. The key attributes are Passing, Movement and Most Importantly, Vision which is most lacking in football nowadays. Now mostly are more about goals…!?

    Forza ATLETI !!

  • Koke

    He’s one of my favorite young players and my biggest wish is to see him play a lot at Atleti. However, if that’s not possible right now, I wish to see him play a lot, period, even if it isn’t here for the time being. I guess we can loan him. But we should NOT (!!!!) by any means sell him. It would be a decision similarly stupid to Barcelona selling Thiago and Bellerin, or Real Madrid selling Morata.

    P.S., even if we did sell him, it should be for mega money. I don’t think he is any less talented than Martial for example, so should command a similar fee. Ridiculous price, I know, but not in today’s market. But DON’T sell him.

    In terms of where to go, I think it should be somewhere where he will be cherished and start almost every game, hopefully. Ideally a Europa league club, since he’s already cup tied in the Champions league. I don’t know if Villareal needs a CAM but if so that could be a good destination. Other teams like Celta Vigo, Rayo, or Deportivo might work as well, as long as they are thin in the midfield. I don’t want to see him go to the Serie A, because (unpopular opinion) that place is where talent goes to die. How many young players succeed there? Not nearly as many as in La Liga. And a lot of their best players leave and flop in other leagues (Cerci, Immobile, Lamela, Marquinhos, etc.)

    The EPL would be a little better but honestly it seems like a mediocre league this season as well. Arsenal might suit him but they are overstocked with midfielders, Man U and Chelsea are a big no this season, City has too many similar players, Liverpool and Everton are average. Honestly I really think the best place he could go is somewhere else in La Liga. The Portuguese league is great for young players but the level of play there is far inferior to in Spain.

    Now, if he were to leave on loan, would we need a new CAM on loan? Right now we only have Koke, maybe Thomas, but I’m convinced both are better suited for deeper roles. My big fear is that we’ll start seeing midfields of Gabi-Kranevitter-Augusto, or Saul-Gabi-Augusto, which would be super uncreative. Maybe a loan signing similar to what we did with Cani or Diego Ribas would be useful, just in case. Or maybe Correa can play in the CAM position, but that sounds way too attacking for Mr. Conservative, our coach.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    A lot of great points, although -as I said in my comment yesterday- I believe he should stay and fight for his place .
    Because the season is very long especially that we are still alive in all 3 competitions, and there will be suspensions and maybe injuries .
    But the most important reason is that asking for a THIRD loan spell could be seen as giving up, and I think that’s Oliver’s biggest problems, he doesn’t have that big personality of Koke & Saul, the personality that made a player with not so much talent and skills like RG8 the big player he is .
    Urban has a great point about the character and personality thing, “he is not looking to take the game on his shoulders” (he got both of them stabilized with a surgery last summer by the way) .. I also felt that in some games .

    No mater how much skills you have, with no character they count for nothing .
    After Illaramendi got injured just few days after signing for Real Madrid I LITERALLY read that the team’s doctor diagnosed it as “a psychological injury” !,
    He just couldn’t handle the pressure, and we all know how his career went from that point .
    Mario Suarez said in an interview that at some point after he couldn’t handle the big criticism from the Calderon fans : ” I asked my teammates not to pass the ball to me ” .. look where he is now too, not even good enough for Fiorentina .
    Oliver needs what Simeone -also literally- bragged about his players :
    ” Huevos Grandes “

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I believe what Oliver did with Porto last season was enough to convince any coach in the world, and he did convince Simeone himself, that’s why he brought him back despite the big interest from Porto to keep him for another season, and he did give him many chances at the beginning of the season .
    I don’t think he needs to convince him with another team, he needs to convince him with Atleti .
    If Oliver left this winter, I really think it will be very difficult for him to play for Atleti again, not with Simeone on the bench .

    If Oliver loves Atleti and dreams to leave a mark with it I think he should tell Simeone :
    ” I’m not leaving, I’m staying here, and I will impress you “

  • Hannu

    Yeah he needs some “Huevos Grandes” now to fight for the playing time and show that he is a fighter which is must for Atleti!

  • Chewie

    Simeone is all about mentality. And I’m not sure you can develop that specific type of winning-through-suffering psychology that he demands. I look at players like Juanfran, Godin, Gimenez, Gabi, Saul, Raul Garcia, Koke, even Griezmann and it seems like they would take an ugly and boring 1-0 victory every time, just because they want to win. With Oliver I’m not so sure, maybe, like Arda, he wants to enjoy football as well.