Would Diego Costa cure Atleti’s suffering attack?

The Beast of the Manzanares is allegedly hoping for an Atleti return

Have I made a huge mistake?

Have I made a huge mistake?

It was clear that after Atlético Madrid’s title-winning display against Barcelona, the one that clinched Atleti’s first title in 18 years, it was only a matter of time before clubs came to test Atleti’s resolve in keeping together their championship winning talent.

Weeks before, when Atlético knocked Chelsea out of the Champions League with a 2-1 win at Stamford Bridge, there had been talk of the London club buying two of Atleti’s best players.

Fast forward a year, and Filipe Luís arrived back in Madrid to a mixed reception from Atleti fans.

Now this may be rumour-mongering, BUT if the rumours are to be believed, even for a second, then it looks like Diego Costa is hankering for a return to Atlético Madrid.

Guillem Balague confirmed as much again, in his weekly Q&A session with Sky Sports.

“Diego Costa would love to go back to Atlético,” the journalist said in response to a question on Twitter.

Costa had been struggling under the stewardship of José Mourinho until the Portugese coach was sacked by Chelsea last month.

Clearly there is a problem up-front for Atlético. The goals have dried up, and if you take out Antoine Griezmann’s contribution of nine goals in the league so far this season, the rest of Atleti’s forwards have only mustered up seven goals between them in 18 games so far this season.

Has the Jackson Martínez experiment failed? Will he continue down the same path as Mario Mandzukic? A season at Atleti before being shipped off?

Balague believes that Simeone is happy to see what the second half of the season holds for Jackson, who is playing better after returning to the Atlético side.

With Luciano Vietto, Ángel Correa and Fernando Torres all vying for that spot up-front alongside Griezmann, it’s becoming harder and harder for Simeone to keep handing Jackson a starting berth if he doesn’t start producing the goals.

But this statement from Guillem Balague raises the question, would the return of Diego Costa to Atlético solve the problem facing Atlético’s attack?

  • Urban

    I guess Jackson deserves at least 6 months more to prove his worth. He is a world class striker without a doubt, but there is also no doubt he has serious problems with fitting in. I hope the Copa game with Rayo will be a breakthrough for him, as he should get at least 60 minutes of playing time.

    I never loved Costa in the way I loved Forlan, Kun and Falcao, but I must admit he was and still seems to be a perfect fit for our “9 man defence and a lone striker” strategy.
    Costa with his speed and physicality is perfect for playing in the line with the last opposition defender, fighting for the aerial balls and making runs behind the defence for long balls, and this is exactly what we need from the striker.

    Jackson is a bit slower, but this is not his biggest problem. What Jackson lacks the most compared to the Lizard is the bravery and agression for this kind of work. I think it might be due to his temporal low self esteem which he might get over with after some time, but as the things stand atm it is a fact.

    For build up plays we already know that Vietto is the best option, so we can skip that part of the discussion 😉

  • Hannu

    Even If we compare Jackson to Mandzukic he has been failure. His couple of goals against 20 goals of Mandzukic tells that clearly. Yeah and I think he wont bring us 18 goals in this half season. Would Diego Costa be cure? I think so! As Urban stated he is a perfect match with Atleti. Mean machine with speed and physicality. Some how it seems that Jackson is too kind. He doesnt have that aggression that would be certainly needed! Look Diego Costa and Mandzukic! Now if we look back to last season Manzukic doesnt look that failure doesnt he? He was slow but he still had that aggression and fighting spirit that brought us goals!

  • AndersAT

    He could be… I don’t think Jackson is the player for Atletico. Perhaps Vietto could be a solution forming a partnership with griezman, but they are perhaps to much alike. I would welcome home Costa. He could also partner up with Vietto when the top clubs come knocking for griezman.

  • Koke

    Maybe wait till the end of the season and reevaluate? There isn’t much use to bringing him back now because he wouldn’t be able to feature in the champions league. Plus Jackson deserves 6 more months to prove himself before we label him a total flop.

    I would like to see Borja Baston come back to Atleti either next summer or the summer after. Other players that I think might be similar to Costa and could fit in: Pato (might be a risk, but when he was younger he was one of the most promising players in the world) and Mauro Icardi (strong, tall, fast). Honestly I don’t think Simeone ever gave Raul Jimenez a fair chance either, but I doubt we’ll ever see him back.

    Costa, maybe. He’s not my favorite person and I don’t even think he’s among the top 5 strikers in the world but he’s fast, brave, hardworking, and does what it takes to win. Plus his connection with Koke was legendary.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I talked a lot about what many people called it “emotional side” before signing Filipe, although I would’t call it “emotions” and “grudges”, I was only asking to respect the big club called Atletico de Madrid, players can’t just leave whenever they want then ask to comeback when things go bad for them .

    I also had some “rational” arguments about Filipe, they were mainly about his age and the fact that he spent a year on the bench .
    I was very upset when I saw Alex Sandro doing very well with Juventus, and I was more upset when I read few weeks ago that Real Madrid are willing to sign Ricardo Rodriguez, two great options who are 24 & 23 respectively that we should have went for one of them instead of the 30-year-old Filipe, especially that good left backs -as some people believe, including me- are very rare species .

    Costa’s subject is the same, it has “emotional” and “rational” sides .
    Emotionally, I was against Filipe, and I loved home as a person, so imagine how I feel about Costa who -as a person- I never respected, not when he was still with us and obviously not after he joined Chelsea and became a more awful person .

    But let’s put emotions aside and let’s speak rationally :

    1- Would Costa accept 3 or 4 million as a salary with us instead of the 8 or 9 million with Chelsea ?! or would us pay him those 9 million, or meet halfway and make it 6 million, if we can afford that ?!

    2- Would Atleti pay 35-40 million for Costa after selling him for 17-20 million ?!
    As many sources reported (and if I remember correctly this was mentioned in this website) : the rest of the 38 million went to Braga, Jorge Mendez, and the many clubs he was loaned to as development rights ?!
    Even if we received the whole 38 M, they were still be few, I remember Mourinho bragging about that deal and how “great bargain” it was .
    Costa renewed his contract just a year before selling him, and he could have agreed on 50 M or 60 M clause, but I guess the one who prevented that was Mendes .
    We definitely will be losing money on Costa if we brought him back, above the money we already lost on Mandzukic and probably will lose on Jackson, is Costa really that great and the only solution to make it acceptable to lose that money ?! .. and he is the reason for losing it in first place .

    3- Would Chelsea ask to include Grizi in the deal ?! and I’m sure they will, and if they did, will Atleti consider it ?!
    I think letting Grizi go after losing Arda & Raul will be suicide, even if Costa came back .

    4- If Simeone got Costa back, will he promise us La Liga & The CL, or will he keep playing for the 3rd place ?! .. because I’m sure we can achieve that without Costa .
    If Simeone keeps getting what he wants then we also should get what we want, a football more beautiful than this .

    5- If Vietto started to score many goals -I’m very confident that he will do soon- and with Grizi, Correa, Carrasco and maybe Borja, would we need Costa or even Jackson ?!

    6- Next season we will start to earn 100 million form TV rights instead of the 45 million, can’t Simeone use that money to sign another great striker who is younger and with better behavior, one who doesn’t miss the first 2 games of the CL group stage because he decided to headbutt an opponent in the last game of Europa League group stage the year before, after already sealing the qualification, one who doesn’t get suspended for the 2nd leg of the cup game against Real Madrid after falling into the trap of Pepe & Ramos and keeping fighting with them the whole game, or getting his 5th booking just before the game against Man Utd like what happened few weeks ago .

    I think there is a lot to consider, but I also think that it’s very easy for Simeone, it is “what you know is better than what you don’t know”, an Egyptian proverb used by our coward people who are so afraid of taking any risk and prefer to stay at the city they know and the country they know, and doing the business they know with the people they know and even marrying someone from their own family or their neighbors .
    I’m not saying that Simeone is a coward, he is the very opposite of that, I’m just saying that he is using that same logic .

    Sorry for that long comment, but this how much I’m against this move .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I think Icardi was Simeone’s first choice, in the last two summers there were many rumors about his interest in him, and I can see why, he is fast, strong, tall, skillful & fighter, he fits us perfectly, although I also don’t like his behavior so much .
    His numbers are great, he is young (February 1993), and -if it maters- he is Argentinian .
    But Inter just won’t sell him, I think the last thing they wanted to do is making Simeone happy at Atleti, because they want him at their bench .

  • Hannu

    I would prefer getting Borja Baston back than bringing Diego Costa.
    Borja Baston, Griezmann, Carrasco, Vietto and Correa would be enough and I think we wont need Jackson or Costa then. If Jackson doesnt improve truly remarkably we should sell him anyway. I was excited when I heard that he is coming to Atleti but he has been so lost that I really dont have faith in him. He is great player but just doesnt fit to Atleti.