Matchday LIVE: Málaga vs. Atlético

Atleti chasing top spot as they travel to Málaga

Vietto starts for Atlético

Vietto starts for Atlético

Atlético Madrid will move to the top of La Liga and stay there for Christmas if they can avoid defeat at Málaga this evening.

As with any team with title aspirations, anything less than three points will be a disappointment for Atleti against 16th placed Málaga.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

Starting XIs

Málaga: Kameni, Rosales, Albentosa, Weligton, Torres, Camacho, Recio, Amrabat, Juankar, Duje Čop and Charles

Atlético: Oblak; Juanfran, Godín, Giménez, Filipe; Gabi, Saúl, Koke, Carrasco; Griezmann, Vietto

  • atleti_lover

    We have no midfield!!
    This match is showing clearly how important is tiago and how weak is saul.

  • Kris

    Holy shit. This match is ugly.

  • Arjit Barua

    I mean we’re only playing slightly worse than last game. We just haven’t gotten extremely lucky with a goal yet. A lot of problems are being masked by our league position right now, I’ll stop there.

  • Koke

    Vietto doesn’t seem very effective. The problem is that he is both small and weak, so any average sized center backs are always gonna be able to bully him for 90 mins. He just isn’t a target man, and won’t be unless he goes to the gym and puts on some muscle weight. Someone like Torres might be useful for this game because he is so strong and tall, even though Torres right now is completely out of form and can’t seem to do much right. That’s gonna be a dilemma for Simeone to solve during half time.

    Our midfield is getting completely 100% dominated, which is embarrassing. Even with our three midfield players, it seems we cannot hold onto the ball at all, NOR can we get the ball to our three forwards with good service. Oliver Torres needs to come on ASAP, and NOT for Carrasco. Even though he is small, Oliver knows how to keep the ball with his quick passes and clever turns. Plus he can play the useful passes that we seem to be lacking so far.

    We should really be winning this game to put pressure on Barcelona and have a 3pt lead all break. Hopefully our players learn to play with a cool head. Because so many of them are young and inexperienced, they might end up doing something dumb and we could end the match a man down.

  • Kris

    I agree with you.

  • Kris

    The youngest and the least experienced player got sent off… smh.
    Probably the quickest player that can conduct a counter-attack got taken out.

  • Kris

    Fuckk!! We gave in to the pressure of Malaga. We should have stayed calm.

  • AndersAT

    I like Gabi but that was a retarded red card.

  • JohnnyChristmas

    Zero creativity. ZEROOO!!!!
    Simeone with a poor game management. Why bring Thomas in, should have substituted Saul, and put Correa in, and should have gave Vietto more time. Godin and Gimenez did pretty well, Oblak was amazing as usual ( very unlucky goal ), and Carrasco was fine(the only one who tried). That’s it. Everybody else were awfullllll. JUST AWFULLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ElJuador12

    Out of the top 7 Atleti has:
    1. The best defence
    2. The worst attack
    Pretty much sums up our season so far.
    With a squad, that is on paper, much more talented than the one who won La Liga, we play much worse, and I just can’t understand that.

  • Ringo

    Saúl was weak today, I agree. But it was more of a bad day the way I see it

    He’s 20 years old, he’ll be all right, he just needs to gain more consistency, which will come with time.

    Gabi wasn’t so good either.

    I’m glad to see a young midfield next game but missing both Filipe and Gabi their experience could be dangerous with our way of playing.

    If the players are feeling well we might be at our best, if not, we’ll miss the experience in midfield tremendously.

    This season having Siqueira on the pitch scares me no matter what, he’s too chaotic. Perhaps Lucas would be a good option but Siqueira is better going forward.

  • Ringo

    Torres improved the play going forward today, and Vietto came close to a second yellow and was a little off.
    Thomas came on because we were missing Gabi and the game wasn’t so fluent. Plus Koke would have to both switch positions, do it all by himself and have no player consistently help him win the center midfield.

    I would have put on Oli instead of Saúl, Saúl was off. Thomas was okay and is physically speaking our strongest midfielder. His substitution was a good one. Carrasco was doing well but I felt he wouldn’t be decisive enough today. Oli or Correa could have linked up well with Torres and Griezmann through more central play though, which seemed to give us more chances to score.

  • Hannu

    Yeah Siquieira scares me too and I really want to see Lucas used as left back but I quess Simeone will stick with Siquiera.