Tiago facing four months out with fractured tibia

Influential midfielder underwent successful surgery on Sunday morning

Tiago hopeful of returning before end of season

Tiago hopeful of returning before end of season

Atlético Madrid’s worst fears were confirmed last night, as it was revealed that Tiago had fractured a bone in his right shin after being forced off against Espanyol and will face a lengthy spell on the sidelines.

The Portuguese international winced with pain after an innocuous challenge with Marco Asensio in the first half, and was taken straight to hospital whilst his teammates saw out the 1-0 win.

After the match, club president Enrique Cerezo went to visit the 34 year-old along with captains Gabi and Diego Godín, as players and fans alike took to social media to pay their tributes.

Club doctor José María Villalón was also by the midfielder’s side, and confirmed on Saturday evening that the recovery period will take roundabout four months.

Tiago spent the night in hospital, before undergoing successful surgery at the FREMAP clinic in Majadahonda this morning.

After this morning’s training session, Diego Simeone was pictured as he went to pay a visit, and the Argentine boss seemed upbeat about his chances of having the former Chelsea man available before the end of the season.

“Knowing Tiago, tomorrow he’ll be counting down the days until he can play again.” he said. “He’s a player with a tremendous amount of energy so we’re sure he’ll be back in good time. I’d like to send him all of our support, we love him very much.”

So far this season Tiago has been arguably Atlético’s stand-out performer, appearing in 17 of our 18 matches so far and playing more minutes than anybody bar Oblak, Godín and Griezmann.

The midfielder – who is out of contract next summer – is also in line to play in the European Champions with Portugual in June, so will be hoping to be fully fit in good time to make the squad.

All of us at AtléticoFans.com wish Tiago a speedy recovery, and look forward to seeing him back in the red and white soon. Ánimo!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    After Betis game last week I said : give the man a new contract, and I haven’t changed my mind, in fact, I was very angry when I read on twitter after few minutes of the incident some tweets like : ” Could this be his last game at the Calderon ? ”
    Tiago is like Pirlo, Zanetti, del Piero, Giggs .. he can play at the same level until he is 36 or 37 or 38 .. or even 40, he still has many good years in him .

    In the press conference after last night’s game, Simeone was asked if this team is similar to the one that won La Liga, and he answered :
    ” No, that was a team of men, most of them were 28, 27 or 26, the youngest was Koke. This team is formed by young players ”
    12 players of this team were born in or after 1991, they will be 13 in January with Kranevitter, and could be 14 next season if Manquillo came back, we can’t afford to lose more “men” than we already lost, especially not Tiago, who is a leader, despite losing the armband, a coach on the pitch and a real fighter .

    Animo Capitan .

  • thericeking

    Former Chelsea man. pfff that spell doesn’t count. Former out of contract man is better.

  • thericeking

    just found out he was in chelsea in 2004.. i never knew this.

  • Paweł Kosiński

    You’ve overlooked a very important thing though. Take Pirlo for example – he might’ve been 36 in this final season with Juve, but he was supported by Pogba (22), Marchisio (29) and Vidal (29) who apart from tactical intelligence also have endless levels of energy and running + a lot of physical power in them. Gabi on the other hand is himself on the wrong side of 30.

    I also think Tiago should be given an extension but unless we introduce some new blood in the centre of the midfield, we might have big problems. Tiago and Gabi were totally overrun and overpowered by several teams with younger midfield units last season.

  • Kris

    Exactly. Tiago’s intelligence and awareness is better than ever at this point of his career and we need such experienced players in our team. But we shouldn’t play with two experienced, but aging players at the same time (Gabi and Tiago). Just one of them will be enough.

  • Koke

    This is such a bummer, Tiago was one of our standout performers so far this season and was rapidly becoming one of my favorite players as well. He’s really earned his stripes on the field this season and will surely be missed.

    I guess if there’s one positive whatsoever that can be taken away from this, it’s that now Simeone will be forced to stop using the Tiago-Gabi combination that he loves so much but that many fans have been exasperated about. It’s time to introduce some energy, youth, and creativity into the midfield. I really hope to see Koke partnered next to Gabi from now on, with Oliver Torres in front of them to round off a three-man midfield. However, knowing Simeone, he’ll probably start with a combination of Saul-Koke-Gabi, which I still think isn’t creative enough. Anyway, at the end of the day, it’s good to know that the likes of Saul, Oliver, maybe even Thomas and eventually Kranevitter will all get more minutes, hopefully.


    ^That’s our strongest lineup, in my opinion. Torres, Correa, and Saul come off the bench, as well as Vietto to help him build confidence.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I did not overlook it, I repeated many times -just like many other commentators here- that only one of Gabi & Tiago on the pitch is enough .
    In my comment after Espanyol’s game I said that Simeone is rotating much more this season, but the two who needed it the most didn’t get .
    We played with Gabi-Tiago in 16 of our 18 games so far .

    Of course we need to see much more of Tiago-Koke, Gabi-Koke, Gabi-Saul, Tiago-Kranevitter, Gabi-Thomas .
    Those old two need the energy of the younger players, and those younger players need the experience of those two veterans .

    And I will repeat it one more time : Koke is a center midfielder, and he should get back to his natural and most suitable position, especially after having many “true” wingers/attacking midfielders in the team .
    Even Saul is better upfront than Koke in my opinion, I think he is more skillful, at least a little, and I think he has more goals in him, I believe if there is another center midfielder who could be converted into an attacking midfielder or a second striker who scores a lot of goals like Raul Garcia, it will be Saul .
    Koke can be as great as Pirlo, Gerrard and Xavi (Simeone did ask him to be our Xavi, but in many games he puts him on the left or the right wing)
    I was very mad with all those questions, debates and polls about who should replace Tiago while we have a player called Koke in the team .

  • Urban

    True, one at the time should be on the field.

    Damn I feel so sorry for Tiago, he will be missed. But I also know he is a true “hombre” and he will come back even stronger. As regards the new contract I am sure he deserves it but I dont think Tiago expects or needs any rush actions from the club in this respect.

    Right now the club is considering options but the press speculates no decision will be made before Xmas. As of today, giving a chance to the young pups is the preferred solution. Saul is lined as primary deputy, but Thomas’ great debut was also noticed by the technical staff. From January on the club is counting on Kranevitter. Seems plenty, and adding any real, additional value to the mix would cost a fortune.

    BTW I am sure Tiago will be our coach some day.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    The whole idea of “only one of Gabi & Tiago” that we have been repeating for a long time was to put Koke in the center, so :
    1- we can get the best out of him, as he is better there .
    2- to free an extra spot for one of our skillful, creative attacking players, Carrasco, Correa & Oliver .
    But even after Tiago’s injury, it seems that it’s not going to happen, I guess it will be Saul .

    I don’t get it, I can’t understand the panic I see from too many people, and I can’t understand that the club is considering signing a new player in that position, where did all that excitement about Kranevitter go ?! .. and what happened to “Koke will play more in the center this season” that Simeone said in the preseason ?!
    Does Koke not want to play in the center and prefers to stay in his position like one journalist reported in AS yesterday ?!
    And what about Saul, how would the kid feel when he sees this panic ?! .. will see it as a lack of trust in him of course .

    Anyway, even before the injury, it was already a big mistake from Simeone to keep playing a 32 & 34 year old players in that position all the time and not prepare the substitute .

  • nitesh

    Easily best player so far this season along with Grizi.Masive blow but not in terms of timing. Easier fixtures ahead till January barring Benfica away Worrying fact is it is a broken leg and even if recovers well there will be big question mark of its recurrence again and loss of form.
    Get well soon man , we need you in the Champions league.

  • Urban

    I think the only player who could be considered as adequate replacement is Pjanic, but he is out of our reach and I still believe we already have enough options. In particular Saul was waiting pretty patiently for his chance and he really deserves it. After having some doubts about his most natural role I am now convinced that Saul is best as DM.

    If Saul fails we can think about something in the summer.

  • AndersAT

    It is a major blow for us and for Tiago. He was having a fantastic season, and to be honest i don’t think he can be in this kind of shape again this after this kind of injury. I think that the players we have and Kranevitter will be the best possible replacements. Both Saul, Kranevitter and Koke can take his place with good effect. My major concern, and perhaps the reason to get a replacement like Toulalan, is that if Gabi gets injured or is suspended (or need a rest) we would lack some experience on the central midfield.