Player ratings: Griezmann the hero as Atleti strike late

See how we rated the team's performance in dramatic injury time win

Was Griezmann's goal enough to earn him man of the match?

Was Griezmann's goal enough to earn him man of the match?

It looked for all the world as if Atleti would fall to a third successive draw at home to Sporting Gijón on Sunday evening, but thankfully, Antoine Griezmann had other ideas.

The Frenchman nipped in during the third minute of injury time to secure a 1-0 win, and grab the three points in what had otherwise been another uninspiring performance from Diego Simeone’s men.

See how we rated each of the players below:

Jan Oblak – 7 (Man of the match)

Griezmann’s goal will grab the headlines, but if it wasn’t for Oblak at the other end, the game could well have been over long before then. Made two stunning saves, in particular from Alen Halilovic in the first half, and was assured throughout.

Juanfran – 6

Still unclear as to why he was replaced at half-time, as he was one of our brightest attacking outlets in the first half. Hopefully he doesn’t have an injury as we need him at the moment.

Diego Godín – 7

Showed why he is one of the captain’s and lead the team to the win from defence. Got the flick on that lead to the goal, which was one of countless balls he won during the match. True warrior.

Stefan Savic – 6

Did pretty well in Giménez’s absence and already looks to have a good understanding with Godín, although did committ a few needless fouls in the second half. Despite that, three games, three clean sheets for him so far.

Filipe Luís – 6

Offered a good option on the ball as usual and tried to link up with the attacking player on his side, but his crossing still leaves a lot to be desired and he lost possession frustratingly a few times. Not the worst performance on the whole, however.

Gabi – 6

Did an excellent job of screening the defence and making sure Sporting had little of the midfield, but at times his passing over a longer distance and set piece deliver was poor. Frustrating when chasing a game, but he never stopped going.

Tiago – 7

Another very good game from the Portuguese veteran. Set the tempo in midfield and came up everywhere on the pitch. His one-touch play, vision and anticipation all seem to have really improved, despite his age.

Koke – 5

Worked hard as usual and made a few nice touches, but we are still waiting to see the Koke of the last two years, who provided the dynamism and creativity we lack at the moment. Perhaps a spell out of the team could do him some good?

Yannick Carrasco – 7

Fans were baffled when he was withdrawn whilst chasing the goal, and perhaps with reason, as he was causing problems with his direct running and quick feet. Becoming a leader in attack, although needs more from his teammates.

Antoine Griezmann – 7

In the last few games, we’ve said that we can’t fault his effort and workrate despite the lack of goals, he just isn’t getting any breaks. Late winner should do him and his confidence the world of good, you could see how much it meant to him.

Jackson Martínez – 6

Feel a little for Jackson at the moment. He’s trying hard, but isn’t getting great service and is of course still in a phase of adaptation. At times some have accused him of not having enough hunger or desire, but that can’t be said today.


Jesús Gámez – 6

Credit to Gámez, he’s not Juanfran but when he’s on the pitch, you know you’re going to get 100%. His long throws are always handy to have, and some of his crosses weren’t too bad either.

Ángel Correa – 5

Wasn’t really Correa’s game, with very few spaces to exploit in attack. Travelled to Argentina and back this week for the birth of his daughter so perhaps can be excused, would like to see him and Griezmann together at some point.

Óliver Torres – 6

In games like today where Atleti have the majority of possession, we would like to see Óliver from the start. Provided something different when he came on, and despite not having a huge impact was perhaps the bright spark we needed.

What did you think of the team’s performance as a whole today?

  • Kris

    Wasn’t it Oliver with the free kick that led to the goal?

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I missed most of the game, but I can imagine how bad the whole team was, and I watched Oblak saves on the web, man of the match indeed .

  • Paweł Kosiński

    Good for you then that you’ve missed the game. It was truly a horror show… or no – more of a bad thriller.

  • TommyNestor7

    NO!!! We played good match, ok not so good like we can bu it was very difficult game cause Gijon constantly played with 8 or even more players in defence and they were very good indeed… We tried to find space but again it was VERY HARD GAME with so much intensity and hard working.

  • TommyNestor7

    Game was completely like copy/paste match Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid in UCL quarter finals this year…

  • Kevin Bell

    Atletico got the 3 points. That’s all that matters in a regular season, November match or any month for that matter. Sporting did a nice job sitting back and absorbing the pressure and despite the low shot total Atleti did bring pressure. The goal at the end and resulting victory was made by the will of champions Godin and Griezmann. This game was far from perfect but thanks in large part to these two men the outcome was a perfect 3 out of 3 points.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    Thanks be to Oblak because this could have been a horror show for us. He saved goals that should have gone in. The 11 million is paying off. On the other side of that coin, if our tries on goal went in, it could have been a masterful looking game. Savic did well and I think Correa, Oliver, Griezmann and Carrasco should all be on the field at the same time. (Is that possible?) I think the Captain arm band needs to be on Godin’s arm from now on.

  • Usavicente Calderon

    The question in this article asks if Griezmann’s goal was enough to make him the man of the match. I say no. Atleti’s offensive players are struggling to get the ball in the goal against a team that is low half of the league. To me that automatically means none of them are going to be the man of the match. Oblak on the other hand, had world class saves. If he was not in goal, there is a good chance that the results today would have been Atleti losing 2 – 1.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    €16 million, that’s what we paid for Oblak .

    Gabi will be always our captain, he is doing the captain’s job very well, and he is already one of the greatest 3 or 4 captains in our history, if not the greatest .
    It is absolutely not his fault that Simeone insists on playing both of him and Tiago at the same time .

    Koke – Oliver
    Correa – Griezmann – Carrasco
    Gabi – Koke (or Tiago, if Simeone just can’t bench one of Gabi-Tiago)
    Correa – Oliver – Carrasco

    Griezmann played as the main striker before, in San Mames, and he scored a hat-trick, his only one with us so far .
    It is more than possible, it just needs a little courage from Simeone

  • Koke

    Yes, it was three points. Yes, that’s all that will matter from this game when looking back at the season in May. All the same though, this shouldn’t be happening. We got very, VERY lucky. The thing about luck is that you can’t control it, and it won’t always be there.

    What’s going on with our offense? On paper, when you talk about the likes of Griezmann, Jackson, Carrasco, Correa, etc, we should have one of the best attacks in the world, behind only the likes of Bayern, Barca, Madrid, etc. However, it’s baffling that this lineup keeps struggling to score goals, even against mediocre opposition. I’d hate to blame Simeone but I think his formations and tactics are deferring these players from playing the creative, attacking game that they are best suited for.

    Seriously, why BOTH Gabi and Tiago, every game? Maybe understandable against Barca or Madrid, but against Sporting Gijon? Please, PLEASE replace one with a creative midfielder. Oliver should be a starter, I have no idea why Simeone insists on benching him. If this continues another team will surely tempt him away from us and then we’ll lose one of the best prospects there is.

    Griezmann really needs a rest. Maybe last season that would’ve been hard but when we have Vietto, Carrasco, Correa, etc all healthy, there’s no reason why he must play every game. Give Vietto a chance in his position every now and then.

  • Koke


    I see no reason why the above team is so hard for Simeone to pick. I think that’s the system that should be used almost every game, not necessarily with those players, because they can be rotated (Carrasco vs Correa, Koke vs Saul, Tiago vs Gabi, Jackson vs Torres). But the 4-3-3 is the only way to get the best out of Koke and Oliver, both of whom are always played on the wing and both of whom are wasted there. Looking at those names in that lineup, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be scoring plenty. Jackson needs to find his feet.

  • AaX

    Never disagree with you Simeone on our TRADITIONALLY INTENSELY HARD-WORKING COUNTER-ATTACKING STYLE. That is ATLETI and the Atletico we LOVE.

    You have bled more than many of us for this Badge, I acknowledged That !
    But surely you will come to realize there must be some new improvements on Our CounterAttacking Style to remain Top since you have admitted that they are now is preparing for us better than before, like Barca and some others have done.

    PREVIOUS 13/14 Season players of Costa, Gabi-Tiago style is now evidently that effective anymore.

    But I leave it to you to sort this out whether It takes sooner or later because this is the best Atletico that has been to me and not everyone is Perfect (except those who is not doing their best for the Club).

    BUT all will come with OUR HONEST AND OBJECTIVE CRITICISMS because like you We’d die for this Badge and because of the team and You, YOU HAVE MADE US LOVE ATLETI EVER EVEN MORE.

    *** Immobile not that bad, eh ??


    P E A C E

  • AaX

    PREVIOUS 13/14 Players Styles Not that effective anymore.

  • Chewie

    It was a good badness for me – at least they tried. Against Depor and Astana they didn’t even really want the win. I watched it in bits and with lowered expectations so it wasn’t that horrible.

  • Chewie

    Have to admit that Gijon’s keeper was excellent as well.

  • 007

    Simeone need changes things tactically,if he does not then we are towards a disappointing season.Here are the things i observed so far 1-Koke just can’t play on wings. 2-I think it’s high time to stop giving Jackson more chances. Vietto and Correa will take time to adjust and they need to start now so they can adapt fast. 3-It’s sad to see Oliver getting so less chances.He is our best creative midfielder(Yes he better than Koke Creatively-for those who have doubts just ask Porto fans ).He is our most talented prospect along with Gimenez. It will be sad but i just don’t think Simeone will be able to use him to his maximum potential.He doesn’t deserve a player like him. 3-Simeone needs to realize that his tactics are not just not working.To progress the club he needs to change.Change because with players like Carrsco,Oliver,Koke,griezmann,Vietto,Correa he need to realize that this can dominated games in opponents half.He is still playing the team like he thinks he have players like Raul,Costa 201314 season Gabi. 4-Griezmann really needs a rest. 5-Gabi should be on bench.Saul for gabi 6-Oblak is slowly makeing us forget about COURTOIS 7-Juanfran is our most consistent player,not suprised. 8-Godin had a shaky last few months.In some games we could have lost pints because of him. 9-I hope we see Koke-Oliver in midfield.They have a Xavi-iniesta potential. 10-My preferred lineup -doesn’t matter because we are going to see same Struggling lineup next game.#AUPA ATLEI!!

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I watched the whole game latter, and for sure it was better than Depor & Astana games, it was something like the game against Elche in 2013-14 to be fair, but yet, I think we could have done much better .

    We had 72% possession, but the players who are most suited for possession game were on the bench and played only a few minutes .

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I didn’t like the pre-game press conference, Simeone seemed very stubborn, it’s like he said to us : ” I’ve heard you, but I’m not changing anything ” .
    One thing ha said was : ” When Koke plays in the center, he makes us play faster, but Gabi is really doing very well, so Koke has to play at the left or the right ” !
    Simeone is a very smart person, but this is a very stupid thing to say .

    He also said : ” Historically, we always were a counter-attacking side, and we always will be ” which is historically and logically not very accurate, and this particular game was a proof, we had 72% possession, but the players who can take advantage of that possession were on the bench and played only few minutes in the second half .

    It’s taking Simeone a very long time to figure things out, I feel sorry for him when I see Raul Garcia doing very well with his new team from day one, or Konoplyanka with Sevilla, a player who was heavily linked with us, but I strongly doubt that he would have “adapted” with us so quickly .

    I’m really starting to hate this word, “adaptation”, and as I said before, Cholo doesn’t really have 10 new players every season, there was always a core of 10 players who played more than 80% of the minutes, and this season they are 7, including Gimenez who has been with us since 2013, and all the 7 are starters, and adding Grizi to them, we are only talking about 2 “unadapted” outfield players !
    Things could be better if he correctly chose those 2, even if he kept playing with Gabi-Tiago-Koke, could be even much better if he benched one of this trio and replaced him with a 3rd “unadapted” player .

    Building his success through 4 years upon only 8 or 10 players puts a lot of question marks to his abilities as a coach, I always believed that a great coach is that who makes success with several different group of players, either with different clubs, or with the same club with different players .

    Sir Alex is a great coach, Ancelotti too, I think Klopp in his 7 years with BVB has replaced enough players to put him in this category, I never considered Pep a great coach when he was with Barca because of that historical group of players he had, but after he went to Bayern, he definitely is .
    Benitez did a good job with Valencia, Liverpool, his short spell with Chelsea and with Napoli, but he manged to win the league title only with Valencia, twice, the last one of them was more than 10 years ago, so he is only a good coach, but not great .
    This is what I think Simeone is, a good coach, but there is still a lot he has to do to be among the greatest, and he can, but does he want ?!!

    Let me use 2 examples from my country, Egypt, that I think they are very similar to Simeone’s case :
    1- Mahmoud El Gohary :
    ” The only coach who took us to the world cup ” as many Egyptians mistakenly believe, we played in 1934 world cup and we scored more goals than we did with El Gohary in 1990, sometimes it feels that many people believe that Simeone is the only coach who won La Liga with Atleti, 7 other coaches have won 9 other titles, 2 of them did it twice, and there was always that gap between Real & Barca and the others, sometimes smaller, other times bigger, but that gap was always there .
    El Gohary qualified to the world cup 1990, but he also was the one in charge when we failed to qualify to 1994, 1998 & 2002 world cups, despite having much stronger groups of players than in 1990, but because Egyptians are very emotional, they forget that, and because many of them are ignorant -especially young generation- they don’t know that .
    I don’t consider El Gohary a great coach or even a good one, but a bad one, and maybe I’m the only Egyptian with that opinion, and maybe the only Rojiblanco who will consider Simeone a bad coach if he failed with this group of players to -at least- finish 3rd every season, I won’t ask him to win La Liga again, I think I’m being more than fair .

    Both El Gohary and Simeone were a very big fans of defense, both couldn’t or wouldn’t play beautiful football, and both owed a big part of their success to their very strong personalities (El Gohary was nicknamed “The General” since he was an army officer), those personalities helped them a lot to have complete authority over sporting issues against a corrupted and mismanaged Egyptian Football Association and Atletico board, Gil & Cerezo in particular, but it wasn’t enough alone for El Gohary, and I don’t think it will be either for Simeone .

    2- Hassan Shehata :
    The one who won African Cup of Nations 3 times in a row, 2006, 2008 and 2010 .
    He was very unlucky when he failed to qualify to 2010 world cup, he really deserved it, and for that, many idiots in Egypt still consider El Gohary the greatest coach in Egypt, fuck no .
    With Shehata, we played great football, scored too many goals, didn’t have that strong defense of El Gohary, but we didn’t concede a lot of goals either .
    Like Simeone and unlike El Gohary, Shehata wasn’t afraid from big teams, he beat the world champions Italy 1-0 in the Confederation Cup 2009, lost 3-4 in that same competition against Brazil after a very great game .

    But Shehata committed a very horrible mistake, he built his success with a small group of players, he did call almost 40 different players to the 3 African tournaments he won, but the ones who played the most minutes were 11 or 12 players, he refused to give any real chance to the young talents we had, even a player like Mohammad Salah, who was only 19 but was almost as good as he is right now, and as a result, Shehata failed to qualify to CAN 2012 while he is the champion of the previous 3 tournaments !

    That’s make Shehata only a good coach, not great, and that’s why he is now with a mediocre club, El Mokawloon .

    I think Simeone is at a cross road, either he really turn into a great coach, which needs much more than he is doing right now, or he ends up as just a good one who had a short era of success with a small group of players under some special circumstances .
    I really wish it’s the former, he really should be .. he really deserves to be .

    I’m sorry for returning to post really long comments, I just felt the need to say all this .

  • Mrtn

    Changing formation or the starters alone isn’t a solution.
    The real problem is that our team lacks any attacking strategy.
    They can’t do one-twos, triangles, any cooperative play, all we can see is clueless players trying to push hard (I mean in the few games we try to keep possession) and if we got lucky someone can score somehow. But most of the times we play with 30M strikers defending their own box… it’s like shooting a fly with a cannon…

    I’m not sure if Simeone can adapt to a different style and play beautiful attacking football, but that’s not necessarily a problem, considering Mourinho is also a fan of defensive – counter attacking gameplay and he is one of the most successfull coaches of these days.
    I could also live with that kind of play but the problem is that right now neither tactics work. We are bad at attacking, keeping possession, but we are also far worse to last years in terms of counter attacking.
    There is a very obvious deficit in the attacking line as so far neither Jackson nor Torres can reproduce Falcao’s or DC’s or even Mandzu’s performances not only in the number of goals scored but also in the very important aspect of phisicality and pushing defenders to their limits. It’s a shame as Jackson has an extremely good phisique while Torres has the hard work and humility that is essential for Cholo. Jackson is not the type of striker Cholo needs, Falcao and mainly DC, Mandzukic & RG always looked for phisical contact with defenders, 1on1s, and this was the key in our success as we scored tons of goals from dead balls. Now we can take way less freekicks in the attacking third, no wonder we can’t score. Also they drove defenders mad with their behaviour off the ball. Even Mandzukic suits us way better in, and I’m very sorry for the alleged conflict between him and Cholo as he could have a much more successfull season last year if he could finish it like he deserved. He wasn’t bad at scoring at all and was much better in phisical game and off the ball than Jackson and Torres, not to mention that he is real fighter.

    In short: I can live with Simeone’s (anti)football, if we do it right: the board should give him the players he wants and let him do the thing. Or if they want attacking play and sign these kind of players (for a fckin fortune…) than they should look for another coach but forcing Simeone to use the players he doesn’t want (just think about Jimenez, Cerci, Siqueira, Baptistao, Ansaldi…) and spending fortunes on incompatible players is the worst thing they could do.
    This way everybody is disappointed: the fans lack the beautiful game from the high profile squad, the players lack the right gameplay for their style, and Simeone lacks the right players for his style…not good at all.
    Vamos Atleti!

  • Kris

    You know exactly why Koke-Oliver will never be used in double pivot, by not only Simeone, but any other coach who wants to win. Oliver just can’t defend. Don’t get me wrong, he has great awareness of the game and reads the game very well, but he cannot defend. That’s why he’s not getting as many chances as he should from Simeone.

    I think at this moment, I am pretty tired of speculating formations and changes. Simeone isn’t likely to change from his 4-4-2 for some time. He loves defense too much.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Maybe Oliver can’t play in double pivot, but I disagree about that he can’t defend, I remember that I praised his defensive abilities in this website after Sevilla’s game and mentioned the several tackles he won against those giants, I remember them very good because I was enjoying watching those human towers falling on the floor by that small kid !

    I think the reason he is not getting more chances is that there is absolutely no way that Simeone will bench Gabi or Tiago or Koke or Grizi or one of Jackson-Torres, which leaves only one spot for the others to fight for, and since Correa & Carrasco started to score, Oliver’s chances became very small .
    I know this sounds very silly, but I think it’s also very true .

  • Hannu

    Jackson is great player but as you said he lacks that physical appearence and that fighting spirit that Mandzu and RG had and that is a big shortage we now have. I am not dreaming about beautiful attacking football. I actually love that game we have played. Fighting to the core! But do we have players to do that? At least it seems that Jackson isnt the one.

  • atleti10

    I agree, and I don’t want to see Oliver and Koke play in a double pivot for this exact reason. Koke and Gabi/Tiago can however operate a double pivot and I’m fed up with this not happening. Koke and Kranevitter could make one of the most dynamic defensive midfield partnership, if we dont see this this time next year Ill be pretty dissapointed.

  • Ahmad Hossainy

    Gil Marin was in Miami yesterday and met the members of “peña atlética de Miami” .
    Two of the writers of this website appear in the picture, Martin Rosenow on the right (I’m still waiting for his return, will he ?!) and Arthur Guisasola on the left .