Matchday LIVE: Atlético vs. Sporting

Goals the order of the day for Atleti on annual 'Día de las Peñas'

Club Atletico de Madrid

Atlético Madrid return to La Liga action this evening, and will be looking to get back to winning ways against newly-promoted Sporting Gijón at the Vicente Calderón.

Jackson Martínez, Yannick Carrasco and Filipe Luís return to the line-up after the midweek stalemate in Astana, and Stefan Savic also replaces the injured José Giménez in the heart of defence.

Use the comments to post your thoughts and reactions on the match. We’ll be posting updates via Twitter, and you can follow the action right here.

You can prepare for the match by reading our Match Preview.

Starting XIs

Atlético: Oblak; Juanfran, Godín, Savic, Filipe; Gabi, Tiago, Koke, Carrasco; Griezmann, Jackson.

Sporting: Cuéllar; Lora, Luis, Bernardo, Álex; Sergio, Mascarell, Pablo, Halilovic; Jony, Guerrero.

  • Kris

    SMH…… ahhhh… Next half Simeone will bring in Torres, Saul, and Moya for Carrasco, Jackson, and Koke for no reason.
    Simeone still thinks Griezmann is superhuman when it’s evident that he’s very tired.

  • Gamez on from Juanfran. Injury or you reckon he’s just nackered?

  • Kris

    ahahahahaha I was right. Jesus Gamez for Juanfran.. WTFF??/

  • Kris

    Could just be Simeone being Simeone.

  • 62′: awful display so far.

  • Kris

    Carrasco out for Oliver? SMH. Best player of the game but the double pivot of Gabi and Tiago stay….. We need a goal, not possession Simeone.

  • Kris


  • Dircil

    Grizzi!!!!!!!!!!!! What a goal!!!

  • Dircil

    It’s a wishful thinking if we can finish 4th this season with such a terrible performance!

  • Chewie

    Shit! At least that was passionate and aggressive. Sporting had too many chances, and both teams wasted a lot of opportunities. But this is also a just result – when you play for a win, sometimes you get one.

  • Kris

    At least a win, but no positives from this game at all. The striker duo of Jacksonn-Griezmann is terrible and we need to resolve that. Tiago and Gabi need to stop playing together and Koke needs to go to pivot. 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3, stop wasting Oliver’s talent on the bench and sell him or else play him. Man, I really hate this, but if it takes a minor injury for Tiago and Gabi to stop playing together, then I’ll wish for it, just for the sake of the team.
    Fantastic from Gijon to hold on, put pussified football from both teams who cared more about injuring the opposition than actually playing good football.
    Aupa Atleti! Simeone needs to change his thinking.

  • AaX


  • Kris

    Glad you watched the game. This isn’t the first time we have struggled as a team, so I am used to this. No need to stop watching the game because of bad form.

  • BlasiusMagnus

    this was fucking painful to watch (again)… at least simeone finally saw that koke was playing weak as shit (again). but this gabi+tiago midfield (again)…

    playing with those safety turtles against a fuckin sporting gijon? why? saúl or koke would get the job done instead of gabi or tiago, but no. let’s fuckin waste at least one half, so we need to pressure the shit out of the opponent in the last 5 minutes.

    i guess it’s all make sense if we can win with such a lucky goal, isnt it?

  • Jasmond

    Totally agree. I dream to see Oliver and Carrasco together on the pitch.

  • AaX

    Safety Turtles !! Hahahaha. At least got some laugh out of this.


  • Ahmad Hossainy

    I didn’t, not because of the frustrating stuff Simeone is doing, hell, I even couldn’t stop watching Atleti when Perea, Pablo Ibanez, Assuncao, Leo Franco and many others were doing all kinds of disasters .
    I did watch the first 10 minutes then I had to go out for some business, then I came back just few seconds before the goal .

    But I’m happy that I missed it, I have been reading the tweets and your comments here about the game, and it’s the same bullshit, not a surprise after Simeone’s press conference before the game where he defended himself and attacked us, the fans, but in polite manner .

    Still, I celebrated the goal like a crazy person, just like he did, and I will watch the full game later .